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  1. Plyometrics for Boxing
  2. Amir Khan Workout
  3. Getting Annoyed with Keyboard Warriors
  4. Fitness Recommendations for those on a budget
  5. Any smokers?
  6. New York City Boxing & Muay Thai Kickboxing Meetup Group
  7. video of me boxing, still got it?
  8. Height to reach ratio
  9. How Many Push Up's Can You Do Staright Off?
  10. Building muscle and increasing stamina at the same time?
  11. Routine to Strength Hands/Improve Grip Stength
  12. Build Boxing Specific Endurance
  13. Example of Training Session
  14. Improve Your Chin
  15. Quick Protein Breakfast/Snack
  16. How do my form / punches look?
  17. groin protector thickness
  18. Who are considered as "boxers"?
  19. 30 year old wants to learn boxing in los angeles!
  20. messing around on the heavy bag
  21. Workout Log (10 weeks before fight)
  22. Labrum tear surgery and boxing
  23. My Vertical leap training log...
  24. How can I condition myself to "let my hands go"
  25. Potato V Sweet Potato
  26. Working Out Log 15th/16th Sep
  27. 8 weeks to train?
  28. Carl Froch Workout
  29. Training in preparation for my first Sparring match/competition
  30. do jordan brand boxing shoes have thicker soles than normal? (add height?)
  31. Defeating someone who fights equally good with both hands?
  32. Julio cesar Chavez training routine
  33. My 1st run
  34. Sick right after starting training
  35. hey there
  36. Healing time of a broken nose?
  37. weight gain while on sugar/yeast free diet?
  38. Help with my technique video
  39. Check out my fight
  40. Swimming instead of running
  41. 16oz Boxing gloves - Sub 30 pounds
  42. Tighten up stomach/abdominal muscles.
  43. Lifting Weights Everyday?
  44. full english breakfast
  45. Most uve ever weighed and the least u have ever weighed???
  46. Training Schedule 8 weeks before fight
  47. pre-training meals/snacks ??
  48. Sports Headphones for Running
  49. My Diet for Making Weight
  50. What slows you down more fat or muscle?
  51. lose a stone
  52. What skills does a boxing coach require?
  53. How I Work Both Inner and Outer Core
  54. Calisthenics to save money
  55. Everlast?
  56. New to boxing
  57. Sprained Ankle
  58. How to hold pads?
  59. Weak Legs? Sprint Training Could Help
  60. Want to butn fat? This circuit is killer!
  61. Putin Up 405lbs Bench Press Natural
  62. Being in "cardio shape."
  63. Reebok Zig Jogging Footwear
  64. height / arm length
  65. Who eats Dat Turkey Mince?
  66. Agility trainingl How to increase stamina and speed
  67. Emulating boxers
  68. Weight Loss For Boxing?
  69. Paleo diet for boxing?
  70. Gloves
  71. Injury Question?
  72. needing the toilet midway through a run
  73. did this just happen? (who won this fight? VIDEO INSIDE)
  74. Loooking for specific boxing books
  75. Pull-up question
  76. Balance Exercises?
  77. upgrading my headgear
  78. fighters diet
  79. How can i get ripped like thor?
  80. why am i getting KILLING headaches when working out
  81. Boxing gear for new boxer
  82. How Doest Thy Study And Exercise? (Challenge inside)
  83. Craziest thing you have seen in a gym.
  84. What to tell someone before there first sparring session
  85. Starting a compound lifting routine
  86. Anyone Want a Fight
  87. Looking for help
  88. Anee1 wann fight??
  89. How Often Do You Eat Junk/Fast Food?
  90. Glove with longest cuff
  91. Weight loss help.
  92. Inner glove handwraps?
  93. fighting injuries
  94. Anyone live near Ohio
  95. Bang for your buck 1st gloves
  96. IM tired or teh "Keyboard warriors"!
  97. A Few So Cal amateur bouts for ya
  98. "Twins" HGL-3 Headgear...
  99. Keys To Getting Ripped Abs?
  100. Neck bridges and neck weights??
  101. Clenching your fist when punching
  102. Taking body shots
  103. Getting bigger chest
  104. Sergio Martinez training routine
  105. Shut the fuk up and do it
  106. Power difference 10 oz. fighting gloves
  107. Brilliant conditioning article
  108. Joe louis' how to box
  109. How do you effectivley clinch a MUCH stronger opponent?
  110. Is it harder to run in the cold??
  111. Grant Boxing - does this company still exist?
  112. Best workout songs?
  113. Back from injury
  114. Is my form/techniques okay?
  115. Could I backtrack my grandads amateur boxing record?
  116. Total Beginner
  117. Daily Protein Intake Averages...Too high? The American Case...
  118. 250 Press Ups Every Day.....???
  119. [Video] Me shadow boxing.
  120. First Am. boxing bout Sat...advice
  121. I want to gain 20lbs by christmas
  122. I want to gain 20lbs by christmas
  123. whats the best head gears to use as far as padding and ventilation
  124. whats the best mouth guard i can buy for concussion resisitance
  125. whats the best vitamins i can take while starting. note i have asthma
  126. I'm ashamed of myself...
  127. What age would you go pro?
  128. Did i break my nose sparring?
  129. Post Your Workout
  130. weight loss
  131. Boxing gear for new person/
  132. Looking for Boxing gym in North Carolina
  133. Creatine Use & Cardio
  134. What race are you?
  135. Shoes with wide toe area
  136. Nike Machomai White Size 10.5
  137. 2 questions
  138. Does Being Flat Footed Affect Footwork?
  139. How to soften stiff headgear?
  140. how late is too late
  141. Gaining weight
  142. Me Sparring [Yesterday + Video]
  143. Using dumbbells while shadow boxing
  144. changing muscle type
  145. Interesting Question: Getting Big Biceps, Without Doing Weights, Can It Be Done?
  146. Transition from sparring to actual fight?
  147. FIGHTERS HEART...are you born with it or can you attain it??? (POLL)
  148. Glycemic index and Glycemic load?
  149. I need to lose fat fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  150. Shadow boxing
  151. Healthy but delicious food I can pick up at Sam's Club?
  152. Couple of my students sparring....
  153. Cutting off the ring
  154. What to look for in a boxing gym?
  155. your personal style evolution.
  156. Evaluate my Shadow boxing
  157. Sore proximal phalange bone?
  158. Advil and Tylenol
  159. sweat suits
  160. Had my 1st spar, need defence advise!
  161. amateur rules
  162. Minnesota Jerseys
  163. Hard work vs Talent
  164. having a future in boxing??
  165. About protein shakes.
  166. Anyone know if raja gloves are good
  167. i just got some new nice 12oz gloves but i dont know what to use them for??
  168. how to get rid of shin splints?
  169. The supplements of WBO/WBC bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire
  170. Any shoes recommended for beginners?
  171. Worrying about your chin??
  172. Boxed With My Friend
  173. Test, Exam, IB, SAT weeks
  174. HGH does NOT enhance performance
  175. Pull ups/dips etc. reduce speed?
  176. boxing; aerobic or anaerobic
  177. nerve advice/help
  178. A Million Styles Boxing
  179. Talked with my coach today
  181. Wanna be like Sly Stallone!
  182. Tips on fighting a fast south paw
  183. Post your boxing workout routine
  184. How do you feel after a bad day at the gym?
  185. 4th time Sparring
  186. You guys seen these training/nutrition videos?
  187. How much do you pay your boxing coach???
  188. I need your opinion.
  189. Yet another shadowboxing video.
  190. Whats The Best Fruit To Eat?
  191. Chewing gum to increase punch resistance.?
  192. Finger cramping
  193. Video: George Chuvalo on having a strong chin and why he was never dropped.
  194. Plyometric exercises for boxing.
  195. aerobic / anaerobic?
  196. Question About Losing Weight?
  197. ive got a boxing bag , any training tips ?
  198. Is there a muscle that...
  199. Long Reach&Tall height = Offensive or Defensive?
  200. Lead arm/shoulder gets tired too quickly
  201. strength
  202. Reflexology does it work?
  203. Nutritional plan for new boxer - Help
  204. New to boxing
  205. tips for wrists?
  206. Should you box when you are sick?
  207. How much do you spend on groceries/food a month (including protein powder)?
  208. Sparring Results
  209. Nephew has started boxing
  210. Justin "Kid Thunder" Jones 3rd pro fight
  211. "Sparring"...
  212. What you guys do to gain punching power
  213. Working on speed overall
  214. Boxing or school when it comes down to it
  215. my traing outfit
  216. My first sparring competition is finally this Sunday
  217. Elbow Trouble...
  218. nike air max 360 manny at the weigh in
  219. Personalized Strength and Conditioning Plan
  220. home gym
  221. Bulking up to 140 or 150
  222. Stiff neck
  223. Boxing: The Long-term Investment
  224. Help a counter puncher out
  225. best boxing books
  226. Top Ten Avantgarde head guard for sale cheap (black size L)
  227. Remember that first PROPER body shot you ever took?
  228. Marquez v Pac 3, 'marquez physique'
  229. I have my first amateur fight on December 3rd. Any tips?
  230. Rehydrating after weigh-in
  231. Should you contact the gym or your coach if you can not come to practice?
  232. How would you align these exercises, for better results
  233. Rainy Season
  234. First Fight(Video)
  235. Boxing and tattoos?
  236. Back at it.
  237. [Video] Me sparring.
  238. Sauna suits
  239. What punch(es) are you susceptible to ?
  240. VIDEO of my Nephew sparring (13 years young)
  241. In need of improving stamina, any help?
  242. How do you prevent dogs from chasing you when you do your roadwork?
  243. [Video] First fight
  244. [Video] First fight
  245. How far do you push your body if its sore?
  246. How many % in sparring ?
  247. A really sluggish left jab
  248. hypertrophy
  249. How do you deal with people faster than you?
  250. Shadowboxing