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Announcements in Forum : Member Lounges
03-05-2012, 12:00 AM
The Ban Stick
A solid stick of ban
Join Date: Sep 2003
Location: Got points and Karma?
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For exceeding the legal limit of awesomeness. - *Boss Lady*  *Boss Lady* loves The Ban Stick!  :D - *Boss Lady*  sorry ban stick won't happen again - sugersean15  Keep up the usual brilliant work Bro - Jedi Vader  Cheers bud :) - dancovboxer 
Happy New Year - Freedom.  Thanks bro! - led  for keeping the racism on lock down - I'm so sorry  LOVEEEEEEEE the new name :lol1: :kiss: - *Boss Lady*  a Robo full of ban - MANIAC310 
the definition of the word: moderator. keep up the good work - Ishak Pasha  Keep up the good work mate! - Pretty Boy32  Doing a great job! - TBear  For modding of the highest order. - Jedi Vader  Happy Easter  Mister :kiss: - Bossy 
For getting it done! - komodo  The Don Corleone of Boxing Scene - jose830  Have a Happy and safe New Years Mr.Ban Stick sir. - jose830  thx for taking care of larryx, that guy was spewing garbage all over nsb, every single day - thuggery  closest thing to a stick i could find!  Bet you never got one of these before!! - Trudoe 
Mourning - Anti-Gang - Melanoma - Trudoe 

General Rules:


Respect your fellow posters.

If you feel there is a problem, please bring it to a moderator's attention.

No flames on family members, religion or race. Users who make repeated offenses will be banned, no exceptions.

There are options in the usercp for blocking users, use it, do not engage in flame wars.

I will ban as many people as I have to in order for everyone to get the message.

Warnings will be temp bans. Rules should be read and followed, so you may not receive a written warning before a temp ban.

Re-Registering While Temp Banned
Re-registering while temp banned will cause your PRIMARY account to be permanently banned. Also, using any alternate accounts while serving a ban will result in a permanent ban as well.

Nudity and Suggestive Photos, Signatures, and Avatars
There is to be no "XXX", NUDITY, OR NWS based avatars or signatures used by any member on these forums. We have to respect the people around us. No nudity or pron in visitor messages either. If your avatar or signature disappears because it was bad, and you replace it, you will be ejected.
Some members log on from school, work, the library, etc and don't need nude photos coming up inside avatars and signatures. People shouldn't have to turn off signatures just because you want a naked chick in yours.

Large annoying signatures
Do not post huge, annoying signatures so that someone needs to TURN OFF signatures to avoid yours.

Large, annoying colored fonts
Do not use large, annoying, bold, colored text over and over again. These posts get reported often, and we won't stand for repeated use of huge pics, fonts, and annoying colors. Some moderators will post in colors when moderating however, this is normal.

No Gallery posts inserted into threads
No "Gif" Image video clips are to be inserted into threads if they are hosted by our gallery section. They are too large, they take forever to load and they waste our bandwidth like there is no tomorrow since everytime the image loads it transfers the full size of the gif clip. People who do not comply with this will be banned.

No website addresses in thread titles
No posting of a website address in a thread title. There is no reason to create a thread which looks like " reported this", you can credit the proper site in a thread, but there is no reason to throw the entire address in the thread title, if you did this anywhere else they would ban you.

No all caps titles or posts
NO MORE THREAD TITLES FULLY IN CAPS. There is no reason that a thread title should be fully in caps, especially when it is not something urgent and looks like "MARGARITO COULD BEAT UP WRIGHT.

Repeat/duplicate threads

No more copycat threads! After every televised fight, I see about 30 people post the same exact thread talking about the same exact thing, perfect example is the "my thoughts on this" type of threads. If you see a thread talking about the subject you are about to post, there is no reason to create the same exact subject again in order to get your viewpoint across when you can post it in the thread dealing with that subject. Your thread will either be merged with the original one posted or deleted.

Racism/Nationalism Any posts racial or nationalistic based will be immediately deleted and the poster banned without question. THIS INCLUDES VISITOR MESSAGES. ABUSE OF VISITOR MESSAGES=BAN. Evading the censors to post racial or nationalistic posts or threads is also bannable. If you change your name or register with a racial/religious/nationalistic username, you will be given 24 hours to change it. If you don't we will ban the account.

Name Calling and Abuse
Calling names in thread titles If you insist on calling people a ***** or ******* in a thread title, the thread will be deleted instantly. We won't stand for that whatsoever. Name calling and general abuse towards other posters will be dealt with harshly.

Use the SEARCH feature
Reposts/Topics discussed already Use the search feature. Any topics which have been done to death (MAYWEATHER PAC) will be deleted without question. See the irony? This was already posted once in these rules to make a point.

Staff Harassment (READ CLOSELY)
Harassment of staff/Questioning Moderators and Admins ANYWHERE on the forums If your thread gets deleted don't start a thread asking why or start duplicate thread. Either is grounds for immediate ban with no questions asked. You are not the only one who has had a thread deleted so don't think for a second you're being picked on. It was deleted for a reason. Reposts of deleted threads = INSTANT BAN. Further, harassing, badmouthing, etc of our staff equals you're gone. Don't post threads asking why people were banned. The people here dedicate free time to Boxingscene. Don't be disrespectful to them. That includes in signatures, avatars, and PM's. You'll be temp banned first, them permabanned if it continues. If someone starts a thread ANYWHERE in the forums bashing, abusing, calling names to ANY member of the boxingscene staff and you chime in supporting the thread or bashing the staff, you WILL be banned. No question, supporting this is as bad as creating the threads. Recently we have had a couple of people not understanding this rule, so moving forward, if we temp ban you for staff abuse, you'll also lose all your Karma and it will go so far in the negative you'll never get it back.

Illegal Streams, Links, and Downloads


Reposting private messages from Staff

Posting Moderators and Administrators private messages in the forums is grounds for permanent banning. They are "private" for a reason. If a moderator or administrator PM's you, DO NOT screen shot or copy and paste it, or that will be the last thing you post. Respect the privacy of the PM, because you were respected when you were PM'd. We reserve the right to delete these posts, even from the comments section.

Karma Abuse
KARMA abuse is strictly prohibited. Anyone posting asking to Red K other members, especially the staff, will be permanently banned without question. Further, Red K'ing a moderator for making an official decision about the forums, or posting anything related to the forums will get you banned. Abusing staff members for any reason in Karma is the same thing as you asking to leave for good. NOTE: If you Red K A moderator for doing his job, I will reset your Karma back to negative.
Added 3/6/12 - Karma abuse by old school members (members registered enough years to have 'super' Karma), will be dealt with in the following way. Karma will be reset to zero. If I see or receive complaints that high level karma members are abusing it, you'll start over at ZERO.

Links for News Stories
All news stories must contain links to the story so we can verify the validity.

Posting fake/misleading news or spinning thread titles of real news.
If you post fake news (example- Mayweather Pac done deal for May 5th!) or you spin a thread title to a real story (example - Bob Arum just said he doesn't want the fight to happen), and the real story has nothing to do with what you title, both are grounds for immediate permanent ban. We've given at least 5 temp bans this week for false/misleading news thread titles. Don't be tempted to do it, we'll see it within 5 minutes and you're gone.

Added 6/20/12 - Posting personal information of ANYONE in the forums is strictly prohibited, and will result in legal action, and based on the acceptance of our TOS at registration, you will pay the legal costs involved. We will not tolerate whatsoever this happening. Will will file letters of complaint with your ISP, and file appropriate legal action.
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