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DiBella on The State of Boxing: A lot of Hate, Mayhem - Boxing News
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 Last update:  5/7/2014       Read more by Matt Richardson            &
DiBella on The State of Boxing: A lot of Hate, Mayhem
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By Matt Richardson

Lou DiBella has never been one to play it close to the chest.† Just watch his reactions ringside when one of his clients is fighting in the ring.†

As a former television executive instrumental in the production of classic fights on HBO back in the 90ís and as a current promoter of some of the sportís bigger names, he has spoken out from both sides.† DiBella, who turns 54 next week, proudly wears his heart on his sleeve.† Heís a keen observer of the sport and doesnít hesitate to criticize whatís wrong with it.† As such, his opinion is an important one.

ďItís interesting times for boxing,Ē DiBella recently told BoxingScene.†

ďEverybody is suing everybody,Ē he said.† ďThereís mayhem.† Itís not a warm and fuzzy time in the sport.† You go on social media and you read about boxing, people are spewing hate constantly.† To me, itís counter-productive.† Iíve been on the record very consistently.† Iím very happy to do business with HBO.† Iím very happy to do business with Showtime.† Iím thrilled that ESPN is potentially becoming a bigger player.† I want to get opportunities for my fighters.† I want to be part of making the biggest fights happen.† And I donít care if those biggest fights happen on Showtime; I donít care if they happen on HBO.† I just want to see them happen.† Itís unfortunate that thereís so much litigiousness, thereís so much hatred, thereís so much bickering.† Iím approaching my 25th anniversary in the sport.† I got into the sport in my late twenties.† Iíve never seen it so ugly.Ē

ďIíve been a vocal critic but itís not a matter of being a critic,Ē said DiBella.† ďItís not a matter of sitting there trying to denigrate my sport.† No!† Until you realize youíre sick, you canít get well.† Itís pathetic that Manny Pacquiao and Mayweather never happened.† The same way itís pathetic that Bowe never fought Lennox Lewis.† And that kind of stuff doesnít happen that frequently in other sports.† Itís pathetic that I see fights on a regular basis, you can pick three six-year old kids and theyíll accurately tell you who won, but three judges, who are professionals in the sport, seem to get it wrong.† I mean, we shoot ourselves in the foot as an industry a lot!† And people still are attracted to our sport.Ē†

ďCanelo and Mayweather still did two-point something million homes,Ē he continued.† ďBoxing still does big ratings but advertisers donít love it because our demographics are older and thereís a lot of nonsense that people donít like to see.† I donít think Iím doing a disservice to the sport when I point out the ways I think weíre messing up because I think we need to fix our messing up.† Fans donít give a f*** about feuds between promoters.† Fans donít give a f*** about whoís running what company.† The fans donít give a f*** if one network is exclusive to one guy or doesnít want to do business with another.† But the fans want to see the biggest fights and right now the atmosphere in which weíre operating doesnít allow the biggest fights to happen!† And, honestly, the sport is so politicized, thereís so much nonsense, thereís so much frigging bickering, thereís so much hatred.Ē

ďI just want to make fights,Ē DiBella stated.† ďAnd you know what?† I can do business with Hershman.† I can do business with Espinoza.† I can do business with Al and Richard.† I can do business with Oscar.† I can do business with Shaw and Arum and Todd DuBoef.† Iím willing to do business.† If my fighters get an opportunity and we can sit there and make a fair deal, Iíll make a deal with anybody.† I just want to see us put our best product out there.† Right now, the whole environment of the sport, thereís a lot of negativity.† Thereís too much bickering, too much hatred, too much insular operations, too many companies operating within their own sort of infrastructure and not reaching out to create the best situations.Ē†

ďI donít view myself as a negative force in the sport,Ē he said.† ďI donít try to be that.† I think that I have criticized a lot of things about the business.† I think that to the extent that which Iím criticalÖIím not being critical because I want to break something down.† If Iím being critical, itís because I want to see something built back up again.Ē

The focus for DiBella and his promotional outfit right now is firmly on the middleweight championship fight between DiBella fighter Sergio Martinez and Miguel Cotto on June 7.† While that big fight will be at the Garden next month, the larger fight of getting the sport in order continues.† How that plays out will go a long way to determining the long-term health of boxing.

ďRight now, for a lot of reasons, I think itís a pivotal time in the sport,Ē DiBella continued.† ďBoth Mayweather and Pacquiao are aging.† The Klitschko era is coming close to a close.† I donít think Wladimir has a lot of fights left in him.† Iím hoping that one of these American guys can emerge as a real heavyweight contender or champion and have tenure.† Because right now we donít have a great American heavyweight.† And Iíd like to see somebody emerge as a great American heavyweight because I think it would be really, really good for the sport.† But our biggest and best athletes donít get into boxing right now.† There are no college scholarships in boxing.† Our biggest and best athletes go into basketball and football and other team sports.† But the heavyweight division is a very critical division in boxing.Ē†

ďLook, I donít think boxing is ever going away.† I think itís eternal.† I believe the sportís eternal.† And you know what?† Weíre not dead.† We still can have big nights.† We can still have great events.† I donít know how many people watched on Saturday night but if you did watch, you saw a good fight.† If you watched, it was entertaining as hell. The main event was entertaining as hell and that was the most important thing.† To the extent Iím critical; itís out of a love for the sport of boxing.† The business of boxing, on the other hand, has turned me off to a great extent and my love for the business of boxing was lost a long time ago.Ē

DiBella firmly argued that the onus should be on making the best fights with the best fighters Ė period.† That could be a difficult battle to win but a victory is worth pursuing, nonetheless.†

ďThe fact that people are running around, who cover the sport, all last week covering what was going on with Richard and Oscar as opposed to the best fighter in the game fighting.† It says something about the state of our industry,Ē DiBella said, ďand our industry needs to get its sh*t together.Ē

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comment by royjonesjrKTFO, on 05-08-2014
[QUOTE=lets rumble]i may be wrong but i feel certain guys sign with bob arum or oscar so they are protected from certain fights ..... your thoughts ??????[/QUOTE] I feel the same as you. You're not alone. Most fighters are only in it for the easiest pay check with less risks. They're dependin...

comment by Foreign Soil, on 05-08-2014
[QUOTE=DoktorSleepless]Dibella has been super quiet lately. I remember there used to be new Dibella quotes every other day on boxingscene.[/QUOTE] Yet he says he's been vocal about the Hbo/Showtime rival - bs Lou. He's just trying to make himself look good when he's been doing the same thing ...

comment by DoktorSleepless, on 05-07-2014
Dibella has been super quiet lately. I remember there used to be new Dibella quotes every other day on boxingscene.

comment by MaxBugsby, on 05-07-2014
Dibella is the biggest player/hater in the game. He is a hypocrite of the highest order and everybody knows it.

comment by Dr Rumack, on 05-07-2014
Lou up on his soap box again.

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