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Exercising for life - The magic is in the synergy!

Synergy: the working together of two or more things, people,or organizations, especially when the result is greater thanthe sum of their individual effects or capabilities

Momentum toward your goals is generated when all componentsof fitness are incorporated into your workout program.

" Heart-through cardiovascular workout

" Skeletal muscle-through strength training

" Joints-through flexibility exercises.

" Good Nutrition-through balanced sensible eating.

Some exercise is better than no exercise; however, if yourprogram is lopsided with one or two of the same activities,you will not get the best results.


Having synergy in your exercise program is like turning acar as you are driving down the road. It's much easier toturn the wheel while the car is moving rather than when itis sitting in your driveway. Momentum allows you to steerthe car, just as momentum allows you to continually progressin your workout program.


Another example of having synergy in your workout programwould be rolling a snowball. Once the momentum has started,it keeps building and building. Keeping that in mind, it isvery easy to only do certain exercises that you like andthose that take less effort; however, because this will notwork, in the end you will end up having to workout harderand longer.

In a Nut Shell:

It is really important to have all areas of fitness workingtogether and in the most effective way possible. When allthe parts are working the machine works better. Leaving outparts of your exercise routine, just because you do not likethem, is asking for failure.

Greg Ryan is a high profile fitness expert and former employee of Kathy Smiths. Body building champion, public speaker and personal trainer to the stars. He is a best selling author of the Changing from the INSIDE OUT through real behavior change, smart eating and effective exercising. Start getting in better shape today!For FREE MINI COURES click here


Business Insider

These 55 ships are participating in a massive NATO naval exercise off of Scotland
Business Insider
These 55 ships are participating in a massive NATO naval exercise off of Scotland. Jeremy Bender. Apr. 20, 2015, 3:14 PM; 2,918. facebook · linkedin · twitter; email; print. A total of 55 ships from 14 NATO countries are participating in a massive ...
Exercise Joint Warrior Underway In ScotlandForces TV
These are the 55 ships participating in a huge NATO naval exercise off of ScotlandBusiness Insider Australia

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Department of Defense

Military Exercises Begin in Ukraine, Philippines
Department of Defense
WASHINGTON, April 20, 2015 – Military training exercises begin today in Ukraine for Fearless Guardian, and in the Philippines for the 31st iteration of Exercise Balikatan, a Pentagon spokesman said today.
US, Philippines Begin Major Military ExerciseVoice of America
Philippines and US to kick off joint military exerciseJournal of Turkish Weekly

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Study: Exercise may aid cancer treatment
In a new study involving mice, aerobic exercise slowed the growth of breast cancer tumors and made the cancer more sensitive to chemotherapy. The results raise the possibility that exercise may change the biology of some malignant tumors, potentially ...

There's a Good Reason This Anti-Terror Squad's Training Exercise Is Named ...
It's a survival instinct. As a fighter, the moment you jump from this kind of height, you understand you have no fear, you develop this insane faith in your gear, in your systems, in the exercise, and after that every other building … will take on ...

Big exercise underway, with Russians on the sidelines
Exercise Joint Warrior hit its halfway point over the weekend, and shows no sign of letting up. Plenty of challenges, from mine countermeasures to subhunting and amphibious assault, still lay ahead for the NATO and allied ships in one of Europe's ...

Business Insider

10 photos of the largest Phillipines-US military exercise in 15 years
Business Insider
Philippines US military exercise Erik De Castro/REUTERSU.S. soldiers of 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team disembark from a U.S. military helicopter CH-47 as they take part in the annual "Balikatan" (shoulder-to-shoulder) war games with Filipino soldiers ...

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Best memory advice? Exercise, stimulating hobbies
If Alzheimer's tops your list of fears about getting older, you're not alone. One in eight adults over 60 report some form of memory loss, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But just because you're a bit fuzzy on where you left your ...

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Studies outline exercise prescription for a long, healthy life
Combined, these studies tracked the exercise patterns and longevity of almost one million people. The researchers found that the current recommendation of 150 minutes of exercise, while helpful, does not provide the optimum benefit. To do that, adults ...

Fox News

Forget the martini lunch, sweatworking mixes business with exercise
Fox News
“I do all the leg work but I exercise everyday anyway so for me it's a win-win,” she said. “If you can knock out a client event and your workout at the same time, why not?” Sweatworking began in the advertising world, but has spread to more ...
'Sweatworking' Mixes Exercise, Business NetworkingNewsmax

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Manchester Evening News

Public warned NOT to exercise nude after man spotted doing star jumps in the buff
"Reports of a naked man exercising came through on Saturday," Greater Manchester Police wrote on their Facebook page. "The male, who later ran off and put some jogging bottoms on, was seen doing star jumps on Bluestone Road in Moston. "If you feel the ...
Naked star jumper spotted in Moston street told by police to exercise indoors ...Manchester Evening News

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