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  1. how much is it safe to lose in the first week of dieting
  2. Punch bag filling
  3. Amateur Debut in Two Weeks!?!?!?!
  4. anyone kno where i can buy the pony boxing shoes
  5. Any Vegetarians here?
  6. Boxing gets some exposure in local paper today...
  7. boxers vs weightlifters
  8. should i continue boxing
  9. Bench Pressing
  10. Advice. What Gloves.
  11. Advice. Gloves for sparring.
  12. First Time I had Ever Spared
  13. is the grass really greener on the other side
  14. Working out while Sick?
  15. How often do you train?
  16. Polyester or fleece tracksuit bottoms?
  17. can swimming be as affective as running
  18. my shoulders have been weak
  19. silly ? but does that under armour crap work
  20. f****** headguards
  21. FINALLY!!!!! Had my first sparring match today!!!
  22. hurt muscles after workout
  23. Can hit the bags hard, but not as hard in sparring
  24. Video : Mate punching the bag
  25. Just my club?
  26. Want great abs?
  27. Supplements
  28. Moisturize
  29. My Nutrition
  30. Burpee Program
  31. What should I snack on before practice (quick respocne)
  32. alright.
  33. nose bump
  34. If you cane list EVERYTHING there doing wrong.
  35. If you know alot about Muscles please Read
  36. Do you need to rest if you do push ups?
  37. Quick Soda ?
  38. Sideways Stance
  39. What music you guys listening too
  40. Supplements you use
  41. Brushburned Knuckles?
  42. thinking about switching gyms, advice please.
  43. what did you learn the first hree weeks at your gym?
  44. a good right hand?
  45. Which type of glove is better?
  46. Concerns about hyperextension
  47. 18 oz. vs weighted gloves
  48. Middle of my chest
  49. When should I quit Smoking?????
  50. where do I get the Laced Gloves????
  51. I need some clients, anyone down to train for 10 lessons?????
  52. Breathing
  53. Does anyone have the winnings wbesite?
  54. attn: white hope
  55. Which Gloves?
  56. For Southpaws (Left Cross Question)
  57. peck deck with free weights
  58. What you guys think of this site?
  59. what are these?
  60. I found a new protein that i love.
  61. Watch me spar...need some criticism
  62. first punch power
  63. how would you describe your relationship with your coach??
  64. contacts and flat footed
  65. Alcoholic Protein Shakes
  66. Me on the HeavyBag. training VIDEO
  67. Smother them
  68. Suggestions Needed in a Few Areas
  69. Suggestions Needed in a Few Areas
  70. Best way to beat...
  71. Defensive problems against southpaws
  72. need help starting off/losing weight
  73. A New Type Of Glove?!?!
  74. All boxers please check this out
  75. A boxer I train, sparring in London
  76. Boxing Shoes and Gloves
  77. What it takes to be a professional...
  78. Learning to Box
  79. Skills Bout
  80. big arms muscles
  81. Best way to recoop after a week of hard training.
  82. I want to spar but....
  83. Rela boxers I wanted to read this... lemme know if ya understand the logic?
  84. 10 ROUND heavybag workout
  85. Best energy drink...
  86. equipment question...
  87. little tip
  88. amateur boxing license
  89. abs... sit ups, ab roller . what u think?
  90. Fitness
  91. My new Shadow Boxing video. WATCH
  92. Message to Scab46, PunchDrunk, Fluxion. NEW VIDEO BY WHITE HOPE
  93. NEW WHITE Hope Video. EVERYONE watch April,14,2007
  94. Need some advice....
  95. DA1CATAS ShadowBoxing
  96. Boxing shoes choice
  97. bad habits
  98. Training advice.
  99. young and new at boxing!
  100. It's been a long time
  101. NEW White Hope Video. 4/15/07, EY MATTY P watch this *****
  102. White Hope Sparring Video. WATCH
  103. hand problems
  104. what brand Headgear should i buy for sparring ???
  105. sacraficing power for speed?
  106. if you could pick anybody in the world to train you?
  107. Starting training
  108. New 'White Hope' Video
  109. By the way White Hope if you win
  110. my update...
  111. POLL - Left Hook, Palm Down or Palm In ?
  112. weed smokers
  113. If You Could Pick Anybody In The World To Train With...?
  114. Glove Maintainence
  115. I cant f*cking focus!!
  116. broken bones...
  117. Wall Hanging Bracket
  118. winning boxing gear yay or nay?
  119. Beginners routine
  120. white hope parody
  121. wrote up a new plan i am gunna stick by. WORKOUT - TRAINING - BOXING SCHEDULE
  122. How often do YOU train?
  123. Boxing Gloves question
  124. What's the SEXIEST Combination ?
  125. How would a boxer get in shape?
  126. called out
  127. Im On My Versatile Shii
  128. First time at the gym...
  129. "BADASS" Twins Muay Thai Glove review
  130. Philly Shell defense
  131. building a base with a semi-injury, no boxing
  132. assess this for me abit
  133. The Beatles Thread
  134. Whens Your NEXT BOUT? or Tournament?
  135. RossTraining video just amazing..
  136. Newbie Training questions
  137. shoulders and boxing
  138. Points question
  139. Nerves
  140. handwraps
  141. Vinegar in diet?
  142. headache when i get punch latley
  143. knuckels cut
  144. Anyone have or use this?
  145. What is you boxing style ?
  146. If it means finding out the hard way that I'm not built for this sport, so be it.
  147. boxing weight
  148. butterbean
  149. Supplement for people that hate running
  150. im the new face of 'JACKED' supplments
  151. How did you deal with your first fight?
  152. Clicking shoulder
  153. i get tears when i spar
  154. situps
  155. stopped going to the gym for two weeks.
  156. Ban Women's Boxing
  157. Standing punch bags
  158. Cant Stop
  159. Won my first fight last night by 1st round knockout.
  160. I got My Federal ID April 19th. 2 days ago
  161. Vid of Training from this morning.
  162. Saprring gloves
  163. Rival Boxing Gloves
  164. What motiveate you to keep trying hard?
  165. What motiveate you to keep training hard?
  166. This is how you use Boxing on the Street !
  167. 'Never gymless'
  168. TRAINING DAY (talk about your daily training here)
  169. Straining knees
  170. Will i notice a difference
  171. Forget the gym, it's all about THUG WORKOUT, baby!!1
  172. How do find the right nutrition for you?
  173. How do you find the right nutrition for you?
  174. Whats better?to run 6 miles?or 3 miles at a fast timed pace? for conditioning
  175. Teaching a 5 Year old?
  176. Ive improved alot.
  177. Sit-ups and diet.
  178. Pickles
  179. punch with dumbbell
  180. Canrus' Workout Log
  181. dorm nutrition
  182. Leaping in with the left hook..
  183. went to the boxing gym today after a two week layoff.
  184. Correct Footwork to Angle off to your Right after throwing a Combo
  185. Video of me on the second kickboxing match
  186. Does anyone take any vitamins or supplements?
  187. Neck Bridges
  188. best way to develop a good hook?
  189. Minor Injury?
  190. Sparred Again Today
  191. I'm Seeing Results !!! thanks to everyone
  192. 30mins to 1am, and Im bout to go Running
  193. sparred with my little brother just now(he's 17, i'm 20)
  194. How much weight do you cut?
  195. goin back ater long lay off
  196. how good are these jordan boxing shoes?
  197. why do bareknuckle boxers stand like that?
  198. weight lifting for boxing
  199. Anyone with amateur boxing experience?
  200. how to be faster
  201. What ya'll train for?
  202. Tyson explaining his style (VIDEO)
  203. Elbow pain
  204. The perfect push up?!
  205. Visiting OTHER GYMS for Sparring Experience
  206. Video of me Sparring!!!
  207. Simple heavy bag question
  208. Decent or ****e?
  209. how to punch mittS?
  210. gettin back into it
  211. Started Muay Thai
  212. how do you get cut?
  213. im ready !
  214. BoxingScene Workout Log
  215. Medical Test
  216. Good Ab diets
  217. Help on hip flexor exercises
  218. Links to good Diets
  219. Anyone train in the bronx NY at Webster PAL by chance here
  220. need advice on skipping rope
  221. Do those wrist/hand braclets really heal pain?
  222. Lifting light and doing slow controlled movements?
  223. 8-pack
  224. BoxingScene P4P: Nominations (T&N Lounge)
  225. One of my trap muscles is bigger then the other?
  226. wheres the pain?
  227. Sean Sherk Responds to Floyd Mayweather
  228. is this a good one?
  229. i got a 4 pack but want a 6 pack
  230. has this happend to anyone?
  231. my stuff
  232. good boxing gym?
  233. hmm need opinions
  234. Body Fat %
  235. Do boxer smoke cigarettes sometimes??????
  237. FAO Whitehope
  238. I just wanted to tell you guys...
  239. F*ck sake am i ever going to be motivated
  240. Anyone ordered somthing from Ross Enamait
  241. heavybag/double-ended bag/speedbag
  242. explosive excersize
  243. do any of you lose a significant amount of speed/snap in punches if you don't warmup?
  244. Plyometrics to help punch
  245. What muscles are worked hitting the heavy?
  246. new to the game..a little advice
  247. White collar boxing?
  248. Kimbo training
  249. On the Card
  250. How long do your gloves last?