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  1. Anyone got Manfredo over Bika? Bets!
  2. Rays over Phillies- up to 175k
  3. 300K On Calzaghe, all bets taken
  4. Looking to bet on Hatton, Calzaghe, Dzinziruk, Bute, and Molitor
  5. 10k to 5k Kraj over Fragomeni
  6. 5K on Amin Asikainen to beat Khoren Gevor 28112008
  7. Anyone got Pascal over Froch if so pm over a bet!
  8. Mexican Soocer: Chivas vs America
  9. 600K vs. 200K Calzaghe over Jones.
  10. FAO: Sithis
  11. Copa Sudamericana: Chivas(Mex) vs River Plate(Arg)
  12. 5k to your 10K Malinagi over Hatton.
  13. Donation
  14. Malinagi, Taylor, Abraham, Jones Jr. for 5k
  15. UFC - i got SILVA over COTE
  16. 25K's on Mijares
  17. Champions League: Atl. Madrid vs. Liverpool
  18. 20k on rjj
  19. 200K Juan Diaz over Juan Manuel Marquez
  20. Warning, Do Not Bet With SonicFlood AKA MakeDameSure...
  21. 50k Haye-Barrett doesn't go the distance 2:1 odds
  22. Bute vs. Andrade. I got Andrade. Who wants to bet????
  24. Bucs vs Cowboys
  25. Penn State vs Ohio State
  26. Steelers vs Giants
  27. 5k every 100th post!!!!!!!!
  28. clavette over hearns my 20K against your 100K
  29. Taylor over Lacy, 2-1 Odds.
  30. Gimme some odds on Hausler beating Kessler.
  31. 25K on Torres over Holt
  32. 10k Jones stops(TKO) or Ko's Calzaghe......
  33. Collazo over Berto
  34. 200k Mijares over Vic 2-1 odds
  35. Giants over Steelers upto 10k
  36. Manfredo over Bika
  37. Up To 1 Million I Got Pac Over Delahoya
  38. Nov.1 fight Donaire vs Mthalane..
  39. Sturm/Sylvester - Best Offer (10K)
  40. My 25k to your 10k Mijares over darchinyan
  41. 50k on Calzaghe stopping Jones
  42. Mijares/Darchinyan 2:1 odds
  43. 10k Giants over Cowboys
  44. Texas v Texas Tech
  45. 10K Bika over Manfredo
  46. !!2.5to1 Cal/Jones fight goes the distance!!
  47. 500K on Jones. Im looking for 3/1 odds.
  48. bets cancelled due to no one wanting to bet anymore.
  49. 10K Calzaghe over Jones
  50. 40K Calzaghe over Jones
  51. Calzaghe over Jones 3-1 odds, upto 100K.
  52. Vic Darchinyan and Christian Mijares
  53. 2k on Jones over Calzaghe
  54. 2K mijares over vic
  55. jones over calzaghe
  56. Sturm over Sylvester at 2:1
  57. 50k on Mijares Over Vic 2:1 odds
  58. My Betting Thread
  59. 5000 on vanda by ko/tko
  60. 5K On Mijares!!!
  61. Denver over Miami 5k (NFL)
  62. Jones over Calzaghe
  63. 10k Patriots over Colts tonight...
  64. Jones over Calzaghe 1:3 odds
  65. Jones over Calzaghe 3K
  66. paying off bets
  67. Up To 50K On Super Joe Calzaghe
  68. Up To 100K On Big Joe
  69. ALL BETS CANCELED! Looking for 1 BIG bet.
  70. My 20K on McCain to you 60K on Obama (Yank only bet)...
  71. 400k on Calzaghe over Jones 2-1 odds
  72. 50k jones over calzaghe (looking for 2:1 odds)
  73. 15K on Thompson over Toney
  74. anyone wanna bet on Hatton Malignaggi
  75. 5K on Jones over Calzaghe
  76. 10K Juanma over Concepcion
  77. 1k on Obama over MCcain.....
  78. 10k on Jeff Lacy to beat Taylor on your 10k
  79. Jones over Calzaghe
  80. 5k on obama vs. mcCain
  81. 11k on pac over de la hoya, straight bet no odds
  82. 10k on TAYLOR vs lacy// 10k on JONES vs calzaghe 20k
  83. 5000 on JOE CALZAGHE over ROY JONES JR
  84. fight night round 3 - ps3. TAKING ALL BETS!
  85. Even bet... Margarito over Mosley
  86. 500k on Calzaghe over Jones
  87. Roy>>>Calzaghe
  88. My 8k to your 16k on Jones over Calzaghe
  89. 10K on whether or not it will be partly cloudy tomorrow
  90. Warning Do Not Bet With robjr...
  91. When will Robjr pay all his bets? 10k prize for whoever guesses right
  92. my 10k to your 20k Canchilla over Calderon
  93. 10k against your 5k... I got Calzaghe
  94. 7k On Torres vs Holt III
  95. 10K on Mollo over McCline and 10K on Thompson over Toney
  96. All of my points on Calzaghe.
  97. RJJ-Calzaghe I got RJJ
  98. My 20K to your 40K, I got Jones beating Joe C
  99. Abraham to KO Marquez
  100. 25k on RJJ over JoeCal
  101. 2:1 odds RJJ over CALZAG
  102. Emanuel Augustus over bright up and comer Francisco Figueroa
  103. 100k on Calzaghe
  104. Calzaghe over RJJ with odds
  105. my 50k on jones to your 100k on calzaghe. who wants it? first come first serve!
  106. jones over calzaghe
  107. Giving 2:1 odds on Jones
  108. 80k on Calzaghe
  109. 30K on Calzaghe
  110. up to 1 million on Jones
  111. Taylor, Cintron, Williams, Toney, Ndoudjo, Collazo
  112. Hatton over Malignaggi
  113. I got 2 million on Calzaghe.
  114. Last Call For Bet!jones-calzaghe
  115. Never bet with these crap posters
  116. 50K on RJJ, 50K on Judah -any takers?
  117. 50K on Roy, I want ODDS
  118. To the people I owe on Jones/Calzaghe
  119. Taylor over Lacy 2:1 odds or.......
  120. 25k Giants over Eagles @ Philly
  121. 2K Cintron over Ndou
  122. Good odds on the Taylor Lacy fight, check inside.
  123. manfredo over bika
  124. I Want Some Generous Odds On Pac V Odlh
  125. David Haye over Monte Barrett 3:1 ODDS
  126. All my points on Calzaghe over Dawson, if it ever happens.
  127. 4-1 Odds Haye Over Barrett...
  128. The David Haye Knockout Game!!!
  129. Haye over Barrett 3/1.
  130. My 9K to your 3K Taylor over Lacy
  131. Verno Phillips 20 years and still punching
  132. ElgranLuchador/Toluco [who does he owe, and how much?]
  133. 2k Taylor over Jeff Lacy
  134. 5K I got Molitor, who is in?
  135. 2K Williams over Phillips
  136. Caballero over Molitor
  137. I want 50/1 odds...
  138. 250K on the ****man Fatton
  139. Anyone want to give me crazy odds on manfredo winning by KO/TKO ?
  140. Up to 250K Thompson Over Toney
  141. my 3K says that Taylor vs Lacy goes to distance
  142. Amin Asikainen vs Khoren Gevor 2:1 odds
  143. 50 K on Taylor or De La Hoya
  144. Haye over Barrett
  145. Cintron Stops N'Dou 2:1
  146. 1K on Haye over Barrett
  147. 2K Malignaggi over Hatton
  148. 3K-your 5K on Taylor
  149. (My 5K) Haye vs Barrett (Your 2K)
  150. Could someone please tell how the betting system works?
  151. Anyone offering 2-1 odds on Pacman vs DLH??
  152. Cintron/n'dou Fight Doesnt Go The Distance
  153. 15k Manfredo over Bika
  154. Malignaggi over Hatton... How many points do you want to bet? I'm game for anything
  155. 10k on Taylor, 20k on Haye
  156. I got 20k on Lacy against your 55k on Taylor
  157. 5K on Bika over Manfredo
  158. I'll put 10 K on Manfredo, any takers?
  159. why I lose bets.
  160. Fantasy betting
  161. 1K on Haye over Barrett
  162. Up to 200K on Thompson over TONEY
  163. I got 35k on Malignaggi, any takers?
  164. up to 900K on Torres over Holt
  165. Someone give me odds on Pac Man over Oscar?
  166. Hatton over Paulie Malignaggi
  167. My picks for November and December
  168. 20k-10k Haye over Barett
  169. 10k on de la hoya over Pacman
  170. 3-1 on Lacy anyone?
  171. I got 40k on taylor to your 20k
  172. Taylor over Lacy
  173. 1K on Taylor to beat Lacy
  174. Up to 3K Hatton over Malignaggi
  175. (My 5k) Lacy vs Taylor (Your 25k) or 5k on Lacy not getting KO'd
  176. giving 3/1 odds. I got Taylor over Lacy
  177. 2-1 Odds I got Malignaggi...
  178. 35k on hatton over magicman
  180. 100k on Hatton
  181. Hatton Over Malignaggi 2-1.
  182. Any Paulie Fans Out There?
  183. 400K on Braehmar over Hugo Hernan Garay
  184. 30k on Hatton
  185. Hatton/Malignaggi Fight Does Not Go The Distance
  186. Barclays Premiership Last Man Standing!!!!!!!
  187. 50k Pacquiao over DLH want 3-1 odds
  188. 1k malignaggi goes the distance with Hatton
  189. Hatton over Malignaggi 2:1
  190. I got 20K on Hatton over Malignaggi
  191. Andy****Hot - My Betting Resume
  192. Hatton- Malignaggi Goes the Distance
  193. Hatton over Malignaggi 2-1 odds
  194. Sat.11/22 Garay over Brahmer
  195. Juanma KO's Medina
  196. !!Kirkland/Vera fight goes the distance!!
  197. Small bet, Hatton over Malignaggi, 1K.
  198. Some small bets
  199. (My 8k) Torres / Toney vs Holt / Thompson (Your 10k)
  200. Hatton Over Paulie and Torres over Holt.
  201. Small bet on Hatton vs Paulie
  202. How does betting work?
  203. Anyone seen MR.NUTHUGGER?
  204. 30k Hatton over malinaggi
  205. Malignaggi KD/KO/TKO Hatton 1:10
  206. Dont Bet Theses Guys Are Creeps: The Hoff. Cleg, Oasais Lad!and All There Alts!
  207. 5k Caballero over Moliter
  208. Willing to bet up to 100k on these fights
  209. 5K Hatton over Paulie
  210. 4K on Garay over Brähmer sat 22.
  211. 3-1 i'll take rams over bears!!
  212. 120K on Hatton
  213. 25k Hatton over Malignaggi
  214. 20k vs 10k Hatton Over Paulie
  215. 60k on Hatton 2:1 Odds
  216. My 20k to your 10k, i got HATTON
  217. I wanna bet 30k on Hatton any takers for last minute??
  218. Up To 1 Million On Hatton To Beat Malignaggi
  219. 2K on Hatton ove Paulie
  220. Bets for Upcoming fights
  221. 100k On Pacman Over Oscar
  222. 10 K on DLH to win
  223. 2 to 1 odds Margarito over Mosley
  224. My picks for 25K's each, up to 75K's total
  225. 3:1 odds, Paul Williams over Verno Phillips
  226. Chris Arreola over Travis Walker at 4:1
  227. Froch over Pascal - 2:1
  228. 2K Oscar over Manny 2:1
  229. Don't bet with DA1CATAS
  230. Up to 50k on Mosley over Margarito
  231. 100K on Travis Walker over Arreola. Need 4-1 odds.
  232. Pacquiao over Dela Hoya up to 5M
  233. My bets for the rest of the year
  234. How does this work
  235. I got DE LA HOYA over Pacquaio 2-1 odds
  236. I am looking for 2/1 odds. Pascal over Froch
  237. 20k on Margarito over Mosley!!
  238. i got Pac over Dela Hoya who will give me 2-1 odds
  239. 50k Margarito over Mosley
  240. Torres Over Holt.
  241. I'm offering 5/2 on Pacman!! Who wants some?
  242. Any Pacman Doubters Out There?
  243. Odds On Amir Kahn
  244. De La Hoya vs Pacquiao ODDS on fight
  245. 5k Panthers over the Bucs Monday Night Football
  246. 10k on mosley over marg, who will give me the best odds?
  247. Pac over De La Goya- 2:1 up to 100k
  248. Valuev over Holyfield
  249. 3k on Froch to stop Pascal.
  250. 50K On Rogan Over Fraudley!.