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  1. Could Vitali Klitschko done well in MMA?
  2. EliteXC Denies Paying Petruzelli to Stand
  3. delete this thread
  4. Who are you rooting for in Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture?
  5. Classic K-1 Match: Buakaw vs Masato (like Vasquez vs Marquez)
  6. Big John Exits Fight Network, Considers Reffing
  7. KJ Noons is a free agent - will UFC want him?
  8. pinoy mma!!
  9. Petruzelli Received Death Threats
  10. Zach Arnold: "We're not twisting anybody's words!!"
  11. Why MMA fans hate Elite XC
  12. MMA Fighters & Boxing Counterparts: Part 1
  13. MMA Fighters & Boxing Counterparts: Part 2
  14. Possible chance for kimbo 2 get in the UFC.
  15. Former UFC star charged with rape
  16. MMA Fighters & Boxing Counterparts: Part 3
  17. Kimbo-Petruzelli fight under investigation
  18. Quinton Jackson explains his rampage....
  19. The Guy Who Beat Kimbo Is Gay!
  20. Who would win in a MMA Fight GINA CARANO or LELA Ali?
  21. Do you like Fantasy MMA Betting?
  22. Come See Some Free MMA!
  23. Tomorrow is the last day!!
  24. This Day in MMA History: Oct. 11
  25. Fedor matched up against AA
  26. MMA Torrent tracker
  27. San Diego BJJ & Grappling Championships - Pro divison
  28. Diego Sanchez Injured; Koscheck to Fight Alves at UFC 90
  29. quick question about joe son
  30. Dana White Interview
  31. Frank Shamrock vs Ken Shamrock Set For 2009
  32. Seth "The Silverback" Petruzelli new school!
  33. Georges St. Pierre Ready For Penn; Is Silva Next?
  34. Fedor Emelianenko vs. Mark Coleman, Pride 32
  35. Affliction 2 card watch.
  36. Jens Pulver (USA) vs Dai Chang Liang (CHN)
  37. Don King enters the MMA business
  38. The Last ShoXC Mixed Martial Arts Videos
  39. just what EliteXC needs: more controversy!
  40. Vera's trainer takes on gunman!
  41. Beautiful TKD knockout!
  42. UFC 90 stream thread.....
  43. Would you let Gina Carano "Ground .n. Pound" you?
  44. Brandon Vera vs Keith Jardine tonight, what's your take
  45. UFC 89 "Bisping vs Leben" Results/Play-by-Play
  46. [PLEASE HELP] Who does Brock fight after he beats Couture
  47. Ufc 89 Videos
  48. [PLEASE HELP] Who would you rather watch fight?
  50. UFC 89: Bisping Decisions Leben, Jardine Beats Vera
  51. Funny knockout reaction
  52. EliteXC bites the dust
  53. Search for the most progressive MMA fighter representing their gym
  54. WBC Chief Slams MMA
  55. UFC 90 Picks & Bets.
  56. EliteXC, The Latest MMA Company To Go Bankrupt
  57. Russian Women Can Fight!
  58. Best of the Best ending Tommy Lee vs Dae-Han
  59. O'Donnell: "One way or another we will still keep going."
  60. where do the elitexc fighters go now?
  61. Affliction Rejected UFC
  62. BJJ Revolution does it again!!
  63. How did you get into UFC or MMA
  64. ProElite exonerated of wrongdoing in Slice-Petruzelli fight
  65. BOXING v. MMA
  66. Once again i got 50k on Brock who wants the line1
  67. Gary Brody of Affliction Smacks Dana and Lorenzo Fertita
  68. Funny MMA posters....
  69. any links for ufc 90
  70. [HOLY S**T!] last minute UFC 90 bets
  71. UFC 90 - round by round, fight by fight
  72. How was the Kos fight?
  73. UFC 90: Anderson Silva Beats Cote, Thiago Alves Wins
  74. Is (Ken vs Frank) shamrock still on?
  75. UFC 90 'Silva vs. Cote' Play-by-Play/Results
  76. What's next for Silva
  77. UFC needs to challenge Silva
  78. Dana White says he had a chance to bring in tyson
  79. UFC offers "Kimbo Slice" spot on "The Ultimate Fighter"
  80. Patrick Cote knee surgery to result in lengthy recovery
  81. What's going to happen to Gina Carano?
  82. Anderson speaks about his fight with Cote
  83. Who has the Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in MMA???
  84. Most Dangerous Heavyweight Striker of all time.
  85. Bruce Lee Burning Heart
  86. Anderson Silva Disappointed With His Performance, Wants In At UFC 91
  87. MMA in Poland
  88. WEC 36 Betting Thread
  89. Back in UFC:Couture Questions Affliction CEO
  90. Did Kimbo's beard throw the fight?
  91. What a fight scene!
  92. MMA is Infected with the Ghey
  93. Hamill, Dollaway, Kongo, and Okami added to UFC 92
  94. Bud lite decal screwed up Cote's knee
  95. King Mo
  96. Faber vs. Brown
  97. Griffin v Evans
  98. Indepth Shogun Interview
  99. Old, but still cool! - Bj Penn and Urijah Faber Training in Hawaii for Sherk & Pulver
  100. Ufc 92, Wtf?
  101. I think I'm done with UFC
  102. Seth Petruzelli dresses up as Kimbo slice for Halloween
  103. Denis Kang Signs 4 Fight Deal w/ the UFC
  104. Chris Leben Tests Positive For Steroids
  105. Going to my first MMA fight this Wednesday..
  106. Ben Askren signs with ATT
  107. The end may be near for Paulo Filho
  108. UFC:91 Picks And Bets.
  109. WEC 36 disscussion
  110. [HOLY S**T!] Faber got caught!
  111. Wec 36 Videos!
  112. Funny Bas skit!
  113. Came back from WEC Faber fight.....
  114. Paulo Filho, What The ****?
  115. My two favorite MMA fighters
  116. The reason Urijah lost is...............
  117. Bill "The Grill" Cooper Seminar!
  118. Uriah Faber's loss-bad stoppage
  119. Brock Lesnar, Hype Train.
  120. Martin Kampmann To Drop To Welterweight, Signs New Four-Fight Deal With UFC
  121. "The Striking Truth" - GSP Documentary
  122. UFC vs. Affliction
  123. Armando Garcia resigns
  124. Werdum Splits From UFC
  125. Photos: Tuff-N-Uff MMA 11-08-2008 Las Vegas Nevada
  126. Why the hell is Gary Goodridge still fighting??
  127. Dana White blog's
  128. Sadollah -V- Catone fight OFF!!!
  129. Ufc Announces Ufc 94: St-pierre Vs. Penn 2
  130. UFC 91, good for Affliction/other Organizations?
  131. Dana White kicking it with 50 Cent
  132. Dana White doesn't know ****.
  133. UFC losing its appeal?
  134. Entrance Song Montage
  135. Final Predictions: Couture vs Lesnar
  136. Frank Mir can "Crush" Nogueira.
  137. "GET UP" is Featured Song for UFC 91
  138. Subject: Chael Sonnen: My First UFC Fight Will Be Against Anderson Silva
  139. Free Jamie Varner Seminar in AZ
  140. He wanted to ban this!
  141. Couture, Hopkins & De La Hoya
  142. Fedor-Arlovski headed to Showtime
  143. UFC Champ Randy Couture Sued
  144. Is randy the greatest of all time, who is ?
  145. The 10 All-Time Greatest Showboating Moments in MMA
  146. UFC's Head Clown is MMA's Grim Reaper
  147. 2008 Pankration Nationals Highlight video
  148. Streams?
  149. What did Mir's win against Lesnar get him?
  150. This is a weak card!
  151. I wanna put 15k on Randy
  152. UFC 91 'Couture vs. Lesnar' Play-by-Play/Results
  153. [PLEASE HELP] where can i find a live STREAM for UFC 91 ??
  154. Free Working, Awesome Quality Stream For Ufc Fights Today!
  155. TKO rd 2 4 Lesner
  156. Brock Lesnar Stops Randy Couture, Wins UFC Title
  157. Omgme An My Frat Brothers Were Wathcing The Fites We Love Mma So Much
  158. [VIDEO] UFC 91 Fight: Randy Couture Vs. Brock Lesnar [Full 10 Min Fight]
  159. Who is your pick to fight Brock for the title?
  160. Fedor Emelianenko vs Brock Lesnar
  161. Do you still think Randy will get a shot at Fedor?
  162. UFC 91 Fight: Randy Couture Vs. Brock Lesnar FULL FIGHT VIDEO
  163. My pick as best fight of the night!
  164. Kenny Florian vs. BJ Penn
  165. Get Ready....for the FIGHT OF THE YEAR
  166. 3 guys who would beat Lesnar
  167. lesnar footage.
  168. Hahahahahaha
  169. Guys, do you realize?
  170. will MMA become the biggest sport ever? Will the UFC be the biggest "league"?
  171. MMA Kisses!
  172. Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar - CompuStrike Stats
  173. Dana will kill mma
  174. GOODMAN COLUMN: Yes & No for UFC 91: COUTURE vs. LESNAR
  175. shinya aoki in budo challenge.
  176. Fedor video that everyone seems to talking about.
  177. WWE Takes Shots at UFC Over UFC 91: Couture-Lesnar
  178. Videos of Anderson Silva's losses!
  179. The problem with the Couture vs Lesnar fight.
  180. Shaw: "Too Many Haters In MMA."
  181. If you live in San Diego!
  182. Who thinks brock lesnar should've won?
  183. Damn!!
  184. Combat Sambo Video
  185. Free Posters and Postcards for Afflicton 2 (US Only)
  186. Anderson Silva training with Freddie Roach
  187. Hatton on the UFC, Penn, and Lesnar
  188. Fedor , M-1 welcome "superfight" with Lesnar
  189. Photos of Randy's after party
  190. The Undertaker headed 2 UFC
  191. Dana White does it again..thought he was against this!
  192. Jon Fitch and Christian Wellich cut from UFC
  193. For all you BJJ fanatics out there in San Diego!
  194. Lesnar and Couture medically suspended.
  195. Update: More UFC fighters to be cut, Koscheck, Valasquez
  196. UFC Clothing SALE @ FightDVD with Free Delivery and Free Beanie Hat with every order
  197. There's A New CREDIBLE Org. In Town!
  198. Fitch is back in the UFC!
  199. Dream Dying???
  200. Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong!
  201. Bobby Lashley - MMA bout!
  202. Fight Clubs?
  203. Couture vs. Liddell 4 Likely To Headline UFC 99 in Germany
  204. MMA section dying?
  205. Original use of the cage in MMA
  206. GSP eats cat!!
  207. Aleksander Emelianenko vs Lee Sang Soo Video- M-1 Challenge 9
  208. Ric Flair
  209. Overeem: ‘Cro Cop’ Yet to Sign; Manhoef Returns
  210. MMA giving fight fans a lot to be thankful for in '08
  211. MMA's next big superstar?
  212. Sure UFC is big in N. America...
  213. "200-0" kiai master vs. MMA fighter
  214. Arona Plans 2009 Return
  215. Bellator Fighting Championships signs top lightweight Eddie Alvarez
  216. Aldo out, Jens Pulver in against Urijah Faber at WEC 38
  217. Affliction considering Barnett vs. Rogers "Day of Reckoning" bout
  218. Wanderlei Silva training some stand up for his fight against Quinton Rampage Jackson
  219. UFC 93 Promo
  220. Forrest Griffin picks apart Rashad Evans.
  221. Antonio “Minotauro” Nogueira rolling with his student.
  222. GSP and BJ Penn talk to the crowd in Hawaii to promote UFC 94
  223. Tapia vs. The Mexican Mullet
  224. If GSP Beats Penn, Anderson Silva May Be Next
  225. The Greatest Gracie? One on One with Rickson
  226. Elitexc Champ Antonio Silva To Sengoku 7
  227. Report: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou dropped from the UFC
  228. Scientific Wrestling
  229. The UFC has released light heavyweight Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
  230. aw-esome
  231. Hack interview
  232. Pat Miletich: Rebirth Of A Legend
  233. Do Heavyweights Need Two Weight Classes?
  234. Jerome Le Banner
  235. do ufc fighters use lube before humping other dudes?
  236. Are internet boxing fans fat little keyboard warriors?
  237. WEC 37 Betting Thread
  238. Just When I Thought Tim Sylvia Couldnt Get Any Dumber
  239. Kimbo Slice to K-1!
  240. 10 December Tussles Worth Watching
  241. [LMAO!] Quote of the Day: Der Spiegel on Dana White
  242. Xarm
  243. Josh Barnett to face Gilbert Yvel at "Affliction: Day of Reckoning"
  244. Rampage Crazy, Mir fat. UFC 92
  245. Roger Huerta and Brandon Vera bet on Pacman vs Oscar
  246. UFC Title belts
  247. WEC 37 Discussion
  248. Combat Sambo
  249. This season of Ultimate Fighter has some serious talent
  250. Tuf - Junie (spoiler)