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  1. Roy Jones Overrated?
  2. Best KOs from body shots?
  3. Connect the Fighters
  4. How would a motivated Riddick Bowe have done?
  5. Best book on Mike Tyson ?
  6. Championship Fighting by Jack Dempsey
  7. Pernell Whitaker: Defensive fighter or Offensive fighter with great defense?
  8. Just how good was Jim Jeffries?
  9. newsletter vol 8 no 7
  10. Leija vs Nelson
  11. Mike Weaver vs. Gerrie Coetzee
  12. If Golota fought fair?
  13. Unforgivable Blackness-Jack Johnson
  14. Post your scorecards........
  15. Best overhand right.. Tim Witherspoon or Renaldo Snipes?
  16. Regarding Tyson vs Mathis...
  17. Erik Morales vs Roger Mayweather at 130
  18. The color line and Gene Tunney
  19. best contender for every era
  20. Create-A-Fighter
  21. Greb-Dempsey sparring footage exists!!!
  22. What is the best fight you ahve ever seen?
  23. Did George Foreman spit at Joe Frazier in their first fight?
  24. Tszyu blew a chance to face Floyd Mayweather
  25. If the Klitschkos Fought in the 90s.
  26. 25 years ago today
  27. C. Eubank Sr analysis of biggest fights (incredible)
  28. Tommy Morrison
  29. was Ali vs Norton 2 the best Ali looked in his comeback?
  30. Ali, Foreman and Frasier interview
  31. Greater fighter from Wales: Freddie Welsh or Joe Calzaghe
  32. I am ignorant.
  33. The Outlaw Jesse James (Hughes).
  34. Louis with an iron chin= H2H King?
  35. Mike Tyson is the Greatest
  36. Wlad Klitschko and the Tyson effect
  37. Marvin Hagler vs Roberto Duran - Does Anyone Think It Was Seriously Close?
  38. Is Mexican fighter Jesus Chong the first champion of Chinese descent?
  39. Davey and Matt Hilton
  40. Young Fighters Schooled By Veterans Who Later Went On to Do Good Things/Become ATGs
  41. What are the coolest boxer nick-names?
  42. Losses of which fighters seem to be proud of...
  43. Amongst big guys (6'3" +) who was the best in fighter?
  44. Has There Ever Been Another David Reid Situation?
  45. Why is Paddy McGuigan not in the IBHOF?
  46. roberto duran skiping rope
  47. The most underrated wins of ATG fighters?
  48. R.I.P. - Jimmy Bivins
  49. More skilled: Pernell Whitaker or Ricardo Lopez?
  50. Who is the worst heavyweight champion?
  51. Has an old-time boxer ever explained in detail what it's like to be knocked cold?
  52. Why do Brits sing for their fighters?
  53. Punch right after the bell and scoring a round?
  54. Ring Mag's Best Top 80 P4P of the Past 80 Years. Any Updates Since 2002?
  55. Danish Welterweight Frank Olsen
  56. Holyfield VS Haye at Cruiserweight: who wins?
  57. Just How Physically Big Was Duran?
  58. Wlad will tie Joe Louis with his next KO.
  59. Is Terry Marsh Under-rated?
  60. IYO how could George Foreman, Earnie Shaves, John Mugabi, etc, punch so hard?
  61. newsletter vol 8 no 8
  62. Was Foreman ever knocked down in a sparring session?
  63. Who do you feel should be in your top-10 heavweight ever list?
  64. If Thomas Hearns fought today
  65. Best fights of 1989
  66. Ward vs dawson
  67. Paul Pirrone - can you help me?
  68. Nunn-Starling and its historical significance
  69. Which Boxing book should I get?
  70. Gary Mason
  71. best resume in way to being champ
  72. Rank these fighters based on skill
  73. Jose Napoles By Rick Farris
  74. Archie Moore vs. Ezzard Charles Trilogy...
  75. In Their Primes
  76. the myth that todays fat HW's are bigger and stronger
  77. What fighters at light-heavy and under had the same heart as a Holyfield, Frazier.
  78. Mike Tson's Right hook to the body, Right uppercut to the head combo
  79. What was prime Roy Jones most competitive and exciting fight?
  80. Fighters who had immense talent but weren't really dedicated?
  81. Thoughts on Hagler-Hearns...
  82. David Haye vs Dereck Chisora
  83. Marciano was a scary motherf*cker
  84. Davey Moore jr middleweight legacy
  85. how good was carlos palimino
  86. When did Foreman, Tyson, and Holyfield lose their hair?
  87. who were the best canuck fighters
  88. Boxing Books
  89. Leonard's Olympic Gold
  90. If modern refereeing standards were applied...
  91. Who can educate me on thumbless boxing gloves?
  92. Any one have any knowledge of Al Ford
  93. roberto durans first title fight
  94. Which pre 1940 fighter looks best on film?
  95. Show me a better 2 years for great fights than 07-08
  96. This Day in Boxing History
  97. Harry Greb on History Detectives
  98. Charley 'The Devil' Green
  99. why did duran not go for the jr welter title?
  100. Is it a lock no matter how good you are.. Someone will have your #?
  101. The Myth that SRL changed his style and beat Duran
  102. In Your Opinion, How Many Losses Do Each of These Fighters Really Have?
  103. Miguel Cotto vs Shane Mosley Revisited
  104. Guess The Champ.
  105. Ex-Boxers. Where Are They Now?
  106. Is it dangerous for a fighter to wear contact lenses during a fight?
  107. Guess The Champ II
  108. How would Carlos Monzon fair today?
  109. Had Hearns gotten the decision in Leonard-Hearns II, would we have seen a 3rd fight?
  110. trainers the unsung heros
  111. Another Guess the Champ
  112. Yet another guess the champ
  113. What Are The 3 Worst Decisions You Have Ever Seen?
  114. newsletter vol 8 no 9
  115. Is the ability to recover after being hurt a result of great conditioning?
  116. Who Had The Least Distance Fights?
  117. Which Boxer Should Have a Film Made About them?
  118. Was J.C Chavez Senior top ten all time?
  119. Sugar Ray Robinson Vs Southpaws
  120. Remembering the 3 fights during Larry Holmes' reign which he may not have won.
  121. "Boxing's Three Amigos" vs Chavez Sr.
  122. Saved by the bell
  123. Why is Ray Robinson considered the greatest?
  124. What Style Has Troubled Counterpunchers Historically?
  125. "The Incomparable Sugar Ray Robinson Named Greatest Fighter Of All Time" By Monte Cox
  126. peak of great fighters
  127. Better chin: Tyson or Holyfield?
  128. Let's say all heavyweight greats were in the same era?
  129. I want to ask the experts of the History Section a very important Question:
  130. Which HWs past and present would have had a good chance of beating a 70s Foreman?
  131. Corkscrew punch
  132. Roberto Duran VS Carlos Ortiz
  133. Let's say all the greatest Lightweights of all time were all competing
  134. best combination of punches
  135. Nelson Mandela on Boxing
  136. The Triumph and Tragedy of Riddick Bowe -new book
  137. Champs of 1962 vs Champs of 1972
  138. newsletter vol 8 no 9-McLarnin and Ross
  139. Highest Weight World Titles By Country?
  140. Light Flyweight - 1985-1995
  141. any one read ray leonards book
  142. Save 24/7, weren't HBO's fight broadcasts sooo much better in the '80's?
  143. Let's transport our heavyweight ATG's into different era's and see what happens!
  144. Ken Norton suffers stroke
  145. Least Skilled ATG?
  146. When did Hearns' prime end?
  147. Prince Charles Williams
  148. Salido/Guerrero controversy?
  149. Wasn't there also an Ali article on how he would have beaten Tyson?
  150. Saad Muhammad on Art Fennell
  151. R.I.P. - Michael Dokes
  152. If you want a hook like Frazier's...
  153. How would you categorize James Toney's style?
  154. Buddy McGirt
  155. Great Cuban Fighters?
  156. Did Ali neglect to go to the body?
  157. Which Great Fighters Held on to there Money
  158. question about the history of glove size.
  159. George Foreman: King of the Super-Heavyweights By Monte Cox
  160. Concerning styles...
  161. Reiterating history section rules
  162. Orlando Canizales.
  163. Ray Arcel A boxing
  164. should duran have retired after montreal
  165. tyson with jimmy Jacobs and kevin rooney
  166. arron pryors ranking
  167. Jake LaMotta shadowboxing...
  168. Why was Leonard-Duran III for the SMW title but they weighed 160 and 158
  169. Eddie mustafa Muhammad..How good was he?
  170. What Makes Whitaker Rank So High As An ATG?
  171. Why did Hearns leave 147?
  172. Latin America's Greatest Fighter(s)
  173. what is more impressive
  174. durans lightweight resume
  175. leonard at welter
  176. Nigel Benn
  177. SRL Tribute
  178. Which other matchups are there of two fighters as vicious as these 2....
  179. carlos palomino durability
  180. hearns barkley
  181. why do today fighters have short careers
  182. Wladimir Klitschko: I Believe I Can Fly
  183. Southpaws Who Were Good At Not Getting Nailed By Rights
  184. Why did duran go past 147
  185. Why did Hagler not Knock out leonard/duran
  186. would hagler have beaten leonard if the fight had been scheduled for 15 rounds
  187. Juan Manuel Marquez vs Chris John - An Absolute Disgrace
  188. How to box manual by James Corbett
  189. Best Technician?
  190. late 80s Holyfield vs late 80s Tony Tucker
  191. was sam langford as good as advertised
  192. [VIDEO] Rocky Marciano Statue Unveiled in Mexico
  193. Roy Jones Jr or Mike Tyson
  194. who are the top five light heavies ever
  195. Idea for a boxing film
  196. Jack 'Kid' Berg Book
  197. Mickey Walker and Jack Sharkey
  198. Kid McCoy and Tommy Ryan
  199. Jack Sharkey
  200. Jack Sharkey and Maloney -1927
  201. Where does Tapia rate?
  202. Difference between an infighter, swarmer, and pressure fighter?
  203. What was a more impressive achievement on Roberto Durans Part
  204. A tale of two Canadain Hope fulls
  205. Amazing footwork
  206. name the top five lightweights
  207. top 5 jr welters
  208. Merchant and Whitaker
  209. Who Is the Highest Rank ATG That Muhammad Ali Beat?
  210. newsletter vol 8 no 11 - Robert Edgren collection 2
  211. Matthew Saad Muhammad Best Performances
  212. what was wilfred benitezs best performance
  213. name tommy hearns best fights out of the following selections
  214. Tough, but easily cut
  215. How good was charley burley
  216. what were sugar ray robinsons greatest wins
  217. What decade produced the greatest fighters of the 20th and 21th Century?
  218. boxing popularity
  219. Linear Title?
  220. name the best manager,trainer,fighter combination
  221. what tv analyst did you prefer comment on fights
  222. Hitman Hearns: What if...
  223. what fighter has rebounded from a devestating defeat and moved on to have good career
  224. Hearns vs McCallum, Toney vs McClellan sparring footage
  225. Muhammad Ali's exile
  226. Olympic boxers and their jobs...
  227. Top 25 of the last 20?
  228. Ring IQ vs Skill?
  229. 15 Most Exciting Warriors of the Ring
  230. What style boxer was Foreman considered?
  231. Bob Foster vs RJJ
  232. What was sugar ray leonards best fight
  233. Did Duran deserve to win the barkly fight?
  234. Heavyweight Legends ***7476;***7472;
  235. tunney and dempsy
  236. Who had the best right hand at heavy weight?
  237. Greatest &/or current AMERICAN strawweights (105ers)...?
  238. Question About Leonard-Hearns 2
  239. what was durans greatest win at lightweight?
  240. What was durans best wins at welterweight/
  241. who had the best hook at heavey weight?
  242. How good could max baer have been?
  243. how long would ken buchanan held on to the title if roberto duran did not exsist?
  244. name the best jab at heavy weight
  245. who threw the best combinations regardless of weight division?
  246. name the best body puncher
  247. who retired at the top of there game
  248. was anyone at the tyson ruddock 1 in vegas?
  249. Is lou ambers underated?
  250. Do you think Sonny Liston was overrated?