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  1. do i have to keep losing weight to get ripped?
  2. Buy running shoes.
  3. Need diet plann
  4. How do you deal with severe knee pain and do cardio
  5. Best protein for boxing...?
  6. Working out legs
  7. Manly Turkish get-ups
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  10. Scared to do pad work
  11. Heavy bag/technique with video
  12. P90X Abs Routine: Thighs feeling the burn, not abs?
  13. heavy sparring questions?
  14. [Help]Middle knuckle pain!!
  15. anyone have any suggestions regarding supplements?
  16. Problems with Winning Boxing USA?
  17. Ideas For Training Diet?
  18. HGH releasers.
  19. A Follow Up Thread, Some Advice + A Thank You.
  20. Running in the Heat
  21. B.o.b Vid
  22. Arthur Abraham training and knockout's vid
  23. Roundhouse hook to the head
  24. Trainer shows more interest in heavyweights?
  25. back strengthening exercises...
  26. Winning gloves for sale, UK, good condition
  27. Winning fg2900 headgear + custom gloves + others on ebay!
  28. Taking up boxing. Advice tips please :)
  29. bag vid
  30. Close fight who won? Video
  31. tennis elbow / arthritis
  32. Boxing equipment review
  33. Getting back into shape: working on hand speed! (vid)
  34. I wanna ift weights
  35. What am I doing wrong? (Advice needed)
  36. Sprints...
  37. shoulder surgery
  38. Whats the best way to gain speed?
  39. ITT post a pic of your arm (srs)
  40. What threshold of fitness should you have before you step in the ring?
  41. advanced stretches?
  42. Reebok Zigtech
  43. If I'm having serious pains in my kneecaps/legs and can't afford to go to the doctors
  44. Double End Bag Work....Vid
  45. new to sparring
  46. missing tooth
  47. Amateur Experience before going PRO?
  48. How often do you tighten your abs during sparring?
  49. vibram five fingers?
  50. Starting sparring tomorrow
  51. Increasing Stamina. What am I doing wrong??
  52. Protective Wear
  53. Hernia
  54. short arm boxers
  55. Do people who train to become pro have free time?
  56. I want to gain weight; but not seeing the results
  57. I need some advice...
  58. headgear
  59. is fighting equipment any good?
  60. back on it!
  61. Cleaning your boots
  62. Supplements/enhancers??
  63. amateur
  64. are these weighted bag gloves any good?
  65. whi is she?
  66. 1st bout in 9months
  67. How much is TOO MUCH!! road work?
  68. Going into my 11th week of Boxing.
  69. Any of ya'll on HORMONE THERAPY?
  70. how long/ often do you train?
  71. Wladmir Klitschko's hydro work out
  72. South-paw shoulder roll
  73. Gear for sale
  74. What's Your Go-To Exercise For Faster Hands?
  75. things people do in your gym that earns respect
  76. Ab crunches...
  77. i sparred today
  78. national championship in 2012
  79. why train in the early mornings?
  80. Any of you guys do yoga?
  81. How to work out your forearms?
  82. How come boxers run with Beanies on?
  83. Need help on Gloves question
  84. Once again, I am putting this out there...
  85. Beginning
  86. Weight for a water heavy bag
  87. BANTAM weight
  88. Boxing boots
  89. Pain in wrist/forearm
  90. Comment of Speed Bag Vid
  91. BETTER WORKOUT: Swimming or Running
  92. Do education do most pro boxers have?
  93. who do you think won my 2nd fight in 9months?
  94. Does anyone's coach...
  95. My custom Winning gear in Purple
  96. Justin "Kid Thunder" Jones pro debut
  97. Can anyone list colleges in Las Vegas, nevada that participate in the NCBA?
  98. How Often Do Youse Go Running???
  99. portuguese boxers
  100. How long does a staved thumb last for?
  101. Weight lifting
  102. my 2nd amateur boxing match.
  103. Anybody Get Their Chest Or Back Waxed????
  104. What to say to my coach if I'm moving to a new gym?
  105. Making and Choosing Weight
  106. training in the heat
  107. Interesting explanation of squat form
  108. training help please
  109. Digestion and drinking after a meal
  110. Becoming a pro?
  111. How to get back
  112. new to boxing, coach thinks im no good?
  113. How long do you stretch?
  114. Does your gym have weights?
  115. weight loss diet tips!!!
  116. shadowboxing
  117. Equipment reviews: Ringside bag gloves and more...
  118. improving the guard
  119. Energy
  120. My second pro fight .What you think about decision ?
  121. boxing boots
  122. Video: Undefeated Lightweight Michael Perez Hitting The Pads
  123. quesion about left hook and jab
  124. [UPDATE] 2 months in, updating with a video.
  125. My muscle gain progress
  126. Anyone Take Creatine?
  127. Pushups.
  128. Training when extremely sore- counterproductive?
  129. Can I get down to 130lbs at 6'1??
  130. Moving up a weight- HELP
  131. soda
  132. Best gyms/trainers in Philly?
  133. Need help losing 20lbs
  134. when best for protein shake!!!
  135. Need to lose 30 to 50 pounds
  136. Breath Control when punching
  137. Which gloves do you prefer?
  138. Crossfit anybody??
  139. Boxing off days
  140. Training Hard, But Not Dieting/Eating Clean?
  141. The Heavyweights the Amateur level
  142. Alcohol and boxing
  143. Training to become an amateur figther
  144. Alex Ariza on how he has Pacquiao breathe when training
  145. In Percent(%) Terms, How Many Boxers & MMA Fighters Would You Say Do PED's?
  146. Vid's Of me hitting the bag.
  147. WAY overweight, hitting the Heavybag, need some tips...
  148. People who underestimate boxing
  149. Boxers Needed!
  150. Combinations...
  151. Need Adivce On Pull Up Bar!
  152. knuckle sores?
  153. Can you bulid up you upper body and power by doing lots of pad work?
  154. Philly shell defense
  155. lots of new gear for sale (cheap)
  156. Frozen Veg...?
  157. Is There Such Thing As Overworking/Overtraining?
  158. Gym Woes
  159. get in shape contest..
  160. pain in left wrist when I hook (pads/heavy bag)
  161. Is It Harder To Get Big Biceps, When You Have A Really Long Reach?
  162. Anyone else swims for cardio?
  163. What size heavy bag to get?
  164. Can Press Up, Pull Ups & Dips Build Up ''Core Strength''
  165. Vibram FiveFingers?
  166. Can I lose 6 pounds in one week?
  167. Interval training help
  168. Training to become pro
  169. Boycott American Women
  170. Weight lifting for explosive power..
  171. High Metabollism vs Proper Diet
  172. What Is The Exact Name Of This?
  173. Brand New Ringside IMF Tech training glvoes for sale
  174. Do you think my cardio will increase if I do...
  175. How to Convert MTS Videos into NDS DPG4 Videos
  176. A few questions from a beginner
  177. Blood nose=getting worse in boxing?
  178. How much did joining your new gym cost, if you could remember???
  179. Free Weight Exercises!
  180. Power Breakfast
  181. How much time for workout?
  182. how long before a hard training session should i eat?
  183. Are you supposed to move your head off-center every time you throw a jab?
  184. Don't Get Tired AT ALL while training?
  185. Boxing clubs in thailand
  186. Cleto Reyes..
  187. About the Southpaw Jab
  188. Why is my left hook so bad?
  189. Getting Good At Running?
  190. Is my coach teaching me right?
  191. When you Measure you Reach
  192. September routine
  193. Getting back into boxing, in need of advice!
  194. How to increase arm stamina?
  195. Green Tea Tablets?
  196. Start of my amateur boxing career.
  197. life question
  198. Speed Bag swivel type
  199. What is like the "averag" height of someone at 165?
  200. backstabing your gym and joining another 1
  201. How Good Is Canned Tuna Fish For You?
  202. Good work out songs (Stic Man from Dead Prez)
  203. water retention.
  204. Exercises to do with dumbells
  205. How Good Do You Think PERFECT Pushup's Are?
  206. european youth championship 2011 who do you think won???video inside
  207. Who is your trainer?
  208. Hitting Heavybag
  209. How Effective Are Pull Up's?
  210. The Boxer - Punches, Persistance, Pain and Pride
  211. double cover as a defensive move
  212. Boxing in Erie, PA?
  213. What's the Best Aerobics Training?
  214. difference between jumpropes
  215. [Opinions Please] Fellow Coaches, Trainers, and Advanced Boxers, etc..
  216. When was the first time you guy sparred?
  217. best time to train?
  218. You need inspiration? then check in this thread
  219. I just got ready to go out for a run....
  220. spray for gloves
  221. Herbalife?
  222. Whats your favorite punch or combo?
  223. cuauhtemoc1496
  224. Gyms in Stafford,Wolverhampton,Birmingham and surrounding areas
  225. Micro mitts help
  226. Sparring with a wasp technique
  227. YEEEEEEEHAW, going back to boxing, saddle up vegas hip hop fistic cowboy
  228. How Bad Do You Want Success
  229. Defense for beginner southpaw??
  230. Finding a decent trainer/gym
  231. Advice For Getting Big Biceps?
  232. advice for sore knuckles
  233. Kostya Tszyu heavy bag video
  234. Mega Gain in Press-ups/Pull-ups
  235. Best boxing gloves?
  236. Busted bag!
  237. Getting Big Shoulders, Biceps, Chest, Etc With This Workout?
  238. Floyd Mayweather Padwork...
  239. 10 oz padwork
  240. I want to become the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion.
  241. How can I get a boxing scholarship?
  242. Heavy bag stand Review!! Best stand i have ever seen!!
  243. training
  244. Sparring a weight lifter
  245. Hand hurts after hitting the heavybag
  246. Orthodox switching to southpaw, good idea?
  247. Improving Punching Endurance
  248. Strength Training for Boxing
  249. Roadwork done the proper way
  250. Hill Running for Explosive Power