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  1. why did randy turpin give ray robinson so much trouble
  2. ray arcels best twelve fighters as per the book by donald dewey
  3. Where Does Hopkins Defense Rank Historically?
  4. how much longer could have tunny held on to the title
  5. Whi was the best fighter to come out of the 1984 LA games
  6. which viriut brother was the better fighter?
  7. Which notable fights has Harold Lederman judged as an official RINGSIDE judge....
  8. Pacquiao-Marquez 1
  9. where does Lennox Lewis Rank among heavey weights?
  10. Question about Olympic Boxing
  11. box rec P4P list
  12. who had the better hook in their prime? Napoles or Cuevas
  13. Had Marciano not retired would Patterson have become champion?
  14. Had Lewis not retired would Vitali have become such a dominant force?
  15. Roy Jones vs. These Fighters at MW
  16. Roy Jones vs. Chris Eubank and Frank Liles at SMW.
  17. Brawler vs. Slugger.
  18. If the Klitschkos Fought in the 60s-70s.
  19. who will go down in history as the better fighter holyfield of Tyson/
  20. If Roy Jones Fought in Today's MW-LHW Division
  21. Roy Jones vs. Mike McCallum at MW.
  22. If Roy Jones Learned the Fundamentals
  23. bert coopers power and potential
  24. what fight was more entertaining?
  25. Did the Buster Douglas Fight save Tyson's reputation
  26. Rare Jack Johnson Documentary "Breaking Barriers" [VIDEO]
  27. Joe Louis
  28. Any legitimacy to the theory SRL "waited for Hagler to get old"?
  29. was micheal spinks underated?
  30. What is the deepest division in boxing?
  31. How would the Jack Dempsey/Gene Tunney fight have turned out If fought 2 years earlie
  32. Post a vid
  33. Who is the smartest fighter to every box?
  34. Did you agree with scoring on duran leonard 1?
  35. Do you believe that wilfred benitez only trained 2 weeks for his fight with leonard?
  36. Why did the Canadain Fans support duran over leonard in Montreal?
  37. what was alexis argulleo best weight Division?
  38. Who was the best conditioned fighter of the 80s and 90s
  39. The ultimate boxing machine
  40. What was rocky marcianos greatest win?
  41. Who was the most popular since Ali?
  42. leonard duran 2
  43. Is there a name for the hair-do Kostya Tszyu had?
  44. Theory on how to beat a Cus D'Amato style fighter...
  45. Most shocking No mas-es(excluding the No Mas)
  46. Top 10 Greatest Fighters of All Time
  47. What was the most devastating shot Ali ever took?
  48. Which heavyweight do you rank higher
  49. Does Marvin Hagler make your all time top 10?
  50. Where Does Hopkins and Mayweather's Right Hands Rank Historically?
  51. did Vitali Klitschko effort against lewis convince lennox to retire?
  52. who were the best cruiser weights of all time
  53. who was joe louis's toughest foe?
  54. what was the greatest upset in boxing history?
  55. How will a Prime Matt Saad Muhammad do in today's 168-175 Division?
  56. What would a Ali-Foreman II immediate re-match have looked like?
  57. Andrew Golata vs Frank Bruno
  58. The greatest series of fights Ever?
  59. Graciano Rocchigiani tested positive for drugs?
  60. Ranking the "Hands of Stone"
  61. Charles and Holmes
  62. Best they faced!
  63. how will history judge pbf?
  64. Fraziers Defense Overated
  65. Sam Langford went from Featherweight to Heavyweight
  66. Anybody else read Sugar Ray Leonard's book?
  67. Where is ray leonard rated p4p?
  68. Did Donald Curry waste his potential?
  69. Bill stribling,aka young stribling educate me
  70. Mike Tyson vs Carl "The Truth" Williams
  71. Who were the best fighters to hook off the jab?
  72. Boxers with ATG Jabs?
  73. small heavy weight tourney
  74. Does jimmy mclarin deserve to be ranked 21st p4p
  75. which non hw had the best left hook
  76. what would have happened in a third robinson\basilio match
  77. Rank these recent greats
  78. boxers you used to hate ? but now admire
  79. Why did Mills Lane always tap his nose when introduced?
  80. Does Anyone Remember This Heavyweight Fight?
  81. would marcel Cerdan beat lamotta in the rematch
  82. upcoming fab 4 tour
  83. how good was herol grahame
  84. how do you see sergio vs hagler playing out? both in prime
  85. did norton deserve the nod over ali in there last fight?
  86. What was your prediction prior to the first Holyfield tyson match?
  87. whatever happened to Shazzon Bradley
  88. Whitaker vs Chavez
  89. Mayweather vs Castillo 1 - Why The Decision Was Fair
  90. have any of you met a hof fighter?
  91. why dont boxers fight at their natural weight?
  92. Best inside fighter of the last 20 years?
  93. Sergio Matinez aint ATG right now but ...
  94. What constitutes a good jab?
  95. resumes
  96. just for the record who won hagler or leonard ?
  97. The orginal fab 4
  98. Right hand counter on southpaws
  99. how good was vinny paz
  100. What Is The Truth Behind Why We Didn't See A Hagler-Leonard Rematch?
  101. Why isn't boxing on major networks anymore?
  102. Has anyone read Muhammad Ali his life and times by Thomas Hauser
  103. Tyson's Right Hook body, left hook head- Video
  104. Anyone know why there was no hagler duran 2
  105. Roberto Duran essentials?
  106. wilt vs ali
  107. Was foreman frazier 1 viewed as a big upset?
  108. How good was bummy davis?
  109. leonard duran 3
  110. When should have ali retired?
  111. When should Roberto Duran retired?
  112. What was your favorite sugar ray robinson fight?
  113. The good ol' days.....
  114. What do you think of Oscar dela hoya's carreer
  115. comparing oscar to leonard
  116. Top 10 P4P hardest hitters?
  117. Has any one hear seen roberto duran fight as a lightweight?
  118. Did eddie futch get enough credit for his fighters performances against ali?
  119. Who are some of the best Heavyweight combination boxers in history?
  120. Boxing History Popularity Contest
  121. Willie Pastrano appreciation thread
  122. Where does Pernell Whitaker rank on your ATG list?
  123. Change the outcome of 3past fights
  124. When did marvin hagler peak as a fighter
  125. If Carlos Monzon moved up to LHW.
  126. Do you think in about 15 years we will be discussing andre wards career on this forum
  127. Mike Tyson for president!!!!
  128. thrilla in manilla
  129. Gasper Ortega induction into hall of fame
  130. This Is Boxing: Heavyweights ᴴᴰ
  131. True or false: A major world championship will never be shown on free TV again
  132. What Heavyweight champions could KO Valuev?
  133. Did Wilfredo Gomez hold the record for mosts ko's in title defense's?
  134. What direction would Salvador Sanchez carreer have taken.
  135. Would Ali have been a better fighter if he body punched more often?
  136. who was the toughest fighter p4p Lamotta or Chavalo?
  137. boxing welterweight tournament
  138. RARE Ali, Frazier, Holmes and Norton on Donahue show (1990)
  139. Best knockout of all time?
  140. More questions about linear title.
  141. Legitimate Belts?
  142. Southpaws Who Relied On the Right Hook Instead of Left...
  143. Did the sucess of george Foremans comeback surprise you?
  144. What was your take on the phantom punch of ali liston 2?
  145. Fighters with underrated speed
  146. Veeraphol Sahaprom Appreciation Thread
  147. Could Foreman Still Win Fights Today?
  148. Fighters like Duran?
  149. Best knockdown ( not. Knockout)
  150. Best southpaw bodypunchers...
  151. what great fights never happened ?
  152. Most SKILLED Weight Divisions?
  153. Foreman's prediction for Tyson-Holyfield back in '91..
  154. Did George Chavalo reach his potential?
  155. Biggest shot you heard land that hurt someone or made them scream.
  156. IYO could Foreman or Shavers knock out a 1,500lbs grizzly bear?
  157. Most skilled of the Fabulous Four?
  158. Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali
  159. Was arron Pryor The best jr ww of the 20th century?
  160. Name a fight with these criteria
  161. Duran vs Today's 154 lbs class
  162. Sugar Ray Leonard vs Nino Benvetuni at 160
  163. Prime SRL vs Amateur boxer on Ferry.
  164. Steel Bodies?
  165. New Documentary about Gentleman Jim Corbett
  166. newsletter vol 8 no 12- Benny leonard
  167. Past Fighters
  168. Mike Tyson's relationship with Jim Jacobs turned bitter
  169. fighters who attempted suicide after boxing
  170. Holmes-Spinks II.
  171. Joe Louis vs Riddick Bowe
  172. Why did Riddick Bowe vs. Lennox Lewis never happen?
  173. So Evander Holyfield is finally retired?
  174. Financially succesfull Boxers' current networth
  175. Teofilo Stevenson: A Cuban Great
  176. Lewis-McCall III.
  177. Todays athletes aren't always better
  178. Oldschool boxing photos
  179. Questions about Chavez-Taylor I.
  180. How does a round robin between duran, chavez, arguello and pacquiao play out at 135?
  181. Emanuel Steward's death has been confirmed by his sister.
  182. Bernard Hopkins' most exciting fight?
  183. Is it fair if Virgil Hill gets voted into the HOF but not Michalczewski?
  184. McGoortys Videos 1st Effort Les Darcy tribute
  185. 147 tournament
  186. Remember Bert Whitehurst
  187. Floyd MAYWEATHERS Time Machine - New McGoorty Video
  188. My Fighters of the Decade 2000-2009
  189. Mayweather v Gatti 2005 is legendary
  190. Teofilo Stevenson "Pirolo"
  191. Best Pushers?
  192. Rate these fighters according to these Attributes
  193. Who WINS Fitzsimmons V Corbett with modern gloves
  194. Did Sugar Ray Robinson cross the Mob when he beat Lamotta for the mw title?
  195. Was Harry Greb considered a good defensive fighter?
  196. Specific interview with George Foreman
  197. What if Jimmy Ellis beat Joe Frazier...
  198. What if Patterson beat Liston?
  199. What if Frazier and Ali fought in the 60s?
  200. Marvin Johnson
  201. Books for Christmas.
  202. Most talented boxer?
  203. If SRR won the LHW title
  204. Robinson vs. Jones: Who's better?
  205. boxers with degrees
  206. The Louis Conn Myths
  207. if all these guys fight each other at heayweight
  208. WBO was considered a 2nd tier title until 2004
  209. Boxer with best bodywork.
  210. Did Wlad Duck ...
  211. Corrie Sanders (RIP) took away a huge chunk of Lennox's what could have been Resume
  212. Holyfield robbed in 3rd fight with Ruiz, Will RJJ fought him
  213. RIP Carmen Basilio.
  214. riddick bowe the hypocrite !!!
  215. Why is Floyd Patterson so underrated?
  216. What if Holmes beat Spinks in the rematch?
  217. James Page Comeback
  218. Talk to me about Jose Luis Lopez
  219. Top 10 Biggest fights in modern boxing(1970-present)
  220. ESPN's Top Rank Boxing
  221. Basilio candidate for toughest fighter?
  222. Oliver McCall ... Best Chin Ever?
  223. Frazier V Marciano
  224. The story behind this picture.
  225. Where does Billy Conn rate P4P?
  226. Floyd Mayweather vs Reggie Strickland
  227. Change the outcome of any three fights
  228. Recommend one fight to someone who is not yet a boxing fan
  229. Why did Rocky Graziano never fight Jake LaMotta?
  230. Could Mike Tyson have beaten George Foreman?
  231. P4P Greatest Brawlers
  232. Willie Pep vs Salvador Sanchez...who wins?
  233. whats the furthest you have ran?
  234. legendary, humble,quiet champions
  235. What Punch/es Was James Toney Open For?
  236. If John L Sullivan were active today would he be THE champ
  237. About Barrera and Morales
  238. Hector Camacho RIP
  239. Who's Better? Jose Luis Ramirez or Yori Boy Campas.
  240. Quick Pointless Quiz
  241. What Are the Highest Bout Between Undefeated Fighters?
  242. British Lightwelters of the 90's.
  243. The best all-British Rivalry
  244. Michael Watson vs Jermain Taylor
  245. Most Impressive Performances By Green Fighters
  246. Mike Tyson - "nobody beats Ali"
  247. Norton/Holmes shocking scoring!
  248. Why did....
  250. Felix "TITO" TRINIDAD