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  1. do you think the jack johnson jess willard fight was fixed?
  2. Khaosai Galaxy
  3. A question for all the hagler experts
  4. has boxing lost some popularity do to many sanctioning bodies?
  5. youngest in the family makes you the best?
  6. Roger Mayweather is full of ****
  7. 0pening round Blowouts
  8. How many times did Jones and Toney appear on the same card?
  9. Offense vs Defense
  10. Stevie Johnston vs Paul Spadafora
  11. 50 greatest fighters of all time poll for radio show
  12. Top 10 boxers of the 21st Century
  13. Ironic Pre-Fight talk.
  14. Hagler vs Hearns. Who ranks higher all time?
  15. Does Brian Sutherland crack the top 490,000 on the all-time P4P list?
  16. Book about Young Stribling
  17. Why did Alan Minter never get a rematch with Hagler?
  18. Reggie Johnson vs Gerald Mcclellan
  19. Which all time great should not be there?
  20. Jesus Pimentel
  21. Boxing History Books: Reviews and Recommendations
  22. 15 years ago, the worst year in boxing
  23. Michael Carbajal vs Rosendo Alvarez
  24. The Greatest 2 Consecutive years for any Boxer- by Henry Armstrong
  25. Was ali's punching power underated?
  26. Would Ali have been able to beat Joe Louis?
  27. Pick a fighter to beat me ...
  28. Best 10 seconds in HW history
  29. Who was/is the hardest puncher of all time?
  30. Is Roy Jones Jr the greatest P4P fighter of all time better than sugar ray leonard ?
  31. P4P Who are the top 5 hardest punchers of all time?
  32. Boxing History
  33. Boxing is and always was the art of fighting.
  34. Sonny Liston
  35. What was your scorecard after 12 rounds in Leonard-Hearns 1???
  36. Attending championship fights
  37. 30 of the greatest KO's in boxing history.
  38. Where does buster douglas jab rank among the HWs
  39. Boxing History Help!
  40. Help me rank the 10 greatest fighters of the last 25 years.
  41. Been watching hitman hearns, did he have a weak left?
  42. In all of history, which 2 fighters would have made for the most exciting match up?
  43. Al Singer...lightweight champ
  44. Favorite magazine covers featuring boxers?
  45. Tyson hit harder than Foreman and Earnie Shavers
  46. Pernell Whitaker vs Oscar de la hoya
  47. Which boxers had the most snap/leverage in their punches?
  48. Extent of Ray Arcel as a boxer?
  49. did any of you enjoy hagler duran match?
  50. what was john mugabi power level at
  51. Whats the most powerful way to throw a punch?
  52. great match ups
  53. Silly question
  54. The 3 Mexican Greats (and Pac) vs Flaco Explosivo
  55. Fighters with a knock-out jab?
  56. How did he ever get up and continue after that knockdown
  57. 1987 article from The Worm Monroe talking about Hagler
  58. Tony Sibson "sibo"
  59. Make a Case for a new GOAT! Xclude( Ali, SRR, Louis, armstrong, pep, greb, fab4)
  60. School me on Alexis Arguello
  61. Predict this lightweight tounament
  62. roger leonard what was his potential
  63. RIP Tony Martin
  64. Best overhand right in history? Also check out this overhand bomber!
  65. Best 1st rounds
  66. Who would have been most likely to beat a prime Roy Jones Jr
  67. Who has the best resume in boxing history
  68. Different flavours of Punch: Tua, Cooney, Rocky, Liston, Shavers, Tyson, Foreman...
  69. sugar ray robinson before and after his comeback
  70. Duran vs Hagler's opposition
  71. Worst Boxers Reggie Strickland
  72. Most skilled: Walcott, Moore, or Charles
  73. Michalczewski IBHOF: Yea or Nea?
  74. Rank these heavyweights
  75. Tyson Douglas rematch
  76. Best cruiserweight of all time?
  77. Joe Louis was the greatest!
  78. The Shoulder Roll in 1907
  79. Jack Johnson or Jack Dempsey
  80. Who are the 5 LEAST deserving Boxers who were inducted into the Hall of Fame?
  81. What happens to david tua if he enters a ring with......
  82. Y'all must've forgot
  83. Where does butterbeans power rank?
  84. Biggest dreamfight Mismatch?
  85. Vince Shomo
  86. Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield Pre-fight build up
  87. Mike Tyson-Frans Botha Build Up
  88. America screwed joe louis
  89. Anyone believe that the greatest off all time isnt....
  90. Anyone believe that the greatest hw off all time isnt....
  91. Best boxing entrance
  92. lou ambers vs henry armstrong
  93. ray arcels predication of duran - benny leonard
  94. archie moore vs sugar ray robinson
  95. monzon vs hagler
  96. Who is/was the most intelligent boxer of all time?
  97. how would ali made out with archie moore
  98. Arrghh! Boxrec isn't listing fighters weights anymore!!
  99. Joe Louis fought 9 people twice in his pro career.
  100. The Develpment of Boxing 1880's onward
  101. I know a way how you can still watch the old page which shows the weights.
  102. Jimmy Wilde & the old time Flyweights
  103. Exciting Fighters The Best Kind
  104. One of Joe Fraziers last perfomances
  105. Longest KO Streak?
  106. Camacho's jab
  107. Boxrec More Extensive Than I Thought.
  108. Five Films on Boxers you would like to see
  109. Has any heavyweight champ fought more punchers than Lewis?
  110. Hardest boxer in history to knock down
  111. Ricky Marcianos, right hand, theres something special and different about the way he
  112. Who has the longest and shortest reach in history
  113. Circus events
  114. Best examples of a short fighter outboxing a much taller fighter
  115. What was the most action-packed round of Tyson's career?
  116. Did Sonny take a dive?
  117. Bob fitzsimmons song:
  118. Julian Jackson liked to use the right hook alot as did George Foreman.....
  119. How did Roy Jones Jr reach such high levels of speed?
  120. For my Boxing Brothers of the History Section: The Boxing Trivia Thunderdome
  121. For my Boxing Brothers of the History Section: The Boxing Trivia Thunderdome
  122. What are your top 3 favorite fighters of all time? (Name only 3 please!)
  123. Who is the harder man to beat.....
  124. Worst boxers nightmare
  125. Sam Langford?
  126. Top 10 Fighters to Watch
  127. 'Lennox Lewis is not an ATG' IronDanHamza
  128. Frazier beats everybody Marciano beat ...
  129. 20 million points for everybody who takes part in a Boxing Trivia match
  130. Klitschko ?
  131. Better record,Joe Calzaghe or Rocky Marciano
  132. What people forget about Rocky Marciano....
  133. Sloow joe louis, WHOOP ME???
  134. Your favorite boxing chess matches...
  135. Fights between P4P #1 and #2
  136. Boxing : Where To Now?
  137. Top 5 fastest boxers of all time?
  138. Tommy Morrison's Left Hook vs David Tua's
  139. Rank all the 29 Caucasian Heavyweight Champions of Boxing History (List is in thread)
  140. Top 15 Asian fighters of all time?
  141. Michael Nunn
  142. Do you agree that the previous era has to be beaten by the new era?
  143. Which boxer had the best power mechanics in history?
  144. Fighters then and now....objective differences (not opinions)
  145. Does Boxrec lie?
  146. Live Fast, Die Young: The Life and Times of Harry Greb
  147. Earnie Shavers almost beat Ali, unlike Foreman...
  148. Primo Carnera & Ingemaar Johansson
  149. Top ten best left hookers
  150. Who was the greatest Light heavyweight?
  151. How would tyson deal with Alis TALK
  152. Attila Levin - Did he take a dive or two? (against Valuev for example)
  153. More Boxing on NBC
  154. The Good Son by Mark Kriegel
  155. did Joe Frazier have skills? Or just a hard punch and good stamina?
  156. What style of a fighter was Roberto Duran?
  157. article on the death of Sonny Liston
  158. Have anyone hear see any of the fab 4 Live?
  159. Salvador Sanchez.
  160. who has had the best comeback?
  161. Rob Snell's Boxing Biographies Newsletters Volume 9 no 1
  162. errormessages
  163. James Toney, gifted or a student? As well as other boxers
  164. no mas your thoughts
  165. Dick Tiger vs the great middleweights
  166. leonard benitez
  167. Boxing Biographies Newsletters Volume 9 no 2
  168. Paul Pender
  169. how did roger mayweather get a title shot
  170. Do we underate Micheal Spinks?
  171. fighters who destroyed the champion in their world title debut
  172. Can Berto pull a Bradley against Pacquiao in 2011
  173. How do manny n mayweather do against the greats?
  174. winning rounds
  175. How would dempsey do against todays Heavyweights?
  176. Floyd is P4P #2 ever after SRR?
  177. who has faced better opposition
  178. Prime Manny Pacquiao vs. Prime Flash Elorder at 130
  179. Is this still the history section?
  180. Best Fighters u ever saw?
  181. Best Post Fight Interview Ever!!! Azumah Nelson
  182. What was the first Non-HW PPV?
  183. Who goes through Pac's resume undefeated?
  184. The skill of cutting off the ring
  185. Johnny Tapia documentary - "TAPIA"
  186. Would whitaker struggle with Hatton?
  187. Alexis Arguello final career record
  188. How good was Billy Graham
  189. Bob Foster interview
  190. Most Relentless fighter in history
  191. Duran vs Hagler was...
  192. 100 Greatest Fights
  193. Top ten ATG P4P (of all time)
  194. 32 years ago today (5/11/81)
  195. How much credit do you give Hearns for the Duran win?
  196. Was the 70s the Golden age of Lightheavyweight?
  197. Best Fighters u NEVER saw
  198. Roberto Duran video
  199. Real names of the following fighters
  200. who beats a prime hit man hearns at 154?
  201. The Tragedy of 2 Boxers who killed 2 men inside the ring.
  202. Who is the KO King?
  203. RIP Dr. Joyce Brothers
  204. any one hear know the payday of benitez hearns
  205. was the welter division ever as deep as the late 70's
  206. Shinji Takehara
  207. do heavey weights generally have less fights
  208. Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis Joking Around
  209. Wow...Thomas Hearns is a tool
  210. How bloody entertaining was Prince Naseem Hamed
  211. Sugar Ray Robinson's mistake
  212. Who is the best fighter ever from the eastern Hemisphere?
  213. What was your favorite rivalry
  214. How come Toney vs Benn/Eubank didn't happen?
  215. how long does ken buchanan rule?
  217. Is there anyone who could get under Alis skin?
  218. What single Olympic weight class produced the most stars/notable fighters ever?
  219. Who is greater: Chavez Sr. or Lamotta?
  220. What year do think Larry Holmes could have beat Ali
  221. How do you rate Pipino Cuevas Chin?
  222. Rocky Marciano talks Clay, Patterson and fights
  223. What was Cooney's best win?
  224. Is their any man in history of the sport that could do what foreman did to frazier?
  225. holyfield foreman
  226. any news on the release of the duran movie?
  227. Why did bruce curry give benitez such a hard time?
  228. would you have like to have seen leonard/pryor
  229. Could Marciano reach......
  230. Is the four Kings a good read
  231. Aaron Pryor Vs Tommy Hearns (Amateur)
  232. Why didnt Tua-Tyson happen?
  233. Most annoying fanbase poll
  234. Has there ever been a fighter who fought completely squared up all the time?
  235. Lennox Lewis versus the Wladimir that beat Haye, who wins?
  236. Slickest, trickiest, smartest, most skillful fighters of all time?
  237. Small/skinny fighters with dynamite hands?
  238. Fighters who were way above their competition.
  239. The boxing glove vs UFC Gloves
  240. The strange role of trainers like Angelo Dundee and Ray Arcel....
  241. Rivalries.
  242. One of the best rounds I've ever seen
  243. A boxers listed age
  244. Boxers who kept their wealth after they retired
  245. I really don't get these "top 10 P4P lists".
  246. If Savon and Stevenson had gone pro...
  247. Explaining the decline of Riddick Bowe
  248. The greatest feinters of all time
  249. So who were the greatest heavyweights?
  250. chavez sr greg haugen drew 130000 fans