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  1. Mauricio Rua! Any Fan here?
  2. Shamrock Injury Update
  3. Cung Le Stops Frank Shamrock in Three
  4. What's next for Hughes?
  5. How about a Cung Le vs. GSP first, then Silva?
  6. if you don't think cung Le is a top 10 middlweight you know nothing
  7. David Haye: 'I’d like to challenge the number one mixed martial arts fighter'
  8. Video: J-Lau mocks KenFlo
  9. What fights should a newbie watch??
  10. Le vs. Shamrock: scoring the fight
  11. Should the UFC pursue F.Emelianko?
  12. Matt Hughes Moved Up to 205.
  13. Roy Jones jnr v Anderson Silva offically aint happening
  14. How it all began in the US.
  15. Liddell fighting in UFC 85 vs...
  16. Tuf 7
  17. Urijah Faber
  18. UFN:13 Bonuses an Tv Ratings.
  19. Photos: Xtreme Fighting Association (MMA) 03-22-2008 Las Vegas
  20. LIST OF COMPETITORS - 08 California Pankration Championships
  21. Where is Igor Vovchanchyn?
  22. Could Aleksander Emelianenko make an impact in the UFC?
  23. knockout of the night
  24. Pro boxers in MMA now
  25. Franklin vs Lutter
  26. Random question
  27. Kendal Grove vs Evan Tanner @ TUF7 Finale
  28. 1st fighter I thought about after Tommy Speer KO
  29. Manny Gamburyan talks about submitting BJ Penn in training
  30. RESULTS - 2008 California State Pankration Championships
  31. Giva Santana Grabs Submission Win Number 10
  32. Fedor...2 years....5 fights in the UFC??
  33. Randy Couture or Fedor Emelianko- better HW
  34. UFC:83 Picks.
  35. New Exclusive Kimbo Slice interview, you DONT want to miss this
  36. Fedor Vs Tim July 19th!!
  37. Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto vs. Urijah Faber - who wins?
  38. bj penn would lose to dis mang
  39. Stephan Bonnar vs Lyoto Machida
  40. Cannot wait to see Machida do this to Tito!
  41. YAMMA Sopcast link good quality
  42. YAMMA Sopcast link good quality
  43. Yamma Pit Fighting- AMAZING event-
  44. US Armed Forces Pankration tournament
  45. Who is the best in every division?
  46. Ufc Featherweights?
  47. Heavy-Weight Prospect?
  48. Mark Hunt needs to stick to MMA
  49. 20k on Franklin over Lutter
  50. Terry Martin Wins Pro Boxing Debut.
  51. Dana White On Kimbo.
  52. Brazilian Jiu Jistu/ Gracie Jiu jitsu..whats the difference?
  53. Serra or GSP??....Might be closer than people think
  54. bext supplements for mma fighters?
  55. serra-̀m having my trainers and sparring partners boo me on a regular basis`
  56. Who's this Champ in my Avatar???
  57. UFC:83 Press Conference Recap.
  58. Vitor Belfort Refused 2 Help Tito Train.
  59. WTF Iron Ring is Retarded
  60. Anderson Silva still wants Roy Jones
  61. Some angry moron................
  62. Kimbo vs James Thompson May 31st
  63. Trigg Vs Jacare at the next Dream Event.
  64. UFC:83 Weigh-In Results.
  65. Sylvia vs Fedor Official....
  66. Great article of Forbes: "Ultimate Cash Machine"
  68. Forrest vs Rampage Tonight
  69. UFC 83 Serra vs St-Pierre II Stream !!!!!
  70. UFC 83 Bets..
  71. George St.Pierre vs Matt Serra
  72. GSP wins Welterweight Crown!
  73. Georges St. Pierre Dominates and Stops Matt Serra
  74. any videos on the ufc 83
  75. Serra - GSP III in New York?
  76. George St.Pierre vs Anderson Silva- Who wins?
  77. Damn!!
  78. Blair_Wells#32
  79. come claim your points
  80. Roy Jones talkks about fighting Anderson Silva, and trashes Dana White.
  81. UFC - Your top 5 P4P
  82. Rich Franklin Arm Bar Escape (gif from Ufc 83)
  83. Lutter, worst UFC performance ever
  84. UFC:83 Bonuses.
  85. Points for whoever gets me a .gif of Nate Quarry's antics.
  86. Brutal KO
  87. Kalib Starnes Explains.
  88. Liddell injured off the UFC 85
  89. EliteXC Signs Cuban Olympic Judoka Hector Lombard
  90. Chek the Sig.
  91. Photos: Tuff-N-Uff California vs. Nevada Las Vegas, NV
  92. WEC fighters could be going to the UFC
  93. Oh my..
  94. Dream MMA Match-ups
  95. If Kieth Jardine Beats Wanderlei Silva....
  96. Lesnar vs Coleman
  97. Brandon Vera's One Year Goal..
  98. Chainsaw Retires From MMA.
  99. Barnett Vs Monson.
  100. Lister Vs Horn.
  101. Missing in Action
  102. Cool Fedor video...
  103. Matt Hughes vs Thiago Alves @ UFC 85
  104. Travis Lutter:"I was half-inch away from breaking Rich Franklins Arm"
  105. Micheal Bisping vs Chris Leban @UFC85 Rumor
  106. I never see...
  107. UFC 84 Preview
  108. Who's the better businessman?
  109. Kimbo vs Butterbean Who Wins?
  110. Betting action on GSP vs Silva who wants some?
  111. Bruce Lee Pictures!
  112. Travis Lutter Released From UFC Contract.
  113. Nick Serra On Elite XC UnderCard.
  114. Chuck Responds 2 Kimbo......
  115. Post from Kalib Starns
  116. Olympia Dream 2
  117. Anyone fancy a bet, I got Jardine over Silva.
  118. Cool Bruce Lee Video!
  119. Olympia Dream 2 reportedly tops UFC for highest attendance
  120. How to put yourself in a triangle
  121. Kimbo Slice to be on the cover of ESPN Magazine
  122. Huerta vs Florian at UFC 87
  123. Travis Lutter has some Harsh words to say to MMA fans
  124. Anderson Silva talks about Georges St Pierre
  125. Chris Leben Arrested.
  126. Sherk Calls Penn A Quitter......Also Passes Drug Test.
  127. Rich Franklin Moving Back 2 LHW?
  128. Kimbo Deny's Being KO'd, Calls Rumor Starter *****....
  129. CBS Chairman Doesn't Approve of MMA On CBS.
  130. Nick Diaz 2 Fight At Dream 3.
  131. Fedor-Sylvia Fight Card
  132. Might Mo vs. Francois botha
  133. Frank Mir and Nog rumored to be next TUF coaches
  134. If Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin were to fight who would be victorious?
  135. Rich Franklin vs Dan Henderson!
  136. UFC Cuts 3 More Fighters.
  137. Tito Has Some Words For Dana White.
  138. Nog & Anderson Silva Open Gym
  139. Roger Gracie Vs Yuki Kondo @ Sengoku 2
  140. Lutter Says Serra May B Next 2 B Cut......
  141. Tito on Kimbo...
  142. Wanderlei Silva
  143. Chuck Lidell Tribute On Same Night As Elite XC.
  144. FBI After Joe Lauzon...
  145. MMA betting strategy
  146. GSP Dating Mandy Moore?
  147. TUF 7 ep06 was the best I've ever seen!
  148. LOL Rampage dancing in England!
  149. "Iron" Matt Lindland biting opponent's ear
  150. Leben Vs Bisping Off???
  151. Top 20 Fighters That Would Destroy Kimbo
  152. Olympia Dream 3 Videos
  153. Pro Elite & Dream Announce Partnership
  154. Its Official Bjj Showdown Mir Vs Nogueira!!!!
  155. Kazushi Sakuraba vs Yoshihiro Akiyama Video- K1 Greasy Affair
  156. Team Punishment Re-Opening.
  157. Is Bas Rutten commentating for DREAM?
  158. who is that girl from that ufc all access show?
  159. Arlovski Off the Affliction Fight Card?
  160. 9 sec KO of Destruction - Sami Berik
  161. Affliction: Banned card officially announced
  162. [HOLY S**T!] Is Mike Tyson going to fight Kimbo Slice?!
  163. Dana White On Tito Ortiz
  164. Penn/Sherk
  165. TUF 7 ep07 Anyone else think it was a bull**** decision?
  166. Amazing Fedor Emelianenko video.
  167. World Victory Road Presents: Sengoku 2
  168. Wow crazy knockout from "The Iron Ring"!!!!
  169. The History of the UFC
  170. Bobby Lashley On His MMA Debut & Brock Lesnar.
  171. Ortiz Guarantees' Victory.
  172. Matt Hamill Movie In The Works
  173. MMA double knockout ~ video.
  174. Kimbo Slice = America's Bob Sapp
  175. MMA Video Trading Block
  176. Shogun on Chuck Liddell - I want to fight him for sure, if possible in 2008.
  177. Who is your Favourite fighter in the UFC.
  178. National Geographic Fight Science - mixed Martial Arts
  179. Mike Whitehead clocks Danny Bonaduce HARD
  180. BJ Penn interview by Mayhem Miller
  181. UFC:84 Ill Will Picks.
  182. Big Nog aka Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira needs to retire
  183. Wanderlei Cut From UFC If He Loses?
  184. Tim Sylvia On Fighting Fedor.
  185. GSP Vs Fitch At 87...Coleman Out Of Fight With Brock.
  186. Kimbo Slice responds to Dana White and Chuck Liddell
  187. Kevin Ferguson, the REAL Kimbo Slice...
  188. GSP On Fitch.
  189. Wanderlei Still Considering 185 After Jardine Fight.
  190. Dream MW GP 2nd Round Matchups.
  191. Kenny Florian's Thoughts On UFC 84.
  192. Latest video interview of Fedor & sylvia (with bas rutten)
  193. Brock Lesnar Vs Heath Herring Official.
  194. EliteXC in trouble
  195. Marc Laimon - Tito Ortiz is the new Ken Shamrock! Also, talks Matt Serra.
  196. It looks like Kimbo and Tyson is going to happen.
  197. any streams for UFC ill will tonight?
  198. [LMAO!] ito Ortiz At The Wigh Ins
  199. Bets Anyone?
  200. [HOLY S**T!] What a KO!
  201. Wanderlei Silva KNOCKS KIETH JARDINE THE **** OUT
  202. BJ Penn Destroys Sherk
  203. Penn Stops Sherk, Silva Murders Jardine, Ortiz Loses
  204. come get your points :)
  205. BJ Penn's jab.
  206. Roy Jones talks about Dana White
  207. all the fights from ufc 84
  208. I didn't know Strikeforce had an NBC deal?
  209. [PLEASE HELP] Who is this fighter??... [VideO]
  210. bj penn v gsp
  211. Mixed Martial Arts Future
  212. BoxingScene Talks About Dana White.
  213. UFC trying to Take a shot at Foriegn Boxing Markets! like Mexico and Fhilipines.
  214. did you guys know that mma/ufc is **** ?
  215. UFC 84 'Ill Will' Full Event (Single Fights)
  216. Goran Reljic
  217. Urijah Faber vs. Jens Pulver
  218. Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson post press conference fiasco.
  219. Is it true that Keith Jardine only got 10k for that fight??
  220. Karo Returns @ UFC:87 Seek & Destroy
  221. Lucia Rijker on fighting Gina Carano, what made Bas Rutten so
  222. Armed Forces Championships Highlight Video
  223. Bets That Need To Be Paid
  224. Cro Cop Vs Lebanner Off
  225. UFC 84 Fighter Pay.
  226. Dave Camarillo on Fitch/GSP - "Of course I think we're gonna win"
  227. anderson silva vs thiago silva
  228. Gene LeBell vs. Milo Savage
  229. Shogun Vs Sokodjou?
  230. Sherk Talks Bout Penn Fight.
  231. My Idol St. Pierre Vs Danzig
  232. Matt Arroyo Vs Matt Brown @ Tuf Finale
  233. Busta Rhymes Will Appear at EliteXc Card on May 31
  234. Interview With Gary Shaw.
  235. Phil Baroni on Anderson Silva - “That would be my dream fight and I would beat him".
  236. Cung Le on Fighting Anderson Silva.
  237. Mark Hughes Signing With UFC.
  238. Kimbo Slice, James “Colossus’’ Thompson Final Presser
  239. Banner Promotes Mixed-Fight Card on June 20 in Vegas
  240. Photos: Tuff-N-Uff MMA May 23th Las Vegas, Nevada
  241. Rickson comments on Fedor
  242. Bruce Lee
  243. Maurice Smith on karate, GSP, Machida, and Hidehiko Yoshida
  244. Bobby Lashley Signs With AFL....
  245. Gina Carano Fails 2 Make Weight.
  246. Best pure striker ever in MMA.
  247. This is gonna be a Classic!
  248. The 8 Myths of MMA
  249. Is MMA a dying sport?
  250. I've been watching TUF fights for about 3 hours now and I gotta