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  1. New MMA Show on the WEB!
  2. how common is steriod use in pride?
  3. The science of the KO
  4. you pay for expensive seats and they give you
  5. UFC question
  6. Rashad vs salmon ko video
  7. Here's one of the best and most brutal ko of 2007
  8. Latest on Salmon
  9. Was Watching UFC last night........
  10. Post-fight presser??
  11. Post-fight presser??
  12. Rashad is superior
  13. the ****tiness of Heath herring prove that UFC is the best
  14. Matt hughes next fight??
  15. could vera tai clinch liddell to victory like silva did franklin?
  16. Ufc 69
  17. rampage/beastman??
  18. Koscheck vs Sanchez UFC 69
  19. Is Kimbo Slice training for MMA?
  20. UFC in Talks With ESPN, Meetings Planned
  21. whatever happened to . . .
  22. science of the KO *vid*
  23. video of gunshots fired at cro cop
  24. The UFC and Pride are merging
  25. cro cop?
  26. dana white appreciation thread..
  27. All Boxing Scene MMA fans unite
  28. funny ****...
  29. Showtime Invests Money in EliteXC MMA
  30. shogun/overeem2
  31. EliteXC?
  32. I guess that's business
  33. Ed Fishman in negotiations to buy PRIDE
  34. Just ordered a book on grappling
  35. Which UFC DVDs are good?
  36. Lateef Crowder
  37. Video: UFC 67 Official Weigh-In
  38. dana's a douche..
  39. UFC 67 results discussion thread
  40. Full UFC 67 Pay-Per-View Results
  41. To anyone who's new to , watch this...
  42. CRO COP vs Sanchez (Quick before they take it down!)
  43. Video: UFC 67 Pay-Per-View Post Presser
  44. UFC Video: Roger Huerta Interview
  45. Photos: UFC 67 Pay-Per-View in Vegas
  46. mma ruined boxing.
  47. weight lifting for grappling.
  48. The people that hate UFC
  49. UFC is getting screwed here..big time! lol
  50. Serra vs Sgp?
  51. Ufc 69
  52. Might get another book
  53. Rich franklin vs Jason mcdonald
  54. It's showtime for Frank Shamrock
  55. rampage vs iceman
  56. Elite XC - Renzo Gracie vs. Frank Shamrock (Tonight)
  57. Gracie Beats Shamrock in EliteXC Debut Event
  58. LOUD KO , Crazy horse vs Noons (from elite xc)
  59. (repost) amazing KO compilation (mma boxing K1)
  60. Antonio Junior (298 LBS Dayum!!) elite xc vid
  61. MMA's golden era (at least for Pride fc) , check it out
  62. Butterbean 30 sec KO of James Thompson?
  63. Ufc 69 Offical Card Complete
  64. Rampage: "Chuck can't hurt me"
  65. VIDEO: Butterbean V Thompson
  66. Diego sent Kos a Myspace Valentine Letter! MUST READ! LOL
  67. Lol, Randy, You're the Best Around
  68. Iceman in the ring/cage
  69. Punchers not good enough in UFC?
  70. Leg tie and bridge not as easy as it looks..
  71. 8 man tournaments?
  72. New MMA Side Section
  73. 1 Million Dollar Bounty Put on Kimo
  74. hell in a cell
  75. CroCop: "Against Gonzaga it could be very dangerous"
  76. only UFC fans?
  77. MAXIM magazine lists the Top 10 KO's!
  79. Any of these weight exercises good for grappling / mma?
  80. PRIDE 33: The Last Coming?
  81. Pride FC - The Next Casino Sport?
  82. -= Breaking News =- UFC 70 Card
  83. former "average" boxer JEREMY WILLIAMS would destory everybody at light heavy
  84. ok , so apparently werdum is also fighting for the ufc now
  85. Dispute Between UFC and HBO
  86. Pride 33 Weight-In`s, ITS ON TONIGHT! Pic`s Inside!
  87. PRIDE 33 Spoilers.
  88. Disastrous Fight Results at PRIDE 33
  89. The UFC tops boxings best year on PPV
  90. Last night fight videos!
  91. Thought on Pride 33! Please View, Fights Included!
  92. Bad results for Pride 33? More like , the best results ever!
  93. O'Neil Bell vs. Chuck Liddell
  94. VIDEO: Butterbean V Thompson (Sky Sports Version)
  95. Wand had a Fever and Strep Throat prior to the Fight??
  96. Nathan Quarry Cast in MMA Film
  97. Chuck Liddell To Host 300 Premier
  98. Royce Spreading The Word of Gracie BJJ
  99. Olympian Gardner survives small plane crash
  100. Krazy Horse
  101. If you ever buy a PPV this year
  102. "PRIDE 33 was a legendary event"
  103. TFC Returns To Memorial Hall on 3/23
  104. Holyfield Takes In MMA, Talks Lennox Lewis
  105. Shamrock vs. Shamrock on IFL Week Two
  106. UFC's Beats Boxing, WWE in PPV Market
  107. Talks Between HBO and UFC Continue
  108. Jorge Rivera
  109. Kickboxing Leg Kicks Video
  110. NEF's Kimo Challenges UFC's Dana White
  111. MyNetworkTV Presents “Countdown to Battleground”
  112. MMA Video - Pride 33 Post-Fight Presser
  113. MMA Video - James Lee Interview
  114. Cung Le
  115. FOX News Fight Game: Dana White Interview
  116. MMA Fighter Eric Wray Suddenly Dies
  117. UFC 68! Who Ya Got?
  118. Source: Ed Fishman taking legal action against PRIDE
  119. Cage Rage To Land on British PPV
  120. Gina Carano Vs Anne Wolf.
  121. UFC 68 PbP
  122. As an avid boxing fan...
  123. Couture Upsets Sylvia at UFC 68
  124. Randy Couture Vs. Tim Sylvia FULL FIGHT
  125. Photos: UFC 68 - Randy Couture vs. Tim Sylvia
  126. Fight Opinion Weekly: The end game for PRIDE
  127. Boxing's Jay Larkin Hired by IFL
  128. K1 Karaev vs Hari Last Round
  129. Murray?
  130. **OFFICIAL** Tito Ortiz VS Keith Jardine @ UFC 71
  131. Breaking News: Diaz Tests Positive for Marijuana
  132. It's Official !!
  133. Cage Fury Fighting Championships on 4/13
  134. Tiffany Fallon, Bas Rutten Co-Host IFL Battleground
  135. Nevada OK's Dana White vs. Tito Ortiz
  136. Blame Anderson Silva
  137. IFL Preview Scheduled For 3/10
  138. Jeremy Williams drops Lennox
  139. Genki Sudo grappling tourny, unreal ****
  140. Help with the four quarters hold down please?
  141. UFC vies with wrestling for pay-per-view crown
  142. Megumi Fujii breaks an oponent's leg
  143. UFC 69 Fight Card
  144. chuck wantin to fight fedor/w.silva/cro cop/rampage
  145. 1 more..Dana White bashes pride
  146. MMA photo wins award
  147. Dana White Blasts Gary Shaw and EliteXC
  148. Butterbean V ZULU
  149. TFC 7 - Red Rumble: March 23rd
  150. Most MMA fights look like a 3rd grade school yard brawl!!
  151. UFC 70 to air on SpikeTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  152. Best Fighter p4p in the UFC
  153. MANHOEF VS TAKAHASHI video!!! (from K1's Heros mma 2007 "olympia")
  154. Mighty Mo Vs Kim VIDEO FROM K1'S HEROS 2007 "olympia"
  155. More fights/videos from K1'S HEROS 2007 "olympia"
  156. K1'S HEROS 2007 results of every fights
  157. Most brutal boxing KO vs most brutal mma KO
  158. PRIDE 34 - Kamakazie -Wanderlei, Barnett, Kang, Hunt, Yoshida, Minowa Confirmed!!!
  159. Rampage v.s. Chuck Offical, May 26
  160. IFL's Gay Ass PREMIER....Flat-lining MMA
  161. Most incredible kicker in MMA history , just wow!
  162. IFL: Anacondas Meet The Silverbacks on 3/16
  163. IFL BATTLEGROUND a 2nd Chance?
  164. "The Ultimate Fighter" Season 5 News
  165. Forest out of UFC 70
  166. Who's the greatest MMA fighter of all time?
  167. Mirko Cro-Cop vs Prime Dennis Alexio
  168. Who needs to retire?
  169. Gear?
  170. UFC buys Pride?
  171. Oscar de La Hoya & Diego Sanchez
  172. Mike Mersch Joins The UFC
  173. New Era Fighting Shares Profits With Fighters
  174. Ray Mercer is fighting Kimbo in the Summer
  175. Bus Ruttan's Anacondas
  176. An mma living legend walking down the streets of japan..
  177. Check out this vid. of cro cop-A. Emelianenko, street fighter style
  178. Dragons vs. Wolfpack on Fox Sports Net
  179. Pride fc documentary? check this out!
  180. Anderson Silva Vs. Nathan Marquardt and Tito Ortiz Vs. Rashad Evans on!
  181. Video of #1 contender training for Fedor!
  182. Realistically...
  183. Melvin Manhoef vs Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos
  184. Tito Ortiz CHICKENED OUT!
  185. Full WEC Results From The Hard Rock
  186. Tito Ortiz Wanted More Money For White
  187. Photos: World Extreme Cagefighting
  188. Dana says no one bought Pride
  189. MMA Video - World Extreme Cagefighting
  190. Chuck Liddell: "Jackson First, Cro Cop Next!"
  191. Kimbo Slice
  192. Another Dumbass Boxing Nutthugger Writer
  193. Insider hardball - UFC’s options with PRIDE
  194. UFC Purchases Their Biggest Threat - Pride
  195. Soundtravelers' MMA Event!
  196. IFL Event Stacked For April 7
  197. Columbus “Night of Pain” added to 2007 NAAFS Schedule
  198. Media Wars in The MMA World
  199. UFC Knockouts highlight
  200. Brock Lesnar Makes MMA Debut on June 2
  201. Gonzaga vs. Crocop
  202. Diego Sanchez calls out Matt Hughes
  203. UFC Files Lawsuit Against Showtime and EliteXC
  204. Alessio Sakara Speaks on UFC Bout
  205. IFL Scores Solid TV Ratings Growth
  206. "Sugar" Ray Leonard comments on UFC
  207. Chuck Liddel's style
  208. Shukan Gendai: Yakuza owner & problematic employee
  209. Thoughts on Shukan Gendai article
  210. Could Faber dominate the 155's in the UFC?
  211. IFL Invades The Mohegan Sun on April 13
  212. Frank Mir: Unfulfilled Potential?
  213. What Happened to UFC and MMA and everything?!?!?!
  214. The Japanese message to UFC about PRIDE
  215. Did anyone see this show?
  216. Sanchez vs Koschek
  217. Did ya'll see Kenny Florian pretending to drink xnergy?
  218. Report: Fedor not locked to a PRIDE contract
  219. UFC 69 Weigh-in Results
  220. Thoughts on TUF 5??
  221. Fedor Emelianenko vs. Randy Couture
  222. play by play and video for #69
  223. Dana and Tito and one crazy ****.
  224. UFC 69 Results: Serra Destroys St. Pierre
  225. IFL: Silverbacks, Tiger Sharks Win in Moline
  226. Butterbean subs ZULU
  227. Serra vs. St. Pierre Video
  228. Remy Sokudjou " BTT Killer"
  229. Pride 34 Vids
  230. Pride vs. UFC MMA World Serries: Potential fights announced on Pride 34
  231. Ayre says Fedor is Bodog 4 Life
  232. I can't believe it
  233. Why Sanchez thought he won.
  234. Photos: Monster UFC 69 Gallery
  235. Kevin Jackson To Appear on IFL, April 13
  236. MMA Video - UFC 69 Post Event Presser
  237. MMA Video - UFC 69 Matt Serra Interview
  238. MMA Video - UFC 69 Josh Koscheck Interview
  239. MMA Video - UFC 69 Roger Huerta Interview
  240. MMA striking vs. boxing
  241. “UFC is not ready for someone like me. I am too violent.” - Toney
  242. BJ Penn as a coach....
  243. Diego might Fight in LW Grand Prix
  244. UFC 71 Fight Card.
  245. Twin Tyson Gearing Towards MMA Event
  246. Dana's Candadian article, we got most PPV buys:D
  247. How come there aren't any ninjas in the UFC?
  248. Who here thinks Jorge Gurgel is a ***got?
  249. Will CroCop and Liddell fight?
  250. Dragons, Pitbulls Make Big Statements