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  1. Felix "TITO" TRINIDAD
  2. The Curious Case of Chico Rosa
  3. The 2012 Death Thread
  4. Fighting and class
  5. Leonard vs Duran 1
  6. history section fresh start
  7. Ruben Olivares or Sandy Saddler
  8. Petition: Get rid of the stickies
  9. Did Duran rule over a weak era of lightweights?
  10. Lennox Lewis Rating
  11. Duran's Most Exciting Fights?
  12. Top 12 h2h heavyweights in history
  13. Barbados Joe Walcott
  14. Louis-Conn history rewrite
  15. I love how everybody says "Tommy Hearns would beat this guy and that guy blablabla"
  16. How would PRIME B-Hop fare against Sugar Ray?
  17. BigStereotype's Boxing Highlights Thread
  18. How close were Mike Tyson and Cus D'Amato?
  19. Dempsey and the Long Count
  20. Chris Byrd ... Underrated?
  21. The last fighter you would have clearly favoured to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.
  22. Who has pulled the greatest pych job in boxing?
  23. joe gans atgof lws?
  24. Is Marciano the great fighter in the cruiserweight division of all time?
  25. Fighters Who Were Masters At Restricting Punch Output?
  26. "No way he should have got back up" - Post The Best
  27. "Tommy Hearns had a weak chin"
  28. Where does tiger flowers rate?
  29. not since Hagler & Hearns
  30. Where does Cotto go from here?
  31. jerry quarry
  32. Pacquiao/Marquez 4, who do you got?
  33. Muhammad Ali: Great or The Greatest
  34. ezzard charles vs gene tunney
  35. harry greb
  36. Bob Arum article
  37. When is it viable to compare fighters from different era's
  38. Lewis-Klitschko boxing poem
  39. If Benn/Barkley Had had a decent Ref.
  40. When do you think wilfred benitez was at his peak
  41. Did donny lalonde have a punchers chance against ray leonard
  42. Why is sam langford so highly rated as an atg
  43. If ray robinson had any weakness's what were they?
  44. If robinson fought Leonard, hearns and napoles what would happen?
  45. How good were the curry brothers?
  46. Did Marvin Haglers pre champion tests contribute to his greatness as a mw champ?
  47. marquez
  48. Will anyone ever attempt to win a round without throwing a punch like Willie Pep?
  49. 20 yrs from now how will we view pac mans career?
  50. Who is your favorite fighter in history?
  51. Could somebody defend Mike Tyson as an ATG for me?
  52. A Few RJJ Questions...
  53. If you consider yourself a boxing historian...
  54. Bob Fitzimmons: Top 5 p4p?
  55. Pacquaio and Marquez
  56. another golden oldy Micky Walker
  57. Joe Gans, The Old Master...
  58. Fighters Who Had Success After Being KO'd UNCONSCIOUS?
  59. If Ali didn't come back to boxing.
  60. fighter who was the best all round puncher
  61. do you miss 15 rd fights
  62. Prince Nas was the best showman boxing had in years.
  63. Put these Mexicans In Order
  64. Where Does pacquiao's Skill Set Rank Among ALL TIME GREATS?
  65. Gustav Scholz - How good?
  66. Argentinians and Overhands
  67. Post your top 20 p4p all time
  68. The Paddy and the Prince
  69. Brooklyn Boxers
  70. Can you watch this without shedding a tear?
  71. Pre Manny Steward Lennox Lewis in this era.
  72. prime Roy Jones Jr against prime Archie Moore, who'd get the victory.
  73. Fights between relatives
  74. Lewis vs McCall II . What happened?
  75. What if Holmes retired at 50-0?
  76. Hagler-Leonard: how could anyone see Hagler winning?
  77. Nobody beats the best version of Lennox Lewis. Nobody.
  78. Jack Dempsey vs Ken Norton
  79. Cuevas-Hearns. Foreman-Frazier
  80. Quarry vs Ibragimov
  81. Best fighter of the 70s
  82. Was RJJ too fast at MW to be beaten by anyone?
  83. Duran vs Buchanan: Was Foul Cry a Hoax?
  84. Comparing Heavyweights across era's
  85. Marcel Cerdan - Triumph and Tragedy
  86. Best defensive boxers in history
  87. On This Day
  88. On This Day
  89. Standing Eight Count.
  90. First two-weight class champion.
  91. Great List of all Lineal World Champions in all weight classes chronologically
  92. Caught boxing on NBC Cunningham vs. Adamek
  93. White fighters who didn't refuse to fight black fighters
  94. The Holiday History Contest!!
  95. Holiday History Competition: The Hare
  96. If B-Hop at his best bulked up to 194lb like RJJ, could he have beaten the Klitschkos
  97. who is better chavalo or quary?
  98. best fighters of the 1960s
  99. why was rocky marciano such a good puncher?
  100. Why Do Top Draws Rarely Have the Most Exciting Style?
  101. Raskat's Christmas Boxing-History-Quiz !
  102. Police Gazette Gallery of Ring Greats, etal
  103. How would Razor Ruddock do if he fought today?
  104. New: Raskat's "New Year's Eve-Boxing History Quiz" - Have fun !
  105. Marquez-Pac IV or Holyfield-Tyson 1...
  106. If Hearns entered the Olympics in '80.
  107. Michael Spinks vs Roy Jones Jr. @ HW
  108. Four Little Kings Quiz
  109. Great fighters of the past with modern training/nutrition.
  110. Why did Michael Spinks retire after tyson KO?
  111. Wilfred Benitez hospitalized
  112. Big Fat Boxing Quiz 2012
  113. there will never be another mike tyson
  114. Where Does Mike Tyson Rank As An ATG?
  115. I am pretty sure we will never see footage of Harry Greb...
  116. Arguello
  117. Arguello
  118. Arguello
  119. Greatest ever Welsh boxer
  120. Who is the last boxer you would wanna get in the ring with?
  121. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Histoy Section
  122. What current fighters could have had Harry Greb-like careers?
  123. Excellent article on Michael Dokes
  124. Not a top ten GREATEST HW list. HW Official rankings?
  125. Ezzard Charles vs. Marvin Hagler, at Middleweight
  126. Why was the Ali-Foreman fight stopped?
  127. What was the bigger upset Ali vs Foreman or Foreman vs Moorer?
  128. Mayweather and pacquiao Considered Undersized Welters Historically?
  129. Did Mike Tyson Finish Growing At An Early Age?
  130. Would you say ali was "shot" when he fought norton?
  131. Great displays of sportsmanship?
  132. Ray Leonard, or Howard Davis Jr, who had the faster hands?
  133. How highly do you rate Ezzard Charles?
  134. Fighters Who Had Slow Feet but Fast Hands
  135. How would Tommy Hearns have fared against the following fighters?
  136. George Foreman - Brutal Power
  137. Tyson Fury Names and shames the Duckers
  138. Ralph du as
  139. how do you sum up Nino Benvenuti's career?
  140. Did mark breland reach his potential?
  141. could roberto duran won the welter title earlier?
  142. Has anyone ever avenged a shutout?
  143. Ali opponent?
  144. You miss, you pay - who was the best?
  145. Potential IBHOF inductees
  146. The Last Hurrah-Holmes/Ali
  147. Did the holmes cooney fight live up to the hype?
  148. Classic KO: Curry vs. McClellan
  149. what do you consider ken nortons best fight?
  150. who has a better resume emile griffth or tommy hearns?
  151. If tyson dint go to prison.....
  152. Antonio Cervantes
  153. can certain chins take different punches?
  154. Most devastating middleweight knockout
  155. Did George Foreman deserve a title shot?
  156. Tommy Loughran vs. Leo Lomski
  157. Julian Jackson
  158. Archie Moore talks
  159. I never knew Marlon Starling was involved in such a tragic fight.
  160. Happy 71st Birthday to Muhammad Ali
  161. James Toney vs Montell Griffin I & II - two robberies ?
  162. Best of the 3 main styles
  163. Mauro Mina
  164. What Happened to the Swarming Style?
  165. Ricky Hatton's "legacy"
  166. Fighters who did drugs (non-PEDs)
  167. Kosta Tszyu
  168. Tippy Larkin vs Tommy Cross
  169. best at weight classes
  170. Best examples of neutralizing speed?
  171. Which pro boxer has the highest amount of wins?
  172. R.I.P Chucho Castillo
  173. Miguel Cotto, a modern day Hearns?
  174. Chavez Jr vs Jorge Castro
  175. What did you think of the hbo movie on tyson?
  176. When did you become a boxing fan?
  177. Vitali Klitschko vs Lennox Lewis. I don't see many talking about this fight
  178. 6 weeks!!? Any other (recent!) examples?
  179. Why Do Trainers Have Primes?
  180. How Much Do Genetics Matter?
  181. Vitali Klitschko KO'd by Pele Reid in a kickboxing fight video
  182. Fighters surviving in other eras
  183. will a JMM-benitez fantasy fight...
  184. Dempsey's "duck" of Greb
  185. The most skilled fighter you've ever seen?
  186. hopkins, calzaghe. slap his way to a descision?
  187. Did Tyson often fight square on?
  188. freddie brown trainer
  189. does ray leonard beat tommy hearns without dundee in his corner?
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  191. Greatest fighter with bad genes
  192. How Much Is Ring IQ Naturally Inherent?
  193. Wladimir & Vitali Klitschko
  194. Fighters with the most Torrid pace?
  195. "I would rather shoot myself in the leg than re-watch this fight"
  196. Can you name a fighter who quite while still in his prime?
  197. Welterweight vs Heavyweight
  198. Another Mike Tyson thread: How did Tyson fair against Southpaws?
  199. which fight was joe louis best win?
  200. Was there ever a movie made on sonny liston?
  201. ATGs who look completely weird/strange in their style, almost amateurish
  202. If You Could Box Like Any One Fighter, Who Would It Be?
  203. Excellent article on Archie Moore
  204. Marvin hagler impossible to knock out
  205. How would a fight between charlie Burly and SRR unfold?
  206. who had the better chin leonard or duran?
  207. who won rounds by impressing judges in the last 30 seconds?
  208. How do you rate Paul Williams?
  209. Do you think sonny listons camp knew they had a formidable challange in cassius clay
  210. what was max baer best win
  211. what was the hardest body shot ever thrown?
  212. Why was Lennox Lewis a Late Bloomer?
  213. Which sportswriters wrote the best articles?
  214. could buster douglas been better ?
  215. jcc sr vs alexis
  216. how do rate roger mayweather's career?
  217. would larry holmes of 1980 have beat a prime tyson
  218. How good was Naseem Hamed
  219. Ismeal laguna
  220. Did sugar ray robinson hang on too long?
  221. hearns duran
  222. sugar ray leonards best win
  223. larry holmes best win
  224. Joe louis worst loss
  225. ali's worst loss
  226. If ali did not challange big george?
  227. whos hook was better cooney or ruddock.
  228. If roberto duran had more professionalism how much more would he have accomplished?
  229. Fighters Who Were Tough but Easily Frustrated or Discouraged?
  230. Who had the hardest jab in history?
  231. Who are peoples favourite fighter here?
  232. fighters that would beat the Klitchkos
  233. Worst Duck in History
  234. did marvin hagler tighten up in some of his big fights.
  235. who faced better competition hagler or monzon?
  236. Sturm or Ottke
  237. Taansends Weekly Series Of Fighters YOU Don't Care About.
  238. was tyson scared of bowe and foreman
  239. Lupe Pintor....Hall of Fame?
  240. Muhammad Ali not doing well
  241. what was a prime lennox lewis?
  242. Your Earlier Memory Of Ali.
  243. Report of Ali not doing well a farce!!
  244. Ranking the Nonpareil
  245. Arnold Taylor, Salvidor Sanchez, James Schuler and Jack Johnson
  246. 70 years ago today
  247. Does anyone know what the odds were on barkley duran
  248. anybody know what james toneys
  249. Kronk Gym CLOSED!
  250. Jose Luis Ramirez....Hall of Fame?