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  1. ken shamrock does not belong in the ufc hall of fame
  2. looking for a fight in ohio
  3. New Shogun Rua Interview
  4. Photos: UFC 64 Official Weigh-In
  5. Video: UFC 64 Weigh-In
  6. ufc 64 play by play....
  7. anderson silva......DA SHYT!!!
  8. Full UFC 64 Results: New Champ Silva
  9. request******anderson silva vs rich franklin
  10. Anderson Silva Vs Rich Franklin VIDEO
  11. Photos: UFC 64 PPV and Post-Fight
  12. franklin vs silva dl
  13. UFC Video: UFC 64 Post-Fight Presser
  14. UFC Video: UFC 64 Interviews
  15. LMAO@the UFC.
  16. UFC 65: Bad Intentions - Two Title Fights Set
  17. WTF happened to Cabbage Corriera
  18. Franklin and the UFC??
  19. UFC63/64 salaries (pathetic)
  20. Chris Leban looking for Title Shot
  21. MMA Torrent Sites
  22. Shony " Bling Bling " Carter
  23. Are you guys ready for "The Real Deal"?
  24. Breaking NEWS: Frank Shamrock to fight in the UFC?
  25. 2 questions that I never hear discussed
  26. Who watched PRIDE in Vegas last night ?
  27. Chuck Liddell should fight for Pride.
  28. Dana White receives prank phonecall
  29. Simple fact eluding retarded UFC nuthuggers.
  30. Butterbean wins a fight (O'Haire)
  31. Dana White vs Tito Ortiz
  32. Pride not so distant future your opinion??
  33. UFC 65 Undercard: Brandon Vera vs. Frank Mir
  34. Greatest come back in a fight??
  35. Not so distant UFC future??
  36. Anybody watch WEC and K-1 on HDnet and INHD?
  37. Sean Sherk
  38. Should Mark Coleman retire?
  39. 5 UFC fighters vs. 5 PRIDE fighters
  40. Too freakin funny..
  41. UFC 66: LIDDELL vs ORTIZ 2 !
  42. Fighters that you follow??
  43. Who knows this song?
  44. pride shockwave fight..
  45. Stephen bonnar suspended??
  46. Tim Silvia vs Jeff Monson a complete mismatch?
  47. GSP will Dominate Matt Hughes!!
  48. Butterbean V Mark Hunt
  49. Who's fighting this Saturday?
  50. Micheal Bisping Future Light HeavyWeight Champ
  51. MMA featured on 60 mins, UFC/IFL
  52. If U were in UFC what would your Nickname be and why?
  53. 10 things you won't hear from Rich Franklin
  54. A. Silva to fight Lutter
  55. Scott Smith KO
  56. UFC title shots..
  57. Hughes: Two More Fights Before Retirement
  58. Mma workouts ?
  59. Any pro mma fighters here ?
  60. Who won?
  61. Showtime To Start Televising MMA Events
  62. Life without MMA
  63. Constructing a Heavy Bag
  64. Matt Serra and Travis Lutter win the Ultimate fight finals.
  65. what happened to old school mma??
  66. Is Joe Rogan anouncing Saturday night?
  67. Riggs/Sanchez..
  68. Best form for MMA
  69. michael bisping?
  70. Fights that were scheduled....
  71. did ufc just screw itself for a future show??
  72. GSP is stronger, more agile, and has more skills
  73. watch this ground work to back mount.
  74. Hughes - GSP Weigh In
  75. Video: UFC 65 Official Weigh-In
  76. GSP destroys Hughs
  77. GSP destroys Hughs
  78. 2 foreign champs in the ufc now. Who's next?
  79. GSP Vid
  80. Full UFC 65 Results, Hughes Demolished
  81. farmboy gets ****ed up (ufc 65)
  82. Hughes/GSP Gif
  83. Whats next for hughes??
  84. Video: UFC 65 Post-Fight Presser
  85. Ufc 65 Downloads
  86. Photos: UFC 65 Pay-Per-View
  87. 31,000 Views GSP
  88. Wow that was amazing..
  89. anyone here watch PRIDE?
  90. Chuck Liddell gets his ass kicked in PRIDE
  91. The Rocky Marciano of fighting!
  92. Rashad Evans is the future.
  93. Main event announced for PRIDE 12/31 show
  94. GSP + my crystal ball :)
  95. Really funny ****, I was litterally ROFLMAO...
  96. GSP vs. Hughes III: Who wins?
  97. Looking for Soviet Express
  98. Brandon Vera vs. Tim Sylvia, who wins???
  99. UFC prediction/question..
  100. In regards to Boxing Versus Grappling
  101. UFC girls in competition...
  102. Joe Rogan Takes On a Guy From my Space
  103. GSP is on fire how long till 185 title shot
  104. Another sick redneck story,.link)
  105. new rocky movie comming out...
  106. UFC:63 Hughes/Penn did 700,000 buys
  107. Pride NYE...
  108. Redneck Hughes
  109. Silva Vs. St. Pierre
  110. Ifl...
  111. My website -- feedback please (articles, reviews, school listings, more)
  112. Fighters with too much pride and not enough brains
  113. Joke threads...
  114. MMA debuts on Showtime February 10
  115. matt hughes arrested....
  116. Kimo Debuts For NEF on Showtime
  117. whos going to beat fedor?
  118. i know the main matches in prides card but what is the rest of the matches
  119. The Greatest Submission Fighter of all time (PRIDE)
  120. GSP vs hughes2 *hL vid*
  121. The Pitbull Vs Frank Mir
  122. Hardcore Knockouts remix!
  123. the mistake matt hughes made
  124. UFC Champion Anderson Silva gets his ass kicked in PRIDE (video)
  125. Kurt Angle has '3-4 shoot fights in him'
  126. any muay thai boxers on here?
  127. Dong sik yoon > chuck liddell
  128. Forrest Griffen
  129. Rampage is now in the UFC.
  130. If Chuck wasn't so sexy would any of the websters like him?
  131. Is Tito Doing A Shamrock
  132. Can you imagine seeing a fighter of this caliber in the UFC?
  133. A wacky character and a brick-layer.
  134. Diego 1st to knock out Riggs
  135. Diego Sanchez (spoiler!!!)
  136. Mirko Filipovic , not in the UFC afterall..
  137. GSP-Hughes III for April 7 in Montreal!
  138. UFC - Ultimate Fight NighT: Live Report
  139. Video: UFC Fight Night Coverage
  140. Photos: Mega UFC Fight Night Gallery
  141. Picture from Gary Shaws Press conference!
  142. Joe Riggs...
  143. Fedor vs Hunt or Ortiz vs Liddell
  144. Will Tito get Knocked out ?
  145. VIDEO: Shannon Briggs K1 fight
  146. nick diaz vs. jason miller would be cool
  147. A question.....
  148. What's happening at the iceman party if he loses?
  149. TUF 5 Coaches announced and they will matchup on the Season finale!
  150. it'll happen eventually sherk-penn who wins?
  151. who do you want to see ortiz fight?
  152. Penn, Pulver Set For Next Ultimate Fighter
  153. **Traditional Martial Arts Thread **
  154. i hope gsp beats hughes into retirement
  155. The Iceman vs The Sandman?
  156. chuck liddell...
  157. UFC Chumpion Tim Sylvia gets his ass kicked in PRIDE
  158. Merry christmas!!!!!!!!!
  159. Video: UFC 66 Press Conference
  160. UFC Video: Chuck Liddell Interview
  161. UFC Video: Tito Ortiz Interview
  162. How much to MMA fighters get paid?
  163. Breaking News: "Cro Cop" to Fight in UFC
  164. Crocop allegedly to UFC to fight Sanchez
  165. my hl vids (link)
  166. What distinguishes a great fighter...
  167. Cuts
  168. If Tito loses...
  169. Tito Ortiz: "I'll Teach Liddell To Respect Me"
  170. Ufc 67: All Or Nothing!
  171. Video: UFC 66 Official Weigh-In
  172. Video: Quintin Jackson Interview
  173. Photos: UFC 66 Official Weigh-In
  174. multi million dollar endorsement deal for japan's #1 mmaer.
  175. UFC66 pay 3 main fights(no bonus's )
  176. UFC 66 Full Results: Liddell Batters Ortiz in 3
  177. UFC LHW whats next??
  178. Lidell shatters Ortiz
  179. Mirko Cro Cop Debuts on 2/3 UFC Card
  180. Yall want the Liddel-Ortiz KO video?
  181. Alright *****es, Tito lost and I retire.
  182. Photos: UFC 66 Pay-Per-View
  183. HOLY COW, Fedor vs. Hunt *SPOILER*
  184. The Baddest Man in UFC
  185. UFC Video: UFC 66 Post-Fight Presser
  186. Last Nights' Fight links?
  187. Forrest Griffin gets knocked out video!
  188. Shockwave 20006!!!!*spoilers*
  189. Brandon vera..
  190. Chuck Liddell doesn't have power.
  191. k-1 dynamite!!!! spoilers*****
  192. UFC 67 - "As Real As It Gets"
  193. Very interesting..Fedor talks about his fight vs Hunt
  194. crocop talks about fedor and ufc's hw division
  195. MMA weekly fuking retarded..
  196. Can someone please tell me??
  197. Rampage and Cro Cop
  198. UFC 68 - "The Uprising" Set For Ohio, 3/3
  199. GSP vs Matt Serra cancelled due to knee injury
  200. What was better??
  201. UFC 66 Medical Suspension
  202. The Fight Network
  203. Ladies Oil Wrestling?
  204. penn/pulver
  205. WEC: McCullough vs. Cope
  206. Pride USA..
  207. MMA injury vid..
  208. Getting started in MMA?
  209. MMA: Aaron Brink challenges Kimbo Slice
  210. Chuck Zito fighting in the UFC for $1, 000,000.
  211. Two Major MMA Events in my Area
  212. Looks like Randy Couture might be reentering the octagon.
  213. Couture v.s. Tim SYLVIA
  214. Guess who's on BDSSP?
  215. UFC title shots..
  216. ufc looking good
  217. What if Garcia takes the Eagles to the Superbowl?
  218. Here's one of mma's best champion , Kid Yamamoto!
  219. ICEMAN CHUCK LIDDELL PPV fight sets record....
  220. MMA TV Will Be Shut Down
  221. VIDEO: Wanderlei Silva and Mark Coleman TV commercial (FUNNY)
  222. Randy is Back
  223. Randy signed a 4 fight contract.
  224. so is it official?
  225. hendo/wanderlei
  226. Ufc 67
  227. The Real UFC
  228. Kimbo Slice vs Lucas Novi??
  229. Which UFC Champ loses first?
  230. Baddest mofo in Pride??
  231. Caol Uno is Back in the UFC
  232. Gomi to the UFC?
  233. Shamrock, Gracie, Shaw Conference Quotes
  234. ali & fedor hl
  235. cro cop, rampage went to the ufc
  236. Photos: UFC Announces UK Division, April UK Show
  237. Brandon Vera wants to be Pacman of UFC
  238. Dana White Speaks
  239. video request thread..
  240. I bet CroCop loses and Rampage wins
  241. Fedor vs. Lindland is a Reality
  242. are pride champs too good?
  243. New UFC video game in works
  244. Nick Diaz Signs With PRIDE
  245. Goulet to Face Schulte at TKO 28
  246. Heath Herring Kissed by Nakao!
  247. Top5 over-rated in MMA??
  248. UFC 70 to be aired free on HBO
  249. Heath on UFC Fight Night
  250. Pride and ufc the true story..