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  1. No matter what, I weigh 179 but trying to hit 175
  2. Boxers n coaches only(Whats the difference between ,heart,toughness,and stupidity)
  3. best ways to train and condition
  4. anyone know the name of these asics shoes ?
  5. i dont know which bag to get
  6. KO's in amature boxing
  7. Jaw Pain
  8. Looking for a solid gym in NYC/BROOKLYN area
  9. How do I burn fat and strengthen my core?
  10. training without music...
  11. Amir khan training circuit mens health?
  12. Video: My lil bros first amatuer fight.
  13. Weight Training
  14. Can I build bulk to my legs with a stationary bike?
  15. injury advice.
  16. What makes you want to box? Passion, Money, Fun??
  17. New Cleto Reyes XS Speed Bag Review
  18. Orthodox . Jab, jab, left hook help
  19. NYC gyms
  20. Counter punchers only(PLease Help =(
  21. Few Qs
  22. First fight
  23. Is 28 to late to try pro boxing! after 20 amateur fights?
  24. Wrapping hands
  25. Nature vs Nurture
  26. Winning gloves
  27. How do you punch better with your left hand?
  28. A great technique to learn
  29. for those of you who buy supplements online
  30. Is there any point in...
  31. Which is the best gym in Vancouver?
  32. Bag Gloves
  33. Pre & post workout supplements???
  34. how should a tall fighter fight?
  35. how many pushups can you do consecutively?...
  36. Gaining weight fast...
  37. what traits or skills do you need to be a great counter puncher?
  38. Tips on snapping your punches?
  39. Supplements of Choice
  40. Using the stairs instead of the elevator is extremely beneficial for your legs
  41. Wat R the boxing styles a counter puncher is weak against
  42. stance
  43. How to Push Myself
  44. Muscle Recovery/Overtraining
  45. Cutting weight.
  46. Were do you look?
  47. injection mould or handmade mould?
  48. Slipping: tips on improving speed and effectiveness?
  49. Boxing Training Holiday/Camp/Trip
  50. Knee-caps hurting, I'm jogger and I ride my bike alot
  51. What does it mean to "fight in the pocket?"
  52. Running in deep snow
  53. Late starter
  54. Turning Pro?
  55. Training to fight in 2 weeks
  56. how many times do u
  57. Winning
  58. 4th & 5th Amateur Boxing fight
  59. Lost 4 pounds from jogging my normal route, and lost 1 pound for hitting heavybag for
  60. Winning boxing gloves on ebay
  61. Please help me NOT become a pressure fighter.
  62. 12 year old fight video
  63. Serious HELP needed
  64. whats the difference betwen
  65. ---List Your Training Playlist---
  66. Speed for heavy weight???
  67. Super Featherweight Nutrition?
  68. creating speed
  69. Defensive strategy for a small HW?
  70. Im getting back into training soon
  71. southpaw looking for advice
  72. Ifitness app - best boxing workout
  73. Kettlebells Workout
  74. Difference between boxing and wrestling shoes?
  75. Whats your Boxing Workout?
  76. My Workout for the week
  77. Everlast Protex 3 - Anyone used them?
  78. Fighter Pack from BSN
  79. Boxing gear websites
  80. my last fight, who won?
  81. Back to square one...
  82. Dropping a weight class
  83. Great ab routine?
  84. Sergio Garibay custom punch mitts /pads
  85. Mexican Hand Wraps
  86. Cutting Weight in Boxing
  87. Why is no facial hair allowed?
  88. Fat Burning
  89. Feeling a wierd shock in my arm
  90. Does every one hit there peak at a different time?
  91. Anyone know where i can find these shoes?
  92. Punch mitts??
  93. Pro Boxing Support
  94. I am venting here
  95. i'm thinking of buying some cleto reyes training gloves
  96. I am trying to find reviews on a pre-work substance called Ignition....
  97. Minimulist/Barefoot Running
  98. Rival INTELI-SHOCK bag gloves
  99. First boxing
  100. Human Growth Hormones
  101. BOB, Your thoughts?
  102. Boxing Gyms in Long Island
  103. Equipment reviews
  104. Minimulist/Barefoot Running Question
  105. Grinding noise from knuckle??
  106. energy boost
  107. kettlebell exercises
  108. Combination punches
  109. What to eat on fight day
  110. Need tips against this tall guy
  111. Boxing after weights or on its own day?
  112. Training with 180z
  113. Need a Monster Ab workout routine.....
  114. messing around at a friends house (sparring video lol)
  115. anybody know these grant gloves??
  116. Ever box with friends ?
  117. Advice on which new gloves to choose
  118. If you want to be taller... Grow Taller Ways!
  119. My last training session before my fight next week.
  120. some beginner questions
  121. My lower back is KILLING ME!
  122. Flat foot vs Arch
  123. Looking for a "balanced" glove
  124. THe flu :(
  125. Is this the truth?
  126. muscle ache...
  127. Winning boxing shoes (review + pictures)
  128. selling my no contact fighting sports headgear
  129. subsitute for running?
  130. Tampa Bay boxing
  131. **THE OFFICIAL MOTIVATION VIDEO thread; hope this helps
  132. DIY gel knuckle pads?
  133. title mma gel focus pads
  134. Great way of gaining core strength!
  135. I Stopped training!
  136. Starting up Boxng
  137. Need a quick response
  138. Wrist pain
  139. Amateur Boxing in California
  140. Reebok boxing boots
  141. Ross Amber vs Kenny Weldon
  142. Whats your favorite punch?
  143. weight liftin for boxing
  144. VIDEO of my first amateur fight. judge.
  145. [Video] Me hitting heavy bag looking for help
  146. hayabusa Pro 10oz gloves/ Pro Spar 16oz
  147. Pro Boxing License!
  148. help .. im looking to
  149. What type of fighter are you?
  150. How to become a southpaw?
  151. You guys probably get this a lot, but I need a little advice
  152. What do you focus on when you have to 'dig deep'??
  153. Yo check me out!! Highlight video
  154. Going from 157 to 141, is that safe?
  155. Can't make a fist well in left glove...
  156. Amateurs - do they do road work?
  157. need advice on glove make???
  158. Breaking in Cleto Reyes Gloves
  159. Help please!
  160. Can you improve you Reflexes?
  161. Glove choice advice
  162. Fruit & Veg Diet?
  163. best calisthenics sets?
  164. Compare my two fights!
  165. Boxing in self defence?
  166. Hydroxycut Hardcore X - Fat Burner?
  167. Just a little Question?
  168. Title gloves, but which?
  169. How good cardio is biking?
  170. Creatine > Any legal fat burner
  171. Who here in entering the Golden Gloves?
  172. Can I use winning gloves for..
  173. Advice please ,Double End Bag/Floor to Ceiling Ball rubber bundgies/cord help !
  174. Picked these gloves up....
  175. Video of me
  176. Train everyday yes or no?.
  177. Ipod (Music 2 traing 2)
  178. Southpaws and the lead left hand
  179. new training routine
  180. Terry Crews 4 Exercise Circuit
  181. Practice bob & weave lower than needed?
  182. Glove Recommendations?
  183. should boxers do pull ups?
  184. new heavyweight.
  185. If Winning gave you a $1,000 gift card
  186. cleto reyes
  187. What´s the most you ever jogged?
  188. how do you fight a south paw?
  189. Top 5 tips to lose fat
  190. 2-3 Millions Points Giveaway For Whoever Can Do This For Me
  191. which stance?
  192. New to boxing
  193. Tone without losing weight?
  194. Video of me shadowboxing, rate my technique
  195. The Magical Combinations
  196. Jumping Rope
  197. Boxing Videos Request: Good Quality MP4
  198. Squabbs back in the House!!
  199. Cardio, boxing, and weights...
  200. Shoulder Strain
  201. hayabusa focus pad
  202. Protein supplements
  203. Dextrose tablets during diet ok?
  204. is indian/pakistani curry healthy
  205. at age 32 after 11 amateur fight's time to turn pro?
  206. What are the traits of a great combination Puncher(Coaches and volume punchers only?
  207. any of you have any old boxing equipment that you are not using
  208. The Key to a Good Snappy Accurate Jab?
  209. Resting Your Muscle's?
  210. double end bag
  211. Manny Pacquiao Strength Program
  212. Lonsdale molded foam gloves = Ringside IMF Tech gloves?
  213. Opinions on Tuf-Wear Super Bag Gloves?
  214. Boxing books/dvd
  215. few questions on beginner sparring
  216. if you were to stick with 1 boxing brand except winning what would it be?
  217. Covering up
  218. Title Gel Mitts review
  219. Hitting the heavy bag to lose weight?
  220. which facesaver headgear? and no foul-protector?
  221. coaches n trainers losing fighters
  222. Can't find Boxing Gloves by Size. I need help on choosing.
  223. lonsdale zero impact pads review
  224. triumph united heatseekers
  225. Good speed rope
  226. How hard is it to be an Olympic boxer
  227. Beginner looking for tips
  228. TRX Training....Has anyone tried it?
  229. can eating unhealthy food
  230. Lower back pains...
  231. Chris Eubank describing his training (awesome)
  232. Roy Jones JR training regime in 90s
  233. beginer - boxing and ganing weight??
  234. Tyson's routine in the 80s
  235. 2 month bulking phase/1 month cutting
  236. How to deal with nerves ...
  237. what happened to everlast?
  238. Boxers or fights to watch
  239. Me sparring, any tips?
  240. One Arm Really Stronger Than The Other!
  241. Multivitamins?
  242. Cleto Reyes leather brown Velcro sparring gloves !
  243. Compression Shorts
  244. Best training program to get big and cut?
  245. how much time is eryone putting into training?
  246. Philly gyms
  247. David Haye's routine
  248. Nigel Benn's routine as WBC king
  249. Countering the southpaw jab?
  250. Overhand, underhand, hook someone explain pls?!?!