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  1. Rich franklin vs cung le
  2. Dana White: UFC Starting a Women's Division
  3. Jeff Blatnick Dead at 55
  4. Ceasar says probably Diaz vs Kos upon Return
  5. "Quinton Jackson on...Revenge"
  6. UFC 154: St-Pierre vs Condit preview
  7. Anderson Silva Highlight.
  8. Koscheck to Diaz: "Don't be scared Homie"
  9. Aldo vs. Edgar is on! UFC 156 superbowl weekend.
  10. Nog and Werdum set to host TUF Brazil 2.
  11. Stephan Bonnar retires...
  12. Bellator 78 (Videos)
  13. World Series Of Fighting 1 (Videos)
  14. UFC Primetime: St-Pierre vs. Condit - Episode 1
  15. Chris Weidman Shows How Hurricane Sandy Destroyed Home
  16. How can anyone not like "Bones"?
  17. [HOLY S**T!] UFC eyes Cowboys Stadium for Silva-St. Pierre
  18. Behind the Scenes: World Series of Fighting 1
  19. Ronda Rousey first female UFC fighter
  20. Strikeforce is done
  21. Franklin vs Lee
  22. UFC vs Stikeforce: potential crossover matchups
  23. Silva going on vacation until late 2013
  24. What time will GSP/Condit start ?
  25. [HOLY S**T!] Carwin out of TUF Finale
  26. Highlights of every Pride Event.
  27. Meathead to replace Carwin
  28. Has the UFC's growth hurt us as fans?
  29. Matt Mitrione to replace Carwin in TUF finale
  30. M1 Challenge 35 result and video
  31. [R-RATED] Anyone else watching the pre-lims/undercard to UFC 154?
  32. PXC 34 (Videos)
  33. [HOLY S**T!] Bare Knuckle Fight: Royce Gracie vs Unbeaten Kung Fu fighter
  34. [HOLY S**T!] Last Strikeforce card: 4 title fights!!!
  35. I know he just got back
  36. Hendricks VS Diaz
  37. Old vale tudo fights(violent)
  38. GSP isn't fighting Silva
  39. Cesar Gracie: If GSP doesn't want to fight Silva, Nick will.
  40. Nate Diaz: Judges won't give me a decision.
  41. UFC on Fox 5: Preview
  42. [HOLY S**T!] I really hope Capoeira catches on in MMA
  43. Dana: GSP wants Nick next..
  44. Rousey vs. Carmouch set to main even UFC 157
  45. does anyone actually like rory macdonald
  46. Nate is getting dismantled
  47. Who has the better chance to beat Bendo?
  48. Frosty the Snowman re-run batters UFC on FOX in ratings
  49. Frosty the Snowman re-run batters UFC on FOX in ratings
  50. How would Nikolai Valuev fare in MMA/UFC?
  51. Condit vs Macdonald 2 in Montrael in March! UFC 157-58
  52. JDS vs Cain 2
  53. If MMA is better than boxing...
  54. [R-RATED] Nick Diaz vs GSP Promo
  55. JDS will ko cain again
  56. who is a member of that "dog" site?
  57. So JDS said he can beat W. Klit in a boxing match?
  58. Alistair Overeem Will Make Velasquez & JDS His Biatch
  59. was jds/cain more exciting than pacquiao/marquez 4
  60. was jds/cain more exciting than pacquiao/marquez 4
  61. JDS AND Velasquez Fight
  62. Cormier might get next shot at Jones?
  63. What is you favorite event from the UFC and Pride?
  64. MMA knowledge pros
  65. Anderson Silva signs 10 fight deal with the UFC
  66. No more excuses for Cyborg
  67. UFC 2012 Team Numbers.
  68. Word on the streets
  69. Why is Dana White announcing fighters' retirements?
  70. Strikeforce final show full fights
  71. Belfort vs Bisping... who takes it?
  72. Black Fedor calling out Bones
  73. Bendo/Melendez and Cormier/Mir set for UFC on Fox 7
  74. Rory Mac "I want to hurt Condit"
  75. UFC releases list of acquired Strikeforce fighters
  76. UFC’s New Drug Rules: All Fighters Tested Overseas, No Bonuses Until Tests Are Passed
  77. Who saw Bellator on ****e TV?
  78. The Greatest MMA Fighter of All Time
  79. Roach talks about Nick Diaz vs. GSP
  80. Pettis vs Cerrone and Aldo vs Edgar
  81. UFC 158: GSP vs Diaz Press Conference (FULL VIDEO)
  82. Tell me about MMA fans
  83. Bellator..
  84. Hughes officially retires..
  85. Vitali Klitschko vs Pele Reid kickboxing KO
  86. Rampage says UFC media inflate PPV numbers
  87. UFC on fox 6 bets
  88. UFC on fox 6 discussion.
  89. [HOLY S**T!] Fedor was about to sign with UFC but....
  90. Nate Diaz vs. Josh Thompson set for UFC on Fox 7
  91. Assuerio Silva shot 5 times...
  92. Ufc 156
  93. [LMAO!] Jose Aldo: Bad at Motorcycling, Great at Fighting
  94. Rashad vs Anderson makes the most sense
  95. UFC and FightMetric Providing Fighter Rankings
  96. Alexander Gustafsson
  97. 1 billy on Aldo and 500milly Lil Nog tonight!
  98. Official UFC 156 Discussion
  99. So Reem got over-confident
  100. Frankie Edgar doesn't lose fights.
  101. Aldo vs Pettis August 2nd.
  102. UFC 156 in photos......beautiful
  103. bet - 60b on Gustafsson to beat Mousasi
  104. [LMAO!] Nick Diaz Shadow Boxing
  105. Uriah Hall
  106. chael sonnen
  107. Has MMA rendered traditional martial arts obsolete
  108. Wrestling dropped from 2020 Olympic Games
  109. Overeem v JDS, Valasquez vs Bigfoot Silva
  110. First Official UFC Rankings
  111. Rousey vs. Mousasi
  112. UFC on Fuel TV 7 (London) - Predictions
  113. 'Angry Johnny' Bones Jones
  114. Which type of punch is most likely to KO someone a boxing punch or this one
  115. UFC on Fuel 8 March 2nd the most exciting MMA event of 2013?
  116. Cyborg to fight for Invicta
  117. [HOLY S**T!] Hendricks replaces MacDonald for Condit Fight
  118. UFC 157 PPV they have Rousey/Carmouche as the Main Event..
  119. Most likely to pull an upset this weekend UFC 157?
  120. Jon Fitch cut from UFC
  121. Do the UFC Owners Have Any Plans To Celebrate its Promotion's 20th Anniversary?
  122. Hendo to KO Machida!?
  123. Ronda's sister works for ESPN
  124. Bellator 90 (Videos)
  125. Zingano vs Tate winner next for Rousey?
  126. Interview with Blackzilian, Dion Staring
  127. So, UFC had women headlining a PPV at the weekend....
  128. Anderson Silva is the "GOAT" because..
  129. Matt Riddle tests positive for THC. Released by UFC.
  130. Overeem testosterone level below average.
  131. Will we ever see an MMA Hall of Fame?
  132. TUF 17 is SICK!!!!
  133. Jose Aldo could be the first....
  134. Rashad wants Shogun but Dana says Hendo!
  135. The difference between Judo and BJJ?
  136. RIP Ramon Dekkers
  137. Nick Diaz UFC 158 Pre-fight interview
  138. Akiyama to return in August/September at welterweight!
  139. [PLEASE HELP] does GSP vs Nick Diaz have a ufc primetime????
  140. Who Will Win Tonight? (UFC on FUEL TV 8 Live In Japan)
  141. Should Wanderlei Silva Walk Away From MMA On A High Note? Or Should He Keep Fighting?
  142. Mark Coleman Officially Retires
  143. So a White belt submitted a Black belt?
  144. Excerpts from GSP-Diaz Conference call
  145. Silva vs. Weidman official
  146. The Reem: New Episode
  147. 158 Media Call = Great Quotes
  148. What are the most effective takedowns in MMA?
  149. What are the most effective takedowns in MMA?
  150. Mark Hunt vs JDS official for UFC 160
  151. Video: Mark Munoz Open Work out in Mall of Asia
  152. GOD OF CARDIO! Nick Diaz....23 minutes on a speed bag non stop
  153. Question on Fight Strategy and making fighting more predictable
  154. Guillermo Rigondeaux is part of team Blackzillian
  155. Shogun Rua punches like a girl, Diaz=street fighter
  156. How will Marquardt do against Ellenberger and the rest of the WW division?
  157. Diaz is on fire at these pressers.
  158. ufc 158 bets
  159. Talk to me about my UFC bets for this weekend
  160. Whats Up with this Gi Business?
  161. Whats your top 5-10 Welterweight before & After UFC 159?
  162. Where's the UFC 158 thread?
  163. **** Hendicks!
  164. Was that Georges "Dark Side"?
  165. GSP is the FMJ of MMA
  166. MMA Cartoons
  167. [HOLY S**T!] The WW division is BY FAR the most stacked division
  168. Silva vs. Weidman, who ya got?
  169. Who would win? Georges St-Pierre vs Anderson Silva
  170. Gustafsson vs Mousasi [April 6]
  171. Chael Reveals True Story Of UFC 159 Main Event
  172. Tyrone Spong KOS Remy
  173. Anthony Johnson Defeated Andrei Arlovski
  174. Why dont elbows knock people out like punches do?
  175. Why does GSP have such a weak punch? Is his technique off?
  176. Who would be more likely to win a street fight and why?
  177. What is the biggest/best MMA forum on the internet?
  178. Jacare Souza will be the man to beat Silva!!!
  179. Pride is more entertaining than ufc
  180. Gustafsson out of UFC fuel 9's main event?
  181. Can Anyone Name ALl The UFC Rematches In THe
  182. MMA Technique APP
  183. Fans starting to realize Dana White is full of crap
  184. Lol, Worst case of running...ever?
  185. UFC ON FOX 7, make your picks.
  186. M-1 HW Grand Prix today/tonight
  187. Badass Jon Jones highlight.
  188. Is a right elbow more like a right hook a right cross or an overhand right hook?
  189. [HOLY S**T!] Ronda(135lbs female) dominates Uriah Hall(185lbs male) in grappling
  190. TUF 17 Finale [Bets]
  191. Andre Berto considers joining the UFC.
  192. [LMAO!] Uriah Hall EXPOSED
  193. Gina Carano vs. Ronda Rousey.
  194. Aldo vs Hominick AMSB MMA Film Study
  195. UFC on Fox 7 [Bets]
  196. Diaz and Melendez gonna do it for 4/20!!!!
  197. Spider Venom is irreversible
  198. Anyone watching UFC tonight?
  199. Overeem and Badr Hari
  200. Daniel Cormier's chances against.......
  201. Diaz bro's no longer Contenders.. now Gatekeeper status?
  202. UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen
  203. GSP could actually lose to Johnny Hendricks!
  204. Getting to know Cormier a bit better
  205. UFC 159: Jones vs Sonnen [Bets]
  206. Nate Diaz loses his sh1t....
  207. Silva vs Jones?
  208. Bisping vs Belcher: Satanic voices?
  209. UFC 163 gets Kos vs Maia
  210. Peter Aerts vs Jamal Ben Sad*** Fight Video - Glory 8 Tokyo (2013.5.3)
  211. Ricardo Mayorga misses weight for MMA debut
  212. Mayorga SPOILER....
  213. MMA Tribute
  214. Who are the current Elite fighters in the UFC?
  215. What current mma fighter would have the balls to stand with a boxer in the octagon???
  216. [HOLY S**T!] Ricardo VID: Mayorga full fight....was it illegal or not??
  217. Who is compelled to see Berto in mma
  218. Vitor Belfort vs Rockold KO
  219. Greatest MMA Fight Of All Time ?
  220. If Barao is out who will replace him?
  221. UFC 160,Junior Dos Santos V Hunto .
  222. [VIDEO] Countdown to UFC 160
  223. Junior Dos Santos Champ in 2013 WARWAGON THREAD!!!
  224. Hunto KOD
  225. Will Bendo be in another nail biter with TJ Grant?
  226. Pawel Nastula Highlight
  227. ONE FC: RISE TO POWER live right now (free undercard streams, maincard web PPV)
  228. UFC on Fuel 10: Big Nog vs Werdum 2 this weekend!
  229. Quinton Jackson signs with Bellator and TNA
  230. mma section is dead
  231. New York Now Only State Where MMA is Not Legal
  232. UFC Title Shots Coming Off Losses? This Trend Needs to End Now
  233. Dana is getting ridiculous...
  234. Even Dan Henderson says Jon Jones is a Phony
  235. These Heavyweight match ups only make sense...
  236. Does anyone gamble on fights?
  237. A lot of people here think rousey is hot??
  238. My Bets for the weekend UFC 161 and WSOF 3
  239. Will anyone be watching War MMA?
  240. [HOLY S**T!] Rousey-Tate TUF 18: Mayhem every day fueled by hatred
  241. Kron Gracie submits Shinya Aoki
  242. How Anderson Silva got into the sport
  243. Poor Hendo and Rashad
  244. Anyone catch Bellator 96? Thoughts on War Machine?
  245. Opinions on Jeremy Horn in his better days?
  246. Where is Fedor on your P4P/GOAT lists?
  247. Gilbert Yvel retires
  248. What happened with Pettis?
  249. Why is Silva considered an underdog going into the Weidman fight?
  250. GSP Is Scared Of A Super Fight