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  1. What Is The Biggest Lightweight Upset Of All Time?
  2. How about TAG TEAM BOXING? Also, why not bring back 15 rounds??
  3. I'm sad....
  4. Could anyone beat SRR at 147?
  5. In Legacy Terms, How Do You Rate Floyds Win Over Hatton?
  6. Question for the boxing history section
  7. Was Tony Tubbs Robbed Against Riddick Bowe?
  8. Mike Tyson speaks about Heavyweight Champs of the Past
  9. Galaxy or Tapia?
  10. The "What if" thread.....
  11. Jake lamotta in the ameteurs in 1939 rare footage
  12. "20b Contest",AWESOME, Fight, REPORTS
  13. little trivia
  14. What great Welterweights, Lightweights to Bantam would you recommend me to watch?
  15. Howard Davis Jr vs Robert Guerrero
  16. Pipeno Cuevas vs Shane Molsey
  17. Les Darcy Highlights.
  18. R.I.P. - Pat Petronelli
  19. Jake Lamotta vs Roy Jones Jr
  20. Billy Conn vs Ron Lyle
  21. 20 billion:Do you agree with D'Amato that a swarming fighter could never beat Foreman
  22. Career accomplishments of Muhammad Ali
  23. Underrated trilogies
  24. Kuniaki Shibata
  25. Melderick Taylor vs Manny Pacquiao
  26. Jim Watt vs Stevie Johnston
  27. Floyd Patterson vs Michael Spinks
  28. Alexis Arguello or Carlos Zarate?
  29. Bronco McKart
  30. Mickey Walker vs a good counter puncher
  31. Greater fighter: Arguello or Pacquiao?
  32. Aron Pryor vs Manny Pacquiao POLL
  33. Walker, Darcy, Freddie Steele,&Tiger Flowers, Tournament
  35. Jersey Joe Walcott and Will Pep
  36. A Case for Sonny Liston by Monte Cox.
  37. Joe Gans vs Bob Fitzsimmons?
  38. Why I'm picking Adamek
  39. marciano walcott....
  40. Alexis Arguello's weight credentials
  41. WLAD Vs JESS WILLARD, Who Wins, 15 Round Super HW, Fight
  43. It's not so much size that matters, rather Style.
  44. Shortest amount of time before rematching?
  45. Anyone else see this comparison?
  46. 20 billion: Who is THE toughest fighter ever?
  47. Daniel Zaragoza vs. Paul Banke I, II & III
  48. Roger Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana
  49. Herol Graham vs Nino Benvenuti
  50. Nuclear Fusion: Duran Vs. Wolgast
  51. Best combination punchers
  52. Fearless Freddie Mills
  53. Modern boxing: the improvements and decline
  54. Eubank vs Klemetsen?
  55. Kessler gave Calzaghe his hardest fight
  56. Beating pacquiao...
  57. Sal Sanchez vs Sandy Sadler 126 POLL
  58. History Section:Do You Belive Yuriorkis Gamboa Will End Up A ATG?
  59. Manny Pacquiao:ATG Ranking?
  60. Best Undefeated Fighters
  61. Bobby Chacon
  62. How do you see these fights ending?
  63. "20b Contest": The GREATEST FIGHTS EVER
  64. Sandy Saddler
  65. Underated ww fights
  66. Career accomplishments thread
  67. Forget about Ring Magazine from now on
  68. Great SRR highlight!!!!
  69. Greater fighter, Sandy Saddler or Maxie Rosenbloom?
  70. Underrated 154lb Fights
  71. Biggest Waste Of Potential/Talent EVER?
  72. Arguello
  73. Greater fighter, Jess Williard or Barry McGuigan?
  74. McGOORTY'S QUIZ #1
  75. 1986/25 years
  76. Why did Hopkins duck Harry Simon?
  77. LANGFORD Vs TUNNEY, HW Contest
  79. Larry Merchent ''Hamed vs Kelly Was The Hearns/Hagler Of The FW Divison''
  80. Rokcy Graziano vs Chris Eubank
  81. Israel Vasquez vs Kenedy Mckinney
  82. Sugar Ray Robinsons Jab?
  83. Some Pernell Whittiker questions
  84. Pernell vs McCallum: a comparison
  85. greatest defensive wizards
  86. Hector Camacho vs Ray Mancini
  87. JIMMY WILDE: Top 20 A.T.G. ????
  89. Adamek vs Jerry Quarry POLL
  90. sCTrojansbaby... Let's see your scorecard for Chavez-Whitaker
  91. Herol graham's achilles heel
  92. Greater performance: Hopkins-Johnson or McCallum-Watson
  93. Who was the most complete out of the Fab Four?
  94. James Toney talks Manny Steward
  95. Mayweather vs Whittaker:comparing attributes
  96. The Klitschko's vs Razor Ruddock
  97. Guests in the History Section.
  98. Tyson K.O'd in sparring rare vid
  99. YOUNG PETER JACKSON - Does He Rate ???
  100. Ferdie Pacheco
  101. What if?
  102. Riddick Bowe vs Sonny Liston POLL
  103. Sugar Ray Robinson is overrated
  104. Quincy Taylor
  105. John H. Stracey-best British welterweight?
  106. Fighting Harada
  107. Merciless Ray Mercer, the greatest wasted hw talent?
  108. Thomas Hearns vs John Conteh
  109. What do you think of the rare footage of weltwerweight Sugar Ray Robinson?
  110. Your favorite boxing movies?
  111. Most Main Events in 1 Calender Month
  112. Trivia - Father Fought, Son Coached
  113. a prime Marciano VS a prime Liston, who'd win?
  114. Just How Weak Were The Contenders In The 1965 HW Division?
  115. Do stocky fighters generaly have better chins???
  116. Gift for first to solve this puzzle....
  117. harry Greb was a bum
  119. Henry Armstrong was a sissy weight-jumper
  120. Manny pacquiao vs. George Foreman, 12 rounds
  122. YOUNG GRIFFO Would Beat Klitchko's and Tyson
  123. Kevin ''Thunder'' Kelly
  124. Changing styles of commentary
  125. Given the history of the Klitschkos.. Do boxing fans want to see them GO?!
  126. Joe Calzaghe vs Antonio Tarver?
  127. Your 10 Favourite Fights Of All Time?
  128. Jake Lamotta vs Marcel Cerdan II...
  129. History Section: If Ortiz Beats Floyd, Were Would It Rank Among The Great Upsets?
  130. Glass cannons
  131. Better division 130 vs 160 1980-present
  132. Tommy Gibbons
  133. Greatest lefties who converted into orthodox?
  134. Eddie Cotton
  135. Most Complete Fighter of the Fab Four
  136. I am not going to order the PPV this weekend
  137. Mayweather vs Ortiz Preview and Prediction!
  138. Pound for Pound by the YEARS
  139. why did fighters such as marciano and frazier
  140. Fitzsimmons-Hagler-Monzon
  141. Great fighters reliving their rivalries as old men
  142. The 80's Lost Heavyweights ''Discussion Thread''
  143. Three champs and a baby. Leonard, Tyson, & Ali Boxing Sketch FUNNY....!!!!!!!!!!
  144. Yuriorkis Gamboa: a big prospect or a great upset?
  145. Junior ''Poison'' Jones?
  146. Really Interesting Boxing Magazine Cover!
  147. Best career comebacks
  148. Peerless Jim Driscoll poem
  149. Fighters whose style is misunderstood by fans
  150. The sad tale of Chris Eubank 1-2
  151. test
  152. Ray Robinson Punched Harder Than Thomas Hearns?
  153. Sonny Liston vs Larry Holmes
  154. Sonny Liston vs Larry Holmes
  155. Erik Morales Greatness & ATG Ranking?
  156. R.I.P. - George Benton
  157. Boxing memorabilia thread
  158. Regarding "The Phantom Punch.."
  159. Jack Dempsey KO v Jack Sharkey
  160. Horrifying myth about Marciano's death: Is it true?
  161. What if?
  162. The sad tale of Chris Eubank 2-2
  163. Stanley Ketchel vs Jones, Hopkins, Toney and McClellan
  164. where the **** is Rockin' ?
  165. My thoughts on May/Ortiz
  166. 1987: Curry vs Montgomery. Headbutts and a Cheap Shot!
  167. Gerald Mccellan had the frame to go all the way to heavyweight?
  168. Which of these Heavyweights was the Biggest Puncher
  169. Price of Glory
  170. Amazing Joe Louis tribute.
  172. Never Let It Be Said That I Didn't Come To Fight
  173. Hardest punching lightweights
  174. Wanted Flores Boxing Gloves
  175. Floyd Patterson hihlight
  176. Can you name another middleweight with a similar come forward type style
  177. Who was more of a Gentic Freak Mike Tyson or Sonny Liston?
  178. Retaliation stories.
  179. Holyfields use of headbuts and elbows against Bobby Czyz
  180. Hardest Puching Featherweight of all time
  181. Ali vs Hearns sparring exhibition - Ali stunned.
  182. Carlos Gonzalez?
  183. who all agrees with me that Nicolino Locche had GOAT potential?
  184. ???? Question for the history section...
  185. Caught up w/ Gerry Cooney last night at 10th Annual Fight to Educate charity boxing!
  186. Who wins these HW fights
  187. Jersey Joe Walcott
  188. Dempsey vs carpentier view from the air [must see]
  189. Miguel cotto vs carlos palomino POLL
  190. does anyone remember a 60 Minutes segment about a boxing scam from 15 or so yrs ago?
  191. Marlon Starling
  192. How Many Fighters Have Been KO'd By One JAB
  193. Do You Agree With This? (From Bert Sugar Rankings)
  194. Does the name Jack Obermayer RING a bell?
  195. Jack Dempsey vs Sonny Liston
  196. Larry merchant v floyd mayweather who wins
  197. Best fighter from each continent
  198. Incompetent referees.
  199. top 3 fighters in your opinion from flywieght-heavyweight
  200. Hagler vs Leonard
  201. Alfonso Zamora
  202. Jose Luis Castillo vs Edwin Rosario @135
  203. Henry Armstrong: Where does he rank in the individual weight classes?
  204. sam Langford: Where does he rank in the individual weight classes
  205. Mark Breland today
  206. Name fighters who bobbed and weaved
  207. Which fighters did Kevin Rooney train..
  208. Your best 12 rounds in boxing history list.
  209. Joe Erskine
  210. McGOORTY'S QUIZ #2.
  211. Rank the original 8 weight classes by the number of ATGs/caliber of fighters
  212. Example of a Flicker Jab?
  213. Max Baer & Joe Louis interview (video)
  214. Larry Holmes vs. Joe Frazier, 15 rounds, prime for prime
  215. Matthew Saad Muhammad vs Chad Dawson
  216. Fight of your birth year
  217. rorymac's boxing quiz
  218. Derrick Gainer
  219. Robinson Didn't Have The Option Of Taking On Light Touches
  220. who had teh greatest uppercut of all time?????
  221. Most one sided fight in history?
  222. Same surnames who fought
  223. Books that you take through a fighters journey to the top?
  224. A dangerous stoppage
  225. Which modern day boxers
  226. Jaime Garza
  227. Nelson vs McGuigan-why did it never happen?
  228. Breaking Floyd's defence
  229. Where does John Henry Lewis rank?
  230. John Mugabi vs Felix Trinidad @ 160lb
  231. Great short fights.
  232. boxing has evolved bigtime in teh past 5-10 years!!!
  233. Some clown in NSB claiming SRR would be a journeyman today
  234. top 10 boxers in history
  235. Fun Light Heavyweight Matchup
  236. Who's You Fav Fighter Out Of These Lot?
  237. who do u like most out of teh four kings???
  238. can someone tell me more about harry greb
  239. What happens if hopkins switches geers with dawson??
  240. top 10 defensive boxers in history
  241. LHW - pick the winners
  242. HISTORY SECTION Can we pass a new Law ?
  243. Your favourite British boxer?
  244. Top 50 Non U.S. ATG LIST
  245. Joe Gans, The Old Master - Was He The Greatest of Them All? By Monte Cox
  246. GREATS Who Had Phenomenal REACH
  247. Tommy Loughran
  248. The Centennial Anniversary of Joe Gans Battling Nelson By Monte Cox
  249. Was Trinidad supposed to fight Norris?
  250. My top 20 welterweights list-IMPROVED!