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  1. 5K on Haye over Wlad
  2. Angulo over Cintron
  3. 50K on Andre Ward over Edison Miranda
  4. 100k Wlad over Haye
  5. 10K Cotto over Clottey
  6. 3.5 on Man Utd to beat Barca
  7. Some small bets for the next 2 weeks
  8. Wlodarcyk over Fragomeni. 250K
  9. Im so confident Ward will win
  10. East Semis:Orlando Over Boston small bets
  11. berto over urango... 2-1 odds
  12. 1k on Rockets over Lakers tonight
  13. Chagaev over Valuev,50K
  14. Valuev over Chagaev May/30
  15. Ward Over Miranda; etc... Giving Odds
  16. 25k on mayweather to beat marquez, any1?
  17. 3k on mudine over geale, any1?
  18. 10k on Ward vs. 5k on Miranda
  19. 12,500 on Ward over Miranda--straight up
  20. ..WARD Over Miranda...
  21. my 400k vs your 200k I have Ward beating Miranda
  22. Ward/Edison fight don't go distance!
  23. 10k on Klitschko over Haye
  24. 7k Celtics over Magic gm 7
  25. Khan over Kotelnik at your 2:1.
  26. Small bet on Ward
  27. Help
  28. 2K Miranda over Ward
  29. 5k Ward over Miranda straight up
  30. QUICK: Miranda over Ward
  31. My 80k to your 20k Berto beats Urango
  32. Give me odds on Houston over the Lakers
  33. Berto over Urango 3-1 odds
  34. 15 on Nuggets over Lakers
  35. 5k on Nuggets over Lakers
  36. Soccer bets
  37. what if someone doesn't pay you when you win
  38. 10K on Clottey
  39. My 50k on Cavs>Magic
  40. Up to 250k Agbeko over Darchinyan
  41. 50k on berto, any takers?
  42. 40k to your 20k on Berto
  43. 50k on Machida to defeat Evans at ufc 98, any takers?
  44. 10k Denver over LA Game 1
  45. 30k to your 40k on Mayweather
  46. 10 miliion on FLOYD against JMM
  47. 15k Denver Reaches NBA Finals
  48. 5K on Chagaev over Valuev
  49. Chelsea over Everton - FA Cup final
  50. 20k on Lakers over Nuggets tonight only.
  51. 10K on Jhonny Gonzalez over Nishioka
  52. 50k on the Lakers in Game 1
  53. 100k Cavs win the NBA Title/odds
  54. my 100k to your 50k on berto over urango
  55. 50 k str8 up Angulo over Cintron
  56. 10K on haye knocking wlad out
  57. Guzman over Diaz/Montiel over Morel
  58. Taking odds Berto over Urango
  59. 2 on 1 Odds Gonzalez Over Nishioka
  60. Cotto over Clottey June 13
  61. Judah over hatton!
  62. Manchester United over Barcelona
  63. 35k On PBF over JMM
  64. Cotto over clottey 300k - bet
  65. 5K on Darchintan over Agbeko
  66. Guerrero over Edwards odds
  67. 100k LA beats Denver in game 3
  68. This Sat. Toshiaki Nishioka vs Jhonny Gonzalez. giving odds!!!
  69. 50k Judah knocks out Matt hatton
  70. 10k On Urango Over Berto
  71. Up to 500K that Mayweather T/KO's JMM.
  72. 110k On Angulo over Cintron
  73. I wanna put 200k on Machida to beat Rashad
  74. 30k Evans over Machida
  75. 3k Khan over Kotelink
  76. Small Bets For the Next 2 Weeks (pt 2)
  77. Son Of The Very New Maximum Multiply Your Points Thread
  78. Up to 150k points on Darchinyan over Agbeko
  79. 1,000,000 on Manny Pacquaio over Floyd Mayweather
  80. 2k bets on floyd-juanma ppv hits
  81. Cotto over Clottey....Wlad over Haye...PBF over JMM
  82. Valuev over Chagaev!!!!!
  83. ill bet all my points that Mayweather ****s on packyau and knocks out jmm
  84. Hermaphrodite Child Of The Very New Maximum Multiply Your Points Thread
  85. Up to 5 million on CAVALIERS to beat NUGGETS(game 4)
  86. Cotto over Clottey - My 15K to your 10K
  87. Cotto over Clottey - My account for your account
  88. i got 30k on berto, to your 20k on Urango!
  89. 50K Valuev over Chagaev
  90. ..BERTO Over Urango, ANGULO Over Cintron...
  91. i got 30k on man u, any takers?
  92. 30k on Cotto over any1's 10K on Clottey
  93. 10k on United over Barca
  94. Small bet, 2.5K on Chagaev over Valuev
  95. Hello My PBF Supporting Friends
  96. Tied.Game 5 Lakers at Home. I'll take nuggs if you give me +10.HURRY!
  97. Kevin Jesus' Bets Thread
  98. Multiply your points here!!!
  99. All my points on Cavaliers to beat Magic(game 5).
  100. MY 10k On Cotto vs Your 5K On Clottey!
  101. Game5 - Orlando over Caveliers! give m...
  102. 100K on ANGULO over CINTRON!
  103. 700k Cotto over Clottey
  104. Caveliers Do Not Win NBA Title
  105. Marquez over Mayweather
  106. Over/Under on the Angulo/Cintron
  107. Demise's Bet Thread
  108. 200K on Franklin over Wanderlei Silva
  109. What is the situation with the Valuev / Chagaev bets
  110. whatever K on Berto>Urango
  111. 2K Cintron over Angulo
  112. Accepting bets on Cotto-Clottey
  113. 500K on Wladimir over Haye - will offer 2:1 odds
  114. ..BERTO/Urango, ANGULO/Cintron Bets...
  115. My Bets Thread
  116. 200K Klitschko over Haye
  117. FAO dude who I owe points or if someone can help me
  118. New bets wanted......
  119. 200k On Brock Over Mir
  120. NBA Finals Bet!
  121. Cotto/Clottey bet
  122. Small bet on Cotto vs Clottey
  123. Clottey over Cotto! Asking fo...
  124. Chris John over Rocky Juarez giving odds!
  125. Poster kosta tszyu owe's me 2k in points but wont pay up!
  126. Mayweather >>> JMM (Ill bet all my points)
  127. My bet thread on upcoming fights.
  128. Bet With Me - Khan over Kotelnik
  129. !!Lakers WIN NBA FINALS...GIVING ODDS!!
  130. I got 40K on Klitscko any takers?
  131. 1Million Joshua Clottey Makes It Into Round10
  132. 5K Cotto over Clottey
  133. My 40K on Guerrero to your 10K on Edwards...
  134. 5K Klitschko over Haye, any takers?
  135. LAKERS vs MAGIC BET!Game 1
  136. !Beware of JCM28! Don't Bet With Him
  137. Detroit over Pens
  138. Cotto over Clottey!
  139. Lakers over the magic in the series
  140. Clottey over Cotto!
  141. Khan over Koltenik, offer me odds or whatever.
  142. Khan over Kotelnik
  143. 5K Calderon over Rodel or Cotto Over Clottey
  144. Khan over Kotelnik 2-1 odds upto 1 million.
  145. 50k that Clottey-Cotto Goes the Distance!
  146. 2 Million on Cotto over Clottey 2:1 odds.
  147. All my money on Clottey over Low Blow COTTO
  148. Game 2. you give me +10 i take Magics over Lakers in L.A.
  149. 50K to 25K, Cotto over Clottey
  150. 3k cotto over clottey
  151. Wlad over Chaegez...Vitali over Haye...GIVING ODDS
  152. Mike_Dee - Bet Dodger
  153. Bet With Me. Khan vs. Kotelnik
  154. Bets Cotto over Clottey
  155. Chris John over Rocky Juarez
  156. Mayol over Calderon
  157. Small Bets for the next 2 weeks
  158. Up to 2 Million on Shaun George Over Chris Henry
  159. 50K on SPencer Fisher over Caulo Uno
  160. 50k Cotto over Clottey
  161. I will bet any and all Cotto over Mosley but here is the thing....
  162. Haye over V Klitschko assuming it happens.
  163. I will bet any and all Cotto over Clottey but here is the thing....
  164. 500K on Kotelnik over Khan
  165. Bets on England game tonight
  166. 75 billion points COTTO over Clottey!!
  167. 10k on khan over kotelnik
  168. Wlad over Chaegez
  169. 2k on Malignaggi over Diaz
  170. Bet With Me - Khan over Kotelnik
  171. 300k Diaz over Malignaggi
  172. Wheres your balls at Cotto Haters? My 800k vs your 800k!
  173. Cotto over Clottey
  174. 3k on Cotto over Clottey
  175. Juan Diaz over Paulie Malignaggi
  176. ..COTTO Over Clottey, CALDERON Over Mayol...
  177. 3k on Cotto over Clottey
  178. 20k Cotto over Clottey
  179. My 50k to your 30k... I got cotto...
  180. Cotto Vs Clottey bet! Huge bet!
  181. 2k cotto over clottey
  182. 1K Calderon over Mayol
  183. 500K for Cotto
  184. All my points on Mayol over Calderon
  185. Anyone else for an over under bet with me
  186. Up to 1 million on COTTO over Clottey 1.5-1 Odds.
  187. 20K to bet on Clottey
  188. my 50k to your 100k. Clottey
  189. my 20k to your 30k Magic will win Game 5
  190. 100k on Cotto
  191. 5K Cotto Over Clottey
  192. 50K on Clottey over Cotto.
  193. 25K on Cotto over Clottey
  194. last miute bet i got 100k on clottey
  195. India/England - Cricket 20/20 world cup
  197. Cotto fans are afraid to bet against Pacquiao!
  198. 500k on Pacman over Cotto!
  199. Up to 1 million 500 thousand points on Pacman over Cotto
  200. Who will Teddy Atlas pick? Klitschko or Chagaev?
  201. 500K Pacquiao beats Cotto
  202. Up to 14 Million Pacman beats Cotto
  203. 1 Mil on BRADLEY over Campbell
  204. !!! Klitschko/Chagaev goes the Distants !!!
  205. multiplying my own points!
  206. Confederations Cup Betting
  207. 5K on John Over Juarez
  208. Bradley over Campbell
  209. 2/1 odds that Pac beats Cotto
  210. Jones over Lacey
  211. This Friday Adrian Diaconu vs Jean Pascal
  212. Bradley over Campbell
  213. 3/1 odds Small bet
  214. 10K Cotto over Pacman
  215. How do you make bets?
  216. 3 to 1 ODDS on Wlad over Chageav..
  217. 2/1 odds on EVERY FIGHT!
  218. K-1 fights 2009
  219. 6K on PASCAL over DIACONU
  220. Leftygunz bet thread
  221. Another Good Karma Thread Spread The Love Fellas
  222. street bully's bets thread.
  223. All my points Pacquiao will beat Cotto by a KO/TKO
  224. Jones to beat lacy inside the distance. Im looking for odds
  225. My 5K on Chagaev to your 10K on Klitschko
  226. up to 50k ROY JONES over JEFF LACY
  227. Wyson's Bet Page
  228. ..DIACANU Over Pascal...
  229. LAST MINUTE BET diaconu over pascal
  230. 3:1 odds Pacquiao beat Cotto
  231. Klit VS Chagaev bet?
  232. Klitschko over Chagaev, 60K to 20K
  233. My 20k on Klitschko to your 20k on Chagaev
  234. ..KLITSCHKO Over Chagaev, Odds...
  235. 50K on Klitschko vs "White Tyson" Chagaev
  236. 2/1 on KLIT over Chagaev!
  237. 600k Amir Khan
  238. 10k that Chris John knocks out Rocky Juarez
  239. Bundrage over Foreman. im looking for odds
  240. 15K Spain over USA Confederation Cup
  241. all my points on fight night for kotelnik
  242. 15k Juanma over Lontchi
  243. Sat.6/27 Vanes Martirosyan over Andry Tsurkan
  244. Daughter Of The Very New Maximum Multiply Your Points Thread
  245. Dimitrenko over Chambers, 2 to 1 odds
  246. U.S. over Spain at Confed Cup
  247. Tons of bets to be placed!!
  248. 100k lesnar over mir...
  249. 500,000 point compitition: whoever picks most accurately from these fights wins
  250. 1k on maidana over ortiz