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  1. 40K on Kessler over Miranda
  2. 20k on Calzaghe over Hopkins
  3. Upcoming Fights, Anyone want to bet?
  4. De la Hoya vs Mayweather
  5. points increase
  6. I got hopkins to beat Calzaghe
  7. 10k on Ouma over Bundrage....
  8. Ouma over Bundrage 3 on 1 odds
  9. 10/1 odds Chavez jr wins this saturday
  10. 1K on Margarito over Cintron
  11. Anyone got Gomez over Cotto?
  12. Cotto over Gomez 2:1 Odds
  13. my bets thread
  14. 1K on Hopkins over Calzaghe
  15. 20k on Margarito over Cintron
  16. 30k Margarito over Cintron
  17. 10K Marg over Cintron
  18. DONT BET WITH REBMOGUL!!! He doesnt pay
  19. BET: I got Gomez over Cotto
  20. Calzaghe over Popkins
  21. Alright, I think I've held out long enough, but KoolWillie is blacklisted
  22. All my points on Calzaghe.
  23. 1k on clazaghe over popkins
  24. Margarito vs Cintron
  25. Margarito over Cintron
  26. 10k on calzaghe winning by tko or ko!
  27. Jimenez over Gamboa If offered good odds.
  28. Ishe Smith over Joel Julio if I get 2/1 odds.
  29. 1k on Woods over Tarver
  30. Tarver over Woods and Johnson over Dawson
  31. 1k on Margarito over Cintron.
  32. Woods vs Tarver
  33. My current bets
  34. Ishe Smith Over Joel Julio
  35. 100k on Calzaghe.
  36. Any amount on Joshua Clottey!!!
  37. Pacquiao-Diaz bet!
  38. 5K on Khan over Kristjansen
  39. 40K on Calzaghe Over Hopkins
  40. 1k on IBF 122 champ Molitor over Beltran Jr
  41. Sturm over Pittman. Im giving 2/1 odds
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  43. Betting
  44. 10k on Tarver over Woods?
  45. margarito over cintron giving 2.5 odds
  46. 1k on Johnson over Dawson
  47. 10K on Woods over Tarver
  48. Gomez over Cotto if you give me 4/1 odds.
  49. i've got 5k on chad 5k on cotto and 5k on calzaghe.
  50. 4k on Tarver over Woods
  51. 10K on Calzaghe over Hopkins
  52. Well,bargain
  53. 25k Memphis over Kansas!!
  54. 10K Froch v Inkin
  55. 10K on Quintana over Williams (rematch)
  56. 3K on Mosley vs Judah
  57. !!!100K FORREST over MORA!!!
  58. 10k on Johnson over Dawson?
  59. 2k on Kermit Cintron Over A. Margarito
  60. Margarito - Clintron/ Forrest - Mora
  61. Cotto over Gomez 3:1 odds
  62. My 100K on CALZAGHE to your 70K on HOPKINS
  63. 100K on Mosley over Judah
  64. 100K on Cotto over Gomez
  65. 50K on Margarito over Cintron
  66. !!!50k WILLIAMS over QUINTANA!!!
  67. my bets
  68. Margarito over Cintron
  69. Up to 200k on Cintron over Margarito.
  70. 10:1 odds PACQUIAO-DIAZ
  71. Chad Dawson vs. Glen Johnson 3/1 odds on Johnson
  72. I've got 5k on Woods. First response/sig gets it.
  73. 1k on Adamek over Bell
  74. Calzaghe over Hopkins
  75. My bets
  76. 40k. I got Johnson over Dawson.
  77. Tarver over Woods bet???
  78. My bets thread!
  79. 10k on Tarver and 10 k on Johnson.
  80. 10k on Tarver and 10 k on Johnson.
  81. Cintron/Margarito Bet
  82. My Margarito Bets Thread
  83. 9k on Calzaghe over Hopkins
  84. Margarito vs Cotto!!! Bets!!
  85. Cotto vs Margarito!! Bets!!
  86. Cotto vs Margarito!! Bets!!
  87. Arsenal vs Manchester United
  88. 1k on calzaghe over hopkins and bell over adamek
  89. Do not and i mean do not bet with _Ricky_
  90. J_CON's Bets Thread
  91. Cotto Vs Margarito BET!!!
  92. 100 k on cotto vs margo.
  93. Oneil Bell/tomasz Adamek:fight Goes The Distance!!!
  94. 100 on Calzaghe to win... Any Takers?
  95. 5k On Hopkins over Calzaghe
  96. 25K Bell Over Adamek!!!
  97. 50K Calzaghe over Hopkins!!!
  98. 25K Guzman over Arthur!!!
  99. Calzaghe vs Hopkins 2.8k bet - 2.5k
  100. 30k on calzaghe.
  101. Anyone willing to give me odds on Hopkins over Calzaghe?
  102. 2k On Calzaghe
  103. Soccer/ Football
  104. 60K Calzaghe over Hopkins
  105. Calzaghe over on Hopkins
  106. 25k on Mosley over Judah.
  107. 5k on Calzaghe over Popkins
  108. 15K On Calzaghe
  109. 1k on hopkins over calzaghe
  110. 110k on Calzaghe over Hopkins
  111. 5K on Miranda over Abraham
  112. 2:1 ODDS Calzaghe / Hopkins GOES TO THE CARDS!!!
  113. MY 150k on JOE vs your 100k on BERNARD
  114. 10k on b-hop
  115. NBA Playoffs - Round 1
  116. 8k hopkins over calzaghe Looking for 3:1 odds
  117. 30K on "Popkins" over Calzaghe
  118. I got Judah over Mosley
  119. Calzaghe over Hopkins
  120. I got BHOP anyone want to give me odds?
  121. I got BHOP
  122. 150k on calzaghe
  123. Uefa Euro Cup 2008 Fantasy Betting Tournament
  124. 100k on calzaghe giving 2 on 1 odds
  125. 50K On Tomasz Adamek Over O'Neill Bell
  126. Calzaghe over Hopkins
  127. Arthur vs Guzman
  128. I'm new, how do you bet??????
  129. C'mon Hopkins fans put your money where your mouth is
  130. You bet me 7k and I'll bet you my 14k that Calzaghe will beat Hopkins
  131. 50k on Calzaghe
  132. Joe Slappy ****s up Brother Bernard
  133. 150 On Calzaghe to your 100K on Hopkins!
  134. My 300K to your 200K on Calzaghe over Hopkins
  135. Hop over Calz best odds wins
  136. 8k on Hopkins over Calzaghe
  137. 30k on Calzaghe beating Hopkins
  138. My 300K to your 150K on Calzaghe over Hopkins
  139. 10:1 odds I got HOPKINS over Calzaghe.
  140. My 500K to your 100K on De La Hoya Over Forbes
  141. DLH over Forbes 5:1 odds
  142. Liverpool - Chelsea Champions Leauge
  143. champions league final four.
  144. 15K on Chelsea over Liverpool In the CL Semi-Final
  145. De La Hoya Over Forbes 7-1 Odds
  146. Forrest Over Mora 3-1 Odds
  147. 10K on Cotto over Margarito
  148. 25K on Money May over De la hoya
  149. 200k on Quintana over Williams
  150. 7.5 odds DLH OVER FORBES
  151. 40k on Spurs game 2 vs. Suns
  152. BET:I got Mora over Forest
  153. Guzman over Arthur 4 to 1 odds
  154. got 10 k on fc barcelona to the cl chips over man u.
  155. The Pay up thread
  156. JCC JR. 35-0 over Tobia Loriga 24-0 giving 5 on 1 odds
  157. 10K on Celtics sweep of Hawks
  158. Best odds you can get on De La hoya v. Forbes...
  159. Oscar De La Hoya over Steve Forbes (7-1 odds)
  161. 10 ON 1 ODDS i got DLH Over FORBES
  162. 3k on Suns
  163. Manchester United vs Barcalona
  164. 40k That Man Utd Qualify For Final Of Champions League
  165. Firat Arslan Over Darnell Wilson 3 on 1 odds
  167. 100k on Lakers to win the NBA Title!!
  168. Fnf Wed.**Joel Julio Over Ishe Smith**
  169. 5k on Barcelona
  170. 50k on Charlie Zelenoff to beat Andrew Hartley in his pro debut
  171. 20k on Chelsea to Progress Over Liverpool
  172. 50K On Julio
  173. My 20k to Your 30k Ishe over Julio!
  174. 50 k on picasso aka
  175. 20k on smith over julio...
  176. 50k that DLH, Dimitrenko and Napa all win
  177. Mosley/Judah Bets 20k or less.
  178. Hanshaw over Dirrell......
  179. **50k Anthony Hanshaw Beats Andre Dirrell**
  180. 10K on Mayweather KOing De La Hoya
  181. 50k on Witter 2-1
  182. donaire vs solis
  183. 5K on Chagaev over Valuev
  184. !! Valuev Over Chagaev !!
  185. 5:1 DLH over Forbes
  186. 20k on oscar
  187. Liverpool V Man City
  188. 50k Spurs over Hornets!!
  189. Oscar is knocking Forbes out!! 50k to your 50k Oscar wins by TKO/KO
  190. 10K on Richard Gutierrez over Alfredo Angulo
  191. Malignaggi over Ndou
  192. Lazcano over Hatton if given good odds
  193. Mosley Over Judah
  194. Forrest Over Mora
  195. Gunstar
  196. KoolWillie
  197. 3k on a Froch KO
  198. Newcastle Over Chelsea
  199. Whats odd on this (Soccer)
  200. Shane Mosley/ Zab Judah Bet
  201. Mosley-Judah Taking Bets Up to 50k
  202. Quintana over Williams
  203. Witter v Bradley
  204. 5K on Tye Fields beating Monte Barrett!!!!
  205. Mijares Over Munoz
  206. Alfredo Angulo Over Richard Gutierrez
  207. Yuriorkis Gamboa over Darling Jimenez Giving 5 on 1 odds
  208. **Chris Byrd Over Shaun George**
  209. 10k on Mosley
  210. Chelsea over Man Utd
  211. Man Utd Over Chelsea
  212. 10k On Mosley
  213. 2k On Newcastle over Everton.
  214. 10K on Cotto not even being able to knock Floyd down when they fight
  215. 5k Magic over Pistons Saturday...
  216. UEFA Cup 2007-08
  217. My Bets
  218. BETTING THREAD come on in see if u are interested in any
  219. I got Kessler over Sartison
  220. Forrest - Mora
  221. 100k miranda over abraham
  222. ..Mora/Forrest, Quintana/Williams, Etc...
  223. I got Lazcano over Hatton, give me odds
  224. !!Is It Just Me? I Can't Donate!!
  225. 1k on lockett over Pavlik
  226. Champions League Final Betting!!
  227. P4PKING_2008 doesn't pay up for bets, don't bet with him!
  228. 50k ponce de leon over juanma lopez
  229. 50k on Spurs vs. New Orleans game 4.
  230. Game 5 Bet:i Got Cavaliers Or Lakers
  231. I Got 10K On Hatton
  232. 20K on Margarito over Cotto
  233. Carlisle United Over Leeds United
  234. miranda over abraham 5K
  235. 5k Bristol City to beat Hull City.....
  236. 15K on Miranda over Abraham.
  237. 60k On Miranda
  238. HBO B.A.D. Bets 5/17/08!!
  239. 10k On Pac and Cotto
  240. Game 7 Bet: Hornets vs Spurs
  241. Clottey vs Judah
  242. Chris over George 50k
  243. why cant we donate points?
  244. 10k Portsmouth to win the FA Cup
  245. My bet thread (running out of Sig space)
  246. 10k Gamboa Stops Jimenez...
  247. 10k on Cotto
  248. 10 k on the Pistons in the ECF against the C's
  249. 5k on united to beat chelsea
  250. Manchester United Over Chelsea