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  1. 500,000 Point Boxing Contect for month of August
  2. I'm For Donaire - Let's Bet
  3. 1 MILLION Williams beats Pavlik
  4. *** robjr's bets ***
  5. 2 Bets on Klitschkos...
  6. 50k on Diaz over Malignaggi...
  7. I will be away
  8. 10K on Jones over Lacy
  9. 20K on Williams
  10. 100k on paul williams over pavlik
  11. 50k that Pacquiao doesn't KO/TKO Cotto
  12. 50k on N. donaire and B. conception
  13. 200k on Williams
  14. 50K Paul Williams > Kelly Pavlik
  15. Last call to place your bets !
  16. 10K on Jones over Lacy
  17. 50k on Jones over Lacy
  18. 25K Marquez over Mayweather
  19. my 100k to your 25k
  20. New to Boxingscne.....How do I bet??
  21. Anthony Shuler over Andy Lee. give me insane odds
  22. jones/lacy donaire/concepcion concepcion/luevano bets !!!!
  23. Up to 100k on Pavlik over Williams...
  24. abe concepcion vs luevano bets
  25. I have Mayweather you have JMM. My 3m to your 1M.
  26. Jones over Lacy (2.5:1) odds
  27. Donaire over Concepcion (3:1) odds
  28. 3k on Jones over Lacy
  29. ..JONES Over Lacy, DONAIRE Over Concepcion, LUEVANO Over Concepcion...
  30. Tonights fights - Bets
  31. Super Six Lottery!!!
  32. Spurs - Liverpool
  33. Williams .VS. Pavlik
  34. 10k on Diaz over Malignaggi
  35. bets of concepcion vs luevano is off
  36. diaz will beat malignaggi
  37. British Bet Thread
  38. Anyone Want To Bet My 200K To Your 100K Diaz Will Beat Malignaggi?
  39. Can anyone who ive got bets with let me know!
  40. 25K on Taylor against Abraham
  41. Guerrero over Klassen
  42. 100k on Pac over Cotto
  43. My 30k (Diaz) vs Your 10k (Malignaggi)
  44. DIAZ beats MALIGNAGGI Giving 4:1 odds!!!
  45. Great odds Diaz over Malignaggi minimum 20k
  46. 15K on D.Jacobs over Ishe Smith
  47. 10k on Mayweather to your 5k on Marquez
  48. 2K on Chambers over Wlad
  49. Wlad over Chambers, 3 to 1 odds.
  50. My 20k to your 5k
  51. Woods over Cloud
  52. 3k on diaz ove malignaggi
  53. 10k on Pacquiao and 5k on Fury, anybody?
  54. My 30k to your 10k. Diaz over Malignaggi
  55. Mayweather beats Marquez -- 1 Million Points
  56. 50k on Paulie
  57. 50k on Paulie
  58. help me out!
  59. 50k on Paulie
  60. Offering 6-1 Odds on Klitschko-Arreola
  61. 50k Diaz stops Malignaggi
  62. 10 to 1 odds Paulie stops Diaz
  63. 2k on Jacobs over Smith
  64. Klassen over Guerrero
  65. Last Minute bet! Diaz over Malignaggi!
  66. 30k on Diaz
  67. straight up 50k Diaz stops Malignaggi
  68. My 50K Diaz over Paulie
  69. 100K on odds
  70. 100k Paulie Doesn't Get Stopped
  71. 15k Diaz stops Paulie
  72. My 35k (Diaz) vs Your 10k (Malignaggi)
  73. (3:1) Diaz over Malinaggi
  74. ..PARLAY: Diaz, Guerrero, Jacobs...
  75. I Want To Bet On Diaz
  76. 20k on Mayweather over Marquez
  77. I Got Cloud>Woods. I'll Give 2:1 odds. Open To Negotiations!
  78. New Bet: Cloud>Woods. I'll Give 3:1 Odds!
  79. 100K Couture>Nogueira. Anyone Interested?
  80. 2:1 odds on John over Juarez
  81. 20K Chris over Juarez
  82. !! -250 JOHN over JUAREZ !!
  83. BET for Villoria vs Iribe
  84. ***LIMITED OFFER*** 3/1 odds on pac
  85. 350K on Pacquiao over Cotto
  86. My Bets Thread
  87. 25k on Mayweather to your 10k on Marquez
  88. Viloria will win!
  89. 200K Pacquiao over Cotto
  90. 3 to 1 odds Tavoris Cloud beats Woods
  91. 500,000 Cloud STOPS Woods
  92. 100K Pacquiao over Cotto
  93. 75k that Pac does not stop Cotto
  94. My 60k to your 30k on Katsidis over Escobedo
  95. A few small bets
  96. Small bet: Woods over Cloud
  97. Urango over Bailey
  98. 5k - Mayweather over Marquez
  99. Urango-Bailey : Woods-Cloud
  100. 5k on urango over bailey
  101. Hello My Mexican Friends - Please Bet With Me
  102. 100K on Villoria Vs. Iribe
  103. Can someone make me green please?
  104. UFC 102 Bets
  105. 50k on Soto over Valero
  106. PittyPat's bets
  107. I want 3.5 to 1 odds on JMM over May
  108. !!o>Dirrell over Froch Up to 5M<o!!
  109. My 25k to your 50k, Gomez over Karass
  110. I am guaranteeing a massive knock out by Arreola...I got 2 milli on it. Who wants in?
  111. 200k Mayweather over JMM
  112. John over Juarez
  113. sylvestresweet
  114. Maximizing my points...
  115. 500k on Haye over Valuev
  116. Marvin Sonsona over Jose Lopez up to 10M
  117. Floyd Mayweather over Juan Manuel Marquez
  118. My 100k on Sonsona over Lopez
  119. Katsidis over Escobedo
  120. Ryn0 Bet thread
  121. 10k on Klitschko to your 5k on Arreola
  122. The uncle Of The Very New Maximum Multiply Your Points Thread
  123. 200K on Pacquiao over Cotto
  124. Mosley over Clottey
  125. The Unnecessary Premature Baby of the Very New Maximum Multiply Your Points Thread
  126. Mayweather>Marquez. 2:1 Odds. Stake Open To Negotiation!
  127. Taylor over Abraham
  128. 500k Abraham over Taylor!
  129. Anyone want to bet on Prizefighter Heavyweights?
  130. 100K Cotto over Pacman.
  131. Flip your Chickens!! (Multiply your points)
  132. Pac's New Maximum Mulitply Your Points Thread
  133. rottenbets
  134. Ako pa ha's 5 million pts. give away!
  135. MaywEATHER over marquez
  136. 30K Mayweather by KO/TKO
  137. Mayweather Marquez Winning Round Odds
  138. Arreola over Klitschko
  139. Marquez over Mayweather - my 25k to your 65k
  140. Froch over Dirrell.
  141. 50K Jermain Taylor over Arthur Abraham
  142. My 50k on Mayweather to your 20k on Marquez...........
  143. Marquez vs Mayweather BET
  144. I want to put 10k on Pacquiao and 5k on Fury, any takers???
  145. All my points Pacquiao will score a knock down against Cotto.
  146. Hola Mis Amigos - Please Bet with Me
  147. L@@k Ako pa ha will multiply your points!
  148. 20k on cotto over pac man. any takers??
  149. Last chance for any takers on McDermott!!!
  150. Asikainen over Macklin,Shafikov over Coleman
  151. 5k Pacquiao and Mayweather to win by KO/TKO.
  152. 5k on Lampley crying/about to cry after Pac-Cotto fight
  153. 5k on Lampley crying/about to cry after Pac-Cotto fight
  154. 10k: Mayweather Over Marquez || Any takers?
  155. Cristian Mijares over Nehomar Cermeno
  156. All my points on Mayweather
  157. Offering 5-1 odds on Fury, my 10 to your 50k....
  158. New Fast Bets
  159. 5k/5k Calderon over Mayol
  160. 5:1 odds Pacquiao over Cotto
  161. These Bets are for Calderon Supporters Only
  162. barry big balz bet thread.
  163. 10k Pac Beats Cotto
  164. 10k on mayweather
  165. Kessler over Perdomo (5:1) ODDS!!!
  166. I want my 5k for marquez to win over your ????
  167. Lady Fan's Confirmed Bets for Tonight's Mayol vs. Calderon - Good luck Guys!
  168. 300k on Marquez over Mayweather
  169. Kessler over Ward
  170. Some of you owe me points for the links
  171. Marquez over Mayweather 5:1
  172. F*ck it...
  173. Multiplying My Points
  174. Lady Fan's Confirmed bet for JMM vs. Mayweather - Good luck Guys!
  175. 5k on Marquez over PBF!
  176. 200K on Mayweather to beat Marquez
  177. Marquez over Mayweather
  178. Jaz's max my points thread
  179. Mayweather over Marquez odds
  180. Cotto over Pac
  181. 40k that Mayweather does NOT stop Marquez
  182. at least 2 americans will beat euros in the super 6 first round ----> 10k....
  183. Marquez over Mayweather up to 1 million only
  184. 100k mayweather over Marquez...
  185. My 10K to anyone's 7k That Mayweather Defeats Marquez
  186. !! At 2:1 CHRIS JOHN over Rocky Juarez !!
  187. 2k on Mayweather over Marquez...
  188. Audley Harrison to win Prizefighter. Want odds though.
  189. Taylor over Abraham
  190. Cotto: Put your house on me, I'll KO Pac in 5.
  191. 30k on Katsidis over Vicente and 30k on John over Juarez.
  192. I take dinamita at 1:3 over mayweather
  193. 20k Arthur Abraham Over Jermain Taylor
  194. 15K Cotto Over Pacquiao
  195. Flex's Beat Thread
  196. 200k Guzman over Funeka
  197. 30 k on Miguel Cotto over Manny Pacman and Sig bet !!
  198. 25K on mayweather beating Marquez..
  199. 50k on Pacquiao over Cotto
  200. Flex's Bet Thread
  201. I got 300k on mayweather straight up..anyone want marquez????
  202. 20K that Mayweather does not KO/TKO JMM
  203. mayweather vs marquez bets
  204. 50k marquez over mayweather
  205. Bets for Saturdays fights
  206. !!Up to 10M Mayweather over Marquez 2:1 odds!!!
  207. Giving 3:1 odds for Mayweather/Márquez
  208. Are any of you interested in a Pool-for-Points contest for Saturday's JMM/PBF fight?
  209. I got 5 Million on Mayweather to your 1 Million on JMM
  210. 50k to your 150k Marquez over Mayweather
  211. Another bet on Marquez. 300k
  212. Up to 5 MILLION Andre Ward BEATS Kessler!!!
  213. Reeds Betting Thread
  214. 20k Mayweather over Marquez!
  215. 10K that JMM decisions Mayweather Jr
  216. Mayweather over Marquez 200k at 2:1 odds
  217. Alright.. Mayweather over Marquez my 200k to your 150K
  218. 50k on JMM
  219. Up to 200k on Marquez.
  220. Mayweather over Marquez my 50k to your 15 k
  221. Juanrez over John, what odds can i get?
  222. Offering 3.5-1 on Mayweather over Marquez
  223. Offering 6-1 on Klitschko over Arreola
  224. Mayweather over Marquez for 12K
  225. Just to let everyone know...I'm cancelling my bet on Marquez
  226. Making a new bet on Marquez my 2k for your ???
  227. Katsidis over Escobedo
  228. Post here if i have a bet with you for Mayweather Marquez
  229. Who wants to bet me, FMJ - JMM ain't gonna see the 11th round
  230. 30k on Escobedo over Katsidis
  231. my 50k to your 150k, Marquez over Mayweather
  232. I will double your pts.,I got JMM over Floyd.
  233. 30K Marquez over mayweather, post your odds!
  234. 5k Chris John Over Rocky Juarez
  235. 1M on Belfort Over Franklin
  236. The powerpug multiply your points thread
  237. 500 K that the server will be on it's ass tonight on NSB+
  238. Paul Williams Over Kelly Pavlik
  239. My 100k on mayweather against your 75k
  240. WTB: Juarez over John @ 3-1
  241. 15K Mayweather Over Marquez
  242. 2:1 on John over Juarez
  243. Enter the Marquez/Mayweather Betting Pool Now!
  244. 20k the forum crashes tonight
  245. 10k on Klitschko to stop Arreola b4 the 9th
  246. Pacquiao Over Cotto
  247. Special bet on Lopez and Gamboa
  248. Outstanding Bets
  249. Dorians Betting Thread
  250. 5k on Klitschko over Arreola