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  1. Georges St. Pierre, Brock Lesnar Win Decisions at UFC 87
  2. Brock Lesnar proved alot tonight
  3. UFC 87 'Seek & Destroy' Play-by-Play/Results
  4. Brock Lesnar vs Heath Herring video(FULL FIGHT/UFC87)
  5. What now for Fitch?
  6. ***12298;UFC87 Seek And Destroy***12299;VIDEO(ALL FIGHTS)
  7. Nice site for MMA enthusiast!
  8. Fitch & Kos sparring
  9. Who else is worthy of the UFC Hall of Fame???
  10. MMA Pound 4 Pound new list!!!
  11. If MMA had been around earlier - Norris and Lee etc would have been involved.
  12. Fantasy Fights - Cotoure v Gracie, etc etc
  13. CompuStrike: UFC 87 Stats and Fight By Fight Review
  14. Brock Lesnar?
  15. Anderson Silva VS GSP at catch weight of 180lb
  16. [HOLY S**T!] The Axe Murderer
  17. Bisping vs Leben
  18. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
  19. Lesnars next opponent might be -
  21. 2 Rare Liddell Fights
  22. Jared Hamman Stops Po’ai Suganuma in One-Round
  23. Couture Calls For Big UFC Pay Day
  24. Who Is Your Favourite MMA Star?
  25. The SCMA Convention & Tradeshow - Mark your calendar!!
  26. Chuck Liddell vs. Anderson Silva, Forrest Griffin vs. Wanderlei Silva
  27. Subject: UFC 90 Press Confrence News and Notes...AND MORE!
  28. GSP vs BJ Penn II
  29. Kimbo vs. Gannon
  30. Sherk V Griffin
  31. A pair of MMA drug test failures
  32. Ufc 2009 Undisputed - Developer Interview
  33. Tyson Griffin vs Sean Sherk Official for UFC 90 in Chicago and MORE!!
  34. Norifumi KID Yamamoto vs. Royler Gracie
  35. Gary Shaw, make this happen!!!
  36. UFC Not Returning To Montreal Until 2009; GSP vs. Penn Likely For Superbowl Weekend I
  37. BJ Penn goes up up up in weight to face the mysterious Ryoto Machida
  38. The Lee Murray Story
  39. Chuck Liddell looks to remain in UFC another "two to four years"
  40. Appearances and signings by Martial Arts and MMA stars
  41. Shamrock Gets Next Shot at ‘Slice’
  42. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Likely At UFC 92 AND MORE!!!
  43. Anybody know someone who works at Sherdog?
  44. UFC 88 betting odds and more...
  45. Here's your chance guys!
  46. Gina's Adam's Apple?
  47. Dana looks Good in this Shirt
  48. Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock: The October 4 Rumble
  50. TapouT - MMA TV Show
  51. Kimbo Slice vs Bob Sapp
  52. Quinton Jackson returning to action at UFC 91?
  53. UFC NEWS...Quinton Jackson Signs Three-Year Deal With Wolfslair
  54. Georges St Pierre: blogger extrordinaire
  55. Urijah Faber: BJ Penn Has 90 Percent Chance of Beating Kimbo Slice
  56. KJ Noons Speaks Out
  57. Couture Willing To Fight Again In The UFC
  58. Le Banner Vs Sylvia In The Works For Affliction
  59. Overeem: Cro Cop Bout 'Definitely Happening'
  60. Couture Vs Lesnar In November?
  61. Who will be the man to defeat Anderson Silva?
  62. Sergei Kharitonov?
  63. Eveyone add a reason why MMA is better then boxing!!!
  64. Couture Could Fight Lesnar In November, Emelianenko In Early-2009 ..... and more!!!
  65. James Cagney knows Judo!
  66. WEC To Fold Light Heavyweight, Middleweight Divisions Into UFC
  67. Amir Sadollah to return at UFC 91
  68. Shogun: Fedor is the Pound for Pound Best
  69. Couture vs. Lesnar Confirmed UFC 91
  70. UFC Media Conference Call Live Coverage
  71. Damn!!
  72. Couture/Lesnar Conference Call Video/Audio
  73. Dana White on video saying he wants Cung Le
  74. On November 15th, the champ is back.
  75. Just a little reminder for all you martial arts fans!
  76. Who Will You Be Rooting For?
  77. Chuck Liddell talks about UFC 88 and career goals
  78. Who will win the UFC HW Tourny?
  79. UFC 88 bets
  80. Rich "One Knee" Franklin and Goofing on Shamrock
  81. HDNet Fights, Affliction Announce Long-Term Partnership
  82. Jens Pulver vs. Leonard Garcia on Sept. 10 on Versus
  83. Atencio on Couture Re-Signing
  84. Quotes of Couture from the Past
  85. Has Fabricio Werdum been given the boot.
  86. ultimate fighter - ass picture????
  87. What time is UFC 88 on in the uk?
  88. Thiago Silva out of UFC 89 bout with Lyoto Machida
  89. Finkelstein: Dana White Wants To Destroy Couture
  90. Wanderlei Silva vs. Quinton Jackson Nearly Finalized For UFC 91
  91. Dan Henderson
  92. UFC 88 streaming?
  93. 10K On The Iceman
  94. [HOLY S**T!] WATCH - UFC 88 : Liddel vs Evans - LIVE PPV!!!
  95. UFC 88 Streaming
  96. Lidell K the **** O
  97. What A Knockout!
  98. UFC news: Chuck Liddell KTFO in the second round
  99. Rashad Evans Knocks Chuck Liddell Out Cold in Two
  100. Chuck Liddel Vs Rashad Evans - KNOCKOUT ***VIDEO***
  101. UFC 88: Rich Franklin vs Matt Hamill - ***VIDEO***
  102. Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans VIDEO (FULL FIGHT)
  103. UFC 88 'Breakthrough' Results & Play-by-Play
  104. Chuck KTFO!!! (VIDEO)
  105. Chuck Liddell
  106. Fedor Emelianenko Free To Fight Randy Couture In The UFC
  107. UFC Purses & Salaries exposed
  108. Full UFC 88 Review By CompuStike, With Fight Stats
  109. Wow
  110. San Diego BJJ & Grappling Championships!!
  111. Lorenzo Fertita on Affliction and Fedor
  112. Dana's Face On Saturday
  113. Did Chuck release his bowels from the KO?
  114. As was proven, Chuck was no match for someone with half decent boxing skills.
  115. Evan Tanner found dead
  116. Come support the 1st San Diego Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Submission Grappling Championsh
  117. Liddel wants to fight Silva....
  118. Evan Tanner cause of Death
  119. Choke Fest Highlights!
  120. Post fight interviews with Rashad after KO of Chuck
  121. UFC88Breakthrough
  122. Affliction 2: Postponed To January 17
  123. Arlovski boxing debut
  124. Evan Tanner tribute video
  125. TUF 1 Marathon, Reunion Special To Air On ****e TV On Saturday,
  126. Yahoo! Sports' Kevin Iole Proves He IS NOT A 'UFC Nuthugger'
  127. De la Hoya Talks MMA
  128. Check it out!!
  129. [HOLY S**T!] Now this is just too classic....
  130. Golden Boy Promotions, Affliction Announce Partnership
  131. Champs at the end of 2009?
  132. Bas Rutten “Kimbo Has More Skill Than Lesnar.”
  133. For all you located in Vancouver
  134. Pride 35 (rumor)
  135. Sign this petition to help have Evan Tanner posthumously inducted into the UFC Hall o
  136. Let's watch that one more time!
  137. Brock must be Dana White's next of kin!
  138. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Fedor Emelianenko
  139. Bas Rutten Street Defense - The Better Version
  140. Ken Shamrock vs. Bas Rutten
  141. My 10k to your 20k that Brock defeats Randy
  142. WAMMA Rankings! - Do you agree??
  143. Best MMA cards
  144. dedicated to former UFC middleweight champion Evan Tanner
  145. Upcomming UFC's?
  147. Quinton Jackson preparing for UFC 91 fight with Wanderlei Silva
  148. Whats everyones take on Leben Vs. Bisping
  149. Kimbo Ducking Fighters?
  150. Randy Couture in UFC 2009
  151. Is this guy ever going to fight again?
  152. Eddie Bravo on: Marcelo Garcia
  153. HDNeT and CompuBox Ink Deal For CompuStrike MMA Stats
  154. Kimbo Slice and Gina Carano Workout Quotes From LA
  155. [HOLY S**T!] Luke Thomas To Racists: "Get The F*** Out My Sport!"
  156. Russian Wrestling!
  157. UFN 'Metrics
  158. The Ultimate Fighter - Season 8
  159. UFC Ultimate Fight Night 15 "Diaz vs Neer" Results/Play-by-Play
  160. Speaking of Houston Alexander having no game on the ground...
  161. Two Punks making fun of Evan Tanner
  162. Ufc 90- Chicago Bus Tour
  163. Cage Rage heavyweight champion heads to UFC
  164. It's time you BJJ & Grapplers!!
  165. Who is attending!?
  166. For all you Thai Boxing fans!
  167. Pablo Francisco - Jackie Chan - Bruce Lee - Jet Li
  168. KJ Noons Stripped of The EliteXC Lightweight Title
  169. This is sick!
  170. The UFC just cut........................
  171. Would the UFC be as big today, if it mostly had black fighters?
  172. UFC 90 Card Complete with Signing of Four Bouts
  173. Whose the most obnoxious UFC fighter?
  174. say it ain't true!!!
  175. He was a classic character!
  176. Tito and Jenna having twins
  177. DREAM.6 Middle Weight Grandprix 2008 Final Round Results/Play-By-Play
  178. Anderson Silva vs Roy Jones, Jr.
  179. Good KO and even better celebration!
  180. Uneducated Newcomers and Boxing Fanboys. Read this post first.
  181. Andrei Arlovski-Roy Nelson Added To EliteXC Oct. 4 Card
  182. K-1 Final 16
  183. Tell them to their face and in person at this event what you think of them!
  184. For Boxing fans who are interested....
  185. [HOLY S**T!] Female Top Fighter Complain About Being Famous!
  186. Mir vs. Nog
  187. Philippines UFC Event Likely For Summer 2009
  188. Bisping and Henderson Likely TUF 9 Coaches...AND MORE!
  189. Joe Riggs downgrade Kimbo
  190. 'The Human Weapon' has officially joined American Top Team.
  191. WEC To Shut Down 205 & 185 Weight Classes
  192. UFC 93: Loyoto Michida vs. Thiago Silva
  193. K-1 WGP Final Spoilers has winners listed from Fin 16 read w caution
  194. GSP *****slapped Fitch...holy ****
  195. Silva vs. Jackson set for UFC 92
  196. Competing on medically prescribed testosterone morally right?
  197. World Victory Road Presents: Sengoku 5 Results
  198. My MMA DVD collection . . . Wanna trade ?
  199. Closest Fujita has been to being knocked out
  200. Heath Herring vs. Cristiano Marcello backstage brawl
  201. Silva vs Jackson 3
  202. Jorge Masvidal's Streetfights
  203. Fedor's Myths and Facts
  204. MMA look alike thread....
  205. Damn!! - MMA, but WWE style
  206. Ken Shamrock vs Frank Shamrock
  207. Donb't mess with a Japanese politician
  208. Message from Rorion Gracie !!
  209. Read this on some forum and had to share!
  210. Kimbo vs Shamrock Stream?
  211. Affliction runs from UFC counter-programming
  212. Pros Pick: 'Slice' vs. Shamrock
  213. The Kimbo Bubble
  214. This is gonna be HUGE!!
  215. Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock Weigh-In Skurmish
  216. Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson coming up?
  217. Is anyone really giving Shamrock a chance?
  218. Come and party!!
  219. Ken Shamrock Injured, Kimbo Slice Fight is Off
  220. [LMAO!] Some online MMA Fan wants to fight me
  221. Jake Shields at 185?
  222. Kimbo exposed
  223. 14 Seconds!!!!!
  224. Where does CBS go from here with MMA?
  225. Quiton Jackson vs Forrest Griffin - Who Won?
  226. EliteXC "Heat" Results & Play-By-Play
  227. Why the ****?
  228. Dang Gina Carano
  229. Seth Petruzelli Stops Kimbo Slice in 14-Seconds
  230. Photos: Seth Petruzelli Stops Kimbo Slice on CBS
  231. Big Country vs Arvloski
  232. LMAO look at Gary Shaw's Son Jared Screaming in Tears! from Kimbo stoppage
  233. Kimbo Vs.Petruzelli,Arlovski VS. nelson FULL FIGHT VIDEO
  234. [LMAO!] R.I.P Kimbo Slice Bandwagon
  235. To new folk coming to the forum due to Kimbo.
  236. GSP vs Jake Shields -Who You Got?
  237. Perfect Slice perspective!!!
  238. Kimbo deserves some time off after the FOTY with Seth
  239. "People are happy Kimbo lost because he is BLACK"
  240. Gina Carano
  241. People who believed Kimbo would beat Lesnar
  242. Final curtain for the Kimbo show!!
  243. Hilarious - Watch Jared Shaw try to spin Sat night
  244. Real perspective on Kimbo Slice
  245. Couture vs. Lesnar - BIGGEST FIGHT IN UFC HISTORY!!!!
  246. [HOLY S**T!] They Found Out Seth's Secret!!!
  247. Kimbo will be back
  248. Who is going!!
  249. what'd you guys think of this?
  250. Kimbo Slice vs. Bob Sapp