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  1. Klitschko/Arreola: Fight Don't Go Distance at 3:1
  2. 10k on Froch over Dirrell
  3. The Godfather of all maximum multiply your points threads!!
  4. 50k on Kessler over Ward
  5. Klitschko over Arreola... My 250K to your 200K
  6. Klitschko over Arreola, giving three to one odds
  7. my 200k Pacquiao over Cotto
  8. Klitchsko over Arreola: 5-1 odds
  9. I got Vitali, 4:1
  10. Dont open unless you have at least 500k; Arreola over Vitali
  11. 30k Pacquiao over Cotto
  12. Manny Pacquiao over Miguel Cotto
  13. Matthew Macklin over Amin Asikainen (2:1 odds)
  14. My 60K to you're 10k Klitschko over Arreola
  15. Dirrell over Froch
  16. Bets I want to make
  17. My 60K to you're 5k Klitschko over Arreola
  18. 100k vitali over arreola, no odds, who wants it???
  19. Vitali over Chris - 50k to 10k
  20. Stoppage's Maximum Multiply Your Points Thread
  21. My 20k to your 10k - Froch>Dirrell
  22. MY 400K ON VITALI VS YOUR 100K ON CHRIS??Any Takers?
  23. Don't bet with Mr. Copycat
  24. Up to 400k on Paul Williams
  25. my 30k to your 30k than david haye beats valuev!!
  26. Latino's area 51, 2 multiply ur points thread.......
  27. 100k on Vitali
  28. 5 mil on Vitali over Arreola @ 5:1
  29. Tonight Friday Pascal over Branco at 8:1
  30. -120 Pascal/Branco fight don't go the distance
  31. Cotto vs Pac - straight 5K bet
  32. 40k to your 10k - Dawson>Johnson
  33. 50k RJ over B-Hop
  34. 10K on Dawson over Johnson
  35. B. Dunne 10k bet
  36. 3K over Arreola. Anyone?
  37. RJJ over Hopkins
  38. PAC-Cotto bet
  39. 50k on Bernard Dunne
  40. Animalistic's Max My Points Thread
  41. 10k on Haye over Valuev
  42. Enter the Pacquiao/Cotto Points Sweepstakes - See Details
  43. Dont bet with th4l3pr3ch4un he doesnt pay up
  44. Lesnar vs. Carwin (1m bet)
  45. The NEW Multiply Your Points Thread!!
  46. Points vs. Green K
  47. Williams over Pavlik, up to 500 K
  48. Jones over Hopkins 100k
  49. Tonights Football (29th September)
  50. Tua vs. Cameron BET (25K)
  51. Sugar Freddi's Bettin' Thread!
  52. Guide: How To Maximise Your Points Properly
  53. 200k on Taylor
  54. 500K Williams over Pavlik
  55. My 2 million on Williams, to your 1 million on Pavlik...
  56. Froch over Dirrell - my 50k to your 30k
  57. Abraham over Taylor - 40k, no odds
  58. 1M On The Patriots Over Ravens
  59. Ch@mpBox@PR Max Points Thread
  60. Taylor and Dirrell both to win (I want 4.5-1)
  61. 5k Taylor over Abraham
  62. My 30k to your 10k on Haye over Valuev
  63. Pauly over the ghost, who want it?
  64. 10k on Abraham over Taylor
  65. Dirrell over Froch, Hopkins over RJJ, Ward over Kessler!
  66. 80K on Pacquiao vs your 100K Cotto
  67. Abraham over Taylor: 500 K
  68. Ward over Kessler/Froch over Dirrell/Abraham over Taylor 200k each
  69. 4K on Carl Froch over your 4k Dirrel
  70. Murray over Thaxton
  71. jaz's PRIVATE max pints thread...people slow me down when the post in my thread...i d
  72. Note to everyone about these threads
  73. Cotto'a New Maximum Mulitply Your Points Thread
  74. I'll take Taylor over Abraham. at 1:3 Period!
  75. I Got Arthur Abraham To Beat Jermain Taylor!
  76. 10K that Taylor doesn't KO Abraham
  77. 10k on Harrison to win Prizefighter!!!
  78. Haye over Valuev
  79. Maximizing points
  80. 3rd October Boxing Bets
  81. 800k on Haye over Valuev
  82. bets wanted....
  83. Lesnar vs. Carwin - my 1m to your 500k
  84. 11k on Murray over Thaxton.
  85. Stoppage's Betting Thread
  86. 50k Pacquiao over Cotto
  87. I bet Winky doesn't ko his next opponent.
  88. Pacquiao vs. Cotto BET
  89. 250k on Williams over Pavlik
  90. 40k to your 5k: Lopez and Gamboa
  91. The Godmother of all maximum multiply your points threads!!
  92. Onedream722's Betting Thread
  93. My 10k on Taylor to anyones 17k on Abraham
  94. 250k on Pac over Cotto
  95. 5 K on Juan Ma these Saturday
  96. 20k on Abraham to win the Super Six.........
  97. 1M straight up bet Pacquiao over Cotto
  98. Cotto over Pacquiao up to 5 million
  99. 100k pac over cotto
  100. Pacman over Cotto up to 200Mil.
  101. De Canadiens *NEW* Multiply Your Points Thread
  102. 50 Milllion pts.Abraham over Taylor
  103. Amir Khan over Salita 2:1 odds
  104. Pac over cotto 250k
  105. 100k says froch beats dirrell.
  106. Better then BoDog odds! Froch over Dirrell!
  107. Bets Im taking........
  108. England vs. Ukraine (10-17k)
  109. Hello My Boricua Friends - Friendly Bet?
  110. 1M ON Patriots -3 Over Denver Broncos
  111. Some small bets
  112. Some small UFC bets
  113. Loads of fights i want to bet on
  114. PAC OVER cotto
  115. 5k on Froch > Direll
  116. Some Bets
  117. 1M On Indianapolis Colts Over Tennessee Titans
  118. Looking to bet up to 250k on Froch over Dirrell!
  119. 200k on Valuev over Haye
  120. multiply thread
  121. Last minute bet
  122. 100k on Dirrell over Froch
  123. adamek vs golota
  124. Froch Over dirrell
  125. Calzaghe to win Strictly Come Dancing!
  126. Taylor over Abraham
  127. Pac over Cotto, I want odds
  128. Haye beats Valuev via KO/TKO
  129. I got Valuev over Haye - 5k to your 10k
  131. a betting double on super 6
  132. !!! Abraham over Taylor !!!
  133. 10k Guzman over Funeka
  134. 10k Ward over Kessler
  135. Even bet - Abraham over Tayler
  136. Dirrell over Froch
  137. Valuev over Haye
  138. Ginger Step Son of the Multiply Your Points Thread
  139. I Got Dawson>Johnson! I'll give 3:1 Odds.
  140. Taylor over abraham for 100k
  141. Froch over Dirrell
  142. Abe Concepcion over Yuriokis Gamboa
  143. Betting up to 300k on Abraham over Taylor.
  144. Dirrel over Froch and Abraham over Taylor
  145. taylor to win. looking for some good odds.
  146. Froch over Dirrell 200k
  147. Haye over Valuev 500k
  148. The Grand Daddy of all Maximum Multiply your points thread!
  149. 15k to your 10k - Abraham over Taylor
  150. 500K Abraham over Taylor
  151. 50k Taylor over Abraham
  152. ..ABRAHAM Over Taylor, DIRRELL Over Froch...
  153. Give me 2 to 1 on Taylor over Abraham
  154. Help me help me!!!
  155. super 6 bets 50k max bets
  156. 100K Froch over Dirrell
  157. 25K For Every 100th Poster (Up to 1000 Posts, Then Ends.)
  158. Taylor/Abraham Enters 10th Round
  159. USC over Notre Dame 25k I'm giving 2:1 odds
  160. froch over dirrell 20k
  161. I am picking the two Europeans to win Saturday taking bets even no odds.
  162. I Wanna Multiply My Points - Abraham over Taylor, Anyone?
  163. Froch over Dirrell 50K
  164. 5k Taylor over Abraham
  165. 45K on FROCH
  166. 50k on Taylor and 50 k on Froch
  167. pac > cotto 200k bet
  168. 15K: AA vs Taylor does not go the distance
  169. Dirrell over froch
  170. Taylor loses - 15k
  171. ..My 70K on ABRAHAM, yo your 50K on Taylor...
  172. 4k to your 3k AA over Taylor
  173. 2m on Froch over Dirrell
  174. My 15K for your 30K I got Taylor over AA
  175. 3 Million on FROCH,ABRAHAM & KESSLER!
  176. Abraham over Taylor 75k to your 50k
  177. 50k Froch over Dirrell, 100k Abraham over Taylor
  178. 2:1 odds I got FROCH over Dirrell
  179. Froch over Direll, 25K.
  180. Abraham > Taylor - 100K Come on Americans!!!
  181. 5K on Froch over Dirrell
  182. I want 3/1 odds on taylor. who wants to hook me up?
  183. 5k Dirrell over Froch
  184. 16k dirrell over frocfh
  185. 100k on Froch over Dirrell
  186. 50k Froch over Dirrell
  187. Froch to stop Dirrell in 10 rounds
  188. 10K to your 8K Kessler over Ward
  189. Abraham over Dirrell: up to 2,000,000 points
  190. 100K on Adamek over Golota
  191. 30k on Ward over Kessler.
  192. I got Haye>Valuev! Any Amount up to 200K!
  193. I Got Adamek>Golota. I'll give 2:1 Odds!
  194. 100k or more Kessler over Ward
  195. Looking to bet on Adamek,Kessler and Abraham
  196. Haye OVER Valuev
  197. Haye Over Valuv 2/1 odds
  198. I'LL Take Valuev Over Haye If You Gi...
  199. Pacquiao over Cotto going all-in!!!
  200. 80k Pacquiao over Cotto
  201. 15K on Cotto over Pac.
  202. I Got Adamek>Golota. I'll Offer 4:1 Odds!
  203. Looking for the following bets!!
  204. Haye over Valuev via KTFO
  205. 50K Pac over Cotto
  206. 25k Cotto over Pacquiao - I want 2:1 odds
  207. First Person To Reply Gets 10K
  208. 70K on Kessler over Ward!!!
  209. Offer me 1 to 2 odds on Pac vs Cotto, I got Cotto.
  210. discount
  211. 10K on Valuev over Haye
  212. 25k on Cotto over pac.......hit me!!!!
  213. 10K Marco Huck over Ola Afolabi?
  214. 2mil Agbeko over Perez
  215. Man United Over Liverpool
  216. My 20k to your 10k - Adamek over Golota
  217. Machida over Rua.. 25K
  218. Adamek Over Golota (2:1) odds
  219. ..MACHIDA Over Shogun, 4-1 Odds...
  220. Damian Frias Over Freddy Hernandez
  221. Valuev over Haye - 50k, no odds
  222. My 50k to your 150k: Haye wins via KO/TKO
  223. Savino's max your points thread!
  224. FAO: S.G. Or fomerly S.G.!!!!
  225. Savino's Bet Thread..
  226. adamek over golota for 10k
  227. 75k Man Utd over Liverpool.
  228. Haye over Valuev
  229. nfl bets?
  230. 10K on Cotto over Pac
  231. 20K Pac over Cotto!
  232. 400k says kessler beats ward.
  233. Agbeko vs. Perez
  234. Antonio DeMarco vs. Jose Alfaro (2:1) odds
  235. 500K on Pacquiao over Cotto!!!!!!!!
  236. Cotto>Pacquiao and Haye>Valuev
  237. 3:1 odds - Dawson over Johnson
  238. 100k says andy lee beats affif belgecham.
  239. Max your points thread but for cool people only
  240. 60k on the yankees to win world series over the phillies
  241. Cotto over pacman
  242. 50K on Pacquiao
  243. Dawson over Johnson - my 50k to your 30k
  244. Haye over Valuev (2:1) odds
  245. 300k on Kessler over Ward
  246. Haye vs Valuev
  247. 10k that Haye doesnt get a KO Victory
  248. Cotto over PAC 300k
  249. 700k on Pacqauio over Cotto
  250. ..Random Bets, Any Takers?...