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  1. weight training/boxing
  2. Me training for DA1CATAS!!...Danger!!
  3. when it comes to training "I" hate_______the most.
  4. Training at multiple gyms....a nono
  5. Which would You Pick?
  6. What part of training is overlooked the most?
  7. Trainer thinks i'm ready after a great sparring session
  8. squash
  9. Newbie at becoming a newbie
  10. wow a hard labour job is really slow my training down...
  11. is two workouts a day ok?
  12. If you don't Take CREATINE or SUPPLEMENTS your missing out!
  13. No Boxing Gyms
  14. whats your stance?
  15. Music to your roadwork!?!
  16. buying boxing equipment
  17. elbow joints
  18. No SEX or Masterbation can cause Aggression.
  19. Why I will never be a good boxer.
  20. Floyd Mayweather apoligizes to UFC
  21. Inspiration Thread
  22. how good double end bag? question
  23. How Long Did It Take To Have Your First Bout?
  24. How Long Did It Take To Have Your First Bout?
  25. Swimming
  26. Limited Equipment
  27. Boxing excercise?
  28. Want to start boxing...
  29. It has started finally
  30. My body hurts after cardio... Any drugs i can take
  31. What is a good reach?
  32. i need some energy fast
  33. Wladimir Klitschko style?
  34. 1st day at the gym? Nothing like I had planned...
  35. couple of vids
  36. NEW!!!!!!!!! Pad WORK VIDEO, May 8th
  37. hyperextended elbow
  38. Give and Take
  39. white hope has met his match
  40. wrist/hand wrap question
  41. Cake & Ice Cream
  42. my trainer wont let me have my own style
  43. so I just started going to another gym
  44. weird day at the gym today...
  45. This is my dream fight
  46. Morning road work
  47. mayweather weight train
  48. My training
  49. boxing season????? wtf
  50. CHEAT Day on your Diet
  51. New Diet
  52. Any good massage oils for the hands and knuckles?
  53. surely am asking for a beating...
  54. Is it better to..
  55. Revelations after first real sparring match.
  56. Newbie, needing help.
  57. Antonio Margarito jaw
  58. hard alcohol on the weekends?
  59. Whats your Lunch?
  60. help with my workout
  61. How much water should i drink?
  62. Boxing Gloces Dont Liet You Make A Proper Fist
  63. Advice?
  64. Defending against flurries in sparring?
  65. when you throw a hook..
  66. left uppercut
  67. winning headgear review
  68. taking up boxing
  69. Winning Gear
  70. Joining A Gym
  71. solar plexus/liver
  72. FAO_for you J
  73. Treadmill vs Roads
  74. could anybody recomend some sparring gloves?
  75. Roadwork....
  76. got a trainer
  77. Really need to get back in shape
  78. feel pretty ill,should i train tonight?
  79. The best way to be a succesful pro is this
  80. Getting fitter
  81. So i had just got back from the gym yesterday
  82. What to look for?
  83. Bertos training
  84. Everlast Shoes
  85. Rival training gloves! suck
  86. Want a 6 pack? My hard truth
  87. Anyone read the proper breathing book
  88. Sparring at a new GYM
  89. arcade
  90. what can I do with my heavy bag to decrease hardness...stuffing all at the the bottom
  91. 6 Pak
  92. First time sparing
  93. You dont look like a boxer
  94. Looks like my elbows are my weak point..guys help me out
  95. Ringside equipment...
  96. 24 hour GHETTO Workout.
  97. Everlast pro training glove
  98. can i use bike gloves for weight training?
  99. Body Fat Percentage...
  100. Ear Pain After a Hook -- Cornerman's Diagnosis?
  101. Had to give a talk at some school
  102. Is this a poor diet?
  103. hook??
  104. protein bad?
  105. Fast twitch muscle fibers
  106. Statistics
  107. Swollen Knuckles
  108. I went to the mal yesterday to test my boxing skills
  109. Foot work
  110. Running
  111. Smokers?
  112. best way to put on weight???
  113. So i'm 176 and fighting on JUNE 2nd
  114. Handling someone's rush when sparring
  115. How many push-ups if you dropped down right now?
  116. Head movement
  117. New boy quiestion regarding wrists
  118. Boxing Globes heavy!
  119. how to protect the body while keeping hands up?
  120. ''Dancin' Is What I Do''
  121. Been KO'd?
  122. Cuctom Mouthguards!!
  123. Competition Trunks/Jersey Question
  124. Road work
  125. Snacks during the work day....
  126. VERY light sparring..
  127. Ricky Hatton Boxing Masterclass
  128. Walking and Jogging on your...
  129. Best Weightlifting+Cardio Training w/ No Gym
  130. Neck work
  131. etiquette when sparring more experienced boxers
  132. me on the bag: vid
  133. Anyone Seriously Trying TO BOX? I mean Forreal?
  134. My latest Sparing Videos 5/15, 5/19
  135. Taking videos
  136. stupid question about pushup
  137. No Stretch Marks...
  138. question
  139. A few VIDEOS.. Golden Gloves Rematch
  140. I dont know what to do...
  141. To all the boxers on this forum.
  142. My weight dilemma
  143. Are shoulder rolls difficult?
  144. I hate Physical Therapy, any ideas?!?!?!
  145. Drinking And Other Demons
  146. me boxing
  147. Why do some people breakout from swetting?
  148. sparring vids
  149. my video
  150. DA1CATAS Sparring VIDEO
  151. video
  152. What Motivates you?
  153. Im gonna win my PRO DEBUT count on it
  154. Best defence to use
  155. biggest title?
  156. Why you should snap punches
  157. NEW!!!!!! White Hope video, May 23, 2007
  158. Bad day of training....
  159. White Hope, if you want to hit the heavy bag
  160. White Hope
  161. Future world champ right here!!!!
  162. Boxing Styles....whats ur style
  163. Help...
  164. Newbie!!
  165. Took a tremendous shot from a superheavy
  166. What happens when...
  167. SpeedKillz Im gonna FUK U UP Fool
  168. how should my workout routine be like after boxing?
  169. Increasing speed
  170. Some Old **** Shadow Boxing bring it,Check Da handspeed you envy!
  171. What's this about McAlister?
  172. turning the hips
  173. Anti-White Hope
  174. how the bollock in hell do i know what a mile is
  175. Sauna Suit
  176. Im confused!
  177. Stop Polluting the Forum! Please!
  178. better breathing system
  179. gold gloves
  180. Who got the Most Handspeed And Potential in this Forum?
  181. A new sparring video(5-22-07),dont be too surprised.VIDEO)
  182. Double or single mouthguards
  183. Ankle weights good?
  184. I have a proposal...
  185. Newcomer
  186. Running Routine
  187. Is Everyone Bigging You Up Good or Bad?
  188. 1 Shot Punches or Combos
  189. boxing after weights
  190. Videos Only
  191. Who would Win Versatile,Hoskins if they Fought Pacquiao?
  192. Who would win?
  193. Cleto Reyes Bag Gloves
  194. When jogging or riding bike
  195. Is hitting a Heavy,Heavy bag a must to gain power?
  196. How heavy of a bag?
  197. Worth Buying?
  198. I trained jiu jitsu at Marc Laimans gym today!!!
  199. Will binge drinking I have done in previous years affect me?
  200. Advantages over one another
  201. Cardio On Rest Days
  202. Trained Hard
  203. Leaving your head loose?
  204. good shoes for running?
  205. partying
  206. Sellin gear?
  207. Help/should I Take Diet Pills?
  208. Need a quick answer
  209. footwork for left jab?
  210. What is your Favorite Brand of CREATINE?
  211. What's your General FOOTWORK STYLE ?
  212. Favourite boxing make?
  213. Whats your fighting style? (According to Wikipedia)
  214. cutting fat?
  215. Anyone have SHIN SPLINTS?
  216. Surgery
  217. How Many PushUps And Situps...
  218. What weight class would i be in?
  219. Irony is so . . . . Ironic. . . .
  220. holiday
  221. weighted dips/weighted pull ups
  222. Your Corner, during a tourny
  223. New White Hope Vid w/ no shirt
  224. new boxing equipment i used tonight - vip
  225. How Many Different SPARRING PARTNERS Do you have ?
  226. we spar with no headgear in our gym
  227. Groin Protectors
  228. That's what I get for acting tough...
  229. I sparred a Heavyweight today
  230. Any one from NY seriously trying to box
  231. THE Right Hook
  232. New to the Forum but been in the Game
  233. Help with handwraps
  234. I've got the choice of woodshaving or saw dust
  235. Do Any Of Yall Wear Tassels?
  236. Do any of you Wear Underwear Under or over your Jockstrap/Cup?
  237. Just been told i wont be fighting
  238. This is the best heavy bag I've ever had the pleasure of sinking my fists into!
  239. Everlast boxing shoe
  240. Some Q's
  241. Jeff Lacy's diet, anyone know his diet?
  242. Gaining Weight
  243. Gym teacher used to give me **** cause i was jacked
  244. The Human Body
  245. Any tips to get ripped.
  246. Couple of questions and problems..
  247. Tips on Finding a Boxing Gym
  248. Puttin On Muscle/Gettin Cut QUICKLY
  249. Boxing Contest
  250. All About U