View Full Version : should johanneson bother defending?

01-21-2007, 10:54 AM
carl johanneson is defending his british superfeatherweight title against ricky burns next month.

i'm sure that after his last fight they were talking about getting him ranked international opponents in non-title fights to try get him into contention on the world stage, and sky tv were going to back this.

do you think theres much point in him fighting ricky burns? i mean, it should be a decent fight but will it advance johannesons ambitions at all or is he just wasting his time as he approaches the peak years of his fighting career?

01-28-2007, 11:29 PM
Burns will beat him on points imo

The Wire
01-29-2007, 04:49 AM
Burns will beat him on points imo
Agreed. It should be a really good fight though, as both really cannot afford to lose.

But yeah, of course Johannsen should bother defending. There are plenty of decent British super feathers and he should get experience against these first before moving on. But as I've said, I think Ricky Burns will win