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  1. My 20k that Pascal beats Froch
  2. 100K Pacquiao beats oscar!! (I always pay my bets!)
  3. Anyone want Pascal??
  4. (My 10K) Froch vs Pascal (Your 8k)....
  5. My Bets Thread:
  6. How do you bet?
  7. Odds on 5 Winners tommorow.
  8. All in for Manny Pacquiao
  9. pac over dlh for 11k points
  10. My 10K to your 100K, I got Pacman
  11. My 30k to your 1 point.
  12. My Bets!
  13. 30k Pacman over DLH
  14. I got 3k on De La Hoya come pick Pacman
  15. 10:1 odd Pacyao-Delagoya
  16. 50k Pacman over Oscar
  17. I got 2K on Oscar... Who wanna bet on Manny?
  18. 20k oscar over manny straight up
  19. my 50k to your 20k I GOT OSCAR
  20. Pacquiao weighs suspiciouly too light!
  21. ***an over khan
  22. Pacquiao-delahoya bet!
  23. 10k oscar over pacman
  24. the_bull does not pay up, he's a *****
  25. My Bets and Predictions
  26. 25k to your 50k mosley over marg
  27. looking for odds - I got mosley over margarito
  28. give me odds on Rahman v Wladimir and i will take Rahman
  29. I want 10-1 on Rahman by KO/TKO
  30. xcaret is a f@g!!!!
  31. 5k on Adamek over Cunningham
  32. Who wants an easy 5K?
  33. Dont bet with Kswizzy99!!!
  34. 2K Mosley over Margarito
  35. 3K Morel over Penalosa
  36. Up to 10 million bets-pacquiao-hatton
  37. 1 x 100k bet Darchinyan over Arce
  38. 150k on Mosley over Margarito
  39. 5K Calderon over Canchila
  40. 10k to the person who guesses the number I'm thinking of
  41. 5K Toney over Oquendo
  42. 10k on marg over mosley....... ill give 2:1 odds
  43. Margarito over Mosley at 2:1
  44. Margarito over Mosley
  45. Margarito over Mosley. [Giving 2-1 odds]
  46. (My 10k) Holt vs Hopkins (Your 10k)
  47. 50K says Ding-a-Ling doesn't make the Contender semi-finals
  48. Toney over Oquendo
  49. (My 15k) Holt vs Hopkins (Your 10k)
  50. 2K on Holt over Hopkins
  51. 200K on Bradley over Holt
  52. Haye over Wlad
  53. Rocky over Cook
  54. Valuev over Holyfield
  55. Haye over Vitali
  56. I've got Haye over Vitali, what odds will you give me?
  57. My 250K on Haye, to your 500K on Vitali.
  58. 500K on Vitali over Haye
  59. 2 Million Points Vitali over Haye.
  60. Haye over Vitali
  61. Denver Nuggets over Cleveland Cavs on 12/19 5k
  62. holyfield over valuev
  63. 50k on Giants over Panthers
  64. 500k on Pacquiao over Hatton
  65. NFL Week 16 Bets
  66. 10K On Holyfield over Valuev
  67. I wanna bet on holyfield
  68. My 10K on Val for your 30k on Holy
  69. Who Has The Best Bet Record Here?
  70. Up to 10 million bets on pacquiao over mayweather
  71. 10k Holyfield Over 5k Valuev
  72. 5K Mosley doesnt get KO by Margarito...
  73. 2:1 odds pacquiao-hatton bet
  74. EVERYTHING I have minus 25k: Denver wins their divsion
  75. 100K on Donaire over Montiel
  76. 4K Pacman over Hatton
  77. 50k on Mosley over Margarito
  78. 1K on Lopez over Posuwan
  79. 1k on Pacquiao over Hatton...
  80. I've got Pacman over Hatton, Anyone?
  81. UP TO 2 MILLION Pacman over Hatton, I give you 3-1 odds
  82. 10K on Hatton over Pacman. Anyone bet?
  83. 15K Lakers Over Celtics 12/25/08
  84. 4K on Mosley over Margarito.
  85. ..MARQUEZ/Diaz, PACQUIAO/Hatton, ANGULO/Mayorga...
  86. the Hitman over pacman
  87. Straight up My 200k to your 100k on Pacman over Hatton.
  88. I pick Margarito, Vitali, Abraham, Dawson, ...
  89. 5K on Collazo vs Berto.
  90. 20k on Berto over Collazo
  91. nfl bet 10k Chargers over broncos
  92. anyone want to put 5k on hatton?
  93. Nfl week 17 picks
  94. 10K that UFC 92 does at least 1.15million buys
  95. 5k on dallas cowboys over philly eagles
  96. any takers.......
  97. USC Over PENN State Who Wants It!!!! 20K
  98. NFL Playoff Bets
  99. ..ATLANTA Over Cardinals...
  100. The New Multiply Your Points Thread!
  101. Hello Mosley Fans
  102. delete thread
  103. Up to 50K Darchinyan over Arce
  104. Bowl Game bets
  105. 100K on Margarito over Mosley
  106. 250K Karoly Balzsay over Dennis Inkin
  107. 1 million Points on Margarito over Mosley with ispayder
  108. Berto over Collazo 3:2 Odds
  109. Maccarinelli over Banks...
  110. ..RAVENS Over Dolphins...
  111. Berto over Collazo
  112. 10k on Eagles over Vikings
  113. make your bet, I have Eagles over Vikings
  114. How do i make me own bet thread
  115. 80,000.00 points on the Eagles to beat the New York Giants
  116. My Betting Thread.
  117. 100K on Darchinyan over Arce...
  118. 20k Marquez over Diaz
  119. Pac-Man over Hatton
  120. ...Eagles over Giants..
  121. martinez over greene 3k
  122. why wont losers on this board pay bets?
  123. ..RAVENS Over Titans...
  124. 1k Dawson over Tarver
  125. 15k On Margarito Over Mosley
  126. (My 30k) Margarito vs Mosley (Your 15k)
  127. 50K says Gamboa wins by KO. Side bet: Gamboa doesn't get knocked down
  128. 25k on Florida over OU
  129. 20k Alexander over Witter
  130. My Minor Action Thread
  131. ..MARTINEZ Over Santos...
  132. WARNING: Five members who don't pay their bets...
  133. ..GAMBOA/Gonzalez, GREAT Odds...
  134. Playoff bets Jan 10th and 11th.....
  135. ..INKIN Over Balszay...
  136. ..PANTHERS Over Cardinals...
  137. Margarito and Berto bets
  138. ..STEELERS Over Chargers...
  139. ..GIANTS Over Eagles...
  140. 30 k on Giants over Eagles.....
  141. ..MOSLEY Over Margarito...
  142. 1,000 points for every 100th poster
  143. Margarito over Shane (2-1)
  144. My 10k on Collazo to your 20k on Berto!
  145. My 50K on Sugar Shane to your
  146. My 100k on Berto to your 60K on Collazo
  147. 50k on Mosley
  148. All of my points
  149. 1 million on PENALOSA to beat Juan Ma
  150. 5K on Martinez and Julio
  151. My 25k to your 50k Funeka over Campbell
  152. Penalosa-Juanma goes over 6 rounds
  153. Berto over Collazo 2:1 odds!!!
  154. 10/1 odds on Micheal Jennings and Marco Antonio Rubio
  155. A few small bets
  156. Liverpool over Everton (both games)
  157. Champions leauge points game (Soccer)
  158. Barrera vs. Khan
  159. Juanma over Penalosa
  160. ..MARTINEZ Over Cintron...
  161. !!!Barrera/Khan March 14!!!
  162. My 10k to your 20K Collazo beats Berto...
  163. My Betting Thread
  164. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED 5K on Barrera over Khan, one bet only
  165. im betting 2k on khan over barrera
  166. 20K on Khan over barerra
  167. 2.5-1 Odds Berto>Collazo
  168. I got Margarito over Mosley ...
  169. Pavlik vs. Rubio
  170. 15K on Khan over Barerra
  171. 20K on Amir
  172. anyone wanna give me odds on collazo berto
  173. My 20k to ur 10k on Berto
  174. 10k On Pittsburgh Steeler
  175. (My 5k) Berto vs Collazo (Your 2.5k)
  176. Andre Berto Over Collazo
  177. 10K Kirkland over Julio
  178. Berto over Collazzo!
  179. ..BERTO Over Collazo, 3-1...
  180. **Berto/Collazo Fight Goes The Distance**
  181. My 13.5 K on COLLAZO to your 35K on Berto. Who wants it?!?
  182. My 100k vs your 50k, I got the Eagles over Cardinals
  183. Arce > Darchinyan
  184. My 6k on Margarito to your 2k on Mosley
  185. ..RAVENS Over Steelers...
  186. ..EAGLES Over Cardinals...
  187. 5K that Liverpool DOESN'T win against Everton Monday 19.1.2009
  188. 100 K on Barrera Over Khan
  189. My new picks for this year/Bets for anyone interested.
  190. I got Mosley over Margarito
  191. BARRERA over khan / DIAZ over marquez
  192. 15k Margarito over Mosley
  193. Taking more bets on Klitschko vs Gomez
  194. Super Bowl:Steelers over Cardinals
  195. Up to 6M Mosley over Marg.
  196. My bets (running out of sig space...)
  197. bets on upcoming fights
  198. 100k that Margarito beats Mosley. No odds
  199. I Got 5k more to put on Margarito
  200. All my points on Margarito over Mosely!
  201. Pac and Hatton..
  202. Up to 2 mln points on Vitali over Gomez
  203. ***Vic Darchinyan over Jorge Arce***
  204. Margarito Over mosley at 2:1
  205. My Little 2K To Anyone's 1K Marg Over Mosley
  206. Steelers Over Cardinals
  207. I got Mosley ovel Malgalito
  208. Margarito over Mosley
  209. ..MOSLEY Over Margarito...
  210. ..MOSLEY/MARGARITO, Goes The Distance...
  211. 10K on SSM over Margarito
  212. i got khan over barrea
  213. margarito over mosley 100k
  214. 12k on Margarito vs Mosley
  215. 10k on mosely over margarito
  216. 30K Darchinyan over Arce
  217. Bets for upcoming fights
  218. Super Bowl- 55k On Pittsburgh Steelers
  219. XXX - Darchinyan over Arce - XXX
  220. 50k on JMM over Juan Diaz
  221. 20k Jmm over Diaz
  222. Darchinyan over Arce my 200k vs your 75k
  223. Marquez over Diaz my 100k vs your 75k
  224. ..ORTIZ Over Arnaoutis...
  225. 10k Mayorga over Angulo
  226. 1k On Arce over Vic
  227. 30K that darchinyan KO/TKOs arce before the 8th
  228. Up to 20 million bet marquez over diaz
  229. #Juan Urango over Herman Ngoudjo this FridayNF#
  230. 100k on paul williams over ronald
  231. Some bets for upcoming fights
  232. Cotto - Jennings
  233. 50K on Martinez over Cintron
  234. 20k Marquez over Diaz
  235. Up to 30 million on pacquiao over hatton!
  236. PAc over Hatton
  237. Banks over Adamek
  238. 3:1 Odds Up To 1.5 Million I Got Pacquiao Over Hatton
  239. ..My Betting Page...
  240. My 5k to your 20k that Margarito is Not Guilty of using plaster in his wraps!!!
  241. I got 10k on Diaz over Marquez
  242. ***Barrera - Khan, Jennings - Cotto***
  243. My 5K to your 10K Arce over Darchinyan
  244. 10k On Chelsea Over Liverpool
  245. 50K on Diaz over Marquez
  246. ..DARCHINYAN Over Arce...
  247. 10K Darchinyan over Arse! I mean Arce...
  248. .JOHN Over Juarez....
  249. 8K on JMM over Diaz
  250. Looking to bet on Kirkland and Angulo