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  1. Buakaw losses again! )-;
  2. The one guy who cannot be beaten by any UFC fighter
  3. K-1 World Grand Prix Final 8
  4. Jon Fitch vs. Akihiro Gono signed for January's UFC 94
  5. Brock ****ign Lesner is the Man at HW
  6. Pankration Eastern Europe style!
  7. BJJ Camp!
  8. Dana loves Junie
  9. UFC's version of 24/7
  10. UFC 91 Crowd Fight
  11. Haye slams Enzo's MMA talk
  12. Report: Nate Diaz vs. Clay Guida added to UFC 94
  13. What do you guys think about Pac/Oscar?
  14. Bricks could KO Brock Lesnar and JulioCesaChavez
  15. Jon Fitch vs Thiago Alves [Fantasy Rematch]
  16. Gif of Torres axe kick
  17. Silva Aims to KO Machida at UFC 94
  18. On The Rise: Ronys Torres Signs With UFC
  19. Thiago Alves Gets Next Shot At UFC 170 Title
  20. Sean Sherk Wants To Welcome Diego To 155
  21. Maccarinelli 'keen on UFC switch'
  22. Question
  23. KOTC is looking for fighters!
  24. This is old, but I think Ken and Hordecki got it right on!
  25. UFC Fight Night "For The Troops"
  26. Slamm 5 Holland vs Thailand 2008 videos are here!
  27. what to look forward to next year
  28. [HOLY S**T!] Corey Hill's Broken Leg
  29. Pat Miletich KO's Thomas Denny, Rothwell victorious at Adrenaline MMA II
  30. "Babalu" vs. Sokoudjou likely for "Day of Reckoning"
  31. Corey Hill undergoes surgery for broken leg, sidelined for 12-18 months
  32. Bobby Lashley
  33. TUF 8 betting lines!
  34. An article I found...Anderson says **** the UK, **** Thales Leites
  35. Roger is back !!!
  36. Ufc quick hits
  37. Fedor vs. Arlovski Bout Scrapped
  38. GSP's security
  39. [LMAO!] Kimbo Slice in a kids movie
  40. Zombie Strippers
  41. Ultimate Finale
  42. Mark your calendar!
  43. Phillipe Nover vs. Efrain Escudero
  44. Cung Le joins Master Wo-Ping's cast in True Legends
  45. The two sickest things ive seen recently in MMA
  46. Thomas Denny vs Pat Miletich (Video)
  47. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Volk Han
  48. That is my favorite kick
  49. Fedor Emelianenko Vs Aleksander Emelianenko
  50. im a british boxing fan........
  51. Forest Griffin vs Rashad Evans
  52. Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale Videos
  53. Groin shot!
  54. Anderson Silva Muay Thai Match
  55. Junie banks $25,000 for fight of the night
  56. Sherdog's Pound 4 Pound list
  57. fearless fc- pinoy top team
  58. Former WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley's Debut Fight [VIDEO INSIDE]
  59. Dana White and the Champs of UFC @ VGAs
  60. The Pitbull training
  61. Wonder how his notes read
  62. Is Lyoto Machida a threat to the future of the UFC?
  63. Funny Moments in MMA
  64. Tito Ortiz To Join Affliction PPV Broadcast Team on 1/24
  65. "Day of Reckoning" Fight Card is Fully Complete
  66. Former UFC Fighter Justin Levens and Wife found dead
  67. Lesnar blasts UFC toward record year
  68. Report: Heavyweight Neil Grove signs four-fight contract with UFC
  69. "Cro Cop" says he's fighting Hong Man Choi on New Year's Eve
  70. Bruce Buffer
  71. [LMAO!] Grand Theft Title - Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
  72. Southern Hospitality presents UFC 92 The Ultimate 2008
  73. Mixed martial arts fighter, wife found dead
  74. UFC Finalizes Entire Undercard For Ultimate 2008: UFC 92
  75. Versus To Air WEC Best of 2008 on December 28
  76. Top Nak Muays of Thailand (short Docu.)
  77. Roach: B.J. Penn is the best MMA striker I've ever seen
  78. Mike Brown agrees to face Leonard Garcia in first WEC title defense
  79. The man is so good he doesn't need a gym! (-;
  80. Boxingscene MMA fan group...Join NOW!
  81. Josh Koscheck Vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida
  82. Your favorite boxers?
  83. MMA Youtube Thread
  84. Affliction Day of Reckoning
  85. Arlovski 360: On the Road to Reckoning Episode 1 (Arlovski vs Fedor)
  86. Affliction day of reckoning press conference
  87. Shogun Sparring
  88. Wanderlei’s 10 Most Vicious Maulings
  89. Bob Sapp to fight anime character in Japan on New Year's Eve
  90. UFC 92 Stacked
  91. UFC 92 bets here
  92. MuayThai Magazine
  93. boxing vs wrestling
  94. mma amateur makes $5000.00 a month from home
  95. How I Tapped A $12,000 Check Out of the Government and got $5,000 a Month
  96. Wanted to wish you all......
  97. Video of Bruce lee vs. Brock Lesnar
  98. Jcvd
  99. Now I see why BJ Penn got into MMA
  100. Minotauro’s Gutsiest Performances
  101. [HOLY S**T!] Weng Weng vs Bruce Lee
  102. Pros Picks: Silva vs. Jackson III
  103. What Happens when a Boxer fights a Dynamic Striker.
  104. MMA Fighter Justin Eilers shot to death
  105. Arlovski's wrestling takedowns look pretty good!
  106. What a kick!
  107. Arlowski's MMA debut video - This guy has improved greatly
  108. ufc 92... where is it shown on dutch tv?
  109. Anyone know good podcasts of the fights tonight?
  110. Bets
  111. Fedor putting on a submission on Remy Bonjasky, Hoost, Yvel and Peter Aerts
  112. And It Is Alllll Over.........
  113. Rampage Knocks out Silva
  114. Who just saw Rampage vs Silva
  115. UFC 92 Results and Live Play-by-Play
  116. Evans knocks out Griffin
  117. Griffin vs Evans end in TKO...
  118. Why is no one talking about Frank Mir?
  119. Fedor Seminar in Slovakia
  120. Lesnar vs Mir II
  121. UFC 92 Results: Evans Stops Griffin, Mir and Rampage Win
  122. Holy crap he is fast on the ground
  123. Frank Mir VS Antonio Nogueira FULL FIGHT VIDEO
  124. Forrest Griffin vs Rashad Evans FULL FIGHT VIDEO
  125. wanderlei was twitching on the ground
  126. Ufc 92 fight videos
  127. [LMAO!] Brock is gonna eat Mir alive!
  128. "Sugar" Rashad Evans living up to his monicure!
  129. So um Evans vs Page
  130. The End of The Line for Some Great Fighters.
  131. K-1 Dynamite 2008 Betting Thread
  132. whats with the interm champ ****
  133. WEC Best of 2008 on Versus (DEC 28 & DEC 31)
  134. Question about MMA ..........
  135. Affliction: A Day Of Reckoning - Fedor vs Arlovski
  136. These are some tough guys!
  137. Anyone else rooting for Mir...
  138. ATTENTION K-1 Dynamite card HUGE updates ... FINAL CARD
  139. O.k Anderson Silva is NOT a LHW...
  140. If it were boxing, this mma fight would've been considered FOTY.
  141. What are Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, Bruce Lee, Stephen Chow, and Tony Jaa's best Movies ?
  142. Alvarez vs. Aoki to determine first-ever WAMMA lightweight champ
  143. So after speaking with some insider's I believe Evans vs....
  144. **** yeah
  145. how do u think Wanderlei silva would do if he moved down a weight?
  146. Kongo ripping Bisping by eating junk food
  147. 2009
  148. UFC champs
  149. Dynamite 2008 - Absolute insanity (spoilers)
  150. K-1 'Dynamite 2008' Play-by-Play/Results
  151. [HOLY S**T!] MMA World Rankings
  152. Remaking Frank Mir: How Ken Hahn gave a BJJ black belt a striking game
  153. Arlovski to Golden Boy, then Valuev fight?
  154. [HOLY S**T!] Fastel than Bluce Lee!
  155. Chael Sonnen signs to fight Demian Maia at UFC 95
  156. [LMAO!] Christmas with the Couture's
  157. Mark your calendars!
  158. Justin Eilers killed
  159. Is Mauricio Shogan Rua finished??
  160. [LMAO!] Which Would Happen First?
  161. Kung Lee
  162. UFC primetime: BJ Penn/St.Pierre
  163. Anyone got a pic of RAMPAGE celebrating his victory against WAND?
  164. Guarding the Shadows of Gracie (MMA Documentary)
  165. UFC Masters
  166. POLL: Fedor Emelianenko vs Andre Arlovski
  167. [HOLY S**T!] Kyle Maynard
  168. Best Entrance in the Business!
  169. Don't try this at home.
  170. UFC 94 BJ Penn vs GSP
  171. Sengoku "Seventh Battle" Play-by-Play/Results
  172. Affliction 2008 Year In Review
  173. GSP says..........................
  174. Upcoming shows!
  175. Oh Snap!
  176. Wanderlei wants Liddell before 185
  177. UFC 93: Franklin vs. Henderson Discussion
  178. 9 Yr Old Boy Stops Pitbull Attack With Jiu Jitsu
  179. WTF!!! You got to see to believe this point of view
  180. Will he return to the UFC?
  181. My pick as the most epic mma battle ever!
  182. I would love the UFC to have an Open Weight Grand Prix
  183. WEC adding Flyweight (125) division
  184. Freddie Roach's Strong Words On Fedor And MMA
  185. Love this plane!
  186. UFC 93 Bets
  187. Any gifs out there of R. Evans grabbing his nuts and punching Forest in the face?
  188. Rampage or Sugar Rashad who wins and why?
  189. To the Death!
  190. 2 MMA highlight videos I made
  191. Any word on UFC 92 PPV buy numbers???
  192. Rampage pleads guilty, agress to plea bargain
  193. Arlovski 360 III
  194. The Most Realistic Martial Arts Scene Ever.
  195. UFC set to break the ALL-TIME PPV record for revenue in a single year!
  196. Roger Huerta leaving MMA to pursue an acting career
  197. Headbutts allowed!!
  198. MMA slowly going down the drain?
  199. Anybody got the Countdown to UFC 93 vid?
  200. Affliction 2 bets
  201. Shaw and Champion ****s over fighters....again.
  202. MMA coach needed!!
  203. Am I the only one amped to see Dennis Kang make his UFC debut!?
  204. UFC 2008 Year In Review, Part 1
  205. Lyoto Machida: Doomed?
  206. UFC 2008 Year In Review, Part 2
  207. Snap, Crackle, Pop: 10 Gnarly Injuries
  208. Arlovski 360 IV
  209. Shawn Tompkins“I just can’t see Arlovski winning the fight”
  210. Demystifying Fedor: Facts and Quotes From Fedor Emelianenko
  211. Josh Barnett Still Wants Rematch With Nog
  212. Pros Pick: Coleman vs. Shogun II
  213. UFC 92 buyrate
  214. Starting Jiu Jitsu Tomorrow
  215. CBC Special ON UFC's Fighters Pay
  216. BJ Penn's new training regiment for GSP!
  217. Jeff Monson charged with mischief; ESPN not an accomplice
  218. 5K Hendo over Franklin
  219. UFC 93 Links?
  220. UFC 96: Jackson vs Jardine?
  221. UFC 93: Dan Henderson Edges Franklin, Rua Stops Coleman
  222. So Denis Kang is gonna roll through the MW division huh?
  223. Now ladies and gentlemen, is Mauricio Shogun Rua finished??
  224. Arlovski 360: The Boiling Point Episode 5
  225. Alistair Overeem to the UFC?
  226. UFC 93 Videos
  227. Watch Live Steam of Affliction Banned MMA Event Now!
  228. Serra vs. Hughes
  229. Bisping vs Henderson
  230. Fedor vs Coleman II
  231. Lesnar vs Mir
  232. Official UFC 94 Bets
  233. Plans for UFC 99 change again, Crocop/Ortiz possible returns?
  234. Shogun Vs Liddell Already Signed For Ufc 97, Dave Meltzer
  235. Ufc 94 Poster
  236. I got 10 K on Vitor over Lindland.
  237. Fedor Emelianenko vs. Andrei Arlovski - Affliction: JAN 24th
  238. 5 Questions for Affliction ‘Day of Reckoning’
  239. ‘Golden Boy,’ Trump Push Affliction Partnership
  240. Freddie Roach: Arlovski 50/50 with Juan Carlos Gomez
  241. Dan Lauzon: "I See Me Bullying Horodecki Around"
  242. TONIGHT! Fox Sports Net premieres ” Fedor: Baddest Man on the Planet”
  243. Royce Gracie Vs Bobby Ologun
  244. First ever male vs. Female mma fight @ tmt
  245. Tito Ortiz and Oscar De La Hoya talk Fedor
  246. Rich Franklin's eye after UFC 93
  247. Fedor's Affliction
  248. The Official BJ Penn is God and GSP is Canadien Thread
  249. UFC trying to make their own fireworks this Saturday
  250. Alistair Overeem: "I Want Fedor Emelianenko This Year"