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  1. Anderson Silva is very overrated
  2. Jose Aldo IS A MOTHA****IN PROBELM!!!
  3. Ufc 129
  4. Need a link? HIT UP YA BOY!!!
  5. Rofl @ the Crane kick!
  6. [LMAO!] zzzzzz..*cough* ...zzzzzzzzz
  7. Post fight interview, GSP sounded like he does not want to fight Anderson Silva
  8. Nick Diaz would beat GSP...
  9. GSP weighed around 192lbs tonight against Sheilds... Why is he ducking Silva again?
  10. Comments Thread For: Georges St-Pierre Beats Shields, Machida Drills Couture
  11. UFC Welterweight division in TERRIBLE shape?
  12. Mark Hominick's face
  13. Dana White: No Major Criticism of GSP's Performance at UFC 129
  14. Steven Seagal UFC 129 Post-Fight Interview
  15. Jon Fitch vs GSP 2!!! I think he's earned it.
  16. Is Anderson Silva towards the end of his prime?
  17. UFC 129 Fight Replay
  18. Went to the UFC 129 Weigh In
  19. UFC 130: Edgar Vs. Maynard III [May 28th]
  20. Igor Vovchanchyn highlights...
  21. Lacy Diaz signed
  22. Tank Abbott lookin like santa claus talking crap about Brock
  23. Fighting Words with Mike Straka – Rich Franklin
  24. Bellator 43 (Videos)
  25. Bellator Fighting Championships 43 – Teh Gifs
  26. Biggest MMA letdown's?
  27. URRAYBODY remember when Shogun was the Jones in MMA back in the day?
  28. Video: Osama Bin Laden Was a Black Belt in Judoka
  29. Tachi Palace Fights 9 (Videos)
  30. [HOLY S**T!] Maynard-Edgar III Postponed/Canceled Due to Injury
  31. [HOLY S**T!] UFC Expands Insurance Coverage for Fighters.
  32. How would David Haye do in MMA? At 205 Lbs.
  33. Video: Lopez Tonight – Dax Shepard vs. Dan Severn
  34. Ellismania Season 1: Ep. 1 – The Mania Begins
  35. Rampage vs Hamill Main Event Worthy?
  36. The Rampage Diaries - UFC 130 Part 1
  37. Dan Hardy Vs. Chris Lytle On For 'UFC On Versus 5'
  38. TUF Season 13 EP 7 O'Neil vs Torres – Teh Gifs
  39. Video: Masato, Norifumi ‘KID’ Yamamoto & More Join Forces at ‘Stands Up Japan’
  40. Audio: Dana White Announces Brock Lesnar’s Diverticulitis Has Returned Out of UFC 131
  41. JDS vs Carwin @ UFC 131.
  42. [LMAO!] The UFC's New Twitter Policy
  43. MMA Highlights Vids...
  44. Royler Gracie-Eddie Bravo BJJ rematch to happen at ADCC this year
  45. Bones Jones duckin Rashad?
  46. Former UFC Heavyweight Champ Kevin Randleman calls it a career!
  47. The Return of Badr Hari
  48. It's Showtime 48 - Teh Vids
  49. Bellator 44 - Teh Gifs
  50. Bellator 44 (Videos)
  51. Team Takeover: Top 10 Reasons On Why We Dislike Dana White
  52. Favorite MMA journeyman?
  53. Video: Pride To The Top – Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Documentary
  54. Thai Fight Extreme 2011 – Teh Vids
  55. Video: Ellismania Season 1 EP 2 “Celebrity Shockers”
  56. Big Nog vs Brenden Scuab at UFC 134 Brazil
  57. Video: Chuck Liddell & Ed O’Niel Talk Pac/Shane, Liddell Career & Randy/Lyoto
  58. Vladdy finally got married!
  59. Nonito Donaire MMA...
  60. First Hand Video Of Steven Seagal Training Lyoto Machida
  61. Video: ESPN MMA Live: The Latest on Lesnar
  62. CSAC votes to uphold Sonnen's suspension.
  63. The Reem Season 2 Episode 3!
  64. Nogueira: Anderson Silva Nearly Retired Before Entering UFC
  65. exclusive: Strikeforce news
  66. MMA Legend Royce Gracie Chokes Out Kevin on A.O.T.S
  67. Happy Birthday to GSP!
  68. Greatest MMA Moment in your MMA history?
  69. Video: Dana White Talks UFC Growth With Forbes Sports Money
  70. Video: Bob Reilly Discusses the Current State of MMA in New York
  71. Video: Ellismania Season 1 : Ep. 3
  72. Karo “the Heat” Parisyan vs. Ryan “the Real Deal” Ford MMA Live 1
  73. Video: KSW 16 Pudzianowski vs Thompson Weigh ins
  74. I didnt think Lesnar was really going to fight Dos Santos anyways
  75. Video: Rashad Speaks Out About His Confrontation With Jon Jones
  76. GSP vs Diaz in December
  77. Now that the UFC owns WEC and Strikeforce
  78. Video: Dan Severn Brutally KO’d Last Night
  79. KSW 16 - Teh Vids
  80. BAMMA 6 - Teh Vids
  81. Video: The Voice Versus Hulk Hogan
  82. Ninja retires....
  83. Videos: Bellator Season 4 Highlights
  84. Super Kombat Gala – Teh Vids
  85. KO of the Week......AMAZING!!!!
  86. Bellator 45 (Videos)
  87. More Details Emerge Regarding Hermes Franca’s Sexual Assault Charges
  88. SF HW GP Jun 18
  89. Video: Rampage and Boost Mobile Detect Bull Sh*t
  90. Video: Rampage on The Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson
  91. Video: Amazing New Streaming Features On UFC.TV!
  92. Rampage vs The Techno Viking In a Dance Off!
  93. Unaired The Voice Vs Hulk Hogan – Macho Man Question!
  94. Silvia vs Frank Shamrock who wins?
  95. Has anyone got footage of Kong Watson beating on Rua's brother?
  96. Video: UFC 130 Pre Fight Press Conference
  97. TUF Season 13 EP 9 – Teh Gifs
  98. Rampage confronts Helwani!
  99. Video: In The Moment: Rampage Jackson
  100. Video: Countdown to UFC 130 - Rampage vs. Hamill
  101. UFC 130 is SICK! WAR RAMPAGE!!!
  102. Video: K-1 WORLD MAX 2011 Press Conference
  103. UFC 130 ''Rampage vs Hamill'' Not Selling Well At All!
  104. Matt Hamill Profile
  105. Fight changing mistakes... do you hold a grudge?
  106. UFC 130 Rampage vs Hamill Weigh ins – Teh Gifs
  107. Who You Got For Alves vs Story?
  108. GSP vs Silva
  109. anyone got a live stream of 130
  110. [HOLY S**T!] Strikeforce formally confirms Fedor-Henderson
  111. [HOLY S**T!] that **** was boring.
  112. [HOLY S**T!] Jackson fractured hand. NSAC
  113. Complete UFC 130 Results
  114. Rampage from the Pride days....
  115. UFC 130 Rampage vs Hamill - Teh Gifs
  116. Ufc 130
  117. Comments Thread For: Rampage Jackson Looks Lackluster in Beating Hamill
  118. UFC 131 Is A Pretty Crap Card.
  119. Glory World Series: Moscow (Videos)
  120. Both UFC on Versus cards coming up look SICK!
  121. Is James Toney the best paid MMA fighter of all time?
  122. Who will the UFC give the next Light Heavyweight title shot too??
  123. Michael Bisping And Jason Miller To Coach TUF 14
  124. Rampage Jackson Tries To Motorboat Karyn Bryant Post-UFC 130
  125. Knock Out of the Week (Mark “The Fight Shark” Miller)
  126. Video: Ellismania Season 1 Episode 4 Mayhem Miller vs Jason Ellis!
  127. Video: Hendo Speaks Out On His Fight VS Fedor!
  128. Video: Tito Ortiz Settles the Score with Matt Mitrione
  129. Comments Thread For: Fedor vs Henderson Finalized, Other Strikeforce Bits
  130. Rampage vs Interviewer round 2
  131. Thomas Fires Back At New Talk From Mayorga
  132. Video: Another Front Kick Knock Out!
  133. Video: Extensive Footage Of Steven Seagal Training Lyoto Machida
  134. [HOLY S**T!] Nick Diaz v. Georges Zzzzpierre at UFC 137
  136. [LMAO!] Rampage is a Real Life Troll.
  137. Silva Scolds Okami for Training with ‘Loser’ Sonnen
  138. St. Pierre-Diaz Booked for UFC 137 in October
  139. [LMAO!] Rampage Jackson Dry Humps Reporter
  140. UFC 131: Dos Santos Vs. Carwin
  141. Jones: I'll be fighting Rampage next.
  142. Hardy vs Lytle To Main Event UFC Versus 5. Really?
  143. CFC 16 – Lombard vs Doerksen- Teh Vids
  144. The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale – Weigh Ins – Teh Gifs
  145. Video: “Once I Was A Champion” Director On Inside MMA
  146. DREAM F4J – Teh Vids
  147. Video: Patrick Cote Slaps Todd Brown at Ringside 11 Weigh
  148. The Ultimate Fighter Finale
  149. The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale – Teh Gifs
  150. guida vs pettis
  151. How bad is Jones Gonna Whoop Rampage?
  152. UFC Is Starting To Become Uninteresting To Watch!
  153. Dana White has to stop paying ***** his fighters.
  154. M-1 Ukraine European Battle – Teh Vids
  155. Video: TUF 13 Post Fight Press Conference
  156. EliteXC: Night Of Champions...
  157. SF Overeem vs Werdum card
  158. UFC Live: E3 2011 Trailer
  159. DREAM – Fight For Japan (Videos)
  160. what channels show mma?
  161. Ex-NHL Bad Boy Donald Brashear Wins at Ringside 11 in Under 21 Seconds!
  162. Best MMA single rounds you have ever seen?
  163. Video: Ringside MMA 11 Recap
  164. [HOLY S**T!] *New Vid Shane Carwin!
  165. Video: Bud Light Commercial With Dana White & Jon Jones
  166. Video: UFC Champ Jon Jones’ “No Motorboating” PSA
  167. Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament returns to Primetime June 18th
  168. UFC 131 Tickets Not Selling Well At All!
  169. Sonnen blasts Brazil, makes national news
  170. Video: Countdown to UFC 131 Dos Santos vs Carwin
  171. Video: Anderson Silva Gets Hadoukened
  172. Videos: Hector Lombard – The Early Years
  173. Video: E:60 Lightning Lee Murray Documentary
  174. All UFC Non-Title Main Events Will Be Five Round Fights Going Forward
  175. Dana White: UFC adding 125-pound flyweight division "like, really soon"
  176. chuck was always overrated
  177. Video: UFC 131 Pre Fight Press Conference
  178. Video: Challenge Fight – A Young Nam Phan vs. a “Street Fighter”
  179. Biggest Misconception?
  180. is mma a dying breed?
  181. UFC 131 Carwin vs Dos Santos Weign Ins – Teh Gifs + vid
  182. 500k On Dos Santos?
  183. BJJers, quit crying about wrestlers !!
  184. Maximum Fighting Championship 30 full fight video
  185. E:60 dada 5000
  186. MMA Prospect WATCH thread!
  187. i dont think brock has what it takes
  188. Ufc 131 free stream
  189. ufc 131 stream
  190. Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos - The Dream Match
  191. Junior dos Santos vs Cain Velásquez
  192. UFC 131 Carwin vs Dos Santos - Teh Gifs
  193. Comments Thread For: Junior Dos Santos Domintes Shane Carwin To Earn Shot
  194. LMAO @ All the motha****as...
  195. Jason "Shotgun" Young!
  196. Looking for ufc 132 anyone have a copy of last
  197. Video: Five Questions for Jon “Bones” Jones
  198. It’s Showtime 50 – Teh Vids
  199. Video: Jason Mayhem Miller Reveals TUF 14 Coaching Staff
  200. Anybody else think Story gotta decent shot against Marquardt?
  201. "Kid" Yamamota vs Damacio Page at UFC 135!
  202. Cyborg vs Daley at Strikeforce: Hendo vs Fedor!
  203. [PLEASE HELP] Could Brock Keep Dos Santos Down?
  204. Predictions for the Strikeforce heavyweight fights this weekend?
  205. fedor vs hendo predictions?
  206. Video: Arianny Celeste Bud Light Lime- Ultimate Fantasy
  207. How is the MMA world not buzzing about Erik Koch?!!!
  208. [PLEASE HELP] Overeem vs Dos Santos?
  209. Jérôme Le Banner vs Sefan Leko
  210. [LMAO!] Steven Seagal gets frustrated at Anderson Silva and wrist throws him.
  211. Video: The Voice vs Badr Hari – Sneak Peak!
  212. Stream: Cage Warriors Fight Night 1 – 2pm EST 6/16/11
  213. I'm Selling My Cain Velasquez Stock.
  214. Video: UFC 134 RIO Press Conference
  215. Boxers MMA fighters remind you of...
  216. [HOLY S**T!] *Vid Overeem "UFC in 2 Years"
  217. Why do some MMAers hate Ariel Helwani ?
  218. Jack Dempsey, one of the original MMA fighters?
  219. Comments Thread For: Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami: UFC 134 on Aug. 27
  220. The Greatest MMA Highlight of all time.
  221. 1 bet for each fight this saturday...WHO WANT IT?
  222. Strikeforce – Overeem vs. Werdum Heavyweight Gran Prix Weigh Ins – Teh Gifs
  223. New Alistair Overeem Interview
  224. Fantasy Prediction: Mayhem vs Diaz
  225. The very end of JDS-Carwin
  226. What channel is Strikeforce on in the UK?
  227. Video: Wanderlei Silva – Teh Early Years
  228. Strikeforce Weigh In PICS
  229. Pros Pic HW Grand Prix!
  230. Recent MMA news: CUTS, NEW TAX, Signings
  231. New Reem Episode!
  232. Need a stream for Undercards or event?
  233. Strikeforce discussion thread..
  234. can someone give me a link to the strikeforce fight tonight
  235. Strikeforce Overeem vs Werdum live stream
  236. What did we learn from Strikeforce Dallas?
  237. Reem vs BIGFOOT
  238. Strikeforce - Overeem vs. Werdum HW Grand Prix - Teh Vids
  239. Strikeforce - Overeem vs. Werdum HW Grand Prix - Teh Gifs
  240. SERGEI KHARITONOV WAR WAGON gonna win it all THREAD!!!
  241. Strikeforce - Overeem vs Werdum - Post Fight Press Conference
  242. K-1 Grand Prix – Teh Early Years 1993-1999
  243. [PLEASE HELP] Van Damme Real Fight
  244. Video: Amazing 360 Knockout Kick Part Dux
  245. Video: It’s Showtime 2011: Madrid Recap
  246. Ed O’Neill (Al Bundy) Rolls With Rorion Gracie
  247. Video: Mauricio Shogun Rua - Teh Early Years
  248. The MMA Hour With Alistair Overeem!
  249. Video: Olympic Medalist Ronda Rousey Wins Her 2nd Pro MMA fight in :49 flat
  250. who will win pat barry vs kongo