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  1. Fedor.....
  2. Guess what?
  3. Which Martial arts combination would you rather have as a base ?
  4. Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar at 155lbs
  5. I did not see the WEC PPV last night, I've got some questions about the main event..
  6. [HOLY S**T!] Faber's Leg
  7. [HOLY S**T!] Dowload wec 48 (mu)
  8. Dana says Brown wasn't 100%
  9. Nick Diaz: "GSP won't fight me."
  10. Tito arrested for Domestic Violence!!
  11. Prime Norifumi Yamamoto vs Jose Aldo, who wins ?
  12. Looking for MMA instructional dvds for trade
  13. Looks like Tito didn't hit Jenna Jameson..
  14. Gay fighter in the Ultimate Fighter - Season 11 !
  15. UFC Undisputed 2010 Roster
  16. [LMAO!] Remember when Lesnar did this?
  17. Machida lookin' good.
  18. Would you watch a documentary about Travis Fulton?
  19. Machida over Shogan
  20. Does anyone know the PPV#s for Aldo - Faber ?
  21. Lawler-Babalu for Strikeforce in June
  22. [PLEASE HELP] MMA/Boxing Highlight, please watch, rate, comment etc.. you dont have to though.. :D
  23. CroCop "I need this win"
  24. Genki Sudo Gets his BJJ Black Belt And Hints A Return To MMA
  25. Team Oyama: Bobby Lashley Wants No Part Of Shane Del Rosario
  26. [PLEASE HELP] Because I Hate Lying, Arrogant Martial Artists
  27. Do you guys give Overeem chance against Fedor
  28. Mariusz Pudzianowski Trashes Brock Lesnar
  29. Machida's Record
  30. Forrest Griffin out of UFC 114 Bout...
  31. Anyone else think this should be the case?
  32. machida vs shogun
  33. Fedor to fight Werdum on 6/26 in San Jose, Showtime to televise
  34. Official Comments Thread For: Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin is Set For July 3, UFC 116
  35. Brocky is backk
  36. [LMAO!] Machida's father drinks his own urine during interview.
  37. Anyone else excited about UFC 113? I am.
  38. Bellator XVII : Alvarez - Neer
  39. Mayorga/Thomas in Jeopardy
  40. Thiago Silva career fight videos
  41. Anyone know if Pudzianowski's fight tonight is available anywhere?????
  42. Warrr machiddaaa
  43. Article: Anderson Silva Roy Jones career parallel
  44. Judo grand prix
  45. Gotta Admit, Dana is great for MMA
  46. Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin - An Explosion of Catastrophe
  47. **** This
  48. [LMAO!] Funny pic..
  49. Ufc 113
  50. UFC 113: Who's going to win?
  51. Shogun over Machida Kos over Semtex Belcher over Cote
  52. I *heart* The Martian Manhunter
  53. UFC 113 Bat Thread
  54. [LMAO!] Kimbo: "i'm gonna make Mitrione fart"
  55. feeds to tonights fights
  56. Can someone PM me a link to UFC 113?
  57. War kimbo!!!!!!!!
  58. Kos is a ho !!!
  59. [LMAO!] Daley is a legend!
  60. The dragon has been slain!
  61. Finally some justice for Shogun...
  62. Machida lost due to no head movement
  63. It's Shogun vs The Spider Time !!!!!!!
  64. Anderson is going to prove why he is the greatest MMA fighter so far ever...
  65. Paul daley has been cut by the ufc!!!!
  66. Kimbo likely to be cut too...
  67. Minotoro vs Shogun II
  68. Daley's punch(gif)
  69. And the Acadamy Award for Best Actor goes too......
  70. overeem over rogers for 1 million points
  71. A new Machida
  72. Dana White:Daley is done and Kimbo gone !(video)
  73. [PLEASE HELP] Req:ufc 113
  74. Official Comments Thread For: Mauricio Rua Gets Revenge By Knocking Lyoto Machida Out
  75. Kermit Cintron should join UFC
  76. Koscheck to be coach on next ultimate fighter
  77. Lighter weight Boxers can't compete in MMA.
  78. Fedor Emelianenko on Sports Science
  79. Kos vs GSP coaching tuf sucks but there is an upside (Charels Bennet)!!!
  80. UFC Fighters Train With Marines
  81. Mariusz Pudzianowski: "I Love To Prove People Wrong"
  82. Junior dos Santos vs. Roy Nelson In The Works for UFC 117
  83. Your Top 10 Greatest MMA Fighters Of All Time?
  84. Randy Couture dicusses his fight with James Toney
  85. Couture and Toney?
  86. MMA Fighter Girlfriends/Wives
  87. Alistair Overeem Appreciation thread..
  88. "Oh No You Didn't"
  89. Pudzianowski v Kawaguchi fight report and whats next???
  90. 15K/30K Mayorga over Thomas..
  91. Overeem over Rogers - Odds
  92. UFC Primetime or HBO 24/7?
  93. James Toney: "I'm going to sit down Couture in the first minute"
  94. Rampage Jackson slam gifs
  95. [PLEASE HELP] Does Shogun have a strong case for being the LHW G.O.A.T.??
  96. Overeem Not Worried By Rogers, Wants Fedor
  97. 50K/50K Rampage over Evans
  98. Strikeforce Heavy Artillery betting thread
  99. [HOLY S**T!] How Shogun Slayed the Dragon [Video]
  100. Brett "The Grim" Rogers is the best Heavyweight fighter in MMA
  101. Rashad Evans will win back his UFC Lightheavyweight Title
  102. will King Mo get a chance to fight Fedor Emelianenko??
  103. Alistair Overeem vs. Brett Rogers Betting Thread
  104. Evans over Rampage
  105. Who will be the next Boxer to go MMA?
  106. Is Wrestling Taking The Martial Arts Out Of MMA?
  107. [LMAO!] Watching the oldschool UFC's is like watching an old ****o
  108. What time start the Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery in Central European Time?
  109. Mayorga/Thomas not happening
  110. Cung Le...........
  111. Future Brock Lesnar opponent?
  112. [HOLY S**T!] Bring on FEDOR..........
  113. Jacare is a beast
  114. Overeem - Rogers video
  115. Anybody know where I can watch UFC 113?
  116. .......
  117. Roger Gracie
  118. M-1/Fedor Accepted Alistair Overeem's Challenge
  119. UFC Primetime - Rampage vs Evans Episode 1
  120. Hector Lombard.
  121. Fedor vs. Alistair
  122. Spencer Pratt Has Words For Matt Lindland And Mayhem Miller
  123. "UFC's Ultimate Fights" draws more viewers than "Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery"
  124. Kevin Casey On His Rap Video,False Black Belt & Wants Fedor
  125. Any side by side pictures of Sylvia & Pudzianowski?
  126. TUF s11esp8
  127. primetime rampage evans pt2
  128. [LMAO!] Rashad Evans & Rampage Jackson Clownin Extra Hard On Each Other On Radio-------->>>
  129. 10 million on Rashad
  130. 500k Rashad Over Rampage
  131. Couture/Toney to be Heavyweight Match.
  132. The Ultimate Fighter - Season 11, episode 8.
  133. How many rounds is Moosin: God of Martial Arts?
  134. [PLEASE HELP] Any High Quality Slyvia vs Pudzianowski Streams?
  135. UFC Primetime - Rampage vs Evans Episode 2
  136. Official Comments Thread For: Tim Sylvia Makes Mariusz Pudzianowski Tap Out in Two
  137. Need help with UFC Undisputed 2009 ground game
  138. Lindland Topples Casey, Woodley Split Decisions Coy
  139. Is it just me or does the Evas-Rampage "RIVALRY" seem FAKE?
  140. James Toney vs Pat Barry?
  141. GSP manhandles 245lbs NHL fighter georges laraque !!!
  142. Evans VS Rampage, the poll!
  143. Bruce Lee in MMA
  144. Nick Diaz, does he really have a chance against GSP?
  145. Hey guys, Remember when GSP had balls?
  146. Sam Oropeza
  147. Todd Duffee ?
  148. White says Shaq wants in the Octagon, but would lose to Liddell
  149. UFC Primetime Evans vs. Rampage Episode 3
  150. GSP needs Tito Ortiz...
  151. Anyone else think UFC is being classless w/ Ortiz' injury?
  152. [LMAO!] Blast from the Past: Chris Leben v. Anderson Silva
  153. *New Video Rampage ESPN Interview
  154. [PLEASE HELP] UFC Undisputed 2010 Moves list
  155. [PLEASE HELP] 500k on Rampage over Evans
  156. DREAM 14 Weigh-Ins
  157. Rampage Rashad Beef/Hype Videos?
  158. Anyone catch the weigh in?
  159. UFC 114 Weigh Ins!
  160. Weigh In: Rampage 205, Evans 206
  161. Dream 14
  162. 1 million points on Rashad
  163. 3 Million on "Sugar" Rashad Evans over Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
  164. [PLEASE HELP] anyone got dream 14 from last night?
  165. Bisping over Miller 100k
  166. Any Boxing Fans Going To Be Watching Rampage vs Rashad Tonight?
  167. Dream 14 Results
  168. sopcast link for jackson evans
  169. Anyone just watch that fight with Chael Sonnen?
  170. Ufc 114
  171. Rampage vs. Evans Sopcast Link
  172. UFC 114 Streams..
  173. UFC 114: Jackson vs Evans RbR Discussion!
  174. Damn you see the nogueira - brillz fight?
  175. Guilard? wtf is that?
  176. [LMAO!] Dana White should be furious
  177. Official Comments Thread For: Rashad Evans Decisions Rampage Jackson, Rematch Possible
  178. 114 Fightmetrics
  179. PED's in MMA
  180. Minotauro Nogueira - Never Give Up
  181. Fedor's mood chart
  182. Whats next for Diego Sanchez?
  183. Rampages next Fight
  184. [HOLY S**T!] Shogun Rua vs Rashad Evans: Who takes it?
  185. Cyrille Diabate
  186. How come melvin guillard ain't that famous in MMA
  187. Lil Nog did not lose that fight
  188. The most loved mma fighter ever??
  189. All PPV Main Events Should be 5 Rounds.
  190. Wanderlei Silva stands up for his fans
  191. Psychologist Talks Fedor Emelianenko
  192. [HOLY S**T!] Cage Fighter Murdered
  193. Evans: Me doing wrestling now is just going to be something I do from here on out
  194. Keiichi Sasahara: "DREAM Are Gonna Get Those Losses Back"
  195. year training in MMA.. Floyd
  196. [LMAO!] Can anyone understand James Toney here?!
  197. mma lookalikes
  198. Fedor Will Run For Senate And May Retire
  199. The Reem: Documentary
  200. Love or hate, that was harsh on Tito..
  201. [PLEASE HELP] anyone got bellator 21?
  202. Tito risked paralysis if he fought (vid)
  203. The best of boxing guys making fun of MMA
  204. Nick Diaz Wants The Ring And PRIDE Rules
  205. Pity with never saw prime Hendo vs prime Liddell.
  206. Fedor is not retiring
  207. [LMAO!] James Toney promises to Choke Out Couture
  208. Predictions for UFC 115
  209. Kimbo is Boxing Promoter's Characture of MMA Fighters.
  210. Mir considering drop to 205
  211. Impact FC next 2 event cards look good
  212. Toney or Couture?
  213. And It Just Gets Funnier And Funnier!!
  214. Franklin vs Liddell (2006) would have been the biggest fight in UFC History
  215. Fedor vs Werdum Rumor.
  216. How would you rate Frank Shamrocks Striking???
  217. Lulz
  218. Anyone ever seen the shoulder roll used with success in mma or kickboxing?
  219. Janes Toney Sparring with King Mo
  220. Toney tapped King Mo out by standing guillotine choke in training.
  221. [LMAO!] Tito ortiz worst announcer ever ------->>>>
  222. japanese trainer stomps mma fighter after loss?
  223. Anyone give me some odds on Toney beating Couture
  224. Toby Imada got fn robbed!
  225. Thiago Silva career fight videos
  226. [PLEASE HELP] anyone got bellator 21?
  227. YOUR Top10 p4p LIST in MMA
  228. Franklin Over Liddell 2 million points!
  229. ICEMAN Chuck Liddell ATG
  230. [LMAO!] Chael Sonnen's rants
  231. The Look in Chucks Eyes
  232. Any links for UFC 115??
  233. Ufc 115
  234. UFC 115 Link
  235. UFC: Liddell vs Franklin RbR Discussion!
  236. Martin Hitman Kampmann
  237. [LMAO!] liddell got ktfo...
  238. Chuck... its time to hang up the gloves
  239. [HOLY S**T!] Gilbert yvel was robbed!!!!!!
  240. Cro Cop vs Gonzaga 2
  241. Welterweight division is easily the most skilled division in MMA
  242. Official Comments Thread For: Rich Franklin Crushes Chuck Liddell in One; Cro Cop Wins
  243. Chucks lip after he got KOed ! (Pics)
  244. i've got 200 dollars on lesnar over carwin. what do you think?
  245. [HOLY S**T!] Olympic Style Drug Testing comming to the UFC?
  246. So, how would you match-up the UFC fighters at 205?
  247. [HOLY S**T!] overeem on roids?
  248. [HOLY S**T!] MacDonald-Condit, Rd. 3: The Most One Sided Ass Beating I've Ever Seen
  249. Liddell is going to have brain damage?
  250. [HOLY S**T!] Should Chuck have ditched John Hackleman a long time ago?