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  1. juyjuy help ?
  2. Diet Plan/Workout Plan
  3. I'm the new guy, could I get some opinions?
  4. Be Careful when you do Shoulder and Squat excersices!
  5. Is masturbation bad for boxing?
  6. is my workout ok?
  7. im 145 kgs and i need to lose weight
  8. im 145 kgs and i need to lose weight
  9. Where's Boxer2k5?
  10. A problem that I cant get rid of..
  11. Post Pictures up of your HOME GYM!
  12. anyone know an olympic boxing teams or national teams training regime?
  13. roy jones jr isnt the only one who lost on sat
  14. detoxing
  15. Started training again
  16. head gear
  17. Training Program
  18. Headgear - I hate it
  19. What do you guys think of this boxing club
  20. Injury, question.
  21. Question...
  22. Jump Rope
  23. No Longer Feelin It
  24. weights exercises for power and speed?
  25. How not to do DeadLifts!
  26. Does this Excersize Help boxers?
  27. For those of you interested in CREATINE!
  28. Exercises for explosive movements
  29. Legal Steroids.
  30. Shadow Boxing
  31. What can I eat to be full and still drop weight
  32. training with limits
  33. War Time
  34. Have you ever sparred a guy that outweighs you by like 40+ pounds?
  35. I Wanna Take up Boxing
  36. Fight in two days.
  37. Weight Training for boxing
  38. Back in the ring again
  39. Foods???
  40. Which Exercise burns more fat/calories???
  41. What Music Gets You Pumped?
  42. creatine article
  43. evergel mitts
  44. 3 to 4 times a week
  45. guess what
  46. start boxing
  47. Being 5'9?
  48. Is it just me? Or does it feel weird taking a punch after a long lay off?
  49. lost on points
  50. To much fruit??
  51. Earnie Shaver's Training Routine?
  52. Headaches?
  53. TreadMill vs Runnin on Flat?
  54. Boxer2k5 - what happened to him?
  55. Burpees
  56. Which protein shakes should I get?
  57. Anyone known about cuts.
  58. weight shifting
  59. has anyone
  60. Breathing Techniques
  61. Treadmill
  62. When you guys do bag workouts...
  63. shoes
  64. How do you fight a street fighter?
  65. My metabolism is too fast.
  66. Possible to pull a muscle in your back?
  67. training plan? is it good??
  68. Bill Miller offers personal training to the common boxing fan
  69. i sprained my wrist in sparring wed
  70. Boxing....
  71. Ever get sick and tired..
  72. What music do you flow too?
  73. Amateur Fighters in NC area
  74. jump rope, and shin splints.
  75. What to do?
  76. help!
  77. I can't run and now I'm getting fat and out of shape!
  78. fighters in NY
  79. wrist fracture advice ?
  80. Does Drinkin Water help to Remove Fat???
  81. boxing stance
  82. Increasing Punching Power
  83. Turning Pro
  84. Interesting facts..
  85. TKoed today..
  86. When I move to Detroit....
  87. trainer in upstate NY?
  88. hook
  89. southpaw
  90. a good height for a heavyweight
  91. shoulder roll style
  92. things u like about boxing
  93. grapefruit and cranberry juice
  94. Mayweather Training Clip.
  95. am i too old to start boxing
  96. Water consumption during training
  97. your own way of boxing???
  98. smoken
  99. Heavy Bag
  100. for all you people who want a cardio workout take this
  101. roadwork with weightlifting
  102. What to do after the recovery?
  103. How do you prepare your protein shake after workout?
  104. where to start
  105. national quater finals
  106. training again
  107. Looking for a gym
  108. reflex
  109. New to boxing at 24 am I too old?
  110. Hand Speed Drills
  111. toning lower arms (lower biceps)
  112. Me and InThisCorner
  113. Defensive Help
  114. Can anyone help me get down?
  115. First Fight
  116. In The Morning
  117. weight classes
  118. Head Hunting
  119. Champion trainer offers personal training
  120. i stay hurt
  121. Trying to develop a Foreman type style
  122. Shane Mosley training regime
  123. how should i train
  124. supplement advice?
  125. Losing Intrest
  126. Weight goals, tell us your goals about your weight
  127. best training supplement?
  128. Stomach.
  129. fat on stomach
  130. Elbow probs??!
  131. Any people from NY area
  132. Anyone heard of Advocare?
  133. Pushups!
  134. Anyone experienced dicks who try to KO you in sparring?
  135. weak wrists
  136. No gyms near my hometown
  137. Leg Weights
  138. help with runner's knee!!
  139. Proper Head Movement
  140. filling out.
  141. Want To Get Toned
  142. move up in weight want to keep speed
  143. Taking Pain
  144. Training
  145. Bernard Hopkins
  146. Speed Bag
  147. Inner chest?
  148. Double ceiling to floor ball/double speedball
  149. How often do you sparr?
  150. is jogging 4 hours alright
  151. Robinson's, Ali's, Leonard's, Jones Jr's and Mayweather Jr's Training Routines!!
  152. post your comment on my training sched
  153. Do you ever watch other people in the gym?
  154. When my knee gets better.....
  155. Have you ever got the **** kicked out of you in sparring?
  156. Roadwork before bed?
  157. Today was a good day...
  158. Critique my training plz...
  159. Pains with heavybag
  160. Who here has played other sports and excelled?
  161. Sugar Ray Robinson Clips
  162. help me!
  163. My body has stopped growing
  164. Bag Gloves
  165. Best Food after Weigh in's
  166. These shoes are amazing!!
  167. mouthpieces?
  168. The Goals / Style And Comment Thread
  169. Milk
  170. Body sizes
  171. James Toney Training Schedule
  172. Help?
  173. Started Boxing and need help and advice
  174. switching to southpaw
  175. My Punching Arsenal...
  176. Fighting Dirty
  177. whats new?
  178. Is it better to...
  179. How to grow?
  180. George Foreman
  181. Bernard Hopkins
  182. quick weight loss
  183. Boxing Tips
  184. soreness!
  185. Bulking up
  186. What's good Way to lose fat on yo legs??
  187. I'm 5'3and 1/2 in light wieght div......
  188. Famous Boxers and Creatine
  189. help please
  190. Nature or Nurture?
  191. Creatine
  192. The truth about muscle soreness
  193. Training Bag - Need Opinions
  194. It's Completely OK to Do Boxing Fo Fun and Exercise.
  195. Shooting pain
  196. Throwing A Good Right
  197. Wider Hips & Shoulders= Harder Punch?
  198. check this please
  199. boxing
  200. Boxing's affect on your brain
  201. Diabetes @ Training
  202. Boxing Contest!!!! Cycyling and trainning??? steroids??
  203. Your strong point
  204. Next Semester I'm going to Join my Boxing Team..any tips?
  205. What is the best way to Strengthen my WRISTS? They always get injured when I hit
  206. Who Taught You The Basics?
  207. How old is too old
  208. birmingham
  209. one of pecks is bigger than the other
  210. Jump Rope
  211. Trying to fights
  212. a few training/nutrition questions
  213. Left hook?
  214. Building Hand Speed Is A Myth???
  215. question for the pros
  216. explosiveness
  217. are sit-ups boring to u?
  218. Just started boxing, need a few tips
  219. these gloves good???
  220. How Long Are You'se In The Gym For?
  221. Its been 6 months need help!
  222. How is your gym?
  223. Sparring with a Southpaw
  224. back!
  225. How many push-ups do you do in a day?
  226. Is Weight Lifting a Big Part of your training routine?
  227. Boxing regime training.
  228. How much and how often do you run?
  229. how to improve your stamina
  230. do steroids hurt your stamina???
  231. How To Know Your Ready?
  232. A serious look at things. Opinions needed.
  233. George Foreman training routine
  234. Opinions on my current training routine.
  235. Why Jump Rope??
  236. Preperation
  237. Is there a technique to getting taller?
  238. What yall think bout this guy being my boxing trainer
  239. who here has trouble with sit ups?
  240. Are there any pills/powders that I can take to gain strength/muscle/gain weight
  241. Sparring Question??? how long how many times a week?how Hard?
  242. How long did you train before your 1st fight?
  243. cuttin signifigant amout of weight before a fight
  244. How Fast can i Lose 20 pounds by..
  245. Ankle Weights while jogging?
  246. Toughman contest
  247. Andre Ward - Olympic training
  248. natural sports drink recipe
  249. Cycling
  250. is it bad to do light weights after training?