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  1. Frank Owning Baroni.
  2. Ufc 70
  3. Who watched Bodog last night?
  4. Bodog Fight: Clash of the Nations Results
  5. PRIDE 5/20 Saitama show postponed
  6. MMA Video: Quinton Jackson Training Camp/Interview
  7. Tito Ortiz Attacks Back at Dana White
  8. Ufc 72
  9. Ufc 73
  10. Ufc 74
  11. Ufc 75
  12. Rumors for Big Nog vs Brandon Vera
  13. HBO deal done according to Dana
  14. HBO/UFC deal done, NJ may allow knees
  15. Frank Trigg fired by UFC
  16. Boxing Ref Richard Steele Starts MMA Promotion
  17. Ray Mercer vs. Kimbo Slice - The Last Man Standing
  18. UFC and HBO Come To Terms
  19. GSP wants to fight on UFC 73
  20. tranning for ufc
  21. GSP vs KOS...
  22. UFC 72 - Franklin-Kampmann, Griffin-Ramirez
  23. boxer in ufc?
  24. Ufc 70 Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!
  25. Gonzaga
  26. Cro-Cop just learned the difference between K-1 and UFC
  27. UFC 70 Full Event Recap
  28. UFC 70 Nations Collide:Bitter aftertaste
  29. Does anyone have the video of Crop getting KOed?
  30. Cro Cops knockout
  31. Will CroCop retire?
  32. Will CroCop retire?
  33. Cro Cop v.s Gonzaga Fight Video
  34. How do I get into the UFC?
  35. Ray Mercer vs. Kimbo at cage fury
  36. Lee Murray
  37. things crocop needs to improve his fighting style
  38. The Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga Show
  39. Steele Cage to Broadcast MMA on HDNet
  40. Kimo's Open Letter To Tito Ortiz
  41. What the robot forsees...
  42. Why Herb Dean stand up Gonaga/Cro Cop?
  43. when is mercer fighting kimbo?
  44. Serra v GSP
  45. IFL Moves June 16 Event To Las Vegas
  46. Matt Hughes/Matt Serra coaches on TUF 6?:S
  47. Bigger Upset?
  48. Learn Catch.
  49. Report: No Drug Testing at UFC 69 and 70
  50. **** is ****ed again
  51. Drinking your own urine
  52. Why does Ed Herman keep getting matches?
  53. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
  54. Sakara vs Vilamaki (untelevised undercard for UFC 70, for those who haven't seen it)
  55. Let's all get together for a UFC
  56. Medical Test For Mixed Martial Arts
  57. Most knowledgeable poster in his fourm
  58. Who strikes you as the best looking guy on this forum?
  59. UFC 71 fight card, who's on it?
  60. cro cop
  61. vera vs. nog
  62. Tito Ortiz interview on Rashad Evans
  63. Diego Sanchez 1st interview since UFC 69
  64. Sean Sherk Responds to Floyd Mayweather
  65. Tell me whatup with Anderson Silva?
  66. Tito Ortiz Interview part 2..very interesting
  67. Matt Serra's UFC 69 entrance song
  68. Big names listed for Fishman deposition
  69. GSP only lost because matt hit him on the back of the head
  70. Whitesel vs Jones Added to NAAFS “Columbus Night of Pain”
  71. listen to Tagg for Baroni's take on things....
  72. Jeffrey M. Jagid Joins IFL Board of Directors
  73. The DSE/Pride-Pro Wrestling Connection
  74. Chuck Liddell's Top 5 Action Films
  75. 1st MMA for couple years:D
  76. GSP didnt train hard enough for Matt Serra
  77. De La Hoya - Mayweather Will Seperate Boxing from Thuggish UFC
  78. Ray Mercer vs. Kimbo Slice - Two Worlds, One Cage
  79. Kenpo vs. MMA - This is pretty good!
  80. This is cruel!
  81. I bet Rampage loses because...
  82. What some idiots are saying...
  83. Karo Parisyan interview
  84. Me training for my next fight...and possibly Kimbo in the Future
  85. Kimbo fighting wrestler
  86. Is Crocop dead?
  87. UFC 71 Website
  88. IFL Confirms Passing of Jeremy Williams
  89. UFC 73 announced
  90. Floyd Mayweather apoligizes to UFC
  91. Rumors Cro Cop Will fight at UFC 73
  92. Royce Gracie-Sakuraba Rematch Set For 6/2
  93. Cintron: "I Accept Dana White's Challenge"
  94. Why pro boxing is riskier than MMA
  95. Who keeps putting me in the red?
  96. Yushin Okami Replacing Kampmann to fight Rich Franklin
  97. He'll Be Back.
  98. Kermit Cintron on MMAWeekly Radio Tonight!
  99. Something to think about RE: Brock Lesnar
  100. Eastman and Kimmons Collide on July 7
  101. Memorial Service Info For Jeremy Williams
  102. brock lesnar
  103. How to react to the takedown.
  104. If Chuck Liddell wins...
  105. Peitition to ban elbows.
  106. Chuck Liddell Takes a Shot at Tito Ortiz
  107. Saw some big names tonight
  108. Evan Tanner planning on making a UFC comeback
  109. UFC 74: Tim Silvia vs Frank Mir
  110. The Ultimate Comeback: Nate Quarry
  111. Why Rampage can Win at UFC 71
  112. The rise of Fedor Emelianenko part 1 & 2 documentary
  113. The "What IF"
  114. Royce Gracie or Brock Lesnar?
  115. the chuck liddell vs Rampage jackson web site
  116. Gene LeBell Choke Video
  117. Future MMA Champs!!!
  118. Mercer vs. Kimbo press conference
  119. MMA came to Washington DC over the weekend
  120. IFL Teams Up With HeadBlade
  121. Rampage Not Bothered By Liddell Hype
  122. Tommy Morrison Wants UFC Champ Chuck Liddell
  123. Stop Art Dore!
  124. One of our fighters on the news (vid)
  125. UFC 74: KOS vs GSP winner to fight serra or Hughes.
  126. Quinton Jackson Talks on Fighting Mike Tyson
  127. IFL 2007 First Quarter Report Not Good
  128. Randy Couture Training to fight Tim Sylvia at UFC 68 video
  129. Randy sparring a Muay thai instructor
  130. Serra cracks back at GSP for his remarks
  131. Is Dana White mad?
  132. The Caucasian Bruce Lee
  133. Undertaker backstage at UFC with Matt Hughes
  134. Jeremy Horn Vs. Randy Couture - Video link.
  135. Chucks plan to beat Rampage.
  136. UFC/Pride story
  137. Gina Carano Pulls Out Of June 2 Bout
  138. Big Nog Injured and off of UFC 73 fight card
  139. Muay Thai fighter vs. Burmese Bando Boxer -video link
  140. Can Boxing Find its Heart in Mixed Martial Arts?
  141. 'MIGHTY' MO vS. KAOKLAI KANNENSORING - Mighty Mo's opponent is 53 kilo's lighter!!
  142. Muay Thai street fighter!
  143. Brock Lesner, Jake Shields Media Interview
  144. Condors, Silverbacks Win at IFL Chicago
  145. Real Cage Fighting
  146. The power of the Kimura - Not for the weak hearted!
  147. Old School Martial Arts instruction
  148. ESPNNEWS to show Liddell vs. Jackson Weigh-in on friday
  149. Good article about Chuck Liddell's fighting style
  150. I guess MMA does actually work in a real street situation! - Silence the doubters
  151. What I think will happen at UFC 71 this Saturday
  152. ufc 71 prep...
  153. Karo Parysian vs Josh Burkman plan to steal spotlight
  154. Couture predicts Rampage over Liddell
  155. Rampage didn't fight aggressively in his last bout...
  156. GSP's reply interview (may 20th)
  157. Stacked is F'n Stacked (even the undcards fights)
  158. I thought Baroni Backed down?:s
  159. Herb "the predator" Dean will fight July 14th
  160. Wanderlei Silva will not fight for the rest of 2007
  161. Mirko Cro Cop says he will take the UFC belt and retire.
  162. Mma
  163. Brock Lesner's MMA Debut in Jeopardy
  164. Vitor Belfort Boxing
  165. UFC featured on COVER of SPORTS ILLISTRATED
  166. Shogun may participate in UFC 72
  167. UFC 75 September 8th
  168. ufc quick quote: benard hopkins is a staunch realist
  169. Report: Pride Fighters Sue DSE Inc.
  170. UFC 71 bets
  171. UFC71 Fight Card
  172. Rampage makes Chuck look stupid on ESPN
  173. Photos: UFC 71 Chuck Liddell vs. Quinton Jackson
  174. MMA Video: UFC 71 Official Weigh-In
  175. If Chuck had beaten Rampage the first time...
  176. According to Dana "Fruitcake" White
  177. Brandon Vera's prediction for tonight.
  178. I'm a BETTING man... and since theres no boxing this weekend: CHUCK or JACKSON?
  179. Can someone do a round by round ?
  181. I like this Rampage guy
  182. Exposed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  183. Liddell Vs. Chuck a Disappointment
  184. Notice Dana was not present....
  185. who won. liddel or jackson?
  186. Finally unification at 205
  187. Rampage vs. Liddell Video (No Sound) view it before it gets taken down!
  188. Rampage Jackson Crushes Chuck Liddell
  189. why isn't mma in the olympics?
  190. So i do Judo and Boxing
  191. what is rampage fighting style?
  192. HAHAHAHA, I hope ufc fans enjoy throwing money down the drain last night
  193. MMA Video: UFC 71 Post-Fight Press Conference
  194. Jackson vs. Liddell Rematch with Sound
  195. Thoughts on Rampage vs Dan Henderson?
  196. Global Warming is real.
  197. UFC no skill involved
  198. Watch And Learn!!!
  199. Photos: Monster UFC 71 Gallery Section
  200. Jardine Houston
  201. Why is it that everyone keeps comparing the sport of Western Boxing to MMA!!??
  202. El Arrasador Quinton Jackson puso fuego en el Hielo Liddell
  203. Can we can all the MMA crap?
  204. Wanerlei Silva next for Chuck Liddell
  205. Rampage is a crazy mofo...
  206. I made 30 Bucks!!!!
  207. There is one MAJOR problem with the UFC, and MMA in general
  208. Rampage's Entrance Song
  209. CVAC Powers Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson to UFC World Champion
  210. UFC Salaries Are HORRIBLE
  211. UFC 71 salaries
  212. Andre Arlovski vs Mirko Cro Cop at UFC 75
  213. ufc 74 another stacked card?
  214. Houston Alexander Post-UFC 71 Video Interview
  215. UFC 72 official site launched
  216. Practice what you preach!!
  217. Is Dana White and his Zuffa partners monopolizing the sport of MMA??!!
  218. Rickson Gracie is missed!
  219. You know you've made it when this happens...
  220. Report: Chuck Liddell out clubbin the night before the fight!
  221. Dana White questions GSP's mental toughness
  222. Steele Cage Promotions Adds Third Title Fight
  223. Kimbo Slice training!
  224. WEC debuts on VERSUS this weekend
  225. Anyone know how to wrap MMA hands for competition?
  226. Fihlo probably going to WEC
  227. Amateur Pankration League Web Site
  228. good fedor highlight
  229. Hey, this Pride MMA fighter has much better Judo than you claim to have Karo!
  230. Great article: Tradition Battles Effectiveness
  231. Anyone Have...
  232. 1-0 boys
  233. Sabres, Anacondas Win at IFL Seattle
  234. K-1?
  235. Johnnie Morton Knocked The **** Out!!
  236. WEC on Versus, tomorrow.
  237. Royce Gracie Gets Revenge on Sakuraba
  238. Brock Lesnar MMA Debut
  239. Lesnar Wins Debut, Gracie Gets Revenge
  240. Photos: K-1, EliteXc Pay-Per-View
  241. Faber Chokes Out Farrar on WEC Card
  242. Photos: WEC Debuts on Versus Network
  243. Top Fights Announced For UFC 72
  244. IFL Breaks Washington Attendance Record
  245. MMA Video: Urijah Faber Interview
  246. Gonzaga v Couture
  247. Brock Lesner
  248. was griffin v bonnar the most exciting fight ever?
  249. A note on Fedore to fight in the UFC
  250. Is Sean Sherk next for the upset streak???