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  1. running in the morning
  2. chin ups and pull ups ?
  3. Everlast Protex2 Gloves...
  4. combo routines for gloves and pads
  5. Flores boxing gloves
  6. Rolling Handwrap
  7. Boxing or MMA
  8. Neutralizing Opponents' Hand Speed
  9. FDA Puts Hydroxycut Atop List Of...
  10. What are the best jump ropes?
  11. What size hand wraps do you use?
  12. Arafura Games
  13. boxing weight
  14. thoughts on this product for hand protection
  15. Too much sparring
  16. Hows my Routine?
  17. Headgear cleto reyes
  18. Training
  19. mitt and bag gloves
  20. Strengthening the wrists?
  21. First fight without knowing i was gonna fight...
  22. Losing weight rapidly
  23. shadowboxing simply without the heavybag = weakening punches?
  24. weight loss
  25. Weight loss program that worked GREAT for 2 friends but...?
  26. Grant discontinued alot of items
  27. A boxers breakfast?
  28. is my chin getting weaker?
  29. FYI Im Back *****es
  30. What is the use of the speedbag and double end bag?
  31. can anyone recommend a pair of low cut lightweight boxign boots?
  32. Boxing gear in NY
  33. What was the hardest punch you have ever taken?
  34. How can you make your jaw and temple muscle's stronger?
  35. Is the punch you dont see comeing the one that can do the most damage?
  36. where to get good gloves at a good price (in Holland)
  37. how is your boxing progressing?
  38. Jamie Moore training video
  39. Juan Diaz on training
  40. healthy indian currys??
  41. Build Explosive Strength!
  42. Who here has actually gotten more powerful via plyometrics?
  43. i just thought of somethin genius
  44. How about a monthly challenge?
  45. body shape and muscle
  46. Has anyone here heard or own a brand called Top Ten boxing equipment
  47. comment on my upcoming fight strategy
  48. need help from all boxingscene member :)
  49. Peeing outta my ass, please help!
  50. Training to lose weight
  51. punching with dumbells - will it make my punches faster and stronger
  52. Doing Triathlons
  53. What type of mouthguards do you prefer?
  54. can steroids come in tablets
  55. Can I have a routine please?
  56. Interval Drills on the Heavy/Speed bags?
  57. Which would you rather have? Gym vs Trainer
  58. what would work better ?
  59. Spawn
  60. So weak!!
  61. Floor to Ceiling Balls
  62. i bust a nut today and i was punching faster than pacman
  63. suppliments
  64. speed
  65. Reduced Oxygen Training
  66. Training tips and advice
  67. Making my heavy bag quieter - is it possible?
  68. my head guard feels to tight
  69. For the Brits or Euros...
  70. Title Classic?
  71. Power Workout on the bag
  72. learn how to wrap your hands for training and competitons
  73. Need Help/Advice on losing weight
  74. White white white white
  75. DO NOT BUY thread
  76. Shevlin Boxing
  77. glove difference during fights?
  78. Contact Lenses
  79. Training Gear
  80. dana and roy
  81. any1 used those fake winning bag gloves
  82. anyone know cotto's training regimen
  83. First Fight!!!
  84. Check this out, Do the Pads Alone!!
  85. What do you think about this head gear?
  86. I hate vegetables.
  87. sites to buy Equipment (Canada)
  88. Six Pack abs Routine
  89. Anyone use weighted gloves?
  90. knuckles
  91. is this true?
  92. Boxing for Beginners, with Chapter showing its Relationship to Bayonet Fighting
  93. Modern_Scientific_Boxing
  94. I injured my knees, they sometimes have a sharp pain help!!
  95. Training: Energy Crash
  96. Found this great video on Youtube reviewing the Winning FG-5000 W
  97. Cuban Training Regimes ?
  98. fighting shorter people
  99. Looking to Upgrade all my Equipment
  100. Bodybuilding to Boxing
  101. heavy bag practice questions
  102. Everlast Pro Bag Gloves only $50 bucks
  103. How does tire flipping benefit a boxer
  104. your first fight
  105. Acai Burn Tablets - Do they really work?
  106. meal replacment
  107. Friendly sparring. Is this fair?
  108. Im kinda had flu - lulz!
  109. Nike Machomai or Addidas Box Hog
  110. Jetfuel: Dieting and Harding compound (cutter)
  111. protein with weight loss
  112. I want to box in the 140 weight class
  113. foot pain
  114. Your learning curve in boxing...
  115. Which Weight class should I fight in
  116. Where to look when you are Fighting
  117. How to have the snap in my punch
  118. REVIEW: Pro Mex Professional Foul-Proof Protector and Lace-Up Training Gloves
  119. Evander Holyfield Condition Training
  120. winning postage?
  121. weight loss last attempt
  122. How do I get leaner arms
  123. feet sore, Is it normal?
  124. fight tomoz
  125. Too much weight lifting?
  126. most complete, simple guide to becoming a great fighter.
  127. Problem with my left knee.
  128. sea kelp
  129. dont kill the bag
  130. I'm CONSTANTLY HUNGRY!!!! Anyone HELP???
  131. Ideal Bag Glove Size?
  132. How do you know if you have "it"
  133. Boxing Headgear - Everlast or Addidas?
  134. What training will I do to increase the power of my left hand? (Im a SouthPaw)
  135. Training Gear
  136. Creatine
  137. Lung Capacity?
  138. What gear should i buy?
  139. my training video
  140. Coughing
  141. What is age is too late to start boxing?
  142. Weight Training
  143. muscles are tearin like tissue
  144. What is your body type - TEST
  145. Roadwork schedule for a upcoming amateur bout
  146. Training/Nutrition Myths
  147. Nutritional and Training Tips to a Leaner Body.
  148. Chubby Lee New Look
  149. Is overtraining bad
  150. Mouthpiece questions help me please
  151. Famous fighters' diets thread
  152. Famous fighters' conditioning routines
  153. neck workouts
  154. P90x
  155. What's the deal with Chicken Legs?
  156. Shoe Conditioner for Gloves?
  157. Endurance
  158. your diet???????
  159. What are some weird training workouts?
  160. order of importance: training techniques
  161. Man vs. Dog
  162. protein shakes
  163. Sometimes when I drink apple-juice it hurts my stomach really bad
  164. What's a good daily training routine?
  165. 1st day on heavy bag
  166. Small for weight class?
  167. jumprope knots
  168. Stepping in with the Jab-Cross
  169. Finally my short sparring video!
  170. How do you keep your eyes on your opponent when...
  171. relaxation seconds before punch
  172. How to fight on the inside
  173. Sparring Video
  174. P90X Download
  175. Title Saftey Gloves? (anyone have these?)
  176. Dropping 15..Protein meal replace?
  177. heart rate moniter
  178. Is there anything you can attach to your body to measure calories?
  179. weight training
  180. double end bag installation help
  181. Fighting off your back foot
  182. Just a couple of Q's
  183. Punching Power
  184. Mayweather's Pink Gloves!
  185. Certain Foods You NEED To Eat
  186. best fight ending punch
  187. help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  188. Back exercises
  189. This is the one thing that I really dislike about myself... So I need some help....
  190. Muay Thai is brutal
  191. speed bag ?
  192. jumping rope on painkillers...
  193. what do you think?
  194. Resource for diet and nutrition
  195. What is a "textbook" boxer?
  196. fightgear facesaver
  197. For those who own Winning gear
  198. Tea, Anyone??
  199. Quick Question.
  200. Takeru Kobayashi: Genetic freak
  201. Legs and shoulders....
  202. Ideal Cutting/Conditioning Diet?
  203. best exercise for deltoids
  204. Puerto Rican training...
  205. Weight making for amateurs
  206. 3rd fight video
  207. Im Back New Fight!
  208. I lost my first boxing match
  209. new fight
  210. Pivot when throwing the jab?
  211. Hand issue [bewarned VERY long post]
  212. Sparring
  213. Does your gym charge you?
  214. Lost 6Kg in 14 days True story!!!! Help!!!!!
  215. Lost 6Kg in 14 days True story!!!! Help!!!!!
  216. Rebuilding cardio / quitting smoking
  217. Summer
  218. Do you feel stronger and fight better when you know someone is watching you fight?
  219. how to build your biceps
  220. about boxing nutrition
  221. Fighting stance/style
  222. Fighting stance/style (barrera-marquez)POLL
  223. New to boxing
  224. Main Event Brand gloves
  225. Dislocated shoulder
  226. anyone used the FG-5000 winning headgear?
  227. Best gloves for overall training
  228. [Review] Rival Ultra Bag Gloves
  229. wearing mouthpiece when in practice
  230. New and In Need Of Advice
  231. How much running (jogging) do you do?
  232. Which knuckles to punch with?
  233. How do you properly measure fist size in boxing?
  234. How do I stop from blacking out? It only happen once but I don't want it to happen
  235. sore wrists
  236. dizzy spells???
  237. Boxing gloves, they don't make them like they use to
  238. Elbow pain
  239. The Next Manny Pacquiao - VIDZ
  240. Might start sparring soon...running?
  241. How often do u sparr?
  242. Best training pound for pound in Toronto?
  243. Need ya advice
  244. Suggest ur training for me
  245. Formula One fitness with Honda Racing TV
  246. how long till i get my rythem back :)
  247. Best gyms in new york?
  248. Fighting gloves
  249. Hooks and defense
  250. do you take a step when weaving under a hook?