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  1. Matt Hume explains NogxRicco Decision
  2. pride bushido fighters announced
  3. Fights you would like to see....
  4. Tim Silvia interview......
  5. tonight............
  6. 5 Gracies to fight in Pride Bushido
  7. Rumor I heard on the UG
  8. Don Frye Talks MMA, Boxing, Beer and the Future!
  9. Interview with Sakuraba from Pridefc
  10. IFC results
  11. TKO (UCC) Ultimate Rush Results **SPOILERS**
  12. **SPOILER** KOTC Results. **Spoiler**
  13. Results from AFC 5!
  14. Phil Baroni Vs. Evan Tanner.....
  15. Freeman On Shelf After Breaking Wrist
  16. K-1 Elimination
  17. Randy Couture interview.....
  18. Momita, how is Jeremy doing?
  19. New Tito Ortiz Interview
  20. Next Event
  21. If I only had $2000.....
  22. Tito to appear on Jay Leno show...
  23. Egan video
  24. ATT: Wundermut or Kaps
  25. Briggs signs with K-1, More boxers to fallow?
  26. looking for amatuer and pro fighters
  27. In your opinion
  28. Wow!
  29. Invitation
  30. Best fight ending on an emotional/excitment level
  31. Joe Doerksen not in UFC 45!
  32. Oscar vs Shane *spoiler*
  33. Why does it seem that the only people that can't score a fight correctly........
  34. James Fulton, aka "LeftBench" does it again!
  35. Special rules for Gomi Vs Penn.....
  36. Pride MW GP final poster
  37. 10 more days
  38. Georges St Pierre Impersonator & TKO (UCC) News
  39. Holly Sh*T!! Reality Fighting is starting to put on some good matches!
  40. Shootbox's pictures
  41. Pride Bushido Card Finalized......
  42. Dan Henderson on the Tito Randy fight
  43. Tito on the last call
  44. Today's Birthdays: Jeremy Jackson (21)
  45. Nog Interview.....
  46. UFC figters on TV next week.....
  47. Just watched Sapp and Nog
  48. Pacquiao vs. Barrera
  49. MMA Fantasy League Grand Prix
  50. I just saw Tito on Leno
  51. Frank Shamrock interview
  52. Drinking and MMA
  53. attn: adam salis
  54. UFC tanks lightweight division
  55. K-1 Japan GP Results
  56. 5 more days
  57. Crazy submission.....
  58. Invitation
  59. Lawler vs. Penn?
  60. Couture on MMAradio today......
  61. Jackson Vs. Diaz will be on PPV....
  62. Truth.............
  63. bj penn interview from mma weekly
  64. jens pulver interview from mma weekly
  65. Tua vs Rahman III
  66. Tito on Carson Daly review.....
  67. Tito/Couture smack talk on BDSSP
  68. YO Eddie.....
  69. Uh-oh!!!
  70. Shin conditioning
  71. An article about Randy
  72. "Kid" Yamamoto
  73. I'm glad that the REAL main event
  74. MMA Fantasy League Brackets
  75. Tito On Carson Video !!!!!
  76. UFC Spoilers=Banned
  77. UFC44 Weigh In's live on ESPNews
  78. pics of randy training
  79. BTT Challenges Wallid Ismial.....
  80. Jeremy Jackson vs. Nick Diaz
  82. All-Star lineup in Osaka
  83. Bad Guy
  84. Mmafantasy Brackets Set
  85. Pictures from weigh in
  86. Bullshido news.......
  87. Jeremy is lookin mean!
  88. Do Randy cut his hair too look like Chuck liddel's hair
  89. Interesting k-1 article from MMA weekly......
  90. Spoiler** UFC prelim results......
  91. Sakuraba in the UFC!
  92. *spoiler* *spoiler* *spoiler* Ortiz vs Couture
  93. *Spoiler* _________ vs Rickson
  94. UFC Production
  95. *spoiler*
  96. *UFC results inside SPOILER*
  97. Couple of things I Noticed
  98. Chuck Liddel vs. Rampage Jackson
  99. *Spoiler*Karo Parisyan...
  100. Thoughts on Cabbage vs. Tank
  101. Great pictures and possible avatars * spoilers *
  102. Main event post fight comments * spoiler *
  103. NOw that the LHW thing is done
  104. Heavyweights **will probably be spoilers by the end of the thread*
  105. *spoiler* About crying.
  106. Next UFC heavyweight title confirmed *spoiler*
  107. *SPOILER* Baby Joe Mesi fight
  108. Rumble on the Rock (Penn vs. Gomi
  109. Ultimate Fighting Championship To Mark Its 10th Anniversary With An 8-Fight, All-Star
  110. Hermes Franca v.s. Caul Uno pics *spoiler*
  111. More UFC pics
  112. Nog at 205
  113. Lister vs. Horn Dec 6 KOTC
  114. Ufc 44 Financial Success
  115. Ken Shamrock Wants Tito Ortiz Rematch!
  116. GET 2 KNOW: New UFC Champ Randy Couture
  117. Newbies take on K-1
  118. WTF? Tito just couldnt say he lost
  119. Spratt Will Return To Ufc Early 2004
  120. From Referee To Fighter...larry Landless Ready For Kotc
  121. Pride looking for Busta to replace Yoshida on the GP!!!!!!
  122. Cro-Cop's opponent in Pride Bushido is...
  123. Brasil Dojo vs. BTT rivalry heating up!!
  124. Brennen to fight in Pride Bullshido.....
  125. Paulo Filho leaves BTT for Brazil Dojo
  126. Message from Hermes Franca
  127. Tito vs. Chuck
  128. PrideFC Japanese shop ships to US now!!!
  129. Ryan Bennett's Fantasy Match-ups
  130. Team Quest Productions Presents Sport Fight Devastation Show Oregon City, Oregon on..
  131. Ultimate Submission Showdown
  132. Randy Couture's Post Fight Press Conference Video
  133. Tito Ortiz's Post Fight Press Conference
  134. Boxing: Holyfield vs. Toney
  135. About Aerts....
  136. the top 10 list as voted by the fans
  137. Tim Sylvia vs. Fedor or Cro Cop??
  138. Mass Destruction Xiii
  139. where do the LHW's go from here?
  140. an idea
  141. *spoiler* holyfield vs toney
  142. Pride Bushido Results **SPOILERS**
  143. Pride FC Bushido Pics **Spoilers**
  144. Video: Cro Cop v.s. Dos Caros or whatever *spoiler
  145. Frank Shamrock pulls out of fight?
  146. Holyfield v.s. Toney highlight *spoiler
  147. LeBanner Out......
  148. Do you think Frank Shamrock will end up like Rickson Gracie?
  149. millenium brawl UK 2003
  150. Rumor: Busta Vs. Hendo!
  151. "Kid" Yamamoto
  152. How to tell if you are a mma junkie
  153. Tim Sylvia in trouble because of banned substance
  154. From the Scorpion:
  155. Iron Life Mag Issue #3
  156. K-1 News: Abidi replaces Lebanner, Venetiaan dropped from card, more....
  157. I am very disapointed in Tito for this
  158. Tim Tim Tim
  159. Tim Sylvia and Royce Gracie on MMAweekly radio today
  160. UFC 45 Press Release
  161. Tko 14 (ucc)
  162. IFC "Battleground Boise"......Jens Pulver
  163. Hoost out of K-1 event
  164. Toney vs. Holyfield
  165. Randy about Liddel and Tito
  167. Royce Gracie Speaks On The Current State Of Mma
  168. Rumors for UFC 45-Robbie Lawler vs Chris Lytle....Yves Edwards vs. Din Thomas
  169. Remy Bonjasky interview
  170. Dergan Released From Ufc Broadcast Team
  171. Wec Signs World Class Wrestler, Plus Jeremy Jackson
  172. Pat Smith returns to MMA in RIng of Fire 10
  173. Brazil Dojo Vs. BTT: Wallid and Carlson speak out.
  174. Gomi vs. Penn Tonight! Who's your Pick?!
  175. Tito quotes on fighting Liddell
  176. I Got Mma News I Need Put Up On The Front Page
  177. gladiator challenge nov 13th 2003 card
  178. Rumble on the rock results *spoiler*
  179. k-1 final elimination 2003 results *spoiler*
  180. Penn vs. Gomi Results
  181. do any of you have problems....
  182. Need some info.
  183. Bushido and K-1 Elimination fights
  184. Barnett vs. Nog
  185. New Top Ten list....
  186. Sapp Vs Botha In December
  187. Couture: I'll give him a rematch, but not until he fights Chuck Liddell.
  188. Brand new Tim Sylvia interview from earlier today
  189. Ultimate Submission Challenge Results
  190. UFC President Dana White: UFC 44 Fall Out, more
  191. Reality Fighting
  192. European Vale Tudo-Copenhagen, Denmark-Bergman vs Mezger-fighters wanted
  193. NJ Boxing Comm, Larry Hazzard: UFC and Tim Sylvia
  194. If anyone even cares about this guy
  195. wish me luck. i'm gonna need it.
  196. Tim lost the belt.
  197. UFC Sport to Spectacle on PPV 10/18
  198. I just got
  199. New Hermes Interview
  200. PRIDE News: Crocop vs. Fedor Off
  201. Jeremy Jackson Video?
  202. Dana White on the Sylvia hearing
  203. McGee Pettitions Nevada State Athletic Commission
  204. attention: SO. CAL GRAPPLERS
  205. So. Ca Bjj Rules Official Seminar
  206. Carter Williams Interview
  207. K-1 World Grand Prix 2003 Final Matchups
  208. KING OF THE CAGE November 2nd -Pala Casino
  209. Nogueira vs Cro-Cop 11/9
  210. Need 185 lb fighter for TJ.......
  211. I think Chuck will beat Jackson
  212. Pedro Rizzo Interview from tatame
  213. KOTC Rules Change:knees to the head
  214. Smashing Machine DVD: October 28th..Loaded with extra footage...more
  215. Pedro vs. Ricco
  216. more UFC 45 matches announced
  217. Jeremy Jackson out at WEC...
  218. Cung Le (Shan Shou Champion)
  219. WEC Results ****
  220. UFC fighter salaries
  221. Ring of Fire Results *Pat Smith's Return*
  222. Gilbert Yvel News
  223. Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Comm, Marc Ratner on Sylvia decision
  224. Gan McGee's attorney on MMAradio....
  225. American Top Team wins again!!!!
  226. Yoshida vs. Silva
  227. Sakuraba Vs. Randleman.....
  228. Dana White Interview
  229. Ken Shamrock Interview
  230. Mir vs. Sims II
  231. Saku comments about Yoshida, Mirko and Silva!
  232. Williams Files Protest With K-1 Japan Over Controversial Osaka Loss
  233. Top 3 Moments In MMA History
  234. Wandie wants to KO Rampage slowly
  235. King of the Cage November 2nd!!!
  236. New Christopher Cordiero interview from King of the Cage
  237. K-1 MAX news (Sugar Ray Leonard to return?)
  238. HUGE Shooto news!!!!
  239. SHOOTO Nov. 14th Las Vegas..Javier Vazquez!!
  240. Lawler vs. Lytle official.
  241. Directv To Premier Ufc 44: With Bonus Footage
  242. Simms breaks arm
  243. MMA & K-1 sim
  244. Holyfield not done...
  245. Pat Smith to fight Mir now
  246. Hendo Vs. Busta A Go!
  247. k-1 world max 2003
  248. k-1 world grand prix 2003 final matchups
  249. Herring v.s. Bobish at Pride Final Conflict
  250. Busta vs. Rampage