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Exercise Is a Key to Good Health for All of Us

There's plenty of evidence that an essential component of a healthy life is physical activity. It has been shown that exercise has a positive effect on both your body and mind.

  • Exercise helps blood flow, pumping more blood through your arteries. First of all that means your lungs will become better conditioned for work bringing more oxygen for your body cells. Then, more blood increases the size of your arteries and veins preventing fat from clogging them and helping to lower your blood pressure.

  • There is an inverse relation between the level of exercise and the presence of cardiovascular disease. Regular exercise is a way your heart learns to work harder so you are less likely to have a heart attack. On the other hand, exercise reduces blood concentration of C-reactive protein lowering the risk of periodontal disease and inflammation in the heart. Physical exercise has a positive effect on the severity of many cardiovascular risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia and obesity. By increasing the coronary blood flow, exercise also limits the atherosclerotic lesions extension.

  • Physical activity can help elderly people prolong their independence and improve the quality of their life. Exercise is an opportunity for middle-aged and older adults to slow some of the consequences of aging on the cardiovascular system.

  • You probably know that every bad health condition starts with obesity. When physical exercise is combined with healthy nutrition, it can help control weight and prevent obesity.

    A very important thing to remember:

    People forget that regular exercise can be used as a drug. Physical activity is one of the best therapy for insomnia, weight control, and reducing insulin resistance. Exercise may also be as effective as medication for battling depression. It has been demonstrated for a long that people who exercise regularly live longer and are healthier than sedentary people.

    Valerian D is a freelance writer specialized in health issues affecting men. He thinks men's health is a major social concern



    Sen. Harry Reid Sues Makers Of Exercise Band Over His Injuries
    Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is suing the manufacturers of an exercise band that he says failed and caused him to lose vision in his right eye in January. Reid and his wife, Landra Gould, filed the lawsuit on Tuesday, according to the Las ...
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    Scientists are Developing an Exercise Pill
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    "While scientists have long suspected that exercise causes a complicated series of changes to human muscle, this is the first time we have been able to map exactly what happens," co-author of the paper Dr. Nolan Hoffman said in a statement. "This is a ...
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    How to get kids to be healthier, exercise more
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    Play is the best form of exercise. Aaron says you can get toddlers and elementary age children to do almost anything from chores to strenuous exercise just by making a game out of it. Teens need to be interested in engaged in the activity. Organized ...

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    Exercise before pregnancy reduces risk of pelvic girdle pain
    Medical News Today
    Pelvic girdle pain is common in pregnant women and is associated with disability, depression, reduced quality of life and higher prevalence of sick leave - both during and after pregnancy. New research suggests that pre-pregnancy exercise can help ...
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    30 minutes of exercise might not be enough for a healthy heart
    Nature World Report
    The longer, harder and more often you exercise, the greater the health benefits, including reducing the risk of diseases such as cancer and diabetes, according to earlier recommendations, which were based on a decade of scientific research. A new ...
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    Social Networks Can Be Powerful Spur to Exercise (blog)
    Promising new research suggests that finally, a new technology has come along that can motivate a person to exercise. The “new” technology may come as a surprise as investigators have found a way to make the Web and social media more effective for ...
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