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  1. Sometimes I Wonder Why Did Roy Ever Waste His Time Fighting Fighters Like.....
  2. Thoughts on Jimmy Braddock?
  3. 1 Billion: Is there a case of Tyson being a top 5 heavyweight? not in my opinion
  4. Biggest scandals in televised boxing history.
  5. 1B: Greb vs Langford
  6. Who was Greater Ron Lyle or David Tua?
  7. Max Bear one of the best chins of all time?
  8. What's Donald Curry Up To These Days?
  9. 2 billion: More reasons why Lewis is an ATG top 10
  10. James Toneys greatest wins: Rank them
  11. Whats your thought on this
  12. Yuri Arbachakov
  13. Which Title Bout...
  14. Recommend some fighters for a Toney fan
  15. Don Curry.....What Went Wrong?
  16. Roy Jones sr questions
  17. Help Identifying A Fight
  18. History Section, Picks For David Haye vs Wladamir Klitschko?
  19. 1980-present Super Featherweight has been the best division in boxing
  20. What fight would you like to see more?
  21. Best chin in history?
  22. Your thoughts on Vicente Saldivar?
  23. R.I.P. - Nick Charles - Renowned sports broadcaster Nick Charles dies at 64
  24. James Toney vs McCallum I TVKO version
  25. Sugar Ramos
  26. 2 Billion: Should boxing go back to being 15 rounds?
  27. The man called James Toney
  28. Jose Luis Castillo Chin
  29. Unification fights that ended in a draw
  30. Out Of These HW Fights, Which Was Most Exciting?
  31. Combos vs Flurries
  32. Bobby Chacon tribute
  33. Where do you rank Dick Tiger?
  34. Roy Jones vs James Toney TVKO version
  35. Can you believe it's been 23 years?
  36. Duran vs Hagler scorecards?
  37. Full Show, This is your life: Mohammad Ali
  38. If you were Ali who would you rather fight? Norton or Frazier?
  39. 2 billion: Who benefits more?
  40. Imagine a Heavyweight World without Ali
  41. R.I.P. - Billy Costello
  42. What Your Thoughts On Ali vs Frazier 2?
  43. Frank Bruno vs Corrie Sanders who wins and how?
  44. Which Fighters Were BEST at Cutting Off the Ring?
  45. Agree Or Disagree, Tony Zale Is Top 100 ATG?
  46. Montell Griffin and his place in history
  47. Dwight Muhamed Qawi how does he match up against the 1940's fighters
  48. My top 25 ATG list
  49. Brian Curvis
  50. The 30 Greatest P4P of All-Time (active fighters not included)
  51. Greatest Heavyweights of All-Time
  52. Flavour of the day: My Top 30 P4P.
  53. 1970-present Top 25 Pound For Pound
  54. 1970s-present top 15 most famous fighters world wide
  55. Why didn't Galindez and Conteh fight eachother?
  56. Is It True Vitalli Klitschko Dislikes Emanuel Steward?
  57. Barrera vs. Chico at 130
  58. Billy Costello dead at 55
  59. Is Wladamir Klitschko A ATG Heavyweight?
  60. Wlad vs the greats
  61. Mike Tyson vs Riddick Bowe (both prime)
  62. Marvin hagler vs ray leonard
  63. Roy Jones was going to fight Corrie Sanders?
  64. Jack Johnson question
  65. Hardest punching featherweights?
  66. My personal list of top 20 Heavyweights
  67. Boxers who served time in prison and/or were convicted of a felony
  68. Comeback George Foreman vs. Current Vitali
  69. How did Boxing make such a quick evolution?
  70. Frank Bruno vs Ike Ibeabuchi
  71. Bracket 1: 2 billion point vote off
  72. Bracket 2: 2 billion point vote off
  73. Can somebody explain to me why Wladimir Klitchsko is better than Jess Willard?
  74. If Lewis had been in the ring with Wlad instead of Haye during that 12th round.....
  75. Why did James Toney and Bernard Hopkins never fight?
  76. Davis-Pazienza
  77. James Toney vs Joe Frazier
  78. Just Watch Mah Smoke: Journeys of Cocoa Kid
  79. Could Any Fighter in History Brawl With (Prime, Pre-Ali) Foreman And Come Out On Top?
  80. Frankie Liles vs Glen Johnson who wins and how.
  81. Marciano, Dempsey, Langford, Louis
  82. Post 1950 has there been a harder, stronger, durable fighter Than Chris Eubank?
  83. How does Sam Langford match up against the Bear Brothers?
  84. In a 2m by 2m ring, who's the greatest in each weight class?
  85. Rank these fighters in order.
  86. The Unpopular Opinion thread.
  87. Danny Lopez vs Jeff Fenech
  88. Extremely rare photos of Henry Armstrong!
  89. What do youu guys think about the juding of the barrera vs marquez fight?
  90. Top ten heavyweight fights of the last ten years?
  91. Greatest Resume of All Time?
  92. Who's Your GOAT In Each "Old School 8" Weight Class?
  93. How Quickly Does A Prime George Foreman Destroy Wlad Klitschko?
  94. I Have a Hard Time Coming Up With 5 Boxers Who Could Decision Wlad Over 12
  95. 1989 vs. 2009. Which year wins?
  96. ESPN Friday night fights
  97. Antwon Echols VS Today's MW's
  98. Paul Spadafora (prime at LW) vs today's LW's
  99. Of the Ali-Frazier trilogy I think that Fight of the Century was the best
  100. Thoughts on Ron Lyle?
  101. what round would george win against vitali?
  102. who has more punching power
  103. so is it realistic to say vitali could beat a prime foreman
  104. 2 billion point winner!!!!
  105. Johnny Bredahl
  106. Greatest Mexican Fighters
  107. Tyson vs McNeeley: The War
  108. Joe Frazier vs Eddie Futch: Manila
  109. Michael Sphinks
  110. Who has more punching power? Dempsey or Marciano?
  111. Vintage tyson!
  112. What is more impressive?
  113. Fritzie Zivic-how high does he rank?
  114. Who do you rate p4p higher: Harry Greb or Henry Armstrong
  115. Why is boxing called boxing? I need to know!
  116. British documentary on Richmond/Cribb/Molineaux (bare-knuckle era)
  117. Young Foreman's Deceptive Speed
  118. Cus D'amato = overrated
  119. Interesting questions: Who had the better right hand, Max Baer or Marciano?
  120. The Greatest Defensive Fighters of All-Time Pound for Pound
  121. Who is the most accomplished fighter
  122. Worst beatings
  123. Interesting questions: What are your opinions on boxing historian Monte Cox?
  124. Rocky Lockridge
  125. Lennox Lewis: A Reappraisal
  126. Top 10 ATG Welterweight
  127. Interesting questions: Who was better defensively Willie Pep or Pernell Whitaker?
  128. Napoles vs SRL and Monzon vs Hopkins
  129. Who could beat Roy Jones at middleweight and light-heavyweight?
  130. Did Jack Dempsey cheat against Jess willard?
  131. i think lennox could beat ali.. lennox= greatest HW ever?
  132. A Credible TOP12 List Of The MIDDLEWEIGHT'S of 1910's
  133. Ezzard Charles vs. RJJ/Toney/Bhop
  134. who was the showtime commentator from the 90's that was a former boxer?
  135. Greatest Aussie fighters of all time
  136. F-LO TAKEDOWN: Mayweather Versus 10 Of The Greatest Welters In History
  137. Chamaco vs Sweet Pea @ 135!!!
  138. Micky Walker's Best Weight?
  139. McLarnin, Ross and Canzoneri
  140. Boxing Trivia
  141. Esteban Dejesus vs Oscar De La Hoya @135
  142. Is marciano's win over Joe Louis underrated?
  143. Johnny Tapia vs...
  144. De LaHoya Vs JIMMY CLABBY - 20 Rd. Fight-WHO WINS
  145. CANZONERI vs PAC'MAN - Who Wins and How ?
  146. Gerald McClellan vs Evander Holyfield
  147. The second Bowe-Golota fight was the most brutal I've ever seen
  148. Top 10 light welterweights
  149. Shane Mosley vs Ken Buchanan
  150. Jorge Paez
  151. Bob Baker and Nino Valdes...
  152. James Toney vs Michael Moorer @ LHW & HW
  153. Vitali klitschko-Lennox Lewis post fight
  154. Most Entertaining of these fighters?
  155. New Corrales-Castillo highlight
  156. Monzon for #1 Middleweight?
  157. Joe lous vs Ali?
  158. Joe Louis vs Larry Holmes
  159. HARRY GREB vs LES DARCY - The TRILOGY THAT Never Was _ Who WINS ?
  160. Have we lost the punchers?
  161. All time favorite fighter thread!!!!!!
  162. Ray leonard vs Aaron Pryor POLL
  163. Who had the greatest righ hand of all time?
  164. RIP Butch Lewis
  165. The best fighters with bad win-loss records!
  166. Better CW fights that JTvJirov
  167. If Hearns...
  168. Jeff Malcolm?
  169. POLL: Should we do a least favorite fighters thread?
  170. Least favorite fighter thread!
  171. Obsessed with the '0'
  172. Margarito vs. Basilio
  173. Jose Napoles vs Wilfredo Benitez
  174. Notable teenage knock out artists
  175. Fighters that have recovered from body shots...
  176. Tell me about Rocky Graziano
  177. Worst Chins in History
  178. Jack Dempsey is a FISH!!!!!!!!!
  179. The "how did you score..." thread
  180. New boxing thread contest
  181. Favorite classic fight thread!!!!!
  182. YOUNG GRIFFO vs The Featherweights and Lighweghts
  183. Tommy Hearns vs JC Chavez at welterweight?
  185. mike tyson a moment in time
  186. Top 10 greatest Canadian fighters
  187. FMJ vs Benitez
  188. Fights where biased commentary changed perceptions of fights
  189. Rank these fighters in order p4p punching power
  190. The Greatest Counterpunchers in History
  191. WHo is the GOAT commentator?
  192. Reasons to like and not to like Trinidad
  193. Who Am I?
  194. Pernell whitakers best perfomance
  195. Coolest Boxer Nicknames
  196. LES DARCY book by Raymond Swanwick- Excerpts
  197. Juan Lazcano
  198. 20 billion point contest!!!
  199. The Greatest Fights in History
  200. When i say philadelphia...
  201. Memories of Mike Tyson's career and being a fan...
  202. Michael Watson vs Jermaine Taylor
  203. Great IRISH BOXERS--- Not just based in IRELAND
  204. FAO fitefanSHO And JAB
  205. "Two Ton" Tony Galento
  206. Who had the better jab?
  207. The Greatest Sluggers P4P of All-Time!!!
  208. 28 billion: All time crossover weights
  209. Most Awkward Fighters of all time?
  210. Besides Hearns, Leonard and maybe Duran
  211. Super Middleweight Competition 1992?
  212. 3rd and final trivia thread
  213. Who wins these Fights-Who wins this round robin Tourney
  214. Ali, Foreman, Frazier, norton and holmes have dinner together [VID]
  215. Will Joe Frazier get a statue?
  216. Why is it called a boxing 'ring'...
  217. Edwin Valero
  218. Call me crazy but...
  219. Felix Trinidad and what could have been
  220. Tim Witherspoon, after the Bonecrusher loss,,
  221. Who was the greatest Jack Dempsey of all time?
  222. THE soundtrack of your favorite Fighters ??
  223. Daniel "El Pillin" Santos
  224. Al Hostak
  225. Harry Greb vs Maxie Rosembloom
  226. Five fighters....
  227. Mayweather vs Hamed 128lbs
  228. Broke Down In Tears
  229. Point Contest: Do fighters have less heart now?
  230. Who Has The Brighter Future? Jesse Vargas vs Gary Russell Jr
  231. MODERN Top 50 - Last 25 Years 1986 - 2012
  232. Harry Greb vs Buster Douglas
  233. 5 best chins in history
  234. Points: Sam Langford's Power: Real or Myth?
  235. Anyone here see Delvin Rodriguez vs. Pawel Wolak?
  236. Great short fighters....?
  237. When and why did George Foreman stop commentating?
  238. Has there ever been a more dominant performance as a HUGE underdog
  239. What should i watch?
  240. Marco Antonio Barrera--Great fighter but...
  241. More exciting fight?
  242. Trivia again...
  243. Harry Greb vs Gene Tunney Quotes.
  244. What does the BH section think of JCC's legacy
  245. Sullivan to Klitschko
  246. What are some of your Fantasy matchups?.....
  247. WHat was Cotto's best fight?
  248. What If Any Boxing Memorabilia Do You Own?
  249. The UN-FILMED Top 50 greatest ALL-TIME
  250. HYPED prospects who failed to live up to the hype...