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  1. Eh?
  2. How Long Before 1st Fight?
  3. How bad does drinking, shrooms, and partying affect a boxer?
  4. boxers who smoke blunts
  5. Underbite dilema
  6. Knockout Power?
  7. Blinking
  8. Sauna Suits
  9. Dealing with a straight edge lifestyle
  10. Cramps While Running
  11. What to look for when buying boxing boots?
  12. Feel disapointed
  13. Knowing when you're fight ready...
  14. how long did you spend...
  15. ringside tournament
  16. neck work
  17. Fear?
  18. I fell off...
  19. painful wrist
  20. sparring
  21. My first fight (full video
  22. Kidneys problems...
  23. Rate my daily routine?
  24. How old, is too old for Golden Gloves
  25. PunchDrunk
  26. Rate me!!! please!!!
  27. return from broken nose
  28. What tune do you come out to?
  29. I'm finally starting training..
  30. Quick question
  31. Training techniques you've made up
  32. Getting rid of belly fat?
  33. Helps
  34. What can I do to improve reflexes and defence??
  35. Had my medical today....
  36. MUSCLE supplement...
  37. rib injurys
  38. Is there a doctor in the house?
  39. How can explosive strength in 6 months??
  40. Does high humidity have detrimental effects on a person's cardio?
  41. Squabbs is back!
  42. How many people here use Pedialyte?
  43. Difference Between Cleto Reyes Full Face Heardguards??
  44. Pain After Skipping
  45. Are weights bad for you
  46. I joined a "fitness"Gym!
  47. double end balls
  48. Still having club connundrums...
  49. Is the neck area the boxers achilles heel?
  50. What Curls could you do?
  51. Looking for some advice
  52. Ever wanted to spar someone you really dislike?
  53. Building Muscle at home - Tips?
  54. Jaw problem
  55. VIDEOS Me sparring vs "King" Arthur Williams
  56. Its now official, Reading makes you a better boxer.
  57. Metabolism
  58. Advice for BEGINNER Boxers...
  59. Cardio, Weights, when?
  60. Ever been disheartened over the most minor things in the gym?
  61. Clean bulking
  62. building muscles and acne
  63. stamina problem
  64. are there any aussies here
  65. I'm a stock photo model and I know **** about boxing
  66. Got screwed out of a fight!
  67. What do you think about this guy...?
  68. I need some answers about Golden Gloves
  69. whats your record....
  70. women who box
  71. pull up/chin up question
  72. Running
  73. Rate My Work Out!
  74. Rate The Work Out
  75. New peanut speedbag or double end ball
  76. how to improve you metaboslim
  77. Boxing Boots/ Sprained Ankle/ Sparring Vid
  78. timing training to 2mins
  79. Catch and Parry
  80. So i sparred this short guy...
  81. Adidas Boxing 2000 EQT Boxing Shoes/Boots
  82. Loosing your tummy.... stop the protien?
  83. left elbow trouble
  84. What is your opinion of my Homey RICH LOC on the heavy bag?
  85. When is it to old to think about being a pro boxer?
  86. 1st fight october 11th!!
  87. what wud u like 2 do 2 markeeta
  88. is flawless gud enuf for markeeta?
  89. do u like markeeta
  90. if markeeta got gangbanged so hard dat she rippd and bled 2 def wud u miss her posts
  91. markeeta vs kangaroo who takes it
  92. markeeta do u like me
  93. Best nutrition plan? Vince Delmonte?
  94. New Gym
  95. Adidas Box S
  96. Is this a bad thing? (newbish question)
  97. Trying to balance out working out and boxing
  98. back muscles...
  99. new gear?
  100. too much water, too much sweat?
  101. How muh time do you have to react when you parry a haymaker?
  102. Faking
  103. This video is called "#1 Welterweight Prospect"
  104. what to eat ?
  105. My Workout/Diet
  106. Boxing boots - low cut vs. mid cut vs. full length
  107. I go to the gym - But i don't work out!
  108. Whats a good warm up? Before weights?
  109. Training while sick???
  110. thanks guys
  111. PICS: My fight on the 21st
  112. New fight video...check it out
  113. Blocking/Countering
  114. Instructional Boxing Books and DVD Thread!!!
  115. sparring
  116. How do I lose 8 stones and get rid of ***** tits?
  117. New fight video..check it out
  118. getting hit in the head hard
  119. trainer recently started having us use weights
  120. Springing/Leaping Shots
  121. should i buy this heavy bag
  122. Losing fat fast. What's your routine?
  123. shoe request
  124. Golden Gloves
  125. advice for a beginner
  126. The Fish Hook
  127. There is a way to INCREASE SPEED and you will see it.
  128. Running.
  129. Low Carb Diet High Protein
  130. Putting on healthy weight
  131. How can you know if u are talented?
  132. Staying fit without losing weight
  133. cheapest website for protein powder?
  134. Where to buy Custom Boxing Trunks
  135. sleep
  136. Got an exhibition Oct 4, I hate exhibitions!
  137. Apple iphone 8Gb, 16Gb......3G
  138. Does anyone use albolene?
  139. perfect
  140. I got no respect for people who take roids.
  141. At a boxing club
  142. Increasing my punch rate + help!
  143. Ross Enamait - Ultimate Boxing And Training Advices
  144. losing weight
  145. Just how good is army trainin for boxing??
  146. Online training vids?
  147. What's the hardest you've ever been hit?
  148. 35 isn't to old to start boxing if...
  149. So i bought the Wii...
  150. Gloves: Lace up vs. Hook and Loop
  151. injured hamstring... condition exercises other than runnin?
  152. What is the best kind of meat?
  153. Strength training after boxing class...
  154. first amature fight any tips?
  155. Help a fat guy choose a weight class!
  156. Motor Fitness... please help
  157. Weight Training Help
  158. Bodybuilder Wanting To Try Some Boxing Training & Need Advice!
  159. help me with a workout plan
  160. vegetarians
  161. 142 to do i do it?
  162. Water intake question
  163. a fighter who wants to fight, not being aloud to fight...
  164. How do People/Friends react on you being or training as a boxer?
  165. Sparring a heavyweight
  166. anyone else feel this way?
  167. stitch when skipping
  168. How many sit-ups a day to get a 6 pack??
  169. injury...
  170. Drinking And Smoking
  171. Knee Workout For Slipping Punches Help
  172. Thinking In The Ring
  173. 50 pounds quick
  174. question for alexis vastine
  175. Normal??
  176. Boxing is will not help you in a street fight.
  177. Is 19 too old to start boxing?
  178. Boxing and Chess? wtf?
  179. Suggestions/advice?
  180. answer for Old Man Lockett
  181. Boxing tournament next week, wish me luck!
  182. ? Explosive help ?
  183. Wish me luck..
  184. Which one of these headgears should I get?
  185. Running
  186. OCT. 11th is HERE!
  187. Shawn! vs DA1CATAS
  188. Taking A Punch
  189. What does a Boxercise class actually consist of?
  190. jaw problem
  191. Adidas Tygun And Adidas Tygun 2
  192. is your weak side really bad?
  193. where is my poop?
  194. Video of me sparring my brother in law
  195. So I lost last night GUYS.....
  196. Rate The Work Out!
  197. What's right for me?
  198. Whats a good time for a 5 mile run?
  199. Check out this guy on the pads. (video)
  200. Drinking through a straw!
  201. VIDEO: Padwork revisited
  202. Most natural talented boxer on this forum?
  203. Question about height??
  204. Video- just having som fun sparring
  205. Going back to boxing, need advice on fitness among other things (Alot of writing)
  206. I'm RAW VEGAN and i box so fkin BITE ME!!!!
  207. Information about myself and schedule
  208. Concussions
  209. Navy press-ups
  211. How long should i leave after a meal?
  212. first fight
  213. I can't believe this...
  214. Too much training?
  215. Need help choosing equipment
  216. Fighters vs. Drugs
  217. Fitness/Conditioning
  218. check this video out
  219. crazy bag/shadow boxing video
  220. Fight on Friday, TWO DAY NOTICE!
  221. Fight on Friday, TWO DAYS NOTICE!
  222. oriachim first amateur fight [video]
  223. oriachim first amateur fight [video]
  224. I have breathing problems
  225. Grant Campeon H&L or Everlast Proffesional
  226. Gym stunts growth
  227. sleep
  228. starting up
  229. fighting today...
  230. Im gonna join the gym monday
  231. Muscle Milk
  232. Anyone try these gloves?
  233. How to gain muscle weight without lifting weights?
  234. How to gain muscle weight without lifting weights?
  235. do pushups dips and situps make you gain weight or what?
  236. Training tips
  237. Pain under my rib.. sorta floating.
  238. Which boxer do you model your fighting style on?
  239. Does masturbation affect my performance?
  240. light training routine
  241. First time I got hurt in sparring yesterday...
  242. i need shoes with arch support
  243. how do you train at your gym?
  244. How do you fight the 'raging bull'?
  245. Wlad Klitshcko Looses Weight When Not Training
  246. Struggling with southpaws
  247. Headaches
  248. Tourniments soon
  249. Loseing Weight
  250. I sparred today for the first time properly