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Lance Armstrong's Training Tactics - The Tortoise or the Hare?

I have been counseling people on weight loss, exercise efficiency and nutrition for over twenty years. Every time I go to the gym I observe people, their training tactics and their workout habits. Over the last few years I have noticed something about certain people in the gym that has been interesting. You would think more people would do this but they don't. What I have noticed is certain people have a habit or process they go through when they workout that most do not. What is interesting is, before I even realize that they do it, I can tell by the way their bodies look that they have this habit. They are leaner, healthier looking, and stronger than most.

Most people if you asked them after years worth of working out, what is the best program for you? They could not even tell you. There are certain types of people who have racing styles out of the gate full steam -- only to lose in the end. Do they learn? Not usually.

Not to long ago Lance Armstrong was interviewed regarding his training tactics. First his ability to overcome cancer, then his inhuman feet of winning more Tour De France bike races than anyone stretched people's belief systems. But, what baffled most was his efficiency, his ability to just in moment of his choosing eat up any competitor or mountain. Was this a gift or was this by design?

If you studied Lance's training for any length of time you will realize Lance has become calculated machine. By his on admittance he is a "data junkie." With the help of his coaches, technology and his will, he as become one of the most power generated cyclist ever. His motto, "Power up - Weight Down." Do not think for one second that every mile, every hill, every rotation of the pedals has not been calculated, studied and improved upon in order to prepare for his races. Do you know this year while winning the Tour De France, Lance only won one stage of the race? This was the time trail, which was the second to the last stage. However, in the end it was the Tortoise who won again this year not the Hares.

Do you know what ever person in the gym that has healthier lean bodies practice? Yes, they right things down -they log there progress, they chart their course. At the end of the day it is those individuals like Lance who say, "Yes, I know where I have been and I know where I am going." Do you?

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