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  1. Bob Foster vs Dwight Qawi
  2. Sergio Martinez vs John Mugabi
  3. Ingemar Johansson vs Jersey Joe Walcott
  4. p4p Hardest hitting HW
  5. de la hoya vs trinidad - who won
  6. Greater Fighter, Roy Jones Jr or Thomas Hearns?
  7. The Gentleman of Boxing...Bustin' heads: Floyd Patterson Highlight Video
  8. Sugar Ray Robinson "Worlds greatest" tribute
  9. Marco Antonio Barerra the Peoples Champion?
  10. Sam Langford vs Luis Firpo
  11. Is Chris Eubank a phony?
  12. Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Macho Camacho
  13. Evander Holyfield vs Dwight Muhammad Qawi I Highlights
  14. Rank the Duran Heanrs Leonard Hagler fights
  15. REQ: Savage & Brutal BEAT-DOWNS!!
  16. Top 10 Fastest hands in HW History
  17. Boxing Short Stories
  18. Why was nigel benn vs RJJ never made
  19. Why was Sonny Liston considered invincible before Clay-Liston?
  20. Fernando Vargas vs Pernell Whitaker
  21. Sonny Liston Beat Up A Pro-Wrestler?
  22. Best finishers who lacked power?
  23. How does Bob Fitzsimmons fare in the modern era?
  24. Wilfred Benitez vs Aaron Pryor
  25. Fighters with short arms?
  26. How would of Steve Collin career went if he didnt retire in 1997?
  27. Which Of these Heavyweights were best at there Peak there Prime?
  28. Felix Trinidad vs Yuri Boy Campas Highlights
  29. Rocky Marciano or Willie Pep who do you rank higher?
  30. Aaron Pryor is overrated
  31. Aaron Pryor's only loss vs Bobby Joe Young
  32. Roy oozes in ectasy as corner men finger his gash.
  33. What was Jerry Quarry's best peformance?
  34. Please rate Ezzard Charles' win over Joe Lous, on a 1-10 scale.
  35. sven ottke vs steve collins
  36. Roy Jones Jr vs Marvin Hagler @ 165lb
  37. How do you rate fighters with close decisions?
  38. Your Fav Fighters With Under 20 fights?
  39. Better in rematches: Sweet Pea or Ray Robinson?
  40. Black and White syndrome
  41. Pipeno Cuevas vs Ike Quartey
  42. High Definition (HD) Syndrome.
  43. Emmanuel Stewart your thoughts on this comment
  44. Good Defense = Slick?
  45. Bob Fitzsimmons and James Toney
  46. Back in 1997 Micky Ward vs Pernel Whitaker fight was made!
  47. Maurice Harris was Robbed against Larry Holmes?
  48. Duane Bobick - An 'Almost' Title Challenger
  49. Which of these Heavyweights would give Joe Louis Trouble?
  50. Chris Byrd: he deserves a shot at Lennox Lewis
  51. Is it just me...
  52. Can Dempsey Be Rated Over Louis?
  53. Thomas Hearns vs Julian Jackson
  54. Rate these Brits
  55. Tony Canzoneri vs. Aaron Pryor
  56. Benny Bass
  57. Best combination punchers
  58. Federal Judge Strips Roy Jones, Jr. of World Boxing Council Title
  59. Do ou rate Robin Reid as a World Class Boxer?
  60. Jerry Quarry vs Michael Spinks
  61. Dirty Fighting 101: Headbutts, Low Blows, Elbows, Late Hits, Rabbit Punches, Etc..
  62. 1987 Earnie Shavers vs Mike Tyson Fight was all but made until!!!
  63. Was Archie Moore 51 years old when he got the draw against Pastrano?
  64. Donaire vs. Tapia @115
  65. Azumah Nelson vs Salvador Sanchez II
  66. Tyson vs Lewis: why it didn't happen(1996)
  67. Chris Eubank: which fights would you recommend?
  68. In a dream fight who would win? Marciano vs Dempsey
  69. Tyson Vs Lewis 1996 who would of won?
  70. 1943 Middleweight tournament
  71. Ali-Frazier 40th year anniversity
  72. How weak would the the early 90's to early 2000's have been without Lennox Lewis?
  73. Joe Baksi
  74. Quick Hands, Slow Feet
  75. Dempsey kos Wills in 2 rounds 1924
  76. Vinnie Pazienza
  77. ~Official Poll~ Dempsey vs Greb
  78. Alexis Arguello vs Sandy Saddler
  79. Oscar De La Hoya vs Nicolino Locche
  80. Lennox Lewis vs Ingemar Johansson
  81. Boxer ratings
  82. Most Exciting Duran fights @ Lightweight
  83. Top 10 Heavyweight Contenders
  84. Fighters that never clinched
  85. Greatest 1 round fight
  86. Emile Griffith career
  87. Floyd Mayweather jnr vs Prince Naseem Hamed Prime for Prime?
  88. Which fantasy fight would most want to see
  89. What Fight would you like to see?
  90. Ron Lyle vs David Tua
  91. Manny Pacquiao vs Wilfredo Benitez
  92. The Boxing Myths and Conspiracy Thread
  93. James "buddy" McGirt, IBHOF material?
  94. Where do you rank/what do you think of Fighting Harada?
  95. ATG MW Tournament.
  96. How many top slick blacks did Duran fight before Leonard?
  97. Frank Bruno vs Buster Douglas/holyfield/bowe?
  98. Tyson on past fighters
  99. Muhammad Ali: Exemplar to the World
  100. If tyson fought like a klitschko
  101. What "tricks" do you see your favorite fighters use?
  102. Roy Jones should be favored against anyone from 160-175
  103. Feinting, a lost art?
  104. Sam Langford Possibilities.
  105. Mark Breland vs Floyd Mayweather Jr
  106. Forgotten Wars
  107. So why was Muhammad Ali so mean to Joe Frazier?
  108. Greater Fighter, Jake LaMotta or Lennox Lewis?
  109. Sonny Liston vs Gene Tunney
  110. Fighters who quit the game in disgust.
  111. inconsistent chins
  112. Who would you favor against prime Duran at 135lbs?
  113. Outside boxers who were short
  114. Marciano's record
  115. Better fighter, Hagler at middleweight or Holyfield at cruiser?
  116. Liston's Gloves v Ali
  117. 87 Ray Leonard vs Bernard Hopkins At 160lb
  118. Terry Norris vs Winky Wright
  119. Roberto Duran: Slightly overrated defensively?
  120. joe mesi vs chris arreola
  121. The boxing robe: Why was it invented?
  122. Who Do You Rate Higher, Tunney or Chavez?
  123. Liston vs Tyson
  124. Ring Magazine ''Sandy Saddler>Jack Dempsey''
  125. Why Lennox Could Be Ranked Top 3 (snapshot of an era)
  126. How Big Of A Ducker Was Larry Holmes?
  127. Benny Leonard Tribute
  128. Richard Steele's Call on Chavez-Taylor I
  129. Pacquiao the greatest southpaw of all time ?
  130. Sergio Martinez vs Gerald McClellan
  131. How was Ali able to box for so long?
  132. Match Fighters and Songs
  133. Recommend me some good Jack Johnson fights
  134. Rank These Fighters
  135. Rate The Lost Generation
  136. Top 5 Heavyweights of all time
  137. Settling the Rivalry once and for all-Jersey Joe Walcott and Ezzard Charles
  138. Anyone seen Wolgast-Rivers?
  139. Say Frazier retires after the FOTC?
  140. Patterson beats Ali...
  141. Andrew Golota vs Gerry Cooney
  142. Tunney query
  143. tommy hearns vs virgil hill
  144. Luisito Espinoza?
  145. How much did those 2 lbs affect Cotto...
  146. "KO-proof" Fighters
  147. Archie Moore Number One p4p?
  148. Who is the most well liked fighter in history?
  149. Who would win...
  150. Manny Pacquiao vs Kid Gvilan?
  151. Top Ten Pound-for-Pound, with a twist....
  152. Gerry Connoey vs either Klitschko
  153. Harder p4p puncher: Jorge Arce or Prince Naseem Hamed?
  154. Jack Demspey Articles?
  155. Carl Froch vs James Toney @ 168lb
  156. Pipeno Cuevas vs Aaron Pryor
  157. Why Was Abe Simon Given II Shots At Louis?
  158. [VIDEOS] Dempsey, Ali, Moore, Robinson, Patterson on What's My Line!!!
  159. Reccomend me complete blowouts from power punching HW's
  160. Montell Griffin vs Joe Calzaghe
  161. Which boxers have the best combination of punching power and punch resistance?
  162. Oscar De La Hoya vs Esteban De Jesus
  163. How has your opinion of fighters changed after your time on this forum?
  164. Remembering Scott Harrison
  165. 39 year old George Foreman versus present Vitali Klitshcko
  166. Michael Watson vs Winky Wright @160
  167. Carmen Basillio's dislike of Ray Robinson
  168. Jeremy Williams Lennox Lewis Sparring Session
  169. Muhammad Ali having an exhibition with Thomas Hearns
  170. favorite athlete pic
  171. World without Joe Louis
  172. Old Frazier vid from Reznick
  173. Jeff Chandler vs Nonito Doniare
  174. Who will take over as the Heavyweight King once The Klits bros and Haye are gone?
  175. Who is the better Klitschko brother?
  176. Whos is the best fighter that has been had the best physique?
  177. Gene Tunney VS every lineal HW champ
  178. Why did Tyson duck Gerry Cooney?
  179. So Ali was basically the Muslim equivalent of a scientologist?
  180. Joe Louis vs Muhammad Ali
  181. Ali vs Cooper the "Conspiracy"
  182. Name the fighters
  183. Pascual Perez
  184. Name the fighter part Deux
  185. Billy Conn vs. Jess Willard
  186. Who rates higher, Carbajal or Gonzalez?
  187. Tommy Hearns vs Carmen Basillio at WW
  188. Holmes, Cooney, race
  189. Miguel Cotto vs Lloyd Honeyghan
  190. Tua vs. The Greats
  191. Which Euro had the best chance to beat RJJ?
  192. Question
  193. Does a no-contest count as a title defense?
  194. Best decade for great fights?
  195. Heard this story about SRL, true or false?
  196. Who was the best fighter in the 70's?
  197. Name Past Fighters Who Defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr?.
  198. Manny Pacquiao vs Julio Cesar Vasquez
  199. Antonio Cervantes vs Esteban Dejesus
  200. Doug Dewitt Vs Tony Thornton Sudden Death 13th round You never see this anymore
  201. How big a difference video quality can make
  202. In retrospect....When should they have retired?
  203. Great boxing documentaries?
  204. Prime Louis vs. Marciano
  205. Poor Finishers
  206. Liston Vs Foreman
  207. Ugliest boxers.
  208. Top 10 Filipino boxers of all time-Yahoo sports
  209. Lewis vs Ruiz
  210. Shane Mosley vs Julian Jackson
  211. Roy Jones Jnr vs Mike Tyson Early 2000's?
  212. Holly Mims Today
  213. Armstrong vs Pep @FW
  214. Best counter punches of all time?
  215. Rating Frazier
  216. Sanchez or Gomez?
  217. Carlos Ortiz
  218. Tall, rangy southpaws
  219. John Ruiz
  220. What's your favorite fantasy fight?
  221. Great Joe Louis Video
  222. Best boxer in the 30's?
  223. Joe Frazier tribute
  224. What is the best android cell phone that easily connects with the nook color
  225. Fighters who rehydrated lots of weight after the weigh in
  226. Archie Moore vs Jerry Quarry
  227. Shane Mosley vs Pernell Whitaker
  228. Wilfred Benitez vs Nicolino Looche
  229. Best single wins
  230. trivia
  231. The Ali vs Norton Fights
  232. Joe Frazier right hand
  233. Tyson vs Douglas II
  234. Older is better??
  235. Marciano vs Chuvalo who wins and how?
  236. Jack Chase AKA Young Joe Louis
  237. Joe Frazier delivers hellacious beating to Ali.
  238. If Foreman fought from (1978-1987)
  239. Top 400.....yes, 400!
  240. Larry Holmes vs Ray Mercer
  241. Greater Fighter, Holyfield or Foreman?
  242. Losses on the Shield help rankings?
  243. Ron Stander
  244. Kryptonite fights: The worst possible match-ups for these fighters
  245. Who was your first favorite fighter?
  246. Donald Curry
  247. Carlos Palomino and Pipino Cuevas
  248. Who has the best jab in boxing history?
  249. How Ancient is Boxing?
  250. Why is the sport even called "boxing"