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  1. ISJA Sport Jujitsu Full Contact Circuit
  2. EliteXC May 31 - Non Spoiler
  3. No Contest, Terrible Premature Stoppage Ruin EliteXC Network Debut
  4. Exposed!!!!
  5. Gina Carano vs Kaitlin Young
  6. Now that the Circus is over....
  7. Kimbo Slice Badly Struggles in Win Over James Thompson
  8. Brock Lesnar vs. Kimbo Slice
  9. Anyone here wrestle?
  10. The James Thompson Appreciation Thread(sign Up Here)...
  11. Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson- Helping or Hurting MMA?
  12. Faber vs Pulver streaming links.
  13. mma fighters in here
  14. [HOLY S**T!] Gena Carano Gives Me A ****ing Hard On
  15. Gary Shaw is an idiot...
  16. 1Bad65 get in here please
  17. Watching women in MMA
  18. EliteXC on CBS Does Key Ratings Among Young Adults
  19. Brett Rogers vs Kimbo?
  20. IFL's Jay Larkin Speaks on EliteXc's CBS Show and Ratings
  21. Was Kimbo fight fixed?
  22. One way to look at Kimbo in MMA....
  23. Kimbo Slice
  24. Another thing about EliteXC
  25. Anybody catch WEC last night?
  26. 08 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Wrestling and Judo
  27. Faber vs Penn??
  28. Elite XC tryin 2 explain the bs on saturday lmao.
  29. Kimbo Mania - 6.5 Million Watch EliteXC Special on CBS
  30. HDNet Fights and Adrenaline MMA Partner For Multi-Fight Deal
  31. Photos: XFA 2 May 31st 2008 Las Vegas, Nevada
  32. 93' Royce Gracie vs Matt Hughes
  33. Bas responds to EVERYTHING! Kimbo fight being fixed, the early stoppage, Forrest KOin
  34. Open Letter From Brett Rogers
  35. Affliction Announces Partnership With Donald Trump.
  36. Mir's TUF 8 Coaches Revealed.
  37. Pulver Talks About Loss.
  38. [HOLY S**T!] This is an old MMA fight but damn...
  39. Meditation
  40. Judo in MMA
  41. Poor Bastard!
  42. Vulcan Death Pinch!!
  43. Rickson Gracie - Budo Challenge
  44. [PLEASE HELP] Griffin vs Jackson
  45. UFC:Bedlam Picks.
  46. UFC:85 Weigh In Results.
  47. New MMA Fan.
  48. UFC 85 bets
  49. Pioneers of the Sport of Kickboxing - Classic bout!
  50. "Ivan Drago" vs. Oleg Taktarov - This is nuts!!
  51. UFC 85 bedlam streams
  52. Affliction “banned”
  53. Time for Hughes to call it a career
  54. Thiago "Pitbull" Alves Stops Matt Hughes in Two Rounds at UFC 85
  55. What an awesome piledriver
  56. Kiai Master vs MMA fighter
  57. Shaolin kung fu vs. Tae Kwon Do
  58. Kung Fu vs Taekwondo
  59. Bispeng at Middleweight
  60. HERO'S 2006 Yoshihiro Akiyama vs Melvin Manhoef
  61. Kimbo finally gets a real fight
  62. kimbo sig
  63. GSP Vs Penn On New Years Eve.
  64. Open discussion on reforming the unified rules of scoring for MMA in the US
  65. Anyone else agree that Cung Le's fights are Fixed?
  66. IFC Cancels August 15 Card, Looking For Revenue Options
  67. Affliction Names Michael D. Cohen as Their COO
  68. Guy Mezger on Pride asking him to work fights
  69. **** Refs/Crooked Refs
  70. Rare Dan Henderson Vale Tudo Fight
  71. Travis Lutter Vs Cung Le....Who Wins?
  72. Travis Lutter Vs Cung Le....Who Wins?
  73. Kimbo fights tonight
  74. Ricardo Almeida: "His way or my way I don’t see this fight going three rounds".
  75. Extraordinary Knockout ~ video.
  76. Jawdropping Anderson Silva video.
  77. Is MMA good pay?
  78. Freddie Roach Set To Work his First Mma Event
  79. Dream 4
  80. Anderson Silva To Face Chuck Liddell?
  81. KJ Noones Stops Yves Edwards in 48-Seconds To Win Elite Title
  82. Wanderlei Silva vs Brandon Vera on July 19 ???
  83. Liddell Vs Evans Headlines Ufc 88 In Atlanta
  84. KJ Noons and Nick Diaz after fight scuffle.
  85. I Just saw.......
  86. Gracies?
  87. Nick Diaz Has A Second Run In With Noons
  88. Matt “The Law” Lindland Ready To Lay Down The Law
  89. Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin to headline July 19 UFC event
  90. The Ultimate Fighter TV Show
  91. Anyone goin to Affliction Banned next month?
  92. This is cool! - Fast
  93. Diegoooooooooooooo!
  94. TUF 7 Finale
  95. Tap or not a Tap?
  96. Photos: Kim Couture vs. Kim Rose 06-20-08 Las Vegas, Nevada
  97. What do Rocky Marciano and Fedor Emelianenko have in common
  98. frank shamrock vs anderson silva
  99. [HOLY S**T!] I'll bet most for my points against Guillard at UFC 86 [5K to be exact]
  100. Anderson Silva vs. James Irvin Announced For July 19
  101. Kharitonov eyes Bigfoot in EliteXC
  102. Anderson Silva vs Quinton Jackson at 205
  103. Kim Couture air her side in ESPN radio
  104. Couture: ‘I was in Control for Most of the Fight'
  105. Fedor's Training
  106. Dan Quinn Calls Kimbo out
  107. Bill Goldberg's Manhandling Manner
  108. Is ufc the sport...
  109. is there any cowards in mma??
  110. Guy flips out watching MMA
  111. Dan Quinn will fight in Gladiator Challenge
  112. Dan Quinn will fight in Gladiator Challenge
  113. Crooked Cop Scammed Matt Hughes
  114. Dana and Rogan included in Affliction Promo
  115. Krav Maga VS. Sambo
  116. Andrei Arlovski Ready To Battle “Big” Ben Rothwell
  117. Vicious Crcop highlight video!!
  118. Great Muay Thai DVD, recently bought.
  119. Sports Illustrated Coverage of Armed Forces MMA
  120. What's the best fight you've ever seen?
  121. Griffin vs Jackson action?
  122. Affliction Banned Hits New York
  123. Paul Buentello on Aleks Emelianenko plus Mean Mugging
  124. Rampage Interview(his thoughts on Affliction/UFC thing)
  125. Forrest vs Rampage: UFC Fight Card???
  126. Watching the UFC does not make you tough!
  127. Diego Sanchez: "bj Would Be The Fight I Want The Most"
  128. Vitor Belfort treina na Chute Boxe
  129. Rampage Will Lose
  130. Rampage Jackson Vs Kimbo Slice
  131. UFC 86 Sopcast link?
  132. Forrest Griffin Upset Rampage Jackson, Wins UFC Title
  133. Is the UFC fixed
  134. Rampage Was Robbed
  135. CMON MMA Fans!! What happened?
  136. Forrest Griffin deserved to win!
  137. Forrest vs Rampage Download
  138. Matt Lindland Claims That UFC Contracts Are Illegal
  139. What should Rampage work on for the next time he fights Forrest?
  140. Who gets the first shot at Forrest?
  141. Tyson Griffin v Joe Stevenson
  142. MMA Fighter KOs himself and the crowd loves it
  143. I chipped in for UFC for the first time and.....
  144. Forrest Griffin vs Chuck Liddell
  145. Randy vs. Fedor, who wins?
  146. UFC is some fixed bs
  147. ufc is for fat lards who suck ass at boxing
  148. ufc is for fat lards who suck ass at boxing
  149. First Round of Griffin vs Jackson: 2 judges gave it to Griffin.
  150. Novell G. Bell: "Who the f@*k is Nick Thompson?"
  151. Buakaw Legacy ends!
  152. More Bouts Announced For EliteXC's July 26 Card on CBS
  153. Line Ups: National Pankration Team Championships
  154. Kung Fu vs MMA
  155. What Happens In a rematch?
  156. MMA is For ****
  157. MMA Is For Poopyheads
  158. Good ol Russian Beatdown
  159. Anderson Silva, Move To 205 Only Temporary
  160. UFC NEWS and fighter salaries from UFC 86
  161. UFC Counter Programing EliteXC-CBS, To Air UFC 84 For Free on July 26
  162. Competition sends White back to basic
  163. VERA - FARBER - GUGERTY | July 19 | Free on Spike
  164. whats needed for mma!
  165. Furry FC6 streaming right now
  166. Disgrace in Baroni's fight*spoiler
  167. What are some good MMA torrents sites?
  168. Maruis Pudzinowski v brock Lesnar
  169. Rampage Arrested ?
  170. "Rampage" Jackson arrested after a police chase...
  171. Aleks Emelianenko on Kimbo and the UFC
  172. MMA Fighters with Wives/Girlfriends
  173. List of Teams going for the National Championships
  174. Affliction To Use “Biggest Ring Ever”
  175. WAMMA Belt unveiled
  176. Arlovski on his Ex/Sylvia and more
  177. Celebrities Flocking to “Affliction Banned” Show
  178. Fedor vs. Coleman - Backstage
  179. KImbo Calling out all MMA fighters!!
  180. UFC® Silva vs Irvin
  181. Watch Affliction Banned Live Stream!!!
  182. Affliction officially the best card of the century
  183. Just Wow, Fedor
  184. Fedor just rocked him
  185. Fedor Emelianenko is the Greatest of All Time!!!
  186. Fedor vs. Sylvia
  187. I am just coming from a "MMA" bar and the place
  188. What the ****, ********* reports the UFC card but not Affliction.
  189. How Did Fedor Win?
  190. Fedor annihilates Tim Sylvia (Video Link)
  191. Anderson Silva Wins By First-Round KO in Light Heavyweight Debut
  192. Andre Arlowski
  193. MMA Video: Affliction "Banned" Post-Fight Press Conference
  194. White breaks silence on Quinton Jackson
  195. The Affliction Ring
  196. P4P best MMA fighter?
  197. P4P- Anderson Silva, Fedor or GSP?
  198. Who is the #1 P4P Fighter in MMA?? (Public Poll)
  199. This weeks mma fights
  200. Who's dominating mma ? whites ? blacks ? asians ?
  201. [HOLY S**T!] Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Torres
  202. CONTENDER Muay THAI coming to Versus on 7/31/08
  203. Anderson Silva VS Forest Griffin
  204. If you missed DREAM 5,....
  205. Silva vs Silva...
  206. Philippine Martial Arts
  207. Affliction/UFC Fighter pay.
  208. Funny Fedor Moment
  209. This will be a crazy fight...The Return of The Dragon – Machida vs Silva at UFC 89
  210. UFC Quick Hits...
  211. Fedor's next opponents^^
  212. Anderson Silva Training Session
  213. Georges St Pierre gets put in his place???
  214. Keith Jardine says he's fighting Brandon Vera at UFC 89
  215. Fedor talks about his training habits & dana white (radio interview)
  216. Fedor Emelianenko vs Andrei Arlovski Set For October 11
  217. B.J Penn expected to fight GSP on Dec 27th
  218. Zuffa Purchase The IFL, July 31 Marks The End... AND MORE!!!
  219. Nick Thompson's Booty
  220. who's better £4£ Rampage or Anderson Silva
  221. EliteXC "Unfinished Business" Results & Live Play-By-Play
  222. IFL Champion Dan Miller, Jim Miller Sign With The UFC...and more
  223. K-1
  224. Early grappling's success vs striking
  225. Dana's 2001 Interview
  226. Need help finding a fighters name
  227. [HOLY S**T!] Bruce Lee Could Never Be In Mixed Martial Arts...
  228. James Irvin Tests Positive For Methadone and Oxymorphone
  229. Affliction News
  230. Rampage Update!!!
  231. UFC 2009 Undisputed Wins Big at E3
  232. Anderson Silva vs. Julio Cesar (Boxing Match)
  233. Pound for Pound ultimate MMA Fighters ( my list )
  234. [HOLY S**T!] The Most Feared Cat In Boxing!!!
  235. Heath Herring vs Brock Lesnar
  236. UFC 87 cash contest!
  237. Cung Le Talks Possible UFC Anderson Silva Fight
  238. UFC 87 bets
  239. Tito vs Dana Boxing Match...Petition!
  240. Andrei Arlovski vs. Josh Barnett on October 11
  241. J-roc??
  242. GSP over Fitch...
  243. Southern California Martial Arts (SCMA) Convention SD
  244. WEC weight classes will be folded into the UFC
  245. Who will be the next Lightweight Champion in The UFC?
  246. Stream for UFC 87
  247. UFC:87 Picks.
  248. Gsp
  249. GSP is still #1...
  250. Is tonight's fight happening in Minneapolis?