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  1. $25,000,000 for a fight
  2. Takada and Renzo
  3. Fighters I root for and why
  4. Pride GP Draw?
  5. Open Mat Rolling!!!
  6. mmafantasyleague picks make them here
  7. Chance that Randleman is Mr.X
  8. Mr. X = Tamura(offical)
  9. The GP matches are set, Tamura is in!!!
  10. The Iceman Speaketh
  11. I found this on MMAweekly, UFC 44
  12. check out these
  13. so XFAChairman called me yesterday
  14. K1 the next PPV Anyone know?
  15. How would Masato do in MMA
  16. Need help finding cheap Savate shoes
  17. Who do you want to win the Pride Middleweight GP?
  18. Ritc 50
  19. Yves Edwards to fight in Shooto
  20. KOTC 25 Results
  21. WEC “The Return of a Legend”On Pay-Per-View
  22. Extreme Force MMA from London
  23. Mark Hughes getting onto the ring at Extreme Challenge 51
  24. Forrest Griffin v.s. Ebenezer Fontes Braga
  25. Bruce Buffer's new gig
  26. Kimo v.s. Sapp in K-1?!?!
  27. Ximú v.s. Radach
  28. Doggfather and Wondermut!
  29. The thing about Arona in the GP is....
  30. An offer for globalmma!!!!
  31. Frank Mir v.s. Andre Arlovski at UFC 44
  32. RITC - 50 results
  33. Lee Murray defeats Pele @ Extreme Forces
  34. Don Frye done with MMA??
  35. AFC 4 this weekend!!!
  36. KO pic of Murray v.s. Pele
  37. Spratt talkin smack on the UG to Jeremy
  38. PrideGP Rumors and Speculation
  39. Tanner, Kaps, Cesaro, Vulger, Zen
  40. AFC 4 final card great changes WOW!!
  41. UFCF & HnS
  42. Part 1 and 2 of Scorpion interview from
  43. Anyone else think Saku Vs. Silva in the first round is a mistake?
  44. Anyone else still think Pele is better for UFC than Murray?
  45. Don Frye no fight nevermore its oficial!!
  46. Jens Pulver Video Is On!!!
  47. Chuck Liddell gets......
  48. Jeremy Jackson v.s. Nick Diaz this saturday
  49. Roy Jones Jr v.s. Mike Tyson!!!!!!!
  50. Frank Shamrock v.s. Cesar Gracie
  51. The 2nd Annual Tito Ortiz Submission Wrestling Invitational....
  52. For Chuck to win the GP.....
  53. Nog vs Rodriguez.....READ!!!
  54. New Silva interview
  55. Jackson and Spratt talkin smack on MMA radio yesterday....
  56. we need to get this part of the forum going
  57. exercise for grip strength and good upper body work out.
  58. Shannon Briggs Speaks To Me!!!
  59. Cro COP will beat Igor
  60. Jeremy Jackson's match Saturday?
  61. Riccio vs gracie bar brawl
  62. IFC Warriors Challenge XVIII Results-Jackson vs Dias
  63. Afc 4
  64. IFC WC 18 Results
  65. Quadros has been apparently fired by Pride!
  66. Confirmed GP matches!!!!!!!READ!!!!
  67. Ron Waterman Signed To Fight At WEC 7
  68. Vote for the top ten in each weight class!
  69. Congratulations!
  70. Javier Vazquez FREE Seminar....
  71. Kimo Vs. Sapp in K-1....
  72. Messege from Jeremy Jackson....
  73. Cabbage Vs Tank
  74. Boxing Sucks!
  75. Jackson Out. Diaz In...Reported by MMA Ring Report
  76. adam salis email me
  78. Who will dethrone Lennox?
  79. Genki Sudo Stabbed!!
  80. Arona
  81. some photos from AFC 4
  82. Belfort to fight winner of Tito/Couture...
  83. A Fox Sports show contacted Jeremy Jackson.....
  84. What are your top 5 favorite MMA Knock outs?
  85. What live fighting events have you been to?
  86. Mirko vs Roy Jones JR.!!!
  87. We still need fighters for our fighting game!
  88. an article on
  89. Mark Kerr returns to MMA......
  90. New look for the UFC
  91. Shooto 8-10-03 Edwards-Gomi on the card
  92. KOTC August 2nd 10th and 16th
  93. Team Quest Sportfight in Gresham, Oregon on August 23rd
  94. GlobalMMA presents Fight Night August 9th in Van Nuys Ca.
  95. Pride GP 1st round Picks**Do Not Post Spoilers**
  96. Tito is in Vargas' corner tonight
  97. Sapp's Karate Training
  98. Rumors about the 155 lbs. Division in the UFC
  99. Javier Vazquez just about 100%
  100. New* Chuck Liddell Interview
  101. Wec Signs Mma Fighter Who Brawled With Fernado Vargas
  102. Jens Pulver Moving Down to 145 Lbs.
  103. Amateur MMA in NYC
  104. Pancrase Neo Blood Tournament 2003 Results
  105. Kickboxer given life sentence for slaying of nursing assistant
  106. Adrenaline Fighting Championships 1 Results
  107. Boxer Dies in Utah
  108. Holyfield says he won't retire until he has major belts
  109. Bill proposed for a federal regulatory agency in boxing
  110. Att: Chad Washburn
  111. Attn: MMA fighters, kickboxers, and boxers.
  112. sorry, but it was just curious...(Damien Riccio (?) in Pride and other tournaments)
  113. Since Genki was screwed by UFC rules..
  114. Tim Sylvia..What is your feelings on him as a champ?
  115. Absolute Fighting Championship 5!!!
  116. opinion on a particular takedown
  117. Tyson Brawl Video
  118. Daryl gohlar
  119. Alex Gong Murdered
  120. Black Belts
  121. Interviews with fighters from's Fight Night on August 9th
  122. Arona talks about his match against Jackson
  124. Alex Gong's Murder Commits Suicide.
  125. Possibility of Bustamante replacing Arona in GP!!!!
  126. lennox lewis retiring??
  127. check this out
  128. I can not wait for Rampage to win Prides tournie
  129. Can Busta do it?
  130. A Quick Dumb thought...
  131. ricco fight nog
  132. Complete Pride Picks
  133. Ricco Vs. Nog.....
  134. Absolute Fighting Championships 5
  135. ShootBox by Frank Shamrock
  136. W. Silva Interview
  137. Bustamante hasn't come to an agreement with Pride yet!!
  138. MMA Fantasy League
  139. Aron situation update, Ryan and Renzo definetly NOT in the GP
  140. COMFIRMED!! Murilo Bustamante in the GP!
  141. What if...........Chuck ends up fighting Yoshi?
  142. Bustamante officially confirmed for Pride GP, comments on Rampage
  143. What do you prefer?
  144. Pics
  145. Who will win the pride GP?
  146. Fantasyleague Fight Card As Of 8-8
  147. New Bustamante Interview
  148. Pedro Rizzo comments on Pride GP
  149. Sakuraba!!!!
  150. *SPOILERS* Pride GP Results*SPOILERS*
  151. Fantasy League Results
  152. Ricco was ROBB'D !!
  153. Wanderlei Silva is going to be the winner of gp
  154. if frank shamrock ...
  155. Tammura made me proud.
  156. Ring Of Combat 4
  157. Cro Cop = Goldberg '98
  158. when is josh barnett coming back to the ufc?
  159. The changing face of the guard.
  160. Pride GP Brackets set
  161. Is it possibe.....(conspiracy theory inside)
  162. yoshida fight clip
  163. MKimonos Pro Team welcomes New Member.
  164. Busta Vs. Rampage
  165. "Fight Night" pics
  166. AFC 5 poster and card
  167. New Post Pride Bustamante Interview
  168. If it is true about the brackets already being set....
  169. ATTN: Anyone in or around Irvine, CA.
  170. New Fantasy Mma League Starting !!!!!
  171. k-1 press conference and fight card update
  172. Shooto results
  173. KING OF THE CAGE Results
  174. KING OF THE CAGE 28 Line Up
  175. K-1 August 15th from Las Vegas Live on PPV
  176. Gomi lost to Joachim Hansen
  177. Sapp & Kimo - Pre-fight brawl
  178. Royce Gracie to make announcement??
  179. K-1 World GP Results from Las Vegas
  180. OMFG Bonjansky KTFO Tiger
  181. Based on his last performance, Ricco could beat Fedor
  182. Fights you'd msot like to see in the HW GP.
  183. Pulver takes KO victory
  184. Takedowns
  185. OK, guess...........
  186. MMA training
  187. DON KING sings deal with I.C.C!!!!
  188. Updated card for AFC 5!!!
  189. I'm Sorry
  190. WEC 6 on PPV this friday......
  191. Cung Le
  192. Jeremy Jackson at UFC 44....Official announcement
  193. Saku Interview...
  194. anybody have info on jim bruketta
  195. Best fighters p4p?
  196. Ironlife E-Mag Issue 2
  197. Jungle Card - WALLID Reveals The Card!
  198. Interview with Wanderlei Silva - PRIDE's AXE MURDERER!
  199. Yoshida needs 2 months to recover from his knee injury
  200. k-1 japan 2003 matchups
  201. can someone explain san shou for me
  202. replacement fighter!
  203. Joe Halls scoring of the Ricco vs Nog fight
  204. Jerome LeBanner?
  205. Yoshida interview
  206. Extreme Challenge 52 Pulver vs Jordan Results
  207. bob Sapp n m tyson?
  208. Enough of Tyson vs Sapp.....A real fight between K-1 and boxing.....
  209. Newton To Pride Bushido
  210. Ifc Global Domination Tournament
  211. Tyson in K-1, its official.....
  212. So... whre'd the UCC go?
  213. would you fight royce gracie???
  214. What are your thoughts on the Gi?
  215. Saw Tyson in L.A. this weekend....
  216. Fight videos from August 9th are now online
  217. Do you remember when Robbie Lawler said...
  218. FantasyLeague Rankings and new Forum
  219. I spoke with Rampage and Dan Henderson.
  220. UFC 44 Press Release
  221. The Smashing Machine on DVD
  222. KING OF THE CAGE -PPV September 7th
  223. Fedor Emelianenko vs. Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic Rumor
  224. I wonder if Mike Tyson could make 205 lbs?
  225. Fantasyleague Go Make Picks
  226. GP finals rumored bouts.....
  227. Sapp and Tyson is making MMA look bad....
  228. Pancrase Features Barnett, Sinosic And Almeida This Weekend
  229. What is ESPN's problem?
  230. UFC44 Final Card and Picks
  231. Punch-to-kick combos
  232. Counters
  233. Mosley Delahoya 2
  234. Pride DVD release dates
  235. Ultimate Fighting Championship Appears Before California Legislative
  236. K-1 Survival 2003 Japan Gp Final
  237. Oscar De La Hoya vs. Sugar Shane Mosley
  238. Baroni on MMAradio, talks about Sakuraba, Linland, and more.....
  239. Tim Sylvia on the Tom Green Show
  240. Pancrase 2003 Hybrid Tour Results
  241. Spratt Calls Out Many On Radio Show
  242. This weekend!!!!
  243. Sven Bean Talks Ludwig's Future; Spratt Comments; And Tyson Vs Cro Cop
  244. Styles make fights
  245. Question for ALL
  246. Pele news, New fight team and promotion, interview, more.....
  247. Filho Out Of Ifc Tournament
  248. Ultimate Submission Showdown
  249. K-1 Rumors, Sudo, Bang and more......
  250. TKO 13 (UCC) Sept 6th