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  1. Sat.6/27 Vanes Martirosyan/Andry Tsurkan!!ODDS!!
  2. Lopez over oliver lochi: Giving 10:1 odds
  3. Wanting to bet over 2 million Cotto over Pacquiao
  4. Who wants to bet!?...*Multiple Options*
  5. Abraham over Oral (2:1 odds)
  6. 2 K Lopez over Lontchi
  7. Brazil - USA - Confederations Cup
  8. Some small bets on upcoming fights
  9. Linares over Perez (2:1), Arce over Lumacad (2:1), Sylvester over Simon (2:1)
  10. 1k on Ortiz over Maidana
  11. 5:1 odds Pacquiao over Cotto!
  12. ..ORTIZ Over Maidana, LOPEZ Over Lontchi (BIGGER ODDS)...
  13. 5k kotelnik ko's khan
  14. 300k Kotelnik over Khan
  15. brazil vs usa
  16. Brazil vs USA
  17. 50k on khan kotelnik?
  18. Do you want to have ?
  19. 200 points on Bradley vs Nate Campbell
  20. DIMITRENKO over EDDIE CHAMBERS ( 10K minimum)
  21. July 4th Fast Eddie over Dimitrenko!Asking for Sportsbook Odds.
  22. I got Darchinyan anyone wanna take Agbeko?
  23. Bets Owed
  24. 10k on khan over kotelnik?
  25. Khan vs Kotelnik bet.
  26. Dimitrenko over Chambers BY TKO/KO
  27. Up to 10 Million Pac over Cotto 2:1 odds...
  28. Angulo will be back Aug.27th on ESPN
  29. ..CHAMBERS Over Dimitrenko, I Want Odds...
  30. 15K Dimitrenko over Chambers
  31. Agbeko Over Darchinyan
  32. Murray Over Roddick
  33. Chambers over Dimitrenko(Odds)7/4/09
  34. how to bet and get money
  35. Vitali over Haye 3-1 odds
  36. Vitali over Haye: up to 1,000,000 points
  37. Up to 10 Million on Linares over Sotto.
  38. Vitali over Haye with odds
  39. Brock Over Mir this weekend
  40. i'm staying away from BS till they get rid of these bug redirections!
  41. 20k on Kotelnik over Khan
  42. 5K Collazo over Berto
  43. 5K on Victor Fonseca over Mauricio Pastrana
  44. 500K Darchinyan over Agbeko 2-1 odds.
  45. spada over zbik. give me odds
  46. Khan Over Kotelink
  47. 300K on DARCHINYAN over AGBEKO!! I take other bets too.
  48. 2K that Darchinyan will NOT KO Agbeko
  49. 20k on Luevano over B. Concepcion
  50. Mayweather over Marquez...
  51. FNF 7/10 Shaun George over Chris Henry
  52. 40k says kotelink beats khan!
  53. FNF 7/10 Matt Godfrey over Shawn Hawk at 5:1
  54. Khan over Kotelnik
  55. Brock Over Mir 2/1 odds
  56. My Betting station
  57. 10 K says Khan beats Kotelnik
  58. 6K on Jorge Solis over Cristobal Cruz
  59. a few small bets.....
  60. Adamek vs Gunn
  61. Kessler vs Ward
  62. i got 150k on Vic
  63. ..Today's Bets, All With Odds...
  64. Khan Over Kotelink 2/1 Odds
  65. Khan/Kotelnik Fight I'll Take The Under
  66. My 40k on David Haye to your 5k on Vitali Klitschko
  67. 10k on Khan v Kotelnik
  68. Fury over McDermott 5k????
  69. 10k that Diaz knocks out Malignaggi
  70. 25k says kotelink bets khan!
  71. 500k on Kotelnik over Khan
  72. My 250k to your 100k Diaz over Malignaggi.
  73. My 40K to your 10K on Mayweather
  74. 10K Bradley over Campbell
  75. See when your making bets
  76. boxing picks website.
  77. The Tom Jones Bet thread.
  78. Team Khan Is Gonna Win
  79. 50K on Kotelnik
  80. Super Middleweight Tourney Bets
  81. 100k on JMM over Floyd
  82. My 4 Million on Floyd to your 3 Million on JMM
  83. My 1 million to your 1.5 million, Taylor Over Abraham...
  84. Hola My Boricua Friends, Julaton Will Beat Hernandez
  85. 20k on Vitali Klitschko over David Haye
  86. Kotelnik over Khan by TKO/KO
  87. 20k Klitschko knocks out Haye
  88. Roy over Lacy BETS
  89. 1k that khan-kotelnik goes the distance w/first 3 responders...
  90. Give me some odds, i got Pacquiao over Cotto
  91. 50 K on Khan't
  92. 10k on Bradley beating Campbell
  93. Khan over Kotelnik.....
  94. 10k on Devon Alexander over Junior Witter
  95. Kotelnik Over Khan
  96. 40k on Pacquiao over Cotto...
  97. 100K on KHAN over KOTELNIK
  98. Need to Get My Bet On (100K on Khan)
  99. 50k on Witter over Alexander
  100. Khan over Kotelnik
  101. Up to 30k that Khan won't be stopped by Kotelnik
  102. My 25k says Khan wins - any takers?
  103. Khan to beat kotlenik 30k points
  104. Give me 3-1 On Prescott losing tonight.
  105. ..KHAN Over Kotelnik, 50K - Straight Up...
  106. 20k Campbell over Bradley...
  107. What odds will someone give me on a wipeout tonight??
  108. 3k on khan over kotelnik
  109. 50K on Kotelnik over Khan...
  110. 30k on Khan over Kotelnik...
  111. 50K on Khan over Kotelnik
  112. 20k on Khan over Kotelnik
  113. 15k on khan over Kotelnik
  114. 200k on kotelnik over khan
  115. My 10k on Kotelnik to your 10k on Khan
  116. 50k on Khan over Kotelnik
  117. 5K Kotenik Over Khan
  118. Dirrell over Froch, Abraham over Taylor
  119. My 8k On Roy Jones Jr Over Jeff Lacy
  120. 5k campbell over bradley.....
  121. Bj Pen Over Kenny Florian
  122. 200k on taylor over abraham
  123. 30K on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Le Houiller.
  124. need some e-points (donation need it)
  125. 20K Dirrell over Froch
  126. My Betting Thread
  127. JM1's Betting Thread
  128. my 1.5m for pzc against cotto
  129. 50k says froch will beat dirrell
  130. Betting Thread for Pacquiao - Cotto
  131. 10 MILLION Pacquiao beats Cotto
  132. 10K Mayweather wins by TKO/KO over Marquez
  133. 20K on Pacquiao
  134. 50k bets & UP on Pac vs. Cotto
  135. Froch Over Dirrell
  136. betting on Abraham and Kessler
  137. 3:1 odds PACQUIAO beat COTTO
  138. Pacman Over Cotto
  139. Pacquiao Over Cotto! BET INSIDE
  140. 10k manny over cotto
  141. 10K Cotto over Pacquiao
  142. JM1's Betting Thread
  143. 50k says kessler beats ward.
  144. 100K on pacquiao againts cotto
  145. Bet????
  146. 10k on bradley
  147. 10k on Bradley, Witter, Mayweather and Pacquiao to win
  148. Froch over Dirrell
  149. Bradley Over Campbell
  150. Ishe Smith over Danny Jacobs
  151. 10k on Haye over Valuev.
  152. Haye Over Valuev
  153. !! Bradley over campbell !! Giving odds
  154. Small bets on upcoming fights
  155. BET:JMM beat PBF
  156. BET:JMM beat PBF
  158. I have 2 bets i wanna make, any takers?
  159. 50k Haye over Valuev
  160. ..ESCALANTE Over Lock, 5 to 1 Odds...
  161. A few Small bets
  162. Mexico vs U.S.A soccer match sunday! any bets?
  163. my betting thread for tomorrow's fight
  164. 500K on Witter...
  165. Isaac Hlatshwayo over Delvin Rodriguez
  166. 10K Cotto stops Pacman, I want odds.
  167. 200k on Devon Alexander over Witter
  168. Bets on Bradley-Campbell & Witter-Alexander
  169. 25k Bradley over Campbell
  170. A Few Small Bets
  171. ..BRADLEY Over Campbell, 3-2 Odds...
  172. John-Locke-9-22's bet thread........
  173. Is any picking Campbell to win?
  174. **Over/Under on the Bradley/Campbell**
  175. Small bet on the Froch vs Dirrell?
  176. 10K Bradley over Campbell - any taker?
  177. 500k On Witter
  178. I'm Betting All of my 2 Million Points On The Pacman
  179. Bradley vs Nate bet(giving odds)
  180. 5k Malignaggi TKO's Juan Diaz
  181. 200k on Witter!
  182. All My Points On Cotto!
  183. 50k on Bradley...
  184. 30K on Malignaggi over Diaz...
  185. Diaz over Cayo small 10k bet
  186. Carano over Cyborg bet
  187. 50k on Campbell over Bradley.
  188. !! Junior Witter over Devon Alexander!! asking for odds...
  189. 40 K on BRADLEY over CAMPBELL!
  190. 15k Bradley over Campbell
  191. Tim Bradley vs Nate Campbell
  192. 20k Bradley over Campbell
  193. No title belt,No odds!PACQUIAO-COTTO bet!
  194. witter over alexander
  195. ..BRADLEY Over Campbell, 2-1 Odds...
  196. Witter over Alexander, Bradley over Campbell
  197. 100k on Bradley
  198. ****20k on Bradley over Campbell****
  199. 120K Bradley over Campbell
  200. Concepcion over Leuvano.
  201. Bets on the Campbell-Bradley decision being overturned
  202. Concepcion Will Beat Luevano!
  203. I Wanna Put Points On Jones Jr>Lacy! Anyone Interested?
  204. !! 8/15 CONCEPCION over STEVE LUEVANO
  205. !! 8/15 CONCEPCION over STEVE LUEVANO !!
  206. 50K on Froch over Direll anyone?
  207. 100k on Cotto
  208. 20k on Floyd and Pac
  209. 30k that Kiltschko knocks out Arreola
  210. nonito donaire vs rafael concepcion BET
  211. Hello My Boricua Friends, Please Bet With Me
  212. 5 mil @ 3:1 that old and tired Vitali will whoop young and hungry Arreola
  213. 15k Pacman vs Jotto
  214. My Bets
  215. Up to 3M Donaire/Concepcion fight will not go the distance.
  216. 75K donaire over concepcion !!!
  217. 40k on Mayweather over JMM... Any takers?
  218. Pretty Boy32 Betting Thread
  219. My bets thread
  220. <----- Betting Station ----->
  221. 3:1 Donaire over Concepcion Up to 3Million
  222. Rockys Bet Thread
  223. 20k on chris Arreola over Vitali Klitchko
  224. 2:1 Odds Mayweather Beats Marquez
  225. Man vs. Food
  226. David Haye over Valuev bet
  227. up to 350k Diaz over Malignaggi
  228. RJJ over Lacey
  229. *Don't Bet With That Cksucker RocKeT*
  230. 1M Points Bounty On Rocket
  231. MAYOL OVER CALDERON up to 10M
  232. CONCEPCION over LUEVANO up tp 10M
  233. BattlingNelsons bets.
  234. 3:1 odds donaire vs concepcion
  235. Donaire over Concepcion 4:1 Odds
  236. Alfredo Angulo vs. Gabriel Rosado bet
  237. Anthony Dirrell/Alfredo Contreras bet (4:1) odds!!!
  238. Gary Russell Jr/ Jason Jones bet (4:1) odds!!
  239. BET:that Cotto will not win even a single round against Pacquiao.
  240. Ultimate Maximum Your Points Thread
  241. I have Silva you have Griffin 2:1 odds
  242. MMA Bets
  243. Sonsona Will Beat Lopez - Boricua's Please Bet With Me
  244. (My 20k) Jones Jr vs Lacy (Your 10k)
  245. Straight BET on Luevano vs Concepcion
  246. Jones Over Lacey 2/1 Odds
  247. DONT BET WITH mrlopez OR oldhammad
  249. JMM over Mayweather up to 10M
  250. 200K Concepcion over Luevano