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  1. Anyone here knows an UFC fighter who recently got out of jail?
  2. Ufc 103
  3. Ufc fight night 19 videos
  4. If Bruce Lee Trained specifically for MMA
  5. This guy is a BEAST..... watch this. (vid)
  6. Fedor vs Rogers Will Takes Place On CBS, November 7
  7. Bruce Lee Biopic Coming November 2010
  8. Adrenaline MMA IV
  9. Ken Shamrock was a savage back in the day.
  10. MMA Gifs For 5k...........Anyone Interested?
  11. BS MMA fans what will you watch?
  12. UFC 103 Prelims
  13. Ufc 103 fight videos!
  14. did anyone watch ufc 103???
  15. UFC 103 Results: Vitor Belfort Knocks Out Rich Franklin
  16. UFC 103 Franklin vs Belfort MMA HDTV
  17. Lackluster UFC 103 loss for "Cro Cop" could prove Filipovic's last in organization
  18. Why doesn the UFC
  19. er i mean mmgay is the gayest sport on the planet...**** gsp
  20. Strikeforce Signs 47-year-old NFL Pro Bowler Herschel Walker
  21. UFC has a startling lack of ninjas.
  22. Joe Rogan On The Regrettable Peculiarities Of MMA's Culture
  23. Beautiful Kick
  24. Final Preparations! SENGOKU 10
  25. Do You Guys Really Consider MMA A "Sport"?
  26. [HOLY S**T!] Rampage Jackson Retires From Fighting.
  27. [LMAO!] So, I haven't heard Dianna White running his mouth
  28. Vale Tudo Japan 2009! Welterweight Title Fight Set
  29. If MMA has "overtaken" boxing as the no1 combat sport....
  30. Watch Live Sengoku 10 Now
  31. Steve Cofield: "Rogan Bites The Hand That Feeds Him"
  32. UFC 104 Betting Thread
  33. DREAM 12 Introduces The CAGE
  34. Work?
  35. does anyone notice that
  36. [HOLY S**T!] Mirko Cro-Cop Retires from MMA
  37. Sopcast links for TUF 10 episode 2
  38. The Internet hating on Matt Serra and MoveBRICKS
  39. Kimbo vs Nelson TUF 10. No SPOILERS!
  40. Kim Couture vs Kerry Vera Set In Strikeforce
  41. The most painful moments in MMA
  42. Dana Rips Strikeforce,Showtime For Signing Herschel Walker
  43. James Toney on MMA
  44. EPIC new Brock Lesnar and Fedor Emelianenko promo video
  45. Strikeforce Challengers Series 3
  46. The UFC breaks its own PPV record...
  47. Strikeforce Signed Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro
  48. Strikeforce tonight
  49. FieLDS K-1 WORLD GP 2009 Final 16
  50. Kimbo stopped in one sided fight
  51. Hector Lombard vs Kalib Starnes at CFC
  52. Kimbo Came To American Top Team With A Gun
  53. TUF10 winner interview...
  54. IFL champ strolls to TUF10 finalist.. Roy Nelson fat but can tear
  55. bjj fighting for lazy people
  56. What fight was this??
  57. Adcc 2009
  58. Bouncer punks guy outside club in Berlin
  59. Richard Schaefer Offers Audit UFC's PPV Buys
  60. Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort
  61. [LMAO!] Shawn Tompkins: "Vitor Belfort could be top ten in the boxing CW division"
  62. [HOLY S**T!] Vitor Belfort's Wife!!!
  63. On a lighter note....
  64. Herschel Walker Challenges Dana White To A Fight
  65. Brock Lesnar on Carwin: he’ll have a loss against Brock Lesnar
  66. Recent pics of Brock Lesnar (he doesn't look too great)
  67. 500k Machida over Shogun
  68. Dan Hardy defends MMA online
  69. [LMAO!] The Most Epic Fight Card EVER!!!!!!!!!
  70. DREAM to use North American-style five-minute rounds for Oct. 25 DREAM.12 event
  71. My 10k to your 15k on Shogun
  72. Kevin Iole: "Dana White's Double Standard?"
  73. Anyone have any ADCC 2009 videos?
  74. Kimbo Slice Vs Roy Nelson Result(Spoiler Warning)
  75. UFC Record switching
  76. MMA Has More Roiders Then Any Sport Besides Baseball
  77. In the light of recent events
  78. Bobby Lashley Heading To StrikeForce!!
  79. so you can make it into the ufc by
  80. Roy Nelson Talks Special Treatment On Kimbo
  81. Rashad Evans vs Thiago Silva UFC 108
  82. Warning- tuf 10 spoiler !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  83. Sexyama Vs Wanderlei Silva UFC 108?
  84. Dream 11 Preview: Joachim Hansen vs Shinya Aoki 3
  85. Maximum Fighting Championship 22
  86. Strikeforce May Counter-Program UFC 107
  87. Hong Man Choi Not Worried About Minowaman
  88. [LMAO!] Rickson officially retires!!!
  89. Bisping V Kang
  90. Ufc 104
  91. CNN's Josh Gross' All Time Top 10 MMA fighters
  92. [PLEASE HELP] Mixed Wrestling for fun.
  93. why is it that no one uses tae kwon do in mma?
  94. [LMAO!] Kimbo Shaves Beard!!!!!!!!
  95. Aleksander Emelianenko boxing match
  96. Uwc 7
  97. [HOLY S**T!] Tito Ortiz is a piece of ****.
  98. Nogueira To Fight Lesnar/Carwin Winner Next!
  99. Rampage dissin nelson
  100. Ruben Williams to take on Sakuraba DREAM 11
  101. Tatsuya Kawajiri On His Fight In DREAM 11
  102. Chuck Liddell - Dancing With The Stars
  103. Anyone going to up The Ultimate Fighter 10?
  104. DREAM 11 Weigh-Ins Vids
  105. Dream 11
  106. COLEMAN pulls out of TITO fight
  107. WEC 43 Betting Thread
  110. Dana White and Georges St. Pierre named in top 49 Most Influential Men of 2009
  111. I respect MMA
  112. MMA = 2 adult men hugging kissing in the floor
  113. [LMAO!] Thugs jump two "cross dressers" in the street who turn out to be "cage fighters"
  114. Shinya Aoki: "I'm Better And Capable Of Beating UFC Fighters"
  115. Boxing vs MMA (Video Inside)
  116. Put the best boxer/boxers against the best MMA clowns = Boxer wins....
  117. Wes Sims. MIA
  118. Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker: How Well Does He Do In The UFC?
  119. How many times WES SIMS got knocked out in sparring on TUF?
  120. The Ultimate Fighter 10
  121. Fedor Emelianenko - BEST Highlight Video of all time
  122. MMA bloopers and crazy moments
  123. A question for the MMA haters (i.e. mr president etc)
  124. Alistair Overeem Vs. Mirko Cro Cop
  125. Emilianenko Fedor Vs Kevin Randleman (Pride GP)
  126. Pride FC - Chuck Liddell vs Rampage Jackson
  127. Fedor Emelianenko vs Heath Herring
  128. Quinton Rampage Jackson vs Ricardo Arona.
  129. kung fu
  130. Griffin steps in for Coleman to fight Tito at UFC
  131. Brett Rogers Never Really Watched Most Of Fedor's Fights
  132. Forrest Griffin on why he ran out of the cage
  133. 2009 World MMA Awards
  134. [HOLY S**T!] who seen this gina carano pic?
  135. Ken Shamrock is the man!
  136. Wec 43
  137. [LMAO!] Shogun interviewed about fight with Lyoto: "I trainy, i eaty and i sleepy!"
  138. Man, the WEC puts on some great fights.
  139. Why don't Jews get more credit for their contribution to MMA?
  140. Dan "Stevia" Quinn vs Bond Lapua -Gladiator Challenge
  141. UFC pound for pound rankings
  142. I Love Ikuhisa Minowa.
  143. Machida vs Shogun
  144. Badr Hari
  145. - Wanderlei at the tattoo studio for new tattoo VIDEO
  146. Why Chuck Liddell Was Kicked Off DWTS VIDEOOOOO
  147. King Mo Signs With Strikeforce
  148. EPIC Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor MOVIE style promo
  149. Brock Lesnar = American Ivan Drago? (Video)
  150. This is how PAC would look like if he was a Muay Thai fighter
  151. FEG Announces K-1, Dream Co-Promotion Dec. 31
  152. [LMAO!] Bernard Hopkins verbally destroys mma, calls it gay ****!
  153. Fedor CBS Commercial
  154. Hardy responds to B-Hop
  155. Elvis Sinosic Talks About The Affliction Crash
  156. MMA VIDEO - Speed Me Towards Death
  157. [VIDEO] Speed Me Towards Death (You can't say you don't respect MMA after this)
  158. Hendo left the UFC?
  159. [HOLY S**T!] Lyoto Machida to challenge Lesnar
  160. Rory MacDonald
  161. [LMAO!] Fedor Emelianenko vs Kevin Randleman
  162. Overeem wins at Ultimate Glory 11
  163. Sato vs Warren @ VTJ 2009
  164. UFC YouTube account suspended???
  165. [HOLY S**T!] Melvin Manhoef's Kid is going to be a beast
  166. On Boxing and MMA
  167. Why is Jose Pele Landi Jons so revered??
  168. MMA in FINLAND
  169. Is Dana White The Biggest Joke In The History Of Professional Sports?
  170. Danas Blog is Back
  171. MMa is not bigger
  172. [HOLY S**T!] Kevin Randleman SKY suplexes Fedor Emelianenko
  173. what is a full guard and a half guard??
  174. Wholesale juicy couture Coats
  175. [HOLY S**T!] Shogun's Wife Is Damn Hot!
  176. Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianko (Trailer)
  177. Sambo Seminar in New York
  178. [R-RATED] Lyoto Machida drinks piss with his father [PICS]
  179. [LMAO!] Does anyone truly believe Shogun can beat Lyoto?
  180. [PLEASE HELP] Who has the gif where it looks like one guy is phuking the guy in the ring?
  181. [LMAO!] What a phuking chump!
  182. Aleks Emelianenko: "I Hunted Bear With Bare Knife"
  183. Is Georges St Pierre a warrior?
  184. [HOLY S**T!] What the hell is this?
  185. Fat retarded kid gets beaten down by MMA fighter
  186. Wanderlei Silva Video Blog - UFC 104 Machida vs Shogun
  187. Who has a stream for tonight?
  188. can someone please pm a working stream for ufc 104
  189. A Wanderlei Silva sig..
  190. Stefen Struve is really impressing me
  191. Chinzo Machida (Lyoto's) brother in action
  192. ufc 104 disscussion
  193. UFC 104 Sopcast Channel...
  194. [PLEASE HELP] 500k on Machida!
  195. UFC 104: Machida vs. Rua STREAM - PM ME!
  196. UFC 104 Stream - Hit Me With Green Karma And PM Me...
  197. The UFC 104 Live Thread
  198. The UFC 104 Live Thread
  199. [PLEASE HELP] Valasquez over Rothwell 50k-200k
  200. Cain Velasquez vs. Fedor
  201. Important breaking news: Rua has
  202. and they say no robbery in mma...
  203. What a robbery!!!
  204. LMAO robbery in UFC
  205. Even MMA has it's robberies.
  206. Why Boxing>UFC
  207. Lyoto Machida will still run through the division
  208. Shogun is the ****in truth!!! Do not try to justify the decision it's self delussion
  209. [LMAO!] Lyoto Machida clearly won that fight..............
  210. Bring on Shogun vs The Spider! Machida is now a paper champ
  211. UFC 104 Results: Lyoto Machida Wins Close Over Shogun Rua
  212. Shogun appreciation thread
  213. DREAM 12: The White Cage
  214. This Just In...
  215. [PLEASE HELP] Who will take a bet on the Machida vs Rua rematch?
  216. So I watched EFC104 last night...
  217. Fight Metrics for Rua/Machida
  218. FieLDS K-1 WORLD MAX 2009 World Championship Tournament Final
  219. Whos UFC's next great hope?
  220. After Rua/Machida White can clearly be seen
  221. [PLEASE HELP] why is it that.....
  222. Is Anthony Johnson a boxer or a kickboxer???
  223. DiD Rampage really lose to Forrest Griffin?
  224. Ufc 104 fight videos
  225. To All Our Boxing Fans Who Caught Rua/Machida....
  226. DREAM 12: Beebe/Maeda
  227. DREAM 12: Zaromskis/Ho Bae
  228. DREAM 12: Kikuno/Alvarez
  229. [PLEASE HELP] What happened last night?
  230. UFC is for White People
  231. Just Watched The Lyoto Fight
  232. Cecil Peoples, your "Machida Karate" Patch is in the mail.
  233. Joe Rogan calls UFC 104 crowd "LA Douchebags"
  234. Report: Lesnar Out of UFC 106
  235. If dana white thinks Sho Gun won the fight....
  236. [LMAO!] Cecil Peoples responds to UFC 104 backlash
  237. Anderson Silva: "Lyoto Won All Rounds"
  238. Lyoto Machida VS Mauricio Shogun: Who won?
  239. Breaking down Machida vs Rua
  240. Buakaw v Souwer K-1 MAX 2009 WTF!!
  241. will randy ever retire?
  242. Josh Koscheck vs. Anthony "Rumble" Johnson @ UFC 106
  243. Dan Hardy vs Mike Swick
  244. Brock Lesnar blowing his horn a week ago
  245. If Titties gets a UFC contract, will Bruce Buffer announce him as 'Titties'?
  246. If not Rua it's Rampage
  247. Vale Tudo Japan 2009
  248. Is Georges St.Pierre afraid to challenge himself?
  249. The Fedor Song
  250. Looking foe there fights