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  1. WEC Torres vs Mizugaki
  2. Dream 8 videos
  3. Torres Outlasts Takeya at WEC 40
  4. UFC 97: Redemption Discussion
  5. Jens Pulver returns vs. Josh Grispi at WEC 41 in June
  6. WEC star Urijah Faber plans to dabble in 135- and 155-pound divisions
  8. Matt Hughes vs Matt Serra.
  9. Footwork!
  10. Amir Sadollah set to face Johny Hendricks at UFC 101 in August
  11. Welterweights John Howard and Tamdan McCrory to face off at UFC 101
  12. Middleweights Chris Leben and Jake Rosholt to meet at UFC 102
  13. Anderson Silva v Dan Henderson
  14. 2003 sanshou highlites
  15. New Russian Badass on the scene!
  16. Fighting Flash Game
  17. [LMAO!] Quinton "Rampage" Jackson Freestyle Rap
  18. Radach vs. Smith: Clash of KO Artists
  19. Episode No. 2 recap: "The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs. U.K."
  20. Frank Shamrock Wants To Take Diaz To School
  21. Overeem Likely To Defend Strikeforce Title In '09
  22. Gilbert Melendez vs. Rodrigo Damm will be for interim Strikeforce title
  23. Ufc announces 7 fights for ufc 100, 3 "super fights"
  24. Fedor Emelianenko Eats Dog Meat
  25. Funny Rampage video
  26. Matt Hughes loses comeback fight
  27. no other fight i'd like to see in MM other than
  28. Anderson Criticizes Wanderlei’s Move to 185
  29. Pros Pick: Shamrock vs. Diaz
  30. Kid Yamamoto Enters DREAM Grand Prix
  31. Strikeforce Shamrock vs Diaz
  32. Quarterfinal fights for featherweight grand prix revealed for DREAM.9
  33. UFC 100 sold out – before tickets even go on sale to the general public
  34. Bellator Fighting Championships 2
  35. Strikeforce Live Play-by-Play/Results
  36. Carano vs. "Cyborg" Strikeforce title bout targeted for August
  37. Alistair Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum is "a direction" for Strikeforce future
  38. Kevin Randleman signs with Strikeforce, to debut "right away"
  39. Anyone else a little annoyed of the past 3 Anderson SIlva fights?
  40. Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto returns in DREAM 9
  41. UFC 97 live stream
  42. Cyborg vs. Carano: "Deserves To Be Main Event"
  43. Sylvia vs. Mercer
  44. Tito Ortiz negotiating with Strikeforce, return still six months away
  45. Pros Pick: Silva vs. Leites
  46. MMA Elite tees
  47. K-1 Max Best Hits 2008
  48. He's Back
  49. Good Combat Sambo match
  50. "Jacare" vs. "Mayhem" in works for DREAM.9, title on line?
  51. Pros Picks: Liddell vs. Rua
  52. Episode No. 3 recap: "The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs. U.K."
  53. Alexander Emelianenko
  54. Quickest fight in UFC
  55. Bellator Fighting Championships 3
  56. cung must fight diaz
  57. PRIDE Mystique
  58. Nogueira Brothers Hold Private MMA Show for Sly Stallone
  59. 24/7 MMA Streaming
  60. TMT adds World Champion Orono Por Muang Ubon
  61. UFC 97: Weigh In's
  62. UFC 97 Online Streaming
  63. Wanderlei Declares War On Anderson
  64. Someone Hook Someone up So i can get Hooked Up!
  65. Up To 100K On Shogun
  66. UFC 97 last minute bets
  67. Silva Wins
  68. Shogun!
  69. Silva Decisions Leites, Rua Knocks Liddell Out in One
  70. Anderson Silva vs. Rampage Jackson at LHW
  71. Anderson Silva as of late.
  72. Kingdom MMA Mayhem vs Kala live stream
  74. Who Should Rua Fight Next?
  75. Cheik Kongo
  76. Dana White: Chuck Liddell is retired
  77. Does anyone have any idea why Yodsaenklai is still not in K-1 MAX?
  78. Shogun GIF
  79. Spiders and Outsiders
  80. Mayhem Wins at Kingdom MMA; DREAM Next
  81. Dana White Puts Fedor In A Garbage Can
  82. Is Cung Le joining UFC?
  83. Brian Stann
  84. Ufc 97 "redemtion" fight vidoes
  85. UFC 97 DANA WHITE embarrassed by Anderson Silva
  86. Please retire~
  87. Greasegate pt.2? and Dana White Appologizes For UFC 97 Main Event
  88. Chuck Liddell is done fighting, according to UFC president Dana White
  89. K-1 World Max 2009 Final-16
  90. Quitting Time
  91. 5 Dreadful UFC Main Events
  92. This guy tried out for the ultimate fighter
  93. World Championship Muay Thai this weekend
  94. Next Hall of famer in UFC & Next heavy weight title shot
  95. Bobby Lashley signs to fight super heavyweight Bob Sapp on June 27
  96. A Feud Brews: Wanderlei Silva Wants Anderson Silva
  97. Damn bully beatdown was fake.
  98. Kyshenko vs. Lima K-1 2009
  99. TUF 9 Episode 4
  100. mma tracker
  101. Episode No. 4 recap: "The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs. U.K."
  102. This documentary takes us behind the scenes of KOTC Cage fighting
  103. Fedor to fight M-1 Challange.
  104. Kyle Maynard fighting Saturday: "Amputee's martial arts fight in Ala. stirs controver
  105. Amazing KO
  106. Bellator Fighting Championships 4
  107. HBO Documentary:"Thrilla in Manila"
  108. [PLEASE HELP] Muay Thai?
  109. UFC Undisputed is PERFECT
  110. Kickboxing Tutorial!
  111. Xfc 8
  112. Shooto: The Final Tradition, May 10th.
  113. 10 May Tussles Worth Watching
  114. Success against Lawler could spell 185-pound run for Strikeforce's Shields
  115. Silva Wants To Go Big Before Going Home
  116. Rich Franklin to train with Anderson Silva during UFC 99 prep for "Wandy"
  117. UFC 98: Evans vs. Machida Discussion
  118. Ufc quick hits!
  119. WTF whens Brock and Mir fighting
  120. Strikeforce: Nick Diaz vs. Scott Smith added to June 6 event
  121. Ten bouts now official for "WEC 41: Brown vs. Faber II" in June
  122. Anderson Silva responds about training with Franklin
  123. UFC 101 Anderson vs. Griffin
  124. Is This The Badass Looking Mother Fcuker In MMA
  125. Penn vs Florian and Silva vs Griffin to Headline UFC 101 in Philly
  126. M-1 Challenge Presented by Affliction
  127. Fedor Emelianenko Submits Shinya Aoki at DEEP/M-1 Challenge
  128. Ready San Diego? Felipe Costa Seminar!
  129. Demain Maia vs. Nate Marquardt set for UFC 102 in Portland on Aug. 29
  130. Episode No. 5 recap: "The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs. U.K."
  131. USAToday/SBNation Consensus Rankings
  132. Just how great is Anderson Silva
  133. Jose Canseco to Collide with Choi in Super Hulk Tournament
  134. 8 Questions for Fedor Emelianenko
  136. Sengoku 8 live stream
  137. MMA Champ Kimbo Slice gets KOd in 10 seconds
  138. Boxing VS MMA: A Faux Rilvary Poplurized By Fanboys
  139. [HOLY S**T!] Toby Imada pulls one of the best submissions ever
  140. Bellator Fighting Championships 5
  141. Sengoku 8 videos
  142. Fedor Emelianenko vs Shinya Aoki
  143. Kyle Maynard Amputee MMA Fight Match
  144. Lashley vs. Sapp Headlines “Ultimate Chaos” - June 27
  145. Fedor Emelianenko vs Gegard Mousasi Grappling
  146. Sengoku Gets TUF With "Project: Gold Rush"
  147. Roy Jones vs Anderson Silva
  148. Best Fedor Highlight Ever.
  149. Why is Anderson Silva P4P number 1 ??? cuz DANA WHITE said that?
  150. RJJ vs. Nick Diaz
  151. Releases from the UFC
  152. who the hell is anderson sylva??
  153. Episode No. 6 recap: "The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs. U.K."
  155. How Bruce Lee Changed The World Documentary
  156. MMA's top 8 "oh ****" moments...
  157. Ufc quick hits...
  158. Legalize Muay Thai!!
  159. Cub Swanson owned in a Muay Thai bout
  160. M-1 Challenge Brazil live stream
  161. Wanderlei On Anderson: "I Want To Fight Him"
  162. Affliction's Tom Atencio: Emelianenko vs. Barnett is "the fight I want"
  163. Kevin Randleman vs. Mike Whitehead set for June 6 Strikeforce main card
  164. Hackleman, White War over Liddell’s Future
  165. Rousimar Palhares Suffers Broken Leg
  166. Kali?
  167. Shooto Road to 20th Anniversary
  168. UFC Undisputed 2009
  169. Tom Atencio On Dana White: "Lets Do It"
  170. DREAM 9 Super Hulk Tournament Promo Video
  171. Pulver, Others Offer Liddell Unsolicited Advice
  172. Wandarlei Silva vs Rich Franklin who will win??
  173. Pankration and No-Gi Tournament
  174. Fedor Emelianenko - Reign of the Last Emperor Director's Cut
  175. [HOLY S**T!] How does he do it?? But Why Wont He??
  176. Your Top 20 Mixed Martial Artists
  177. Shooto Final Tradition Results and fights
  178. Tell Dana I said "Hi" Gomi interview
  179. UFC Videos?
  180. Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes who will win? POLL
  181. Coulter, Sapp, Goosen in"Big Stan"movie
  182. [LMAO!] Fedor Emelianenko's Punchout
  183. Nuff Said!
  184. Bellator Fighting Championships 7
  185. Strikeforce Challengers
  186. Cris Cyborg
  187. Episode No. 7 recap: "The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs. U.K."
  188. Henderson vs Bisping who will win? POLL
  189. Fedor!
  190. MFC 21 Hard Knocks
  191. Dana White responds to Tom Atencio's challenge, calls him a "loser"
  192. Sylvia is boxing Mercer
  193. BJJ Tourney - Polish Style
  194. El cajon und1sputed presents: Chokefest 3, june 2oth 2009
  195. Fedor on sports science
  196. UFC 98: Bets
  197. 5k on machida over evans, any1 for a bet?
  198. Badr Hari vs Semmy Schilt
  199. Dana White, Forrest Griffin and Kenny Florian on Dr. Phil
  200. It's showtime 2009
  201. Bobby Lashley 3RD MMA Fight! (Spoiler vid)
  202. Devin Cole avenges loss, decisions DJ Lenderman
  203. Lashley - Lesnar?
  204. Thiago Alves on GSP: "I'm going to knock him out" and "shock the world"
  205. Best submissions ever in MMA??? POLL
  206. the BS of hoe bruce lee changed the world
  207. Kerry Vera
  208. Enjoy fellas!
  209. Cro Cop Returns at UFC 99
  210. Muay Thai bout - Parr vs. Buakaw
  211. age-mma read!
  212. Muay Thai gym to consider if you are ever in Thailand
  213. Fight League Philippines
  214. Brazilian Jujitsu vs. Traditional Martial Arts - Article
  215. Pros Picks: Hughes vs. Serra
  216. 50k on Evans over Machida
  217. Register now to compete in these sanctioned events in Costa Mesa
  218. 50k Machida over Evans ...
  219. Arlovski-Rogers Added to Strikeforce
  220. Pat Miletich and Sam Caplan add to WAMMA's front-office exodus
  221. Pride Decade Documentary
  222. 100K on Machida over Evans
  223. 30k on hughes over Serra
  224. Tuf 9
  225. This girl should be fighting in the ring instead
  226. Great bout - Muay Thai
  227. Episode No. 8 recap: "The Ultimate Fighter: U.S. vs. U.K."
  228. Fedor/Barnett Verbally Agree to Fight Aug. 1st
  229. Pros Picks: Evans vs. Machida
  230. Singhdam vs. Kaew - Wrang Yer Finals
  231. M-1: USA West vs. Brazil
  232. What is the best wrestling style for MMA?
  233. 20k on Evans over Machida.
  234. UFC 98 Streams
  235. 10k on evans over machida
  236. Official UFC 98 Weigh-in Results:
  237. How can you guys honestly pick Machida.
  238. Which MMA Site Do You Like Best?
  239. I'll give 20k to anyone that gives me a link that...
  240. 10k on Evans
  241. 7k on Machida over Evans
  242. Ufc stream in hd
  243. "The Next Emperor" Lyoto Machida
  244. Machida KO's Evans
  245. Can Rampage slay the dragon?
  246. To all the people who I hooked up with streams
  247. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida
  248. Here's some funny post- UFC 98 news
  249. UFC 98 Results - Machida Knocks Evans Out in Two
  250. Evans vs Machida UFC 98 - Intelligent Fighters - Joe Rogan Interview