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  1. Sean Sherk Poll: next victim to upset streak?
  2. Three IFL Fighters To Compete in USA Wrestling Trials
  3. Ray vs MMA Jorge REMATCH Video
  4. Frank Shamrokc, Phil Baroni Conference Call Transcript
  5. Mercer/Kimbo Slice Hype(video) For all you Kimbo Fans
  6. Fight added at UFC 75 Rampage vs Dan Henderson
  7. Need help with this boxingscene.
  8. Chuck Norris
  9. Da Spida vs The Spider
  10. Benny Urquidez aka "The Jet"
  11. Tommy Morisson in MMA was a joke!
  12. Masahiko Kimura - short documentary (The original Gracie Killer!)
  13. Matt Serra vs Gomi - Grappling Match
  14. Just checked my cable bill...
  15. Dana doesn't look too happy.
  16. Kimbo Slice Interview
  17. brock lesnar
  18. Mia St. John Considering MMA Jump
  19. Battle of the MMA entrance themes.
  20. Funniest thing I have ever heard.
  21. Fight Added at UFC 75: Mathis vs Boucher
  22. CroCop/Gonzaga Post-Fight Interview
  23. I am glad Joe Rogan is commentating the UFC these days instead of this guy!
  24. Royce Gracie Fails Drug Test!
  25. Michael Bisping Vs Matt Hamill
  26. Royce Gracie's Positive Doping Test a Shocker
  27. Bare Knuckles Street Fight 4 ( MMA vs Dude )
  28. Boxing vs Muay Thai - can't believe this boxer is actually going to try to "box"
  29. This is what happens when an MMA fighter fights under K-1 rules against a Muay Thai
  30. Karo vs. Nate
  31. Don't read this if you plan on watching tonight's UFC.
  32. Liddell vs Silva (confirmed for UFC 76)
  33. Griffin, Franklin Win in UFC 72 Bouts
  34. Read my blog
  35. NY Pitbulls, Nevada Lions Claim Victories
  36. Tyson Griffin
  37. robbie lawler
  38. Who do I owe money to?
  39. Finally Kimbo fights someone who looks like he knows a little bit about boxing...
  40. Kendall Grove
  41. why boxing is better than the UFC
  42. Get Fired Up Desoto County - World Cage Fighters Are Coming!
  43. IFL To Host Team Finals at Seminole Hard Rock
  44. Body Blows For The UFC
  45. Ken Shamrock to fight Michael Bisping at UFC 75
  46. Strongest and most deadly middleweight on the planet!!
  47. It's time to give credit to some MMA heroes..
  48. Nominate your Fav. athletes on ESPN contest
  49. Diego Sanchez vs Hayato Sakurai at UFC 74
  50. Mask says Tapout means fighting,
  51. Are they skipping over UFC 74?
  52. A Tribute to a living MMA Legend
  53. Hey guys,
  54. I Think I Found Out Who Robot_Monkey Is.
  55. Nick Diaz will not be in Nate's Corner at UFN 10
  56. Penn vs Pulver or Kimbo vs Mercer
  57. Wand says he is going to show Chuck who the real Wanderlei is.
  58. Chuck's future bouts and results.
  59. Matt Hammill will face Michael Bisping at UFC 75
  60. Why do "boxing only" fans hate MMA fighters because of how they strike?
  61. MMA Video - Randy Couture Interview
  62. mma agesnt boxing
  63. Who is your pick Saturday night!!
  64. Baroni vs. Shamrock
  65. How the UFC functions/
  66. New Ken Shamrock interview
  67. Least effective Martial Art.
  68. Penn vs. Pulver
  69. Shamrock vs. Baroni Fight Card Results
  70. The Ultimate Fighter Finale discussion thread ) RESULTS ARE LIVE AS POSTED
  71. Joe Lauzon is the next Fedor
  72. Kimbo Beats Mercer
  73. I've been trying to prove that basket ball is gay. I have a reference.
  74. Kimbo Vs Mercer Video (watch fast!)
  75. B.J. Penn Stops Pulver in The Second
  76. Does the UFC make up rules during fights?!
  77. one of ESPN top stories: Penn defeats Pulver....
  78. BJ PENN is my ****ing hero!
  79. My boy Penn gets his revenge
  80. Photos: Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale in Las Vegas.
  81. "I apologize to the UFC" - Floyd Mayweather
  82. Kimbo Slice vs Brock Lesnar
  83. No MMAs on ESPN's "Who's Now"?
  84. Is Brock any good?
  85. Cung Le?
  86. Ex-****o star Aaron Brink targets Kimo & $1,000,000 prize
  87. Any wrestling fans benoit NEWS
  88. Kendal Grove vs Patrick Cote at UFC 74
  89. Why dont BJ Penn stay at Light Weight Division?
  90. Awesome BJJ Demo
  91. Crocop/Kongo confirmed for UFC 74
  92. Mirko “Cro Cop” Returns Against France’s Cheick Kongo
  93. Couture Ready For Gonzaga Bout in UFC 74
  94. UFC 74 Bet: GSP vs KOS: all my points/money or whatever.
  95. Boxing wants similar show like UFC
  96. Liddell vs Silva is OFF!
  97. BAN robot_monkey?
  98. World Cage Fighters Go BIG!
  99. Jens Pulver Talks Loss, Future at 145
  100. Kimbo vs. Tank
  101. Belfort VS Slice
  102. Compu-Combat Debut Report of CFFC-5
  103. Houston Alexander
  104. Is there a boxrec for MMA fighters?
  105. Just saw Elite XC
  106. Dana White and Joe Silva appreciation thread
  107. 2.6 million viewers for TUF 5 finale
  108. Jorge Masvidal
  109. New gym catering to MMA Women!! It looks like it will be full of guys soon!
  110. GrapplersQuest - 1st West Coast (B.J. Penn vs. Mike Cardoso) (Superfight 2006)
  111. HA. HA, HA!!! Chuck Norris!
  112. Bj Penn and Leo Vieira rolling
  113. Rampage*
  114. Kimbo Slice - King of The Streets
  115. UFC PPV Buys Research
  116. Usa Wamai Pankration Championships
  117. Hendo/Rampage likely to be a non title fight
  118. Butterbean V Tengiz Tedoradze Cage Rage 22
  119. favorite mma fighters?
  120. Quinton Rampage Jackson Theme Song
  121. Baroni Positive for Two Types of Steroids!
  122. Nate, watch what Ryo Chonan does, and practice it.
  123. Tap Out
  124. Is it just me or have 90% of Pride FC fighters dropped from the face of the earth?
  125. Goddamn Sean Sherk Is A ****ing Monster
  126. Brock Lesnar vs Kimbo Slice
  127. B.J. Penn Vs. Diego Sanchez in August?
  128. Would an Openly Gay Fighter Help or Hinder the Sport?
  129. ESPN NEWS: Live UFC 73 weigh in tonight - 7PM eastern
  130. Does Sopcast show UFC PPVs?
  131. Fireworks Set To Explode at UFC 73
  132. Listen to this my friends...
  133. Is Dana White Racist?
  134. Dana white interview on Fedor, Franklin, W.Silva vs Liddell etc. Must read.
  135. Rampage vs. Henderson betting odds
  136. Ortiz vs. Evans
  137. Sherk "Mr Take Down"
  138. UFC 73 Full Results: Ortiz-Evans a Draw
  139. Photos: UFC 73 - Tito Ortiz vs. Rashan Evans
  140. Is Chuck Liddell shot
  141. MMA Blogs?
  142. Royce Gracie still got it...
  143. Watch UFC 73 Here
  144. Anderson S. vs. "Ace" Franklin II
  145. Is He Talking About Ufc Cage Fighting.....
  146. Why MMA is better than boxing
  147. Gracie vs. Riccio - Challenge fight with no gloves, rounds and headbutts allowed.
  148. Penn vs. Sherk !!
  149. Rankings, do you guys agree with these?
  150. A Must See!!!!!
  151. Judo Flying Arm-Bar - Sick!!!
  152. Fighter Pay Outs For UFC 73 "Stacked"
  153. Matt Hughes calls out Anderson Silva if Franklin Looses again
  154. latest ufc news concerning Cro Cop, Big Nog, Shogun and upcoming UFC PPV's.
  155. New UFC video game
  156. Wanderlei Silva backs out, Dana White furious
  157. Why the UFC is better than boxing
  158. Tito's cardio!
  159. IFL Grand Prix
  160. Will UFC 74 suck?
  161. Wanderlei Silva: "I didnt Duck Chuck"
  162. Didnt know Forrest Griffin and Jeff Monson fought:s Rare fight?
  163. Carlos Newton the Pizza Boy.
  164. Prime Randy Couture VS
  165. Renato "Babalu" Sabral was arrested.
  166. Rampage vs. Henderson free on spike tv!!!
  167. Kermit Cintron vs Sean Sherk?
  168. Forrest Griffin Vs Jeff Monson (Overtime Round)- 2002 video
  169. What are your thoughts on the IFL
  170. Relson Gracie on Royce Gracie Steroid Allegations
  171. Renzo talks Royce's steroids/IFL playoffs
  172. MMA Seminar!
  173. Liddell-Jardine For UFC 76, UFC 75 will be FREE
  174. Shogun vs Griffin: UFC 76
  175. Oh my goodness!!
  176. BJ Penn Vs. Renzo Gracie K1 Hawaii 7/29/05
  177. how big is ADDC competition?
  178. Tito Ortiz - I didnt grab the fence
  179. Sherk And Franca test positive
  180. Anyone own an MMA school!?
  181. Looks like some UFC guys got caught juicing
  182. should cage fighting be banned?
  183. Lesnar's Next Fight
  184. USA Pankration Team and world Championships Schedule
  185. Wanderlei Silva vs Chuck Liddell or Randy Couture vs Fedor?
  186. BJ Penn Interview by cbs news
  187. World MMA Fighter Rankings
  188. Sherk reponds to steriod charge.
  189. If only we saw this before! ray mercer
  190. CFFC 6 - HEAVY HANDS - Fight Card
  191. Create UFC fighter to beat Fedor
  192. fedor emelianenko vs ricardo arona - Video
  193. GSP Interview by cbs sportsline.
  194. Edson Berto To Face K.J. Noons in ShoXC
  195. Sean Sherk message to haters on myspace
  196. "Antonio Nogueira" is boxing at the pan-am games
  197. Wanderlei Silva vs Tito Ortiz - UFC 25 (UFC Japan 3) - Classic match up!
  198. More Fights For UFC 75 "Champion vs. Champion" Set
  199. interview with fedor's manager by sherdog.
  200. I kinda miss Genki Sudo
  201. Sugar Coated Chuck Liddell
  202. Eddie Bravo VS Jason Chaimbers
  203. Awesome! Gracie vs. Gracie
  204. Royce Gracie vs Wallid Ismail BJJ Match
  205. Lutra Livre match - No gloves!! RENZO GRACIE X EUGÊNIO TADEU
  206. ADCC - Tito Ortiz vs Matt Hughes
  207. Mark Kerr vs. Josh Barnett - ADCC
  208. A very young Steven Segal Teaching......
  209. chuck lidell...
  210. ufc fights
  211. KJ Noons Stops Edson Berto in Three
  212. WEC Adds Four Bouts To Aug. 5 Card
  213. arlovski vs vera at ufc 78
  214. We lucky
  215. Owned!!
  216. So you think You are tough?
  217. Tony DeSouza vs. Homer More - Grapplers Quest Match
  218. UFC Announcement on Ultimate Fighter Season 6
  219. World MMA Light Heavyweight Rankings
  220. USA WAMAI Pankration National Championships
  221. the coolest mma shows
  222. ADCC - Genki Sudo Vs. Vitor Belfort, - Ricardo Arona vs Vitor Belfort
  223. Here's a classic one! Two Ex UFC champs meeting at ADCC- Mark Kerr vs. Mario Sperry
  224. Jean Jacques Machado Vs. Ricardo Arona HL
  225. Force of The Spirit
  226. Dana White talks about fighters using steroids
  227. Fedor Emelianenko VS Gabriel Gonzaga
  228. Mirko CRO COP knocked silly by Michael McDonald
  229. CroCop Movie Ultimate Force
  230. Poor surfer gets his owned on the beach in Hawaii!
  231. Where do you guys train?
  232. Looking for video!!
  233. IFL Expands Coverage To The Far East
  234. EliteXC’ King of the Cage “Collision Course” Results
  235. Steele Cage Promotions Revamps Homepage
  236. OH mY GOD!!
  237. ADCC 2005 - Leo Santos vs Georges St. Pierre
  238. Predictions for the upcoming UFC bouts
  239. Unfortunately for Couture
  240. Vitor belfort sparring with french thai boxer
  241. Baukaw K1 Max Muay Thai Fighter Thai Boxer Por Pramuk
  242. Steven Randolph VS. Chuck Liddell- Hilarious!
  243. Jenz switched to WEC
  244. Mark Coleman vs Wanderlei Silva
  245. urijah faber fights for his life in Bali! - Good video!
  246. WEC Champ URIJAH FABER talks about moving up to 155 in the UFC!
  247. Tapout Reality Show
  248. Brock Lesnar / Kimbo next fights?
  249. I didn't know Jens Pulver was a pro boxer
  250. Best MMA fighter...