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  1. the most skilled boxers of all time?
  2. Freddie Roach vs Micky Ward in 1985/86
  3. Hearns body attack: please read before voting
  4. Post videos of good heavyweights beating the crap out of each other:
  5. Do you guys keep a notebook of scorecards? Or perhaps an Excel spreadsheet?
  6. What are Mike McCallum's Top 5 wins?
  7. Comparisons between Lennox Lewis and Tommy Hearns...
  8. Leonard v Hagler Who do you think won?
  9. Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield I
  10. Jim Braddock?
  11. As boxing fans are we too forgiving?
  12. boxers behaving badly
  13. 2 questions about Tyson
  14. What fighter has more defenses of any title in any division?
  15. Hardest puncher ever at 135??
  16. Dave Shade
  17. Sugar Ray Robinson On The Hardest Puncher He Ever Faced
  18. Best rivalry fights?
  19. changes in boxing throughout history, how does it effect comparisons?
  20. The sad tale of Patterson I
  21. The man called Sonny Liston
  22. Doing homework!
  23. Ali vs Current Era
  24. Fighters Who Thrilled! The Ten Most Exciting
  25. The Benn-McClellan fight 1-2
  26. Past Fighters that would have been great in junior divisions?
  27. Mayweather's Super Featherweight Reign
  28. The sad tale of Patterson II
  29. Sugar Ray Robinson's Escape from the Military
  30. Who did Flowers fight like ?
  31. Toney-Griffin 1
  32. Tommy Morrison vs Michael Moorer
  33. Ike Williams Highlights.
  34. Question about boxing weight classes
  35. Good Sergio Martinez fight last night
  36. First 'Boxer' ever?
  37. Joe Louis vs both Klitschkos
  38. newsletter vol 8 no 4-Dave Shade
  39. The Benn-McClellan fight 2-2
  40. Old school sweet science boxers list
  41. Do you believe that Press People...
  42. New Harry Greb picture
  43. Who is Responsible for the Bad Referees and Judges??
  44. Bert Sugar RIP
  45. When was the 10-second rule implemented?
  46. RIP Mac Foster.
  47. A new biography on Rocky Marciano...
  48. James Toney: In the beginning
  49. Roy Jones: In the beginning
  50. Anyone have Bruce Lee's Boxing Rec.?
  51. An interesting little tidbit.
  52. 71 Ali vs Marciano
  53. Greatest boxing Trilogy of all time?
  54. A Petition to End Boxing Robberies! Finally.
  55. Is the sport of boxing devolving?
  56. How good was Jose Napoles?
  57. Predict this 8 man welterweight tournament
  58. GJC rememberance
  59. Personal Favorites That Might Not Be All-Time Greats
  60. Video: Muhammad Ali on Rocky Marciano
  61. Victor Grimski - a forgotten legend of the ring
  62. Anyone seen how skinny Hearns' legs were in the Cuevas fight?
  63. Hagler of 86 vs Rodrigo Valdez.
  64. Which Fighters Had the Most Pretty and Artistic Styles?
  65. Does Hearns vs Grant footage exist?
  66. What are the best books to read on Joe Louis and Ray Robinson?
  67. Will Mayweather beat Marciano's 49-0 record?
  68. Robinson vs Graziano
  69. Timberrrrr
  70. Did Hank Armstrong ever go up against a great boxer?
  71. The Heavyweight Tournament won by Tony Tubbs?!
  72. Better Cruiserweight - Steve Cunningham or Vassiliy Jirov?
  73. The GJC memorial monster trivia.
  74. Hey how underated is Michael Dokes?
  75. The man called Joe Frazier
  76. Gerald McClellan: In the beginning 1-3
  77. Can we get the top 3 welterweights of each decade, and compare?
  78. The Puerto Rico vs. Mexico rivalry myth! part I
  79. The Puerto Rico vs. Mexico rivalry myth! part II
  80. Featherweights with Heavyweight hands
  81. Boxing's Dictators
  82. Johnny Tapia vs Mark Johnson in 1998
  83. Question about old boxing equipment - speed bag
  84. The GJC Joe Baksi Memorial Thread
  85. Mike Tyson's ring attire...
  86. What do you guys consider a stronger Heavyweight era?
  87. Duran vs Simms
  88. Great boxing moniker's
  89. Fighters who never pulled any dirty stuff in the ring
  90. Chris Eubank vs Robin Reid 1997???
  91. Roy Jones: No excuses to duck Michael Nunn in 1997
  92. Harry Simon - Paul Williams @154
  93. First boxer to use Entrance Music?
  94. Joe Frazer: In the beginning 1-2
  95. Joe Frazier: In the beginning 2-2
  96. Fighters Who Were Never The Same After Their First Loss
  97. How popular was boxing in the US at its peak?
  98. Isn't it wrong for HBO/Showtime to not broadcast Heavyweight Championship fights?
  99. What was the intro track Tyson used for the spinks fight?
  100. Why did Marciano Not Fight The Best of His Era.
  101. Gerald McClellan: In the beginning 2-3
  102. The Frazier-Ali feud 1-2
  103. Most beautiful exhibitions of textbook/classic boxing?
  104. The hardest KO punch you've seen...
  105. Does Roy Jones deserve to be considered an elite ATG?
  106. Lamotta and the sad condition of Benitez
  107. Bob Fitzsimmons's triple crown
  108. Big stars were scared of prime Joe Calzaghe.
  109. Is there any early video bouts of young Marvin hangler?
  110. Vic Toweel or Jim Jeffries, who had the tougher run to the title?
  111. Worst top 10 middleweight list I've seen
  112. Julio Cesar Chavez' best performance?
  113. Ike Ibeabuchi vs Gerry Cooney OR Ron Lyle vs Riddick Bowe
  114. Mike Weaver's inactivity as WBA Heavyweight champ
  115. Ali vs Oscar Bonavena
  116. Biography of the original Kid Chocolate, written by me
  117. How Skilled Was Mike Tyson?
  118. Fighters who trained very little
  119. newsletter vol 8 no 5- Hogan Kid Bassey
  120. Mayweather Jr vs Casamayor in 2000 (@130)
  121. Jose Luis Castillo underrated
  122. How much more Mayweather needs to do to be serious candidate for GOAT?
  123. Eagle Den Junlaphan vs Rodel Mayol - One Of The Best Fights You Will Ever See
  124. How Skilled was James Toney?
  125. Gerald McClellan: in the beginning 3-3
  126. The Frazier-Ali feud 2-2
  127. Why does Hopkins wear a mask to a fight?
  128. Who LOST to the most great fighters?
  129. Thomas Hearns, Emanuel Steward List Their Ten Greatest Fighters Of All-Time
  130. Jack Johnson or Rocky Marciano, who ranks higher at HW?
  131. Acts of good sportsmanship?
  132. "Boring" fighters you enjoy watching? Or "exciting fighters you don't enjoy watching?
  133. Where do you rate Harry Wills on your HW lists?
  134. If you could have a friendly spar with the prime versions of any fighter?
  135. Great fights/fighters nobody talks about?
  136. Better Heavyweight streak, Tunney or Spinks?
  137. The best H2H fighter at WW and MW? (Retired only.)
  138. Tunney or Monzon?
  139. Complete list of current fighters who will be first ballot IBHOF inductees
  140. Name all the 3 weight + world champions.
  141. Who's the best HW Sam Langford can beat?
  142. Myth busted regarding the Ali-Cooper fight
  143. Incredible Joe Frazier tribute
  144. Paz and Tyson
  145. The longest break between two fights between two fighters?
  146. I need to ask some unbiased, smart people...
  147. Biggest fighters for each weight class
  148. Out of these offensive fighters, which one was the most "skilled"?
  149. Andy Ganagin RIP
  150. Classic boxing magazines
  151. Which is worse for a fighter... Is it a long stretch of inactivity or a tough fight??
  152. Dave sands
  153. What if Louis, Marciano, Tyson, and Ali had never existed...
  154. Different scoring systems
  155. Harold Johnson - Thoughts?
  156. Where is Jose Napoles today?
  157. The Frazier-Foreman fight
  158. Joe Frazier: Life after Manila
  159. The Toney - Griffin fight
  160. Archie Moore vs Yvon Durelle I.
  161. Barnburner's Full Boxing Fights on Youtube.
  162. Robinson vs Tunney
  163. Heres a painting my dad did of Lennox Lewis
  164. Francesco Damiani today
  165. newsletter vol 8 no 6 - Kid McCoy v Maher
  166. Cracking Mike Casey article on George Foreman
  167. Pugilistica
  168. Ali-Frazier or Holyfield-Bowe?
  169. How Textbook is Floyd Mayweather?
  170. Idea for for new forum
  171. Genaro Hernandez interviewing Diego Corrales
  172. Tyson four years older than he claims to be?
  173. i am honestly perplexed at the p4p title being vacant
  174. Eddie Perkins RIP
  175. Tyson vs D Williams
  176. What did Jim Lampely have against Tim Witherspoon?
  177. Ironies in classic boxing...
  178. Carmen BASILIO Vs Floyd MAYWEATHER Jr
  179. Remember when Eubank and Benn fought again.....As Gladiators
  180. Quick question, need help
  181. Who would be the "Fifth King"?
  182. Better Resume: Ray Leonard Vs. Pernell Whitaker
  183. Some other history stuff, for those interested
  184. History Lang
  185. What fighters do you think lied about their height?
  186. Vote in boxing.com's HW poll
  187. All about pre-fight staredowns, touch gloves
  188. The Hippocracy of Jose Suliman
  189. Terry Norris: underrated?
  190. Heavyweight Champions with their belts
  191. are old school fighters better than present day fighters??
  192. How would Barenuckle fighters fair today?
  193. name me a fight with these parameters
  194. A few clips I uploaded from old recordings
  195. Isn't it depressing there was never a Holmes-Foreman bout?
  196. What happend to boxpres.com?
  197. What is the most drastic change in style of a fighter you've seen?
  198. Conditioning training now and then
  199. George Foreman: Olympic Salvation
  200. Donald Curry vs Wilfredo Benitez at 147
  201. R.I.P. Johnny Tapia
  202. Boxing News 100 Greatest Boxers
  203. What happend with boxing in South Korea?
  204. If Sugar Ray Leonard was more active?
  205. How many rounds would Valuev have lasted against Prime Lewis
  206. How do you rate Ricardo Lopez among Barrera,Morales and Marquez?
  207. Good article on David Reid from Ring mag
  208. All-Star Boxing Legends Gala Tribute Dinner
  209. Greatest Mexican Featherweight ?.
  210. The type of people that turned up to watch a boxing fight in the past and present
  211. What were your scores for Toney vs Jirov?
  212. The Prizefighter and the Lady-oldschool boxing movie
  213. when did boxing stop introducing Champions from the past before matches?
  214. My Sugar Ray Robinson Tribute (Video)
  215. Any one here collect fights
  216. Thoughts on Ellyas Pical?
  217. Fighters hardcore fans love as much as casuals?
  218. Agree or disagree: More ATGs were "Boxer/Punchers" than any other style
  219. Does the Counterpuncher Style Require the Greatest Ring IQs?
  220. What fight was stopped to early and was the worst stoppage
  221. Breaking down Joe Louis
  222. My Mike Tyson Tribute.
  223. Floyd Mayweather GOAT?
  224. If He Wasn't A Proven Cheater Would Shane Mosley Deserve A Place In The Hall Of Fame?
  225. Was Ray Mancini an ATG?
  226. Jimmy Wilde Book?
  227. Best British Boxer Of All Time?
  228. When did the general public stop caring about boxing?
  229. Boxing history teacher?
  230. Fights That You Heard Were Robberies But Found Out They Weren't
  231. Punches landed vs connect percentages
  232. Looking Back at Bradley vs Alexander...What went wrong?
  233. The reason why Duran quit in the 2nd Leonard fight...
  234. Who do you rate high and low?
  235. Daniel Mendoza Question
  236. Randall Bailey's Place in History...
  237. Worst decision ever?
  238. Best KO combination ever?!
  239. Greatest Single KO Punch
  240. List Some of the most Dominant Performances Where a Fighter Avenged an Earlier Defeat
  241. The List: The 10 Worst Decisions in Boxing History
  242. Valerio Zea 9 fights 9 losses. Very misleading record.
  243. Teofilo Stevenson RIP
  244. Methods that great fighters neglected to use...
  245. Mike Tyson VS Sonny Liston
  246. A New Book On Boxing
  247. Best fights that ended in a draw?
  248. USA Tueday Night Fights Fighters?
  249. If Ricardo Lopez moved up to flyweight?
  250. Roy Jones Overrated?