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  1. Does running in the morning really matter?
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  16. Blocking a left hook in the Philly shell style??
  17. please HELP!
  18. Ways To Increase Overall Motivation
  19. Tell me what you think
  20. If you were to do chin ups right now hw many could u do??
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  22. left uppercut right hook ????
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  24. punching while clinching
  25. How do you know if your trainer is any good or not?
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  27. im about to buy some training gloves... question about weight
  28. Bought a punchbag stand, and it broke... Help Needed!!!
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  31. Do you eat before training/bed if youre trying to lose weight?
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  37. what do you think...
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  39. Does anyone else have this?
  40. golden gloves tournament.. question.
  41. Which type of situp or anything else to lose fat from midsection?
  42. Is green tea helpful for fat burning?
  43. 3 pm's to POST my routine
  44. Any of you ever been approached for modelling?
  45. New
  46. When lifting weights.. (question)
  47. Do you use any supplements pre-workout for energy?
  48. Defending Jabtap
  49. damn Roy Jones Jr is a badass..
  50. who would you say has the best technique?
  51. worst week of my life
  52. Most cals you burned in 1 day?
  53. 6 pack abs
  54. Smoker Oct 19 (vids)
  55. Roy Jones Training
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  57. did verse win?
  58. When should I take a break? How long of a break? Help me out!
  59. THEE Robbery on 10-20-07
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  61. Just To Rub It In DA1CATAS face
  62. The first round of the amateur fight.(VIDEO)
  63. Any of you guys have high blood pressure?
  64. high speed conditioning drills vs long distance running
  65. Workin/Training help!
  66. is bag work more cardio or muscle building?
  67. How do I work on my speed?
  68. Not paying off
  69. Got an AM fight coming up
  70. Starting to train, need help
  71. Looking for critique/encouragement from last fight: video
  72. a realistic diet please?
  73. Lafayette Boxing Club or Indianapolis Gym?
  74. best workout of my life
  75. speedbag tips / advice ??
  76. what do you eat for breakfast every day?
  77. ankles/calves are sore but i still want to train
  78. boxing/weights?
  79. was mike tyson the best at bobbing and weaving?
  80. nice Tyson interview vid for motivation ...
  81. Significance of the fruit juice in Tyson's diet?
  82. ****! Another day, another beat down!
  83. favourite conditing drill
  84. Could someone tell me what i need to eat for my new job
  85. Swimming is tough as hell
  86. motivation video's
  87. Need Suggestions for Alternative Sparring Drills
  88. When shadow boxing around the ring...
  89. What kind of music do you train to?
  90. handwrapping question
  91. Running.
  92. tabata punch out drills
  93. Burning out
  94. Pulling Punches
  95. Everlast High Tops?
  96. My hands...
  97. nose cauterization
  98. New to the forum! Routine help!
  99. hand speed ?
  100. Question about green tea side effects
  101. just not droping!
  102. I Need Help
  103. I've just started boxing....
  104. lifting and legs
  105. what weight gloves do they use in Am and Pro fights?
  106. Kostya Tszyu on Power Punching
  107. Coffee as a energy drink
  108. what do you see yourself doing with this sport as a boxer?
  109. What weight gloves do you train in?
  110. What weight gloves do you train in?
  111. Hey guys- Could you help me out just a little bit with weight/BF?
  112. What's the big deal with Kettlebell training?
  113. headbutts for continual clinchers?
  114. anything i should add to my boxing workout?
  115. what gloves does floyd mayweather train with?
  116. reflexes/reaction time
  117. bodyquicken
  119. How bad is a day off.. ?
  120. i've not learned one ****ing thing from this forum.
  121. Went out last night and got in a tangle.
  122. Raw Egg
  123. like some help ere!
  124. My Charity Fight...a laugh
  125. Plyometrics
  126. ringside water/foam heavybag?
  127. Double end bag
  128. Training Regimine. This is the **** yo.
  129. Punch Drunk
  130. I'm thinking of turning pro
  131. Is working out in cold weather effective?
  132. who has hit a waterbag?
  133. Sparring is soooo much more fun..........
  134. ROSS drills
  135. Calling a GYM tomorrow
  136. What Equipment Do you guys use?
  137. should I look for another gym???
  138. Ring Dilemma
  139. Boxing club at Temple University in Philadelphia
  140. cleto reyes versus fightgear headgear
  141. Best way to hang a punchbag??
  142. Train Like Calzaghe
  143. Injury in arm
  144. hitting a wall in the middle of training. energy supplements?
  145. Arms
  146. My Training Regime!
  147. strange back
  148. strange back
  149. Had my 2nd day of training yesterday, and I got some comments/questions
  150. question (ANSWER ASAP)
  151. Development of punching power
  152. Body Fat % , and whats the best way to LOSE body fat
  153. Fool Proof Morning Routine
  155. What supplements do you take? (if any)
  156. Doing pushups 6/7 days?
  157. How many calories will u burn on the punchbag?
  158. Interval Timer
  159. Whats the best RTD Protein shake?
  160. 12 oz. vs. 14 oz. Gloves
  161. Head gear
  162. Anyone use a weight gainer supplement?
  163. What Headgear Gives The Best Vision?
  164. How do you the floyd mayweatehr shoulder roll/philly shell defence?
  165. Animal Squabbs...
  166. Pictures of my fight on the 20th of October.
  167. Best $50 I've spent in a long time.......
  168. Ever just want to stand and trade?
  169. doesnt it piss you off when ....
  170. Question about running
  171. Pictures of my BELT
  172. roadwork twice a day
  173. Bruce Lee had muscels over muscles
  174. killer instinct
  175. fight-weight based on height and structure
  176. Is there a point of startin again?
  177. The Sternum Shot
  178. whats up with the points?
  179. Best boxers to learn off..
  180. burpees before or after heavy bag?
  181. wildcard gym training
  182. attn:speedkillz re:Randy'slifting routine
  183. best ways to bait your opponents??
  184. How many times have you broken your nose?
  185. Sparring Tips, Tequnuqes , tricks
  186. grade roadwork please.
  187. Medication qeustions PLZ HELP
  188. What is your Gym like ?
  189. new fight
  190. Short Sparring Clip
  191. How Do I Increase My Footwork Speed!!...
  192. How Do I Increase My Footwork Speed!!...
  193. Burpee Intervals
  194. Whats your motivation
  195. Milk
  196. A short spar
  197. How Do I Shed Muscle
  198. ... Prepare To Hate!.... New Catastrophe Video
  199. I just gotsome muscle milk vanilla creme protein,Whats the best shake recipe's?
  200. I think I may be getting the wrong advice from my boxing trainer help me!!
  201. Mexico Amateur Boxing Question
  202. Punch out drill
  203. Conditioning 4 Youth
  204. Pushing punches
  205. got a big problem...
  206. back again..advice
  207. How to reduce bruise
  208. Weight Training?
  209. Head Movement!
  210. 84 pound x-vest
  211. Feelings Before a Fight
  212. Pics from Fraidycats fight!
  213. Pictures of my brand new belt haters.
  214. Quick question, Are gloves weighed as a pair or seperately?
  215. I accidentally bought 14oz gloves thinking they were heavy bag gloves.
  216. Reach
  217. What is protein
  218. fast pace songs for running suggestions
  219. Need some help, is this daily food program ok?
  220. My kid brother came and trained with me today..
  221. Executive
  222. About To Start Boxing
  223. Olympics
  224. running to the gym?
  225. Strength Vs Speed And Conditioning
  226. went to my first pro card last nite..
  227. on bodyweight exercises
  228. The True Insight Was Spoken Years Ago...
  229. Some inspiration for you
  230. Stance - Square Shoulders v 45 Degrees
  231. going pro???
  232. Is it worth it
  233. Going to work harder
  234. Might be going to England sometime in 2008...
  235. ambidextrousness
  236. Stiff back
  237. Boxing & Using Weights
  238. standing up tall??
  239. back exercises
  240. Buying headgear
  241. Its normal to get a lil headache after a good spar right?
  242. Whose bought winning!?! pro glove vs. velcro
  243. weight?
  244. New Sparring video
  245. tongue ring
  246. boxinscene points???
  247. Black out
  248. Shin Splints
  249. heavy bag stiffness
  250. Advice plz