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  1. Couture speaks about Gonzaga
  2. Krazy Horse vs. Joe Boxer in EliteXC Grudge Match
  3. Whats the Highest Payday ....
  4. New Wanderlei Silva interview...
  5. Kevin Randleman Arrested In Nevada
  6. Heavyweight rankings released...
  7. Wanderlei Silva Signs With UFC, December Debut Coming
  8. What do you guys think about Fedor in the UFC?
  9. fake bruce lee vs kid yamamoto
  10. Brock Lesnar May Have His Eyes On Something Else
  11. Anderson Silva-Rich Franklin Collide at UFC 77
  12. karo vs sakarai at ufc 78
  13. vera vs sylvia
  14. Results USA WAMAI Pankration Championships
  15. Silva-Franklin 2 & Vera-Sylvia
  16. Joe Stevenson ....smokes weed
  17. Brock Lesnar wants to sing with UFC
  18. Great Article on the Double-Standard of Violence in Sports..
  19. Gomi's contract status?
  20. Some more fighters test positive
  21. Your Favorite MMA/Fighter highlight or Music Video
  22. Chuck Liddell vs Kurt Angle
  23. Couture over Gonzaga
  24. Salmon, Clementi Land on 9/1 Steele Cage Card
  25. Randy WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  26. UFC UK President Marshall Zelaznik introduces Mirko Cro Cop at the UFC 75
  27. UFC 74 Results: Couture Stops Gonzaga in Three
  28. See Randy compete at X submission
  29. Randy chokes out a girl
  30. UFC 74 HD Req
  31. Georges St-Pierre dominates Koscheck {VIDEO}
  32. Valenzuela Submits Krazy Horse in One
  33. Photos: UFC 74 - Couture v.s Gonzaga
  34. UFC 74 - Payouts
  35. TUF coaches
  36. Rickson Gracie Rumored To Fight On New Year's Eve
  37. thought ufc payouts wur bad hahahahaha
  38. Bodog Loses Domain Name, Hit For $49 Million in Damages
  39. Where can I watch fights from UFC 74?
  40. Rumor Killer On Fedor-UFC, Deal Not Even Close
  41. Jackson Gets KTFO
  42. Anyone Know who these guys are
  43. Renato Sobral vs. David Heath (BLOOD)!!!
  44. Elite XC Sept. 15 looks good
  45. Art of War 3: Full Fights
  46. UFC is not a sport.
  47. Fedor is a nice guy.
  48. The Complete Guide to Boxing Gloves
  49. Strikeforce Kicks Off At The Playboy Mansion
  50. Need real MMA fans Opinions!!!!
  51. Don't sign with the UFC, Fedor!
  52. Silverbacks, Anacondas Battle on IFL Battleground
  53. UFC 76: Knockout!
  54. Chatter: Fedor to the UFC, and he has an Affliction deal.
  55. WEC: Tonight at 9PM oon VS
  56. lol at this "martial art"
  57. Chuck Liddell Video Interview
  58. TV Info For Steele Cage Promotions
  59. EliteXC Purchases Cage Rage of The UK
  60. EliteXC/Showtime Conf. Call Quotes: Lawler-Ninja-Carano-Shields-Shaw-Thompson
  61. Jackson vs Henderson TUF.
  62. Pankration Tournament - Nov 4 in Orange County
  63. UFC bets anyone?
  64. UFC 75 Results (Spoiler)
  65. Team Punishment
  66. Bisping gets a gift
  67. I HATE UFC and Dana White and Joe Rogan
  68. Joe calls Cro Cop, Fedor.
  69. RAMPAGE comes out on TOP
  70. Ladies(lol who am I kidding) and Gentleman we are in the GOLDEN AGE
  71. Is Dana White Biased towards his favorites?
  72. Rampage Decisions Henderson, Cro Cop Loses
  73. Somone post the recent UFC bouts!!
  74. UFC 76 Boycott
  75. ufc and pride belts?
  76. Who's next for Randy?
  77. Joe Rogan talks about Hamill/Bisping
  78. Tell it to his face!- I sure did
  79. Looking for the UFC Post Fight Press Conference
  80. What is up with CROCOP!????
  81. houston alexander or andrew mcfedries?
  82. Serra vs Hughes
  83. Team USA Results -FILA World Wrestling Games
  84. UFC 75- Mike Goldberg Visibly Disgusted with Hamill Decision
  85. The Hamill-Bisping fallout and trust - MMA INSIDER
  86. Sign the petition!
  87. Jeff Mullen defends his bad decision!
  88. Pat Healy To Replace McKee at IFL World Grand Prix
  89. Good Nick Diaz interview
  90. How did you score Bisping vs. Hamill?
  91. Micheal Bisping's father attacked in the 02 Arena car park
  92. MMA Unifications.
  93. Riggs, Jackson Collide at The Playboy Mansion
  94. Official Statement from Matt Hamill
  95. Just rewatched Griffin vs Guida
  96. FILA World Pankration Championships - RESULTS
  97. chuck lidell interview
  98. Boxing Is Dying Because Of ***** Ass Fighters
  99. Next Level vs NAAFS Just Days Away
  100. The Return on Gina Carano To EliteXC
  101. Cage Rage!
  102. are there any london based mma fighters on here?
  103. ProElite Purchases King of The Cage
  104. The Future of Crocop?
  105. Predictions for tomorrow night?
  106. Cro Cops words after nut shot.
  107. Sean Sherk name cleared for steriods
  108. Best of Fedor on FSN tonight
  109. Rewatched Jackson vs Henderson, preparing for UFC 76
  110. Brock Lesnar just signed with UFC?
  111. Mark Hunt? Josh Barnett?
  112. Latest news on Fedor and UFC
  113. EliteXC
  114. George "rush" St. Pierre
  115. Tim Sylvia On Blind Date. ****ing Funny
  116. hardest hitter on ufc.
  117. Ultimate Fight Night 11
  118. Kharitonov v Overeem vid
  119. matt hamill interview. surgery needed, out 6-10 months.
  120. what type of steroids is robbie lawler on?
  121. UFC 76 = upsets
  122. mir vs nogueira at ufc 79
  123. Do you guys think.....
  124. Nate Quarry is GAY!
  125. The Psychology of Stupidity
  126. HANDS DOWN, the most insanely sunk in guillotine choke of all time!
  127. Wanderlei Silva Updated interview
  128. Ultimate Fighter season 6 Hughes/Serra
  129. Ufn 11
  130. you know you're gay if...
  131. Getting ready for Saturday: Videos
  132. Wand is ready!
  133. kurt angle to the IFL.
  134. NY Pitbulls Beat Quad Cities Silverbacks 3-2
  135. randy coutures picks for 2morrow night.
  136. IFL Names Jay Larkin as President, CCO
  137. i owe points to some **** talker on here.
  138. Who's paying for the PPV tonight?
  139. 15,000 points on Shogun! Anyone?
  140. STREAM for UFC 76??
  141. Results Please.....
  142. FORREST Owns Shogun
  143. Chuck is a LOSER!
  144. Joe Rogan
  145. Whats next for Jon Fitch?
  146. Jardine Upset Liddell, Forrest Upsets Shogun
  147. I propose.....
  148. My God!!! I missed the bouts (Please someone send me a link so i can watch the upsets
  149. Photos: UFC 76 - Chuck Liddell vs. Keith Jardine
  150. diego sanchez as a lightweight?
  151. 500 reason why MMA is good
  152. UFC 75 shattered records on Sept. 8th - 4.7 million viewers
  153. Omfg! Fedor Fighting In Calgary!!!
  154. Wanderlei Comments on Liddell/Jardine, Shogun/Griffin
  155. Lightweight Division
  156. Wand Vs T. Ortiz
  157. "MMA IS Washed UP"
  158. PALMA if your still looking, try these out.
  159. Complete UFC 76 Fighter Pay *Chuck 500k Jardine 14K
  160. UFC 76 Payouts
  161. UFC 76 Payouts
  162. UFC 77 Undercard
  163. Thiago Alves vs Ryo Chonnan at UFC 78
  164. Big Nog vs Kongo in December
  165. Pride Fighters werent as good as we thought?
  166. I found the guy who is going to beat Fedor!
  167. The Contender - Muay Thai
  168. Shogun comments on loss....
  169. UFC and their BULL**** DECISIONS
  170. Kazuhiro Nakamura tokes, tokes, tokes
  171. Other then Randy and Fedor
  172. Rampage's Osiris Shoes....
  173. UFC tops cable sports ratings!
  174. UFC 76 Post-Fight Press Conference
  175. Pride FC - Fedor Emelianenko. Sambo Fighting
  176. Prtiaicpants of The Contener -Asia
  177. The Human Weapon
  178. Currently in S. Korea.. any advice on how to find fights to see??
  179. Gonzaga Took Crocops Bike!
  180. Bareknuckle!
  181. New Pankration Highlight Video
  183. UFC 78 Coming to the East Coast
  184. Arlovski on Jerry Springer show
  185. Sherdog??:s:s
  186. Babalu Signs with Strikeforce
  187. UFC 77: Hostile Territory Undercard Announced
  188. Korean Star Injin Chi vows to retire from boxing, fight MMA
  189. Korean Star Injin Chi vows to retire from boxing, fight MMA
  190. Korean Star Injin Chi vows to retire from boxing, fight MMA
  191. Rashad Evans vs Michael Bisping at UFC 78
  192. Updated Season 6 Ultimate Fighter rosters .. 3 episodes finished
  193. Martial Arts: 101
  194. If you were Joe Silva...
  195. Conan O'Brain beats up Couture!!
  196. Pride Office shut down, all workers fired...
  197. Marcelo Garcia vs Xande Ribeiro
  198. Sean Sherk passes Lie Detector Test
  199. Kimbo vs Tank called off
  200. Does the UFC fix fights??
  201. Holy Crap!!!
  202. Feb. 2
  203. Top 10 Best Fights Evar!
  204. Best Avatar contest
  205. UFC vs Boxing
  206. Forest Griffin does not deserve a title shot!
  207. Igor Vovchanchyn
  208. Are people over hyping Houston Alexander?
  209. Guillard Vs. Clementi Set For Ufc 79
  210. Large Amateur Tournament in So Cal - Nov 4th
  211. People of Michigan, I will be here!
  212. This is why Andrei Arlovski is no longer aggressive.
  213. intresting ufc documentry
  214. My UFC find.
  215. So Fedor has been signed...
  216. How much did Fedor sign for
  217. Why UFC/HBO Failed.........
  218. Been thinking.. with all this (bs) talk about Boxing vs MMA...
  219. Banning fighters without credentials?
  220. Any bets for UFC 77?
  221. Couture Quits Ufc!!
  222. I never tought i would make thread about MMA on here but...
  223. Natural disaster!!!!!
  224. Will Sylvia v Vera be turned into a vacant title fight?
  225. BREAKING NEWS: Kimbo Slice signs with Elite XC
  226. LMAO @ this sherdog thread on Couture
  227. Statement from Dana RE: Couture....
  228. EliteXC Signs Backyard Brawler Kimbo Slice
  229. This is well worth a listen
  230. I'll be attending SpiritMC13 (HW Grand Prix) tomorrow!
  231. Why Couture is the greatest.
  232. Will Randy join M1?
  233. What other fighters think of Fedor....
  234. Priceless!!!
  235. Just got back from SpirtMC13, HW grand Prix in Seoul
  236. Is it just me???
  237. Elite XC is not competing with the UFC
  238. Fedor to M-1: Am I Professionally Required to Care About This?
  239. HDNet Fights
  240. Anderson Silva v Rich Franklin
  241. One Bad Dude!!
  242. Article about IFL's decision to pull Whitehead and Rothwell from the IFL Grand Prix
  243. Anderson Silva v Rich Franklin - Bet
  244. UFC double DVD's/
  245. Franks Shamrock on Randy Couture
  246. have any of you guys heard of kermit cintron?
  247. Josh Haynes vs Seth Kleinback
  248. MMA fighter of the year?
  249. Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell's Salary Numbers
  250. Big Nog vs Frank Mir