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  2. bench pressing
  3. head movement
  4. beat by a pro
  5. Getting bored while running?
  6. Question about running.
  7. what is catching you second wind?
  8. Erm...
  9. Behind the Back Punch
  10. SpeedKillz Monday 5 PM be there *****
  11. Sparring
  12. What do I need to spar
  13. Gaining power without gaining mass
  14. Double End Bag/Ball (Floor to Ceiling)
  15. I WON MY FIGHT 2nite!!
  16. Called it Even
  17. amature records
  18. Wen Trying to Explain...
  19. VIDEO: Me shadow boxing
  20. Combos when sparing?
  21. general gloves questions....
  22. The Perfect Push Up
  23. Da1catas Fight Video From June 2nd
  24. help..
  25. is it okay to step to the side as you jab.
  26. Headgear-Protection
  27. I Fight NEXT Weekend!!
  28. Rocky
  29. Addicted to Sparring
  30. 6 days off running
  31. My fight
  32. Video of me on the bag
  33. Cant Box For While
  34. Da1 vs versa who wins?
  35. Im the best prospect at 154
  36. timing opponents breathing?
  37. clap pull-ups
  38. I'm the best prospect at 190
  39. Sand filled bags
  40. Sparring Video
  41. IS it bad to Have sex/Masterbate right before you go Train?
  42. food cravings
  43. Coffee?
  44. Caffeine
  45. got nailed in sparring...
  46. For those who have actually boxed/sparred: were Floyd's jabs landing?
  47. Drunken Street Fight on my birthday (long story haha)
  48. Best Way To Warm Up?
  49. First Proper Sparring Session
  50. ordered my top contender gloves and got em today.
  51. plyometric training
  52. quality boxing boots
  53. Mercer/Boxing fans Meet Kimbo!!!(video)
  54. What to learn
  55. 19 different pushups
  56. don't know where to start...
  57. Best training gloves?
  58. energy drinks
  59. what kind of advantages does a southpaw actually have
  60. Training Tips?
  61. Working out w/sunburn-Impossible.
  62. BIG PROBLEM...anyone else ever get this
  63. someone had a mike tyson signature
  64. new gym
  65. Boxing shoes vs wrestling shoes?
  66. Switching stances?
  67. Raw eggs
  68. Help - What groin protector to buy?
  69. leg strength
  70. The heaviest weight you would fight at??
  71. what causes it?
  72. Creatine
  73. strength=power?????
  74. Everlast or reyes?
  75. Protein
  76. Triceps
  77. Tell ya what I'm sick of.
  78. Depressed Knuckles (Boxer's Fracture)
  79. Biceps
  80. Gym Membership?
  81. lifting question
  82. Once i get my GF problems out the way, Back to BOXING
  83. I wanna start training PPL, make some Money
  84. Next Time Your Fighting
  85. Next Time Your Fighting????
  86. Core muscles
  87. Nutsack slapping against the inner thighs while running/jumping rope
  88. Do you take steroids, have you ever taken steroids? I got questions, don't be afraid
  89. Neck strength?
  90. any of you fighters take meds(anti-depressants,stimulants)
  91. roadwork
  92. Going Pro
  93. no energy
  94. for those who wanna Fight/Spar????
  95. Diet
  96. Message to Dave Brown, Mutherfuker
  97. Amatuer fights
  98. Healthy tasty foods and snacks
  99. Which is better
  100. Bodyblow Question
  101. in-fighters and there devistating hooks
  102. Berto's or lacy's lifting routine?
  103. Ban white hope!
  104. Enviga...
  105. this is why you stress your skills boys.
  106. Peek a boo?
  107. am I ready?
  108. fighting a bigger,stronger taller guy..
  109. Sparring a southpaw
  110. Good News Everyone
  111. I wanna spar Peter Manfredo , IM DEAD FUKIN SERIOUS
  112. A training diet
  113. Yo Fraidy Cat aka ***gy Cat Listen Up Punk
  114. a message to SPEEDKILLZ. Stupid Fuk
  115. Am not sure when to take creatine, can someone help?
  116. shadowbox vid
  117. boxing gyms in central va
  118. Buying medicine ball online.
  119. Scab 46 and SpeedKillz read this u ***ets
  120. Nursing a Groin Injury
  121. Are there any exercises that shrink obliques?
  122. Putting on weight
  123. bagwork(6-17-07)
  124. Gyms in Orlando
  125. who wants to se a pic of white hopes girl
  126. Trynna get my dad back in shape..
  127. Good to be hydrated before running?
  128. Lmao Versatille2k Youtube video
  129. Gym Hunting
  130. What Da hell is this ****!!!!!!!!
  131. Creatine, Protien, and other **** like that weakens heart
  132. I Hate People
  133. Knocked Down
  134. First Boxing Lesson
  135. Favourite punch to use in fight or sparing?
  136. Weight Loss Myths
  137. "Slimmer belt" they work?
  138. My knuckle
  139. Im Fightin on Friday
  140. Speed and Deciseveness
  141. Best body?
  142. Can no longer box!! :(
  143. Sit Ups
  144. Got my second sparring session lined up tommorrow with a pro with a 3-0 record?
  145. losing weight...and muscle :(
  146. what to do while looking for a gym
  147. Aerobic Workout routines
  148. learning to fight in a gym
  149. footwork and balance drills
  150. favorite conditioning drills
  151. Snap or push power
  152. skipped my running today...
  153. Wristguards?
  154. Practicing Defence
  155. whitehope video(the latest one) must see
  156. Jean marc mormeck?
  157. whats the best thing to do day or 2 before a amateur fight?
  158. nutrition
  159. do training with weighted bag gloves on the heavy bag, help or hurt?
  160. motivation
  161. How to snap your punches??
  162. This is what happens when a gold medal boxer tries to fight ROKIE MMA guy!!
  163. Pre workout
  164. I was Forced to Take someone out in a STREET FIGHT !
  165. What To Eat The Day Before...
  166. Lonsdale Gloves
  167. Protein Shake
  168. So Last Friday I Fought...
  169. Sparring with headguards on
  170. Will I be a Failure If I Don't Watch What I Eat?
  171. Couple of questions from a noob
  172. Would you spar someone that looks similiar to this guy?(PIC INSIDE)
  173. Switch Hitter
  174. Training Glove comparisons (IMF Tech vs. Gel World vs. Platinum)
  175. Gym Trouble
  176. How About This?
  177. Left pec bigger than right pec
  178. Boxing a taller southpaw
  179. Combos
  180. I might be sparring Friday "13th" Ahunanya.
  181. Eating times question
  182. What workouts make me punch harder and faster?
  183. Had first semi-sparring session today...
  184. Right Hand to the body..
  185. fat around abs
  186. Look what I just scooped up!!!!!
  187. Questions about getting started from a newbie.
  188. Everlast vs Grant Gloves
  189. sparring vid
  190. Anxiety problem while boxing need help!
  191. question about RUNNING
  192. What helps black eyes fade faster?
  193. thinking about buying books on plyometrics and pilates?
  194. Can someone post a plyometric site..
  195. Witch Hazel
  196. suggested weight for bag gloves
  197. Running before match???
  198. quit smoking as of 1st july
  199. Having my second fight tomorrow.
  200. Music?
  201. summer training?
  202. Running Or Swimming?
  203. Had 1st Spar Today
  204. Who needs a new pair of boxing shoes
  205. Lost first boxing match
  206. Your opinion on this.
  207. Pills/Enhancements taken to help you get bigger?
  208. Won my second fight GATTI/CHAVEZ STYLE!
  209. LoOk whaT i juSt Scooped Up
  210. 4 of vids of me Training
  211. Ab Workouts
  212. Same EffecT?
  213. Intercostal muscles, ribs
  214. Ross' Books
  215. Pain in my Pinky Finger
  216. All the gear, No Idea
  217. Motivation
  218. Work The Heavy Bag
  219. Probably lost my trainer for good.
  220. Everybody is doing it.. so ill post a vid
  221. I find it soooo hard to gain wait, can someone help
  222. Helping to stop eating.
  223. Question about training regiment...boxing/strength training
  224. Best Bag Gloves Ever
  225. IM officially in my gym, training, fighting in a few months
  226. something intersting about popular sex myth
  227. Messed up joiNTs..
  228. How many chin ups can you do?
  229. how long to get in shape???
  230. Double end bags.
  231. amateur boxing
  232. Using legal steroids....
  233. Bad Run?
  234. Need help with the cross
  235. Good Songs about boxing
  236. MMA training :greddy2:
  237. Gloves in America?
  238. Doesnt it feel good WHEn..
  239. new york
  240. !Bad news!
  241. Last Minute fight... should i or shouldnt i
  242. training in nyc
  243. Weighted Vest
  244. Question on the Left Hook
  245. I'm new and needs some tips
  246. Roadwork and Intervals training
  247. A couple Noob questions
  248. Critique my diet.
  249. Supplements to take?
  250. what gym?