View Full Version : Who was the best British boxer of all time?

03-02-2007, 07:34 PM
Who was the best British boxer of all time?

I have wondered this for some time now. A lot of people would argue that it's Lennox Lewis. While I agree he is up there, I wouldnt really say he was the best fighter we have ever produced. While his record is very impressive, he never found a real rival for his time. For me a judge a boxer on many things. I dont feel that Lewis' heart was ever really tested enough for me to be able to say that I think he is the greatest British boxer of all time. Eubank and Benn are definently contenders. Benn's losses in this rivalry should not undermine him to Euabnk in any way, which is something that always happens. They were both tested heavily in the Benn-Eubank-Watson rivalries and showed that they were world beaters.

Prince Naseem Hamed would definently have been a contender if he had carried on fighting. Like I said I base this heavily on the heart of a boxer and the rivalries they had that could test them. Hamed never had a rematch with any fighter and some may argue his only real world-class fighter was the one that he lost to and was clearly outboxed. His inability to comeback for a competitive fight after this for whatever reason makes me exclude him from The greatest British fighter of all time.

There are also a lot of fighters long before my time so I cant judge them myself. Maybe Ken Buchanan or McGuigan? Who do you think?